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TYFWWC Chapter 36

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After the flag-raising ceremony was completed, the dean took the advantage of this time when all the students have gathered together to re-announce the morning’s incident and the school’s rules and disciplines.

After a weekend, the small group of bad gangsters in the school heard about what had happened.

But they had just heard it from others. What exactly had happened on Friday night, how Yu Jing had tried to deal with Yan Han, and how Yu Jing was punished on Monday, all turned into rumors only.

The people involved in this matter didn’t want to mention this matter again. So, the people who were bystanders to this matter could only listen to these rumors.

Among them, the evilest rumor that spread quickly was that Yan Han, who Yu Jing had tried to deal with, had a more powerful boyfriend outside of school. That one person had beaten all of the others to the ground.

—Of course, there will be many people who want to protect such a beautiful young lady. This is normal.

Other bystander students have also accepted this thing.

Of course, Yan Han didn’t know this at all.

After the flag-raising ceremony, he returned to the class and took out his textbooks. He then began to review the next subject. Just at that time, Lin Jianlu walked into the classroom. He was still holding the textbooks that he had just took out from the storage room. Since he entered the classroom, the surrounding students have been silent. All of their eyes fell on him. These students were obviously still extremely curious about this topper.

Yan Han was the only one in the entire classroom who didn’t lookup.

He felt someone sitting next to him. When he saw that it was Lin Jianlu, he stretched out his paper.

“You came back just in time. I want to ask you a question…”

Other students: “…”

In this classroom, besides Lin Jianlu, the school topper who is the study tyrant, another legendary person is none other than Yan Han.

First of all, her overly eye-catching face was already very legendary.

Secondly, during this period of time, they had also heard of this person from school gossip and school forums. Her gossip scandal and her ”complicated” relationship with many boys, other students had heard about it all.

Ever since they saw the transcript yesterday, they wanted to “meet” this shockingly beautiful girl who has the rumors about the school bully and the school topper at the same time. Unexpectedly, as soon as the beautiful girl arrived in their class today, she was called to the teaching office. When they were wondering what she had committed, they heard the public apology of that female bully from the eighteenth class on the radio speaker…

It is truly legendary.

What’s more, now even her deskmate is that handsome school topper! Is it intentional or unintentional? Is it a coincidence or something else?

Because Yan Han and Lin Jianlu were sitting in the last row, it was not convenient for other students to look at them blatantly.

So they could only look at them secretly.

But after seeing Lin Jianlu sitting down and Yan Han pushing the paper over to him, that scene really looked innocent. Everyone seeing this felt a little bit enthusiastic as if they were witnessing two school legends ……………….learning together? No, it doesn’t matter what they were doing at all, what matters is this harmonious scene of them together!

What’s more, more than half of the people here are from anonymous forums.

There are even people who have ridiculed the CP(couple) articles of the two of them!

Lin Jianlu took the paper and took a look. He then stretched out his hand in Yan Han’s direction and hooked his finger several times at him.

The people looking around couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

Yan Han thought he was asking for a pen, so he handed it over obediently.

But Lin Jianlu was hooking his finger at him, to just ……call him: “Come and see.”

“Oh oh oh.”

Yan Han stretched his neck and leaned forward. When he approached Lin Jianlu, he noticed that there was a scent on Lin Jianlu’s body. It didn’t look like some perfume was sprayed on, but it was like a fresh and nice smell of laundry detergent.

He had never paid attention to this before, after all, he doesn’t like to examine other people.

Moreover, Lin Jianlu is a cleanliness freak. What’s more, Yan Han is afraid of him. When has Yan Han ever gotten so close with him and listened to him explaining to know what he smells like……..

Stop! Stop!

Trying to get his thoughts back, Yan Han forced himself to focus on study.

Lin Jianlu didn’t use a pen to solve questions at all.

He just pointed his slender fingers to the number of the question displayed on the paper. He just used his mouth to remind Yan Han a little bit of how to solve such questions and what kind of skills he has to use to solve them.

Yan Han: “…”

In fact, he was already confused when it came to the third step because Lin Jianlu has derived the formula by mental arithmetic and there was still a blank piece of paper in front of him…

But he somehow nearly understood the method explained by Lin Jianlu.

Yan Han thanked him. He took the paper back from Lin Jianlu’s hand and solved it according to Lin Jianlu’s method. As expected, he solved the problem smoothly and he calculated the answer quickly!

“Your brain is so good, Big Brother Lin!” Yan Han was so excited that he couldn’t help but imitate Wen Juerong’s way of calling him.

He has been pondering this question during the weekend. After pondering for two days, he still hadn’t figured it out. He finally made a compromise and tried to solve it. He didn’t expect the steps to solve the answer to be very vague. Yan Han was unclear about it, no matter what. Unexpectedly, he solved this question when this method was used. So it is inevitable that there was a trace of worship for the school’s topper at this moment.

“You are too good!”

Lin Jianlu’s expression hadn’t changed a lot. His face still had the same indifferent expression. It seemed that he has become accustomed to others praising him so much.

However, when he turned his head and saw Yan Han who was smiling brightly like the sun, he was slightly taken aback.

At this moment, the math teacher walked into the classroom in a hurry—it turned out this class’s math teacher was the same fat math teacher who had taught them in Class 17!

Yan Han somehow liked this teacher very much, mainly because of his direct and frank personality. Generally speaking, this teacher is not too nagging and his quality of teaching is quite high. He is extremely passionate when it comes to teaching, so students also feel very enthusiastic while learning mathematics.

This time, the teacher only introduced himself a little bit. He talked about the methods and main points of the course of mathematics that he understood and started to take the class directly.

Fortunately, not all teachers are nagging. Yan Han soon entered the study mode.

He has almost formed the habit of paying attention when attending lectures. Putting all his energy into the teacher’s lectures and textbooks, Yan Han has no energy to pay attention to other things.

Very few other people are like him.

Although Class 14 is the average students’ class, this class’s average results are much higher than those of the poorer classes. But for many students who have poor studying ability but have a basic or flexible mind, they can easily get in this class.

Not everyone here is as serious as Yan Han.

Of course, an unhealthy environment like in the seventeenth and eighteenth classes doesn’t exist here, after all, it is the class of average students. No one here glorifies their poor grades and thinks themselves cool.

Most of the student’s habits while attending classes is to just follow along with the teacher, but today was a special day. They have just been assigned to the same class as the school’s most handsome guy and the school’s most beautiful girl. Everyone was excited except for few students who had never heard of the gossips. Some people secretly looked back at their table throughout the class.

…Of course, you can’t blame people for watching.

These two people were really weird.

One looks up at the blackboard and writes, draws, and takes notes, looking as serious as possible.

Yan Han’s seriousness was not the kind of silly seriousness like a nerd… Maybe the value of the face can really make up for everything. This student Yan Han’s every move made people feel pleasing to the eye as if there was something that could particularly affect the onlookers. They consciously also wanted to learn from his serious look. So, they followed the lesson.

The other one was sitting on the seat with his back straight from the beginning of the class till its end, looking down at his desk’s surface slightly.

He didn’t look down or raised his eyes. His expression didn’t change a bit, as if he was in a daze.

After another class was over and just after being freed from high concentration, Yan Han yawned. He stood up and stretched his limbs and waist at the same time.

When Lin Jianlu saw him like this, he asked him, “Are you going out?”

“Ah, no no” After confirming that he had given up the coquettish plan, Yan Han recovered his original temperament with all his gestures. He waved his hand to Lin Jianlu casually, then sat down, and continued to look at his book.

Wen Juerong took a colorful Rubik’s Cube in his hand and walked towards them. He had found out this from his storage when he had moved.

He used to think that people who can play with Rubik’s Cube are cool. But he couldn’t play with it even after learning for a long time. He had lost his excitement after the continuous failure and he had simply given up.

Suddenly he saw it again. So he became excited and delivered it to Yan Han like a treasure: “Brother Yan, can you play this?”

Yan Han had been used to Wen Juerong coming to hang around after class, so he didn’t feel annoyed by him.

The main reason is that this Wen buddy acts according to the mood of a person. He never disturbs him when he says “Don’t disturb me”.

Of course, Yan Han is rarely in this kind of mood. So this buddy keeps nagging him.

This time, seeing this little student Wen with a hopeful expression, he couldn’t bear to refuse him directly. So he took it and fiddled with it twice.

He hasn’t played Rubik’s Cube well before, he had just played with it once during his elementary school…

In his memory, other people play it to try to turn all the same colors on the same side as much as possible. But he had just fiddle it twice and didn’t understand it, so he had just thrown it away.

The feeling of playing this again now is a little different. It’s not that the Rubik’s Cube has changed. Yan Han also can’t say anything about how it has changed. It’s just that during the years when he was in his place, no one had ever brought this thing in front of him with such a smile as if offering their treasures.

This situation made Yan Han’s mood a bit complicated. He suddenly felt that it was better to be a student!

Thinking about it this way, he couldn’t bear to waste time. He tried to return the Rubik’s Cube to Wen Juerong and continue to study.

-He doesn’t feel that he can turn all the same colors to one side anyway.

He doesn’t care.

But Wen Juerong did not take the Rubik’s Cube back. He said to Lin Jianlu, “Brother Lin, would you like to try it?”

Lin Jianlu had already taken out a thick extracurricular book to study. Seeing Wen Juerong calling him, he simply took over the Rubik’s Cube from Yan Han’s hands.

He pinched the square object with a few fingers, looked around with his eyes, and finally moved suddenly.

The small Rubik’s Cube was wrapped in two big hands. Lin Jianlu clicked around a few times without hesitation, and one side had already been put together.

He didn’t stop but continued to rotate different ranks back and forth, up and down, left and right. His movements were clean and fast and the whole Rubik’s cube flew up and down in his hands…

Just because it was so fast, Yan Han didn’t have time to take his gaze back when Lin Jianlu had already turned all six surfaces into the same color!

“Fuck…” Yan Han couldn’t help but explode as if he had witnessed some miracle.

Wen Juerong and the other classmate who accidentally saw this scene applauded directly: “My gosh! Big brother Lin, you are too cool!”

Lin Jianlu returned the Rubik’s Cube to Wen Juerong with a calm expression on his face, saying: “This is a skill. As long as you play with it skillfully, it can be solved very fast.”

“Wow! Really!” Wen Juerong’s chubby face showed a flattering smile: “Then Brother Lin, teach me.”

“Yes.” Lin Jianlu said, “There are tutorials on the Internet. You’d better search it yourself first. If you don’t understand, just ask me.”

Wen Juerong: “…”

“Pfffftt.” Yan Han gave a dull smile.

He laughed because Wen Juerong’s aggrieved little appearance was too funny.

But he didn’t expect this laughter to attract Lin Jianlu’s attention.

Lin Jianlu said, “I have something to ask you now.”

Yan Han widened his eyes and looked at him: “What’s the matter?”

At the same time, he thought that Lin Jianlu finally needed his help!

When he was about to roll up his sleeves and just do something, he heard Lin Jianlu say: “Can you let me help you… tidy up your desk?”

Yan Han: “?”

He looked down at his own desk, where various books and exercise books were randomly stacked, and then at Lin Jianlu’s desk where even the “book wall” in front of them was neatly arranged. The rest of his desk was empty, Yan Han: “…”

In the end, Yan Han and Lin Jianlu temporarily changed their positions. He sat on Lin Jianlu’s desk to study, which was so neatly arranged that it could be called an empty and open desk. And Lin Jianlu sat in his place, helping him sort the books and papers that were randomly inserted into the desk.

This time, Wen Juerong laughed loudly: “Hahaha, My brother Yan is so capable. Even Big Brother Lin helped you clean up things non-stop as soon as he came!”

Yan Han: “…”

He knew that Wen Juerong was ridiculing his chaotic desk. Before that, Wen Juerong had sat with him many times.

He is not very good at organizing things, mainly because he doesn’t have that time.

Besides, it always becomes chaotic again after he finishes studying. So………… it is better not to organize at all, right?

And to be honest, it was a bit hard for him to organize his things.

He went to see how Lin Jianlu did it. He only heard the other person ask him: “You don’t usually use a tablecloth or something?”


Because the original owner hadn’t used it before, he hadn’t noticed it before.

If these little details of life hadn’t been mentioned by Lin Jianlu, he would never have realized it.

Yan Han shook his head.

Seeing his clean and delicate face was confused and innocent, Lin Jianlu didn’t say anything. Then again he said, “I have one more piece there. Let me lend it to you first.”

Yan Han knew the advantages of using tablecloths. Since the other party wants to lend him, he did not refuse and let Lin Jianlu go to the outside storage room to get the tablecloth.

It’s just that Yan Han is so unintentionally ”criticized” by the other party that he doubts if he is usually too sloppy.

Wen Juerong was still next to him and laughed so hard that he couldn’t help himself to rub his stomach. The other classmates didn’t know. Therefore, they thought that Lin Jianlu was really a little butler and started to pack things for Yan Han. They could not help showing admiring looks to Yan Han.

In the eyes of everyone, Lin Jianlu came back with long legs, holding a tablecloth in his hand.

The tablecloth was yellow. If you unfold it a little bit, you can see that the pattern on it was a cartoon giraffe with a bare butt.

…It looked a bit like the one Lin Jianlu was laying on this desk now.

It’s just that one has flowers and the other doesn’t have flowers.

It looked like the couple’s clothing of a male and a female.

Yan Han: “…”

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