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TWE Chapter 18

The fleet that came to pick them up were all high-ranking officials in the military and former subordinates of the crown prince. They didn’t even wait for the royal family or the crown prince to reach out when planning the wedding, and instead offered to do so themselves, vying to be the crown prince’s wedding reception fleet driver.

The entourage’s scale was staggering.

As soon as the auspicious hour arrived, the fleet departed from the crown prince’s residence. Signs constantly changed along the way, working harmoniously with the reception fleet. When they arrived at the Zhuo family gate, the original plan was to reduce the number, but who knew if it did, when six thousand mechas parked at the gate of Zhuo’s house around the spacecraft dock, forming a huge heart shape.

Elder Zhuo stood in front of the gate, representing Zhuo Yang’s parents, with a smile from ear to ear.

When it came time to pick up the ‘bride’, due to crown prince Moodys’ physical inconvenience, in order to look good at the wedding, the second prince Vincent, his younger brother, was invited to enter the Zhuo family to pick up Zhuo Yang.

The crown prince Moodys sat in the spaceship and waiting.

Because it was the brother-in-law who came to pick up the family, Zhuo Yang’s partner was not in good health, and the royal wedding had to be dignified, the groomsmen did not make any trouble1For reference on what “trouble” means see #8:

The second prince made some symbolic gestures, before they let him in.

As soon as Vincent entered the door and saw Zhuo Yang gracefully wearing the wedding suit, he was taken aback. It took him a long time to come back to his senses.

He had known that his future sister-in-law was good-looking, and had seen the photos, and confirmed that he was indeed good-looking… But he didn’t understand the magnitude until he saw Zhuo Yang in person…

It really reached a point where it wasn’t like a real person…

“Your Royal Highness, Second Prince.” Vincent was stunned, and it was Zhuo Yang who regained his thoughts first to greet him with a courteous smile.

Vincent then came back to his senses: “…Sister-in-law, let’s go. Eldest royal brother2I may drop the “皇” or “royal” from some appellations, such as the sister-in-law, since it’s much more awkward to read in English. is still waiting for us.”

“Okay.” Zhuo Yang responded with a smile.

The two of them walked out of the Zhuo mansion together surrounded by groomsmen and relatives.

With the help of the entourage, Crown Prince Moodys got off the spacecraft and waited at the gate early.

When Zhuo Yang saw the crown prince at a distance, he quickly walked towards the crown prince sitting in a wheelchair, leaving Vincent behind, revealing the first smile from the heart. It was the first one of the day that was not perfect and showed his teeth, as he whispered: “Your Highness.”

Moodys looked at him with a decent smile.

“Your Highness, I am very happy to see you.” Zhuo Yang stared at him, blurting out.

Moodys was stunned for a moment, and came back to his senses as he replied Zhuo Yang: “I am also very happy to see you.”

Zhuo Yang smiled suddenly.

Vincent, who was suddenly left behind, was a bit dazed, even inexplicably stunned, as in looked in Zhuo Yang and the crown prince’s direction.

He heard the joking voices of the members of the reception, Zhuo family relatives, media reporters who were bustling around the door say: “Look, our crown princess rushed over to His Highness. Really mutual love.”

“Yeah, yes. Ah, what a perfect match.”

“They say that they are happy to see each other, really true!”

Vincent was completely awake now.

When the two grooms met, the crown prince gave the priceless antiques prepared for Zhuo Yang’s parents to Elder Zhuo, who raised Zhuo Yang. He also made a speech thanking Zhuo Yang’s family for their hard work raising Zhuo Yang, and he will take good care of Zhuo Yang’s words in the future.

Elder Zhuo also burst into tears, in front of the crown prince and the major media, showing to the extreme the image of a kind grandfather who was reluctant to give his grandson away.

Zhuo Yang listened to them with a smile on his face.

“Zhuo Yang is the grandson I brought up. He’s getting married today, and can be counted as grown up now. Handing him to the royal family, to the crown prince, I can rest assured… I know that his father treated him poorly, and have been been worried for him. I have a small fortune in my hand that was left for Zhuo Yang; today is a happy and big day, and I will go along with the boat and transfer all these things to Zhuo Yang’s name as his wedding gift.” Elder Zhuo finished speaking, slyly mentioning the issue of transferring property to Zhuo Yang in front of the media.

Elder Zhuo had been preparing for this matter for a long time. In order to please the crown prince and his power, the ‘dowry’ he prepared for Zhuo Yang was very generous.

Later, as he saw Zhuo Yang’s influence on the crown prince growing larger, his prestige and popular support rate were getting higher, Zhuo Yang’s ‘dowry’ also rose with the tide, and was increased a lot by Mr. Zhuo.

Just waiting for the royal family to come to pick him up today, and in front of the media, royal family, and the people of the empire, transfer them to Zhuo Yang.

Not only did he give face to the royal prince and Zhuo Yang, he and the Zhuo family’s face were also glorious, and he could also win a good grandfather who loved his grandson reputation, separate from the eccentric, absentee father, Zhuo Hengyuan.

As soon as his voice fell, the lawyers and notaries he arranged came forward. Mr. Zhuo picked up the list prepared for Zhuo Yang, reviewed the details, and asked the lawyers to transfer and notarize it on the spot under Zhuo Yang’s name.

The properties that Mr. Zhuo thoughtfully transferred to Zhuo Yang had long names. They weren’t too expensive, but it was a large quantity.

Transfer procedures are very quick in the interstellar era and take seconds. But even so, when he took the list and named the transfers one by one, and it still took nearly half an hour to complete…

The people watching the live broadcast were stunned. They didn’t expect that Mr. Zhuo was so willing to give away so much for Zhuo Yang’s wedding. Once he acted, it was a major action they all admired with phrases such as: ‘Master Zhuo is a good grandfather and a grandfather who loves his grandson,’ ‘The Zhuo family is rich,’ ‘The crown princess is lucky – while he doesn’t have a good father, he has a good grandfather who really loves him,’ ‘This is really a powerful marriage,’ etc.

Zhuo Yang knew his plan very well, but he didn’t reveal it. Instead, he cooperated with his acting skills to play a grateful and loving grandson.

No matter how small mosquito meat is, it is still meat. If he doesn’t want freely given property, they he’s really stupid…

Besides, even though these things are not worth a lot, they sound very dignified anyhow, and can be regarded as Mr. Zhuo giving him face.

It’s better than the Zhuo family not giving a single cent, and treating it as selling him out for marriage.

After performing the drama of the grandfather and grandson, Zhuo Yang immediately went to the spaceship dedicated to receiving him with the crown prince. Elder Zhuo and other relatives of Zhuo’s family were picked up and boarded the other spaceships arranged by the royal family.

More than 6,000 mechas rose up into the sky as if they were going to battle, and the spacecraft that followed went around the Capital Star at a constant speed.

Letting almost everyone on Capital Star see the royal family’s reception fleet.

After flying three times around, the spacecraft stopped at the Crystal Palace, the wedding chapel dedicated to the royal family.

“The groom is here, the groom is here.”

Amidst the noise of the nobles and guests waiting in the Crystal Palace, Zhuo Yang wore the same wedding gown as the crown prince, pushing the crown prince’s wheelchair onto the red wedding carpet.

Unlike other newlyweds, he is the only one walking on the red carpet road.

But Zhuo Yang felt that he was walking very happily, and took every step willingly… Because every step he took was towards everything he wanted. Towards the person he loved the most…

Moodys’s appearance was very ordinary, can be barely be called heroic. And he was disfigured, sick all the time, and wore a mask over half his face… even having a lame leg. While Zhuo Yang was born exquisitely and beautifully, to a point where it was unbelievable…

Two such people getting married can be seen as a flower stuck in the cow dung. It can be counted as beauty and the beast, and draws people’s attention.

But today, watching Zhuo Yang push Moodys onto the red carpet…

Everyone didn’t know why, but they feel that these two people are really good match, very harmonious, and there is no more well-suited couple than them.

Ordinarily, guides and sentinels can hide their quantum beasts. But on important occasions, everyone will summon their own quantum beasts to prove their identity as a sentinel or guide, and they must be summoned at weddings.

Because most high profile weddings involve the spiritual integration at the wedding scene.

Today, at the crown prince’s wedding, this part was cancelled due to the crown prince’s health. The crown prince can’t and dared not summon his quantum beast, so people can’t see the golden haired, blue eyed lion symbolizing the crown prince.

But everyone finally saw Zhuo Yang’s mysterious quantum beast.

After Zhuo Yang appeared in front of the public, the people were very curious about what his quantum beast was. Some people guessed puppet cat, others guessed butterfly, and some guessed a bird…Some people guessed that Zhuo Yang doesn’t like to expose his quantum beast because it does not match his human beauty. Some even bet his quantum beast is something ugly like mice, vultures, wild boars, or all kinds of strange things.

But today, Zhuo Yang told everyone that everyone’s guess was wrong.

Like the person himself, even his quantum beast is unique and looks unlike anything anyone has seen before.

It was so beautiful that people held their breath unconsciously.

Behind Zhuo Yang, who kept pushing the crown prince on the red carpet, was a big fox with white body and black eyes, but with nine tails behind him.

Zhuo Yang’s quantum beast is the nine-tailed fox: the legendary nine-tailed fox.

Anyone guess it was ninetales?

(Kudos to Huahua for getting it right, and Sadie for being close.)

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  • 1
    For reference on what “trouble” means see #8:
  • 2
    I may drop the “皇” or “royal” from some appellations, such as the sister-in-law, since it’s much more awkward to read in English.
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  1. Avatar Kay says:

    Wah, pretty picture! 😍 A nine-tailed fox totally suits our Zhuo Yang!!
    And I’m wondering, is he truly B-level? Maybe that fox helped him conceal his true strength. 🤔

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      The plot doesn’t focus much on the pets sadly… it would have been awesome if it did. Instead of concealment, there are some hidden twists you’ll have to wait to read more about.

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    That is amazing! Oh, I love that spirit beast idea! I agree with Kay- anyone who can summon a nine tailed fox is definitely capable one way or another of concealing the true power level. Much like that someone is very capable of concealing the true reason behind the marriage (which is actually a super adorable reason of true love with the rest being great side bonuses) from his intended!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      The ‘dance’ MC and ML do around their relationship is amusing, especially during some pivotal moments.

  3. Avatar Toffi says:

    Carajo yo sabía que era un zorro blanco pero me faltaron las nueve colas!!!!

  4. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    Knew Zhuo Yang was lying about liking someone else.

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      He does like someone. And it is true, he can’t be with that person unless he marries Moodys/ML. 😝

  5. Avatar ruinthyself says:

    omg, a liom and a nine-tailed fox??? i ship it!!! hahahaha thank u for the chapter~

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