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Private Money

translator: Nacchi

Editor: gummy

A cold kiss slipped from his forehead to his lips. Yan Xue Xiao coaxed him to open his lips and teeth and then gently drew in. He was so dizzy from the kiss. ‌After the kiss, he heard a sentence: “Sweet.”

He lowered his eyes at a loss, did not dare to look up at Yan Xuexiao’s eyes, his ears were hot and red.

He looked down at the extremely shy little wolf dog, Yan Xue Xiao stood up straight: “I like sweet ones.”

The young man raised his head courageously when he heard the last sentence. He was talking about snacks. He opened the shopping cart and added sweet snacks to the shopping cart but his hands were still hot.


Ji Shu returned home after class, looking at Mrs. Shen, who focused on arranging flowers, he hesitated and said: “I have passed the double-degree exam and I saw Shen Chi at the entrance of Yan University.”

Mrs. Shen stopped her hand arranging the flowers, her tone changed from disgust of the past to quite interested: “What is he like now?”

Ji Shu noticed the change in Mrs. Shen’s attitude and was bold enough to change his words: “He has dark and tanned skin, muddy and dirty, and he asked me for money.”

Mrs. Shen’s eyes passed through disappointment. Maybe his appearance is not as good as Ji Shu. She is not interested in asking, but she still dials the phone: “I heard you are in Yancheng.”

Shen Chi, who returned to the bedroom, received the call and frowned.

“I know what your people at the bottom think, you can do anything for money.” He continued on the phone without waiting for him to say, “Shen’s money was not brought by the wind, so don’t expect us to give you money. ”

Shen Chi’s voice became cold: “I never asked for money.”

“Did you forget you and your biological father came to Shen’s house last year to ask for money?” The woman’s voice was stained with disgust, “Waggling in the living room and begging for mercy, I can’t drive you away. Anyway, don’t bother us anymore. ‌Don’t bother Xiao Shu.”

Shen Chi squeezed and hung up the phone. He didn’t expect anything from the Shen family. He was as calm as a bystander, except that he still owed the Shen family 700,000 yuan, which made him unable to straighten his back.

He wants to pay back the money as soon as possible, but his brother spends his salary cleanly every month. It is the first time that the teenager has the idea of ​​hiding private money.

Shen Chi silently opened the shopping software, bought only the snacks his brother liked, cleared out all the snacks he picked, and saved a pitiful four hundred and fifty yuan in the small vault.

He has to win the championship prize.

With this idea in mind, the teenager continued to lie on the table and memorized thick materials. After memorizing it, sleepiness gradually flooded his head. He closed his eyes unknowingly, and was carried to the bed .


Even though he only hid four hundred and fifty yuan of private money, Shen Chi still didn’t sleep, with heavy dark circles under his eyes, his red hair was still curled up, and he looked languid and listless.

Lan Heng thought that he was worried about today’s training match and had a rare opportunity to comfort him. He turned over the No.1 essay and made a long speech: “It’s not easy for our team to win the third place. Don’ t listen to what others say. It’s okay to lose it. The process is tortuous and the future is bright. The great strength of people lies in moving forward in twists and turns …”

Teenager‌ after drinking the little milk: “I wrote this composition.”

Lan Heng: ………… Forget ‌it the former person is still the champion

He was infected and began to worry about the results of the game. He went to the chair to sit down and turned on the computer. The first game of the morning training game was the island map, and TTL jumped off at school.

‌At the beginning, they tried to grab this point from the black shark. It’s not for no reason. The school is naturally located in the center of the map, so you don’t have to worry about the first circle.

The disadvantage is that there are too many neighbors, P city in the south, RE and BOX, R city in the north, black sharks, and the ruins of the front are also jungle. The northern circle has a big advantage, but it rarely brushes the northern circle.

The red hair on the top of the boy’s head was still upturned unruly, and he calmly said in the team’s voice: “Make preparations for the circle.”

The voice fell as expected. Looking at the small map, Lan Heng cried secretly in his heart. He suppressed the loss and followed the boy into the circle.

He doesn’t know if it was his illusion. Today, his own captain fanned the flames with precision, and it could even be said to be an ambush prepared by him. All the passing teams were taken away.

Ye Ning led them to take advantage of the fire. Although the TTL fired everywhere and did not survive to the end, in view of the generally low scores of other teams, today’s training game TTL broke the record and squeezed into the ‌first place.

There were unbelievable voices in the live broadcast room, and the fans only dared to attribute it to luck. The boy didn’t care at all, just rubbed his wrist and walked into the training room.

When Ye Ning finally went downstairs, Xu Cheng, who had finished talking on the phone, noticed that Ye Ning was holding his waist: “Are you still?”

“Sit for a long time.” Ye Ning waved his hand to change the subject, “Are you buying snacks? I’m still worried about what to buy.”

Listening to Xu Cheng and Ye Ning discussing what snacks to buy, Lan Heng asked Shen Chi slowly: “Captain, what are you buying?”

Shen Chi received a cup of warm water: “I didn’t buy it from myself.”

“Why didn’t you buy it?” Lan Heng asked puzzledly.

Shen Chi lowered his eyes: “I don’t like eating.”

Lan Heng was puzzled. The salary of the club was not low, but the teenager was reluctant to buy food, and his brother bought all the food. He was not as frugal as people of this age. He remembered that he wanted to buy and buy when he was the same age.

The teenager held a cup and drank silently, but did not notice that Yan Xue Xiao outside the door was leaving quietly accompanied by Ah Pei.

Shen Chi finished drinking the water and picked up an empty backpack to go home, took the elevator to the top floor of ‌, opened the door and stopped ‌. The coffee table next to the sofa was piled up with a table of snacks.

‌ Strawberry-flavored jelly, soda biscuits, bagged potato chips…all the snacks he was not willing to buy.

The teenager tastes the strawberry-flavored jelly, it tastes sweet. His eyes are slightly red, as if his favorite brother will always buy it for him.

The shame of hiding private money suddenly appeared in his heart but he was overwhelmed by the pressure of paying back the money. After eating the jelly, he walked towards the study.

Yan Xue Xiao was reading a magazine when he walked into the study and the young man sat softly in the chair beside him, which was the most intimate company he could imagine.

As soon as he sat on the chair, Yan Xue Xiao picked him up from his waist. Before he had time to speak, he was hugged and placed down on his lap. He froze immediately.

He realized that Yan Xue Xiao was only holding him while reading a magazine and he slowly relaxed until his(YXX) cold lips rubbed his skin, and the boy bowed his head shyly.

Maybe because he didn’t dare to raise his head, then the man unconsciously lifted his shirt with his hand.

A gentle squeeze came from his sensitive skin. He stared at the ad page of the magazine and blushed, and finally got the courage to change the subject: “Do you want to buy a record player?”

The man hummed softly.

He didn’t even think about it, “I’ll buy it for you.”

Yan Xue Xiao reminded me, “You have no money.”

Looking at Yan Xue Xiao’s dark eyes, the boy who was dizzy by the kiss couldn’t help the temptation: “I still have my private money.”

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