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TYFWWC Chapter 5 Part 3

6th Session Body rotation exercise

The body rotation movement required to turn around. Yan Han turned his body vigorously and courageously following the beat movement.

The people on both sides and behind him either were a bit slower or were too lazy to turn around. Yan Han’s delicate face with serious expression naturally appeared in the field of vision of these people…

His too fast actions made the messy hair on his forehead flutter up. The face that was filtered by the system’s function was originally beautiful and shameless but with Yan Han’s seriousness and resoluteness, it was a unique sassy and heroic posture making people’s eyes bright when seeing it!

It looked so beautiful that the classmates in the back row looked shamelessly, and the girl who laughed at him before simply forgot to turn around.

…Obviously it was such a stupid action, and obviously his back looked so stupid but why does it make people feel totally different when they see her face?

This person does not seem to be doing exercises, she seems to be dancing the coolest dance, like street dance, like the kind of ethnic dance that is full of powerful beat. Anyway, it didn’t look like radio gymnastics …

There were only some steps remaining in this session. Yan Han quickly turned around, but he left an indestuctible impression on those who had noticed him before.

“Fuck! Brother Wei, wasn’t that girl who asked you to play basketball yesterday?”

In the queue of the boys in Class 18, several people next to Wei Ningxin started discussing.

“She cut her hair and looks better than when she had long hair. Why haven’t you noticed her before?”

“Hey, Brother Wei, how about you start a relationship with her? She had ask you to play basketball anyway, hahaha!”

Wei Ningxin didn’t speak. Although he had a bad temper, he didn’t hold any grudges. What happened yesterday made him half angry at first but he didn’t remember it today.

Now that he saw the person who provoke him yesterday, his heartstrings seemed to be stirred up…

“Go, fuck.”

Although he said so, Wei Ningxin thought that this person was quite funny and if he had time, he would really have to play with her…

After the dance, all the students gather in a formation.

Everyone stood compactly together, with almost no gap between them. Yan Han, who stood upright with his hands hanging on his sides looking slim, became a particularly eye-catching person among people around him.

The intensity of radio gymnastics was not too great. Yan Han did not blush or breathe heavily after doing a set.

The instructor summarized the situation of doing intermittent exercises earlier, and his tone was not good. He also criticized the commotion of the students behind the 16th, 17th, and 18th grades of the first grade just now—

Just when he said that everyone should do the exercises well, they made a loud noise during the intermittent exercises, slacked off and did not do the exercises. Wasn’t this just hitting his face with his own words???

The fatty director was very angry but the rules did not blame the crowd, so he could only keep everyone on the playground and make them listen to him.

…At this time, the importance of being a good student was reflected.

Anyway, he has always been well-behaved, and he was not criticizing him. Yan Han talked to Xiao Wu without hesitation.

He was sure that aerobics just now was an achievement that could add points. Even though only two points were added to “Morality” and “Physical”, Yan Han felt that he didn’t exercised in vain.

The only loss that he suffered was that, only 2 points were added to the achievement, but it was very likely that the points would have been deducted if he hadn’t exercised well. This system that makes him do everything to the extreme was too strict and Yan Han kinda felt oppressive.

“You just gave me this much point? And you still will deduct it at every turn. Will I ever be able to achieve 100 points like this?” He asked Xiao Wu in a hateful voice.

[Achieving points is actually very easy, you just haven’t found a way yet. 】

[Furthermore, aren’t there hidden tasks? You’ve only come for a day… The host just have to enrich his school life, and achieving achievements will naturally become easier and more relaxed! ] Xiao Wu encouraged him.


On the other hand, the teacher’s training was endless. The spring breeze blew in their bones. Many students, especially female students in skirts, took off their leggings early because of their love for beauty. With his bare legs, standing for a long time now, Yan Han shivered with cold.

The eighteenth class was criticized in public, and the girls standing next to Yan Han unconsciously stompted their feet in annoyance.

Yu Jing, who was shouting loudly and confidently during the aerobics before, could not wait to laugh, and suddenly cursed:

“Oh fuck, It’s all because of her, is she a loner? How much do you want to show off ?”

Her voice was actually not loud but everyone was close to each other. Her words were easily heard by the people around. Some people couldn’t help but look up at Yan Han’s back and laugh sarcastically.

As the “big sister” of the 18th class, Yu Jing had a very wide network of people. Many small gangsters who do not study well were familiar with her. Most of them were boys. Otherwise, she would not be so keen to stand behind the queue. It was just because of boredom when exercising, so everyone wanted to talk and chat.

“She… looks pretty, who is she? I haven’t seen her before…” said Yu Jing’s good friend, Wang Yanxin who was the first to laugh at Yan Han.

As a bitch, Yu Jing has never had any other qualities, and it was common for her to swear at others. Compared to her, Wang Yanxin was much quieter and much more beautiful and she was recognized as the class flower[most beautiful girl].

At this moment, Wang Yanxin’s mind was full of the scene when the students had turned around to see Yan Han, and when she thought of the whispers of the boys behind, she continuously felt that her status as a class flower was in danger.

“Who knows who she is? She’s probably a mental!” Yu Jing cursed.

Yu Jing had a thin body. She actually didn’t look good, but she also liked the feeling of being paid attention to.

Therefore, she thought that the commotion caused by Yan Han just now seemed to be deliberate. It must be to get attention. She didn’t expect that the boys around her would actually fall into her trap… She just faintly heard that someone from behind was discussing about her[YH]!

There were some female supporters of Yu Jing who were all standing at the end of the girl’s team. At this moment, hearing their elder sister swearing, they couldn’t help turning their heads and looking at Yan Han with contempt.

Suddenly it caused even greater commotion.

The dean on stage couldn’t bear it anymore: “…the girls from Class 18! What’s the matter with you!”

There was a big difference in school uniforms between boys and girls. Even though he was on stage, he clearly saw the origin of the commotion.

“I am talking about you guys, don’t you guys even have a little bit of concise?! The girls at the end who were talking just now, I can see very clearly, and the classmates around you can also hear clearly, please have some self-respect! Do I have to criticize you in front of all the students in the school to make you feel good?!”

No matter how rebellious students were, they all feel shame. Not to mention being criticized in front of all the students in the school, so they all almost named out the culprit.

Yu Jing and the others finally settled down glancing at Yan Han bitterly.

From the beginning to the end, Yan Han didn’t speak, nor reacted at all.

He didn’t care too much, being far superior to them he could endure anything.

He actually really didn’t know how to take care of these group of girls.

He just can’t fight them, right?

Before he had his own rules, in his circles. Not beating girls was one of them.

After the dean finished the session, all the students began to line up towards the teaching building.

The 17th and 18th classes were the last two classes to enter the teaching building because of their location.

It was Class Seventeen’s turn to enter the teaching building. The teachers on the leading stage had already gone and the students of Class Seventeen moved forward slowly.

The more Yu Jing thought about it, the more she couldn’t bear it, she suddenly jumped up and patted Yan Han on the shoulder.


Yu Jing was not tall being at least half a head shorter than Yan Han.

She was waiting for the other party to turn around when she felt that this girl was a little familiar to her from a close range.

And she was really pretty…

Different from Wang Yanxin’s alluring and graceful beauty, this person not only has impeccable appearance and facial features, but the eyebrows was also full of publicity, and there was full of wildness in her pretty face.

After being glanced impatiently by the other party, Yu Jing almost took a step back without being scared.

But the classmates in their class were all watching from behind, and Yu Jing resisted retreat, gritted her teeth and said, “Why were you exercising so hard? Like a fool, did you deliberately get us scolded?”

She had become accustomed to being domineering in school, and there were a crowd of bullies from the 18th class backing her up, and they were always unreasonable.

At this moment, because this person caused them all to stand on the playground listening to the teacher’s lecture, Yu Jing felt that she had a reason to get angry.

Yan Han stopped but the students of Class 17 were still advancing.

Wen Juerong walked over from the back to see that his Brother Yan was smacked on the shoulder and was not being allowed to leave. He couldn’t help being a little confused.

He wanted to help Yan Han, but was timid and afraid to cause trouble.

Although his grades were not very good, it was because he was playful and did not like to learn, not because he liked to mess around. He was able to smile and talk to the gangsters in the school. But now Yu Jing was completely angry and Wen Juerong didn’t dare to provoke her.

Wen Juerong was anxious about whether he should stay or follow the classmates into the teaching building, but he saw his Brother Yan smile slightly and said without fear: “How I exercise? What does it matter to you? Did I step on your family’s field or did I ate your rice? You are too much idle, eldest sister.”

“You!” Yu Jing didn’t expect the other party to dare to speak back, and was immediately choked with anger.

She was speechless. Speaking rudely and making others embarassed was obviously not a skill. Moreover, Yan Han proactively said that she was nosy which embarrassed her.

As the eldest sister of the school, when was Yu Jing ever cursed like that?

She was speechless and couldn’t think of how to fight back without saying anything, especially when the other party called “Big Sister”, it seemed to be mocking her for being a vixen!

At a critical time, she could only …

She raised her hand to slap Yan Han. Although Yu Jing was fast, Yan Han grabbed her wrist.

Yu Jing raised her foot again and wanted to kick, but for Yan Han, these were all childish tricks. He didn’t want to care about girls, but he wouldn’t let others bully him.

Yan Han, who was holding the opponent’s wrist, used a clever effort to easily push the person out. Wang Yanxin screamed “Ah” next to him, holding on to Yu Jing.

Yu Jing pushed her away and rushed up again, trying to scratch Yan Han’s face with her nails.

But although her attack was swift and violent, she was still caught by someone’s wrist.

“What are you doing? Are you fighting?” A clear voice sounded from behind, accompanied by an indescribable deep breath that made Yu Jing’s figure abruptly paused.

She sticked her neck out and wanted to look back. She hadn’t moved yet when the lifted wrist had been put down.

Behind her, Lin Jianlu frowned slightly and took out a pack of tissues from his pants pocket to wipe his hands.

His expression was a bit too serious than usual. Even though he wiped his hands in front of Yu Jing, Yu Jing didn’t feel insulted at all.

—Lin Jianlu had a serious addiction to cleanliness, which everyone in the school knew.

Besides, this was Lin Jianlu!

The school discipline committee member, the symbol of the brilliant students, the backbone of the school, symbol of all decent beings !

He bumped into her side himself…Even if she was shameless before, she still wanted to find a place to hide.

Unlike Yu Jing and others, what Yan Han was thinking of was—when did this person appear here? !

He[LJL] moved so fast, he didn’t even notice it!

“The school prohibits any conflict and fighting behavior.” Lin Jianlu, who had wiped his hands, had a deep gaze: “So, what are you doing?


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