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TYFWWC Chapter 6 Part 1

When Lin Jianlu spoke, the surroundings instantly became quiet, making it scary.

He seemed to be born with this kind of aura.

Especially when the person who made the mistake was in front of him, they couldn’t look up straight at him at all.

At this moment, even Yu Jing was paralysed. She couldn’t make it out and couldn’t even feel anything . She timidly said to Lin Jianlu, “We didn’t fight, how could we fight?”

“En.” Lin Jianlu nodded and threw the ball of tissue paper on his hand into a nearby trash can. His frowning brows finally relaxed.

The surrounding area was as if the ice and the snow had finally melted, and the pressure was much less.

It’s rare to see him. Yu Jing was a bold and extroverted person. At this moment, she had the courage to try to say to him in a joking tone: “This will just cause disturbance for you, classmate Lin Jianlu …”

Before even the sound ” lu ” fell, Lin Jianlu, who went out to throw paper turned back, passed by her directly and walked in front of Yan Han.

Everyone took a deep breath, and under everyone’s gaze, Lin Jianlu said, “Classmate, come with me.”

“Me?” Yan Han pointed to himself, he couldn’t believe it just like everyone else.

“Yeah, come with me to the teaching office.”


He didn’t know if he had been a bad student for too long, but Yan Han subconsciously felt that there was nothing good about going there.

Obviously other people felt the same way, and there were murmurs of discussion around.

“Um… you can ask me directly if you want to ask anything?”

Facing Lin Jianlu’s waveless gaze, Yan Han looked back at him casually.

There must be the reason for this death penalty like punishment, right? Calling people to the teacher’s office for no reason? I’m sorry he didn’t really want to go.

Unexpectedly, Lin Jianlu told him easily: “Mr. Gu is looking for you, it should be about asking you to lead the exercise.”

“Mr. Gu?” Yan Han’s eyes blinked a few times, and then he remembered that he was the fat dean on stage just now.

But that’s not right…

The point should be… the dean was actually letting him lead the exercises? !

Yan Han was a little speechless, and the big breasted girl in a miniskirt suddenly appeared in front of him: [Congratulations! 】

! !

Xiao Wu’s image appeared so suddenly that Yan Han was taken aback by surprise.

He glanced at Xiao Wu who suddenly “reappeared”, and asked it in his head: “Congratulations to me?”

[Congratulations to the host for opening the first hidden mission! 】

“!!!” Yan Han: “???”

【Become an excellent leader. If you perform well, the host can get extra points in many items! 】

That was indeed good news.

Yan Han glanced at Xiao Wu who kept winking at him: “I understand your excitement, but can you not just show up like this in the future?”

【why? ] Xiao Wu didn’t understand: [Other people can’t see me anyway. 】

“But you will scare me.”

[I thought the host was not afraid of anything! 】

“But I’m afraid of you!”

【why? ] Xiao Wu still didn’t understand.

“Because I don’t like your look.”

[What about this? 】

Xiao Wu changed his body and became a burly man with an eye-catching height of more than 1.9 meters, his topless body showing dazzling eight-pack abdominal muscles.


Yan Han didn’t look at what the burly man’s face looked like. He only glanced down from the neck and hurriedly glanced away: “No, I was wrong, you should change back to the way you were before.”


When talking to Xiao Wu, he inevitably looked unnatural, especially the eight-pack abs was too dazzling. As a GAY man, only interested in male bodies, he still was a virgin. He was a GAY whose all desires only existed in the fantasy stage. Almost only one glance made Yan Han ……………………………………………….. What adjective would be right to describe it?

Oh yeah yeah, he feels hard. okay!

Looking down at the skirt around his waist uncomfortably, Yan Han thought straightforwardly: If his fucking thing really erects, he didn’t know if it would be obvious.

Probably not.

He was still wearing tight leggings…he was just thinking about it when he unconsciously raised his head. His eyes then hit a pair of black eyes staring at him unblinkingly.

I’m sorry I just forgot , Lin Jianlu was just standing in front of him.

Yan Han called Xiao Wu to disappear back quickly, he didn’t want Lin Jianlu to see his hard state!

Wait big brother! What are you looking at! Quickly raise your head! There is nothing under me! I am no more hard! I . really . am . not . hard!

He always felt that Lin Jianlu had discovered something, and little Yan Han[his p*nis], who was trying too much not to be too hard, was frightened instantly.

Yan Han simply grabbed Lin Jianlu’s arm and grabbed his cuffs like iron pliers with both hands. He dragged the person and walked back without letting him look: “What are you waiting for, let’s go quickly!”

Yan Han was strong, thin and tall, and relatively speaking, Lin Jianlu, whose base was not very stable, was caught off guard and was taken away by him, leaving everyone around him screaming in exclamation again, all in shock. They all had the expression as if the whole world was collapsing.

“Fuck! She, she, she actually carried Lin Jianlu’s arm! Who gave her the courage to do this!”

“Oh my god… she touched Lin Jianlu… my goodness!”

“Hold on to me, I’m going to faint… Doesn’t Lin Jianlu have a cleanliness addiction? No one dares to treat him this way!”

“This, this person… how dare she! Wuuuuu, why did Lin Jianlu let her carry his arm! I don’t believe it!”

At the same time, someone on the ground took out his mobile phone and captured the picture of the two people leaving.

Yan Han still didn’t know what uproar he caused under his ”big brother’s” consciousness.

In fact, he didn’t notice anything at all.

He carried Lin Jianlu for just a moment. At first, Lin Jianlu’s body was indeed stiff, but after the two of them hadn’t even took two steps, Yan Han took the initiative to let it go.

The two people just disappeared from everyone’s sight.

The classmates on the ground have been scattered, and the rest were there just to watch the excitement. At this moment, under the guidelines of the class sports committee members, they stood up again and walked towards the teaching building in an orderly manner.

Before finally disappearing, the figures of the two people were still very close . Everyone was immersed in this incomparable shock. Some were still discussing, while others were sullenly sending messages on their mobile phones

Only Wen Juerong said with envious expression: “I knew that I could go to the front to lead the exercises if I knew how to do gymnastics well, and I did well…

“I’m afraid that your figure can’t jump up, right?” The Hou Zi[monkey] in front told the truth very well.

“You! I hate you!” Wen Juerong rolled his eyes on the spot.

Coincidentally, Yan Han and Lin Jianlu happened to run into Teacher Gu as soon as they entered the gate of the office building.

The dean saw a person on the stage exercising very well, but it was too far to see who it was.

He asked the disciplinary committee members who inspected the discipline nearby, and finally sent Lin Jianlu to find the man.

At this moment, as soon as he saw Lin Jian Lu, teacher Gu understood everything, and asked: “Is this the student who did a good job in aerobics just now?”

Lin Jianlu nodded and said, “Yes.”

Teacher Gu looked at Yan Han up and down and said, “The little student’s hair is cut very well, um, the school uniforms are also neatly dressed, what is your name?”

“Yan Han.”

“Class 17, first year?”

“Yes it is.”

“It’s rare that class 17 can produce this type of student. You will lead the exercises from next week, and I will talk to your class teacher afterwards.”

Yan Han showed a standard smile: “Thank you teacher.”

He didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.

Listening to Xiaowu’s tone, leading the exercise should bring him huge benefits, maybe it can add points quickly.

This way he felt a little bit motivated.

Teacher Gu seemed to have something to do, so he went first.

The class bell had already rang. Lin Jianlu seemed to have something to take care about on the way back to the teaching building. He didn’t say a word, but when the two went to the third floor, Lin Jianlu said, “Go back.”


When Yan Han was about to leave, Lin Jianlu still hadn’t moved.

Seeing that the Li Jianlu hadn’t move, Yan Han deliberately walked slowly for two steps, and wanted to take advantage of such a good time to find the toilet. Unexpectedly, just at this moment, they met the short and fat head teacher and his momentum was quite aggressive.


“Hello teacher.”

They politely greeted. The stern class teacher saw Yan Han and Lin Jianlu, a man and a “female” standing alone at the junction of the stairs, but there was no reaction. He just said to Yan Han, “Go, go back to the class.” .”

Yan Han: “…”

All the way back to the class, although there was no teacher in the class, it was very messy at this moment.

The strange thing was that when Yan Han came in, the messy situation suddenly became quiet.

It was already obvious what the classmates were discussing just now.

But Yan Han couldn’t take care of this. After finding his seat and sitting down, he suddenly realized that the condition of his bladder seemed to be worse.


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