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TYFWWC Chapter 5 Part 2

First session - stretching exercises

The memories brought him back. Although he forgot how to do the radio gymnastics long time ago, the good thing was that this exercise was very simple, and there were leaders in front doing it.

Yan Han quickly kept up with the beat, striving to make every movement standard and in place.

Yan Han straightened his chest and raised his head, trying his best to match his breathing with his movements in order to achieve the best results of the exercise.

He stood with a thin and straight figure, long hands and long feet. His powerful movements made a set of radio gymnastics vigorous.

His movements were too standard and powerful that in sharp contrast with other students who didn’t raise their arms, Yan Han’s existence was quickly discovered.

“Yu Jing, look at that person! She is so funny! Hahaha!”

The class teachers were all called to a meeting and no one supervised them in today’s intermittent exercises. So even if the teacher instructed them at the beginning, no one took it to their heart.

Yu Jing smiled and said: “Isn’t she moving too hard for this step? Jumping clown hahahaha…”

Although Yan Han stood at the transition position, there were more girls in the eighteenth class next door than in the seventeenth class. On his right side, there were also a few girls who were gorgeous and fluttered their arms freely following the music.

They stood at the end of the girls’ team not because they were the tallest, but because they didn’t want to do gymnastics, and they hid in the back row because they were afraid of standing in the front row and being spotted by the teacher.

For many people, the back row was a precious position.

As the eldest girls in the worst class in the first grade, they wanted to stand at the back of the girls’ team and no one opposed it.

The discussion of these girls was very loud and Yan Han naturally heard them clearly when he was standing next to them.

But he was older than them, and there was nothing more important than bonus points for the task. So he will not give up the opportunity to exercise and gain points just because others mocked him.

Not only did few girls laugh at him, but the boys behind also probe their heads to see who was they talking about.

Yan Han still stretched out his hands and feet, doing it to the extreme.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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