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TYFWWC Chapter 4

[Just take off your underwear to do, work hard, hard…] said the voice of the doll in his mind.

“Don’t joke around, you know what I mean.” Yan Han said helplessly.

[…This problem is not in the list that the system is responsible for solving, and Xiao Wu doesn’t know what to do ehhhh. 】


He originally didn’t want to go to the toilet, but when the lack of a place to go to the toilet became a serious problem, he suddenly felt a urge to urinate.


It really caused a great trouble to Lao Zi.

“Then tell me what the toilets in this school are like, are there any partitions?” Yan Han asked hesitantly.

[There are separate sections. ] This question was obviously within the range that the system could answer.

“Huh.” Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it was good.

He would go inside the toilet and lock the door so that others couldn’t see him and he wouldn’t see others. It’s good, good.

[There is a separate compartment, but there is no door in the compartment. ] Xiao Wu said again.


Yan Han: “What the hell?!”

[In order to prevent students from doing any violations of regulations in the toilets, the toilets in the teaching building do not have doors. 】

“…Women’s toilets should be guarded so strictly?”

Forgive him for having never seen a women’s toilet when he was growing up.

He only knew that there was no door to the men’s room when he was in school.

However, his school was poor enough, there were Composting toilets[doesn’t use water to flush/dry toilets], and the partitions were separated by rows of waist-long wooden boards. It couldn’t be compared with this kind of school at all.

[Girls also sometimes smoke and play mobile phones in the cubicle. ] Xiao Wu said.

Yan Han sat back in his seat again.

The students who had fallen asleep during the previous class were lively again. Chatting, talking, squatting, jumping up and down, not to mention how lively the class was, only few of them were still sitting in their seats to study.

Now when going out, the corridors must be full of people, and the restrooms should also be full.

They had a total of 18 classes this year. The first eight classes were liberal arts classes, and the next ten classes were science classes. Regardless of whether it was liberal arts or science, the higher the number of classes, the higher the academic performance.

As a provincial central high school, Luze High School had a good source of students and students had relatively high pressure to enter the universities. The competition had been fierce from the beginning of the first year of high school and the environment was cruel.

In order to stimulate and motivate students, but also for the purpose of grading training, the school would conduct a placement test after the beginning of each semester, and readjust the class according to the results of the test.

Therefore, the 9th class of the science class was the best, the 18th class was the worst, and Yan Han’s current 17th class was the second to last.

There was a lot of pressure to enter the university and competition was fierce, but there were always people who didn’t care and didn’t want to study at all.

Students in this category naturally went to the latter class in the placement test.

But there were also some people who were motivated and wanted to go to a good class, but because they failed the exam, the learning method was wrong, or they simply didn’t work hard enough, they were assigned to the latter class. “Yan Han” was this type of person.

The setting told him that ”Yan Han” worked very hard, but because of her[author used her for the original] low self-esteem and loneliness, she ran out of the energy by these pains, and she always lacked enough energy to study, so she was admitted to the 17th class.

But there were still a few people in the class who were motivated but admitted to the bad class like her. At the moment, they were sitting in their seats looking at the books and doing exercises, and they seemed a little out of tune with the crowd of demons around.

Yan Han observed the surroundings in a circle, and suddenly had an idea.

He put back his long legs, took the advantage of time, and started to do the homework given by the physics teacher.

After a while, the class started again, and it was still brain-burning, mathematics class.

The chubby male math teacher was a type of person who didn’t talk too much. He stepped up to the podium and started to teach. There was no nonsense, and he seemed to have a completely different personality from the head class teacher.

Yan Han waited until 20 minutes and raised his hands, stood up and said, “Teacher, I want to go to the bathroom.”

The male teacher was teaching the key points enthusiastically. He waved to Yan Han to let him go, and then continued to teach.

Yan Han ran out of the classroom, and the moment he closed the door, he felt that the air in the corridor was refreshing, pleasant, full of freedom and relief…

He began to walk to the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

Each floor of the teaching building was equipped with a bathroom for a man and a woman, side by side, all located in the corner at the end of the corridor.

The location was a bit hidden, so you needed to turn around the corner to see it.

At this time, the door of the bathroom was half-closed. As soon as Yan Han turned around the corner, he saw two doors in front of him and suddenly he began to hesitate.

His original plan was to wait for everyone and take time off to go to the bathroom when they were in class. There were only two hundred people in four or five classes on that floor. The probability of him bumping into someone was not high.

When the time comes, he only has to sneak in and run to the innermost part of the compartment to pee, and even if someone comes in suddenly, he won’t notice anything.

But when he was about to enter the door, Yan Han felt that things were not as simple as he thought.

He began to think that no one has seen him anyway, so it’s better to go pee in the men’s room.

What if someone was in the women’s toilet?

If there was someone in it, he could retreat back the same way without taking off his pants, but what if the female classmates accidentally saw it?

He’s still a man no matter how he wears women’s clothes!

Yan Han felt that once he entered, he would be no different from the pervert peeping in the women’s toilet all day long.

Although he is not interested in girls, and although his subjective intentions are different, it is actually the same for those who are peeped.

The sound of reading aloud sounded in the bright and spacious corridor, and the wind was floating, blowing in from the slightly open windows, lifting up his knee-length skirt of the school uniform slightly.

Yan Han stood in the middle of the men’s toilet and the women’s toilet. To the left was the “men’s bathroom” written in blue font, and to the right was the “women’s bathroom” written in red font. As if standing at the crucial junction of the road in life, Yan Han took a deep breath, turned his gaze to the right, and glanced away again.

Fuck him !

None were the suitable choice!

He would rather not do this fucking task of entering the women’s bathroom!

Isn’t it just death?

Yan Han simply turned to the left, walked towards the men’s room.

The system screamed the moment it discovered his intention: [Don’t move! Hold on! There is someone behind you! 】


Yan Han’s footsteps stopped abruptly.

Someone was behind? Was someone coming out to go to the toilet? But he kept paying attention to the movement around him, and he didn’t hear the door opening sound nor the footsteps.

Yan Han stood still, his whole body stiffened and he did not dare to turn his head. At this moment, footsteps finally sounded behind him, and a steady male voice came from behind: “What’s wrong with you classmate?”

Yan Han just turned around when his gaze crashed into a pair of dark pupils.

He was always relatively careless. Although he had the memory of “Yan Han” in the setting, he couldn’t fully recognize the classmates around him for a while.

The person in front of him was not from their class, but he remembered him.

Lin Jianlu, the Straight A student who helped him out on the playground.

It turned out that handsome people were indeed privileged.

The other party had a strange temperament. When he got close to him, there was always a feeling of silence as if all the sounds around him were blocked, and it was difficult to notice it.

“What’s wrong with you? Do you need help?” Lin Jianlu was also looking at him when Yan Han was looking at him.

“Where do you feel uncomfortable?” Lin Jianlu asked with concern but politely. The badge with the word “discipline” on his chest was shining, indicating that he would also be responsible for those who were skipping classes.

Yan Han shook his head. He didn’t know how much Lin Jianlu saw just now, but now the other party was standing here, he was wearing a skirt, so he couldn’t run into the men’s bathroom in front of him.

There were still two roads left, one was the women’s toilet in the front, and the other was behind the way leading to the classroom.

Under Lin Jianlu’s gaze, Yan Han fell into hesitation. He had finally asked for leave and didn’t want to waste this opportunity. But in front of Lin Jianlu, he couldn’t stand here all the time, or should he go to the women’s toilet to hide for a while?

Yan Han suddenly thought of the inner patterns of the toilet he had seen through the outer door.

There was sink outside the washroom and the toilet was inside. He could enter and close the door, hide in there and wait for Lin Jianlu to leave. He could then take the opportunity to step on and sneak into the men’s toilet when there was no one…

Yan Han felt that this method was convenient. The inner door of the bathroom was closed tightly, and the outer room was considered to be an independent space. He didn’t cross the line when he entered.

After finalizing his plan, Yan Han smiled at Lin Jianlu. Just when he was about to turn around and enter the women’s bathroom, suddenly there was a “crunch—” sound coming from the corridor. From the footsteps, it seemed there were two people and they were coming over here running violently.

“Oh, my bra strap is broken, help me see it!” a girl whispered.

“You said that you were uncomfortable and made me come out with you because of this? How could the bra strap break?” another female voice said.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s not fastened, let’s go to the toilet quickly…”

The two girls ran forward, one of them still clutching her chest. Because of the blind spot of vision, they didn’t notice the two people standing in front of the toilet at the end of the corridor at first.

Of course, no one would have thought that there would be two people standing next to each other in front of the toilet during class time. Even from the perspective of two girls, only one boy could be seen from the back.

The person in front of him was completely blocked by him.

Only a trace of wavy skirt corners behind him concluded that the person was a female student.

“Ah!” one of the girls exclaimed slightly.

She remembered that no one could yell in the hallway during class time.

But whether it was this scream or what the two people had just said in a low voice, their voices all fell into the ears of the two people who were “gazing affectionately” in front of the toilet.

Lin Jianlu turned around, revealing his face, and at the same time Yan Han was also exposed.

Now, the exclamation came from both people.

“Lin, Lin, Lin Jianlu…Oh my god!” The girl holding her chest flushed instantly. It’s okay to talk about bra straps in front of the boys in this age, but this person was Lin Jianlu!

She was a fan of Lin Jianlu’s fan group!

But…Huh? strange.

Who was the girl opposite Lin Jianlu? Why were they standing at the door of the toilet so close…

When they passed by, they finally saw the face of the person standing opposite Lin Jianlu. The girl showed a surprised expression but was not even embarrassed or shy.

Due to the angle of view, she suddenly turned around the corner. At that moment, she seemed to see Lin Jianlu and the girl’s face very close, as if they were…kissing.

How could it be possible! That’s Lin Jianlu! He has a habit of cleanliness and has never been too close to anyone! She must be thinking too much!

The frightened girl was still in shock, and blamed the person on the opposite side of the male god for being so good-looking. She suddenly had such a beautiful face to match her male god. It’s not weird illusion…

Yan Han: “…”

Seeing a girl put on a expression of seeing ghost when she saw himself and the girl being dragged directly into the women’s bathroom by another classmate, Yan Han still didn’t know what he did to frighten others.

At this moment, he only felt that his hope was broken like the toilet door that was “slammed” shut.

Facing Lin Jianlu’s gaze, he wondered what if the two girls were fixing their bra straps outside? He couldn’t enter this door anyway…

But wait!

Isn’t Lin Jianlu staring at him a little longer this time? And his line of sight has been focused on…

Following Lin Jianlu’s gaze and lowering his head, Yan Han saw that his chest was very much flat.

He was a man, of course he had no chest.

Fortunately, it’s cold now, he wore a lot underneath, and it didn’t look too flat, at least no one noticed anything unusual before…

So what was this person looking at? !

Yan Han’s whole body trembled.

Lin Jianlu was a disciplinary committee member of the school, and looked very dedicated. No matter what happens, if he finds out his true identity…

Was his truth going to be unfold just the first day of Brother Yan being here? !

Yan Han calmed himself down.

He remembered that a girl at this age should still be underdeveloped. He wore so many clothes and now looked flat at best. It shouldn’t make people think that he was actually not a woman, right?

That’s right… There are also systematic skills. Didn’t it mean that it wouldn’t let people discover his anomalies based on his appearance?

[Uh… the ultimate beauty and body softness skills do not contain the function of disguising the chest]. Xiao Wu broke Yan Han’s illusion in time.

Yan Han: “…”

[Just the appearance! There are also unconcealable male characteristics like limbs and Adam’s apple that can be adjusted accordingly. The host’s chests are not within our range! 】


No, is it the right time to say this?

Feeling the host’s low air pressure, although he didn’t understood why the host was angry, Xiao Wu still tried his best to help him find a way:

[If the host is willing, Xiao Wu can apply for the [Transgender] skill for the host, completely change all your male characteristics, once and for all…]

Yan Han: “Get out!”

With a heavy breath, Yan Han tried to get himself into the role.

He used to be idle in the shop and watched a lot of brain washing dog-blooded[cliche romance] soap operas . At this time, he felt blessed that he learned the appearance of the girl who ran just now, and suddenly with an idea he raised his arms and covered his chest.

It’s just that he was a big boss and he was used to it. So his acting skills couldn’t make up for his wild breath—

When he slapped his chest, Brother Yan didn’t look fragile at all and said: “You! What are you looking at! Pervert!”

Somehow, he remembered to control his volume.


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