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TYFWWC Chapter 5 Part 1

Because of the interference of certain someone, his plan to ask for leave to go to the bathroom completely failed.

What was even more annoying was that after Yan Han finished shouting, the other party turned his attention to his face calmly, as if he was not at all affected being called perverted.

Yan Han: This… kids these days were so shameless now?

The problem was that Lin Jianlu was not affected, but he was!!!

Maybe this is what they called a guilty conscience.

If he was really a woman, when Lin Jianlu stared at him like this, he[YH] would have already beaten him to his death.

But now… isn’t he… lacking confidence!

Yan Han, who had a guilty conscience, didn’t dare to say anything, and walked towards the classroom under Lin Jianlu’s sight.

The door of the men’s washroom was pushed open, and Su Linpei walked to Lin Jianlu with a refreshing expression: “Huh boss, are you still waiting for me?”

Seeing that his boss ignored him, Su Linpei stretched his neck and followed Lin Jianlu’s sight, and finally saw a tall slender skirt disappearing in front of the door of a classroom.

“That girl is so tall.”

“Is she tall?”

“She is quite tall, what’s the matter, boss?”

“Nothing.” Lin Jianlu said thoughtfully.

After the second period was over, it’s time to do interval exercises. In order to let the students have a healthy body, the attendance rate of interval exercises was also one of the key issues of the school. Except for on-duty students and special circumstances, everyone has to take leave and go to the big playground downstairs to gather.

The familiar “March of the Athletes” echoed in the teaching building and everyone walked downstairs in an orderly manner as soon as the music sounded.

Yan Han, who was trapped in the crowd, didn’t forget to turn his head. He looked at the restroom that was once again lively in the distance, and suddenly felt a sense of urinary urgency.

“Sister Yan! Wait for me, Sister Yan!”

When Yan Han turned his head, Wen Juerong twisted his sturdy body and chased him up. His face was chubby, his head was shaved, and his grin looked like a laughing Buddha.

At this moment, he smiled and leaned to Yan Han’s side and said, “Sister Yan, are you going downstairs to do some exercises? Then let’s go together!”

“Call me Brother Yan!!!” Yan Han said.

“Oh! Brother Yan!” Wen Juerong barked like a dog.

This year, there were many tom boys in the school. Many charming girls were jokingly called brothers because of their unrestrained personality. Wen Juerong was frightened by Yan Han’s domineering personality causing him to call Yan Han ‘brother’ frankly.

On the other hand, Yan Han was not in a very good mood. He didn’t drink water in the morning because he was not that thirsty andt it was not a problem to hold back pee for some time like that.

This problem will be resolved sooner or later.

He walked in front dully. Perhaps because he looked too serious, he attracted many other classmates’ glances along the way.

Wen Juerong’s frankness allowed him to have many friends in other classes, most of whom were girls. Many of them were curious about this person he was walking around with. They couldn’t help but come and greet Wen Juerong.

In fact, they were secretly looking at Yan Han.

“Hey, Wen Juerong, who is this young lady, her expression is so cool! Her posture is so swaggy!” Someone pulled Wen Juerong and asked quietly.

“This is my Brother Yan!” Wen Juerong spoke very loudly. He was usually not serious, and being next to Yan Han made him feel inexplicably proud. His voice was even a few degrees higher than usual: “This is my Brother Yan, and I am her little brother.”

“Fuck! You’re joking again, you call someone so beautiful a’brother’? You are too much!” Another girl slapped Wen Juerong, but couldn’t help but peek at Yan Han in secret.

There was such a good-looking and beautiful young lady in Class 17? …Why haven’t they noticed before? !

With short hair, Yan Han had a fierce beauty. His face was exquisite but domineering and sideways. When he walked, he subconsciously shaked his shoulders. His figure looked a little shaky, wide open, showing a roughness and wildness. It’s really hard for others to tell if he’s a little brother or a little sister if it’s not for wearing a skirt.

Girls not only liked nice little brothers, but also nice little sisters.

Especially the “little sister” with such a unique temperament.

Coupled with Wen Juerong’s wave of flattery, Yan Han was soon followed by a large group of people behind him who were chatting with Wen Juerong and trying to talk to Yan Han.

Yan Han was in a bad mood and ignored them, letting them talk.

When he found the position of the 17th class on the playground, each class stood in a vertical line during the exercise time. The girls were in front and the boys were behind. Yan Han was tall, so he walked to the end of the girls’ team and stood behind them. There were a bunch of boys behind him.

“Brother Yan, I’ll see you later.” Wen Juerong smacked him for the last time, shook his chubby fingers and greeted him before walking towards the end of the boys’ team.

The girls who were with him automatically dispersed to find their class.

Some of them were as familiar and joking as Wen Juerong. Before they left, they waved goodbye to Yan Han: “I’m leaving, Brother Yan!”

Yan Han: “…”

When almost everyone gathered, the background music suddenly stopped, and the dean in charge of school discipline stood on the leading stage and began to speak.

Recently, the rate of exercise and the situation of exercises have been very unsatisfactory, and it has reached the point that the director of the teaching has to come out and emphasize it himself.

“Only when the movements are in place can you exercise the body. The body is the most important thing. How can you cope with the heavy learning tasks without a good body?”

“Furthermore, why are you so enthusiastic when you go out to play basketball after class? You can’t even lift your hands one by one after doing exercises, and you have no strength in your legs… Today I will see who does the worst! I want him to come in the leading stage and do it, I’d like to see if he can use his strength in front of the teachers and students of the school!”

Many students only liked to take physical education classes, but they didn’t like doing exercises between classes.

Adolescent students are mostly rebellious under the influence of hormones, and they were the easiest to influence when they were students. When one does not like to do exercises, others also won’t do it. Most of them just sway for a while and raise their arms lazily.

But what the director just taught gave Yan Han some ideas.

Obviously, doing exercises well between classes and doing every movement well is exactly what a student should do. When everyone is unwilling to do it, he may get achievement points if he does it well.

After the instructor finished his training, as the prelude to the radio gymnastics sounded, Yan Han also raised his head and fixed his gaze on the leader in front of him.

When he was in school, he was undoubtedly the type that resolutely refrained from doing intermittent exercises.

At that time, he felt that some of these actions were silly and crooked and acted as inconsistent with the image of his ‘Elder Brother’ look.

Others were affected by him and resolutely stopped. Anyway, the school was very loose, and few of them were notoriously stubborn, and the teachers were too lazy to manage.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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