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TYFWWC Chapter 37

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

As a high IQ student with extremely meticulous thinking and logic, Lin Jianlu has good ideas for organizing things.

He sorted out all of Yan Han’s books. He arranged textbooks and the exercise books neatly. Then he put them aside and then began to organize his papers.

As a school with a high enrollment rate and high academic pressure, Luze High School continues to distribute various question papers to students every day from the beginning of high school. The monthly printing fee has to be paid to the school for hundreds of dollars, which shows how stressful it is for students.

However, these papers have a higher quality content than the general exercise books sold on the market. Yan Han also pays attention to them. Because there are too many questions to solve, so he didn’t organize them at all. He just stacks them on the table one by one and solves the questions on it one by one. He can just find out the exact question paper to solve at the moment which is quite convenient.

But if the papers are not sorted for a long time, then they will only be piled up. Lin Jianlu picked out all the papers with traces of red writing on them and divided them into six categories according to the subject. He also kindly gave two large folders to Yan Han to put these unused papers in it.

Yan Han was watching Lin Jianlu doing this. He had to say that when he saw Lin Jianlu flipping to his test paper and seeing that the paper was full of red marks of correction, his face blushed uncontrollably with shame.

Two weeks ago, his level was not the same. The error rate of the questions he did was extremely high.

The teacher in the class will not personally correct the papers for the students, but will only tell the right steps to solve the problem after checking the completion of the homework. So only Yan Han himself knew his level before this.

right now…

What made Yan Han more relaxed was that, except for Lin Jianlu’s slightly raised eyebrows at first, he didn’t make any relevant opinions about his error rate.

The workload was indeed a bit big. It was obvious that it could not be sorted out just between the classes.

When the class bell rang, Yan Han and Lin Jianlu temporarily changed their seats, but he didn’t dare to move things because Lin Jianlu said that he would continue to organize them at noon.

Yan Han was very embarrassed. He asked Lin Jianlu in a low voice, “Will it be bad for you to sit with me?”

After all, he has a habit of cleanliness. Although Yan Han does not know what specific things Lin Jianlu is clean about, his desk was too messy. It would obviously be hard for Lin Jianlu.

Yan Han said: “If you can’t stand it, you can tell the teacher about changing the seat, don’t worry about me…”

“No.” Lin Jianlu hurriedly interrupted him, “I’m not doing it because it’s too messy and I can’t stand it but a tidy desk helps to increase your enthusiasm for learning. Good tidying habits will also make you more efficient and get twice the result with half the effort.”

“This is true.” Yan Han scratched his head. When he was a hairdresser, he used to tidy up the workbench so that he could get his work done smoothly.

But his organizing ability is obviously limited to the workbench. He really doesn’t have the energy to organize his desk every day to deal with these papers. What’s more, he is already used to this way. Now that the desk is being organized, it can be said that he will have difficulty in finding the exact papers he needs. He got a headache thinking about it.

“It’s okay.” Lin Jianlu said, “Just tell me what you are looking for and I will help you find it.”

Yan Han: “…”

Since the genius has spoken, then he has nothing to worry about.

Anyway, once he starts studying, he will forget about this messy thing.

The two of them had just finished whispering when the class teacher walked into the class again with the textbook.

That’s right, this is the real English class today. The second period was a temporary change between her and another teacher.

As soon as the class teacher came in, she asked, “Student Yan Han, are you okay with sitting in the last row?”

“Ah, it’s okay.” Yan Han said.

“Then student Lin Jianlu, are you okay with sitting there?”

“Yeah, it’s okay for me too.” Lin Jianlu said.

“Then you two study hard. I just watched you guys from outside and both of you were still talking?” She said this with a smile and her tone seemed to be a joke. But it was obvious what she meant.

Yan Han: “…”

Okay okay. This time, speaking during the class, it’s their own fault.

“You both are good children with good grades and you have to study hard. Make sure, the teacher won’t have to remind you guys about this kind of thing…” After the class teacher finished speaking, she didn’t say anything else this time, but she took out the textbook and started to teach directly.

Yan Han turned his head to look at Lin Jianlu. The two looked at each other but their eyes soon separated again. Then they started to do their own thing.

Yan Han continued to memorize the text. He memorized it very carefully, completely blocking the voice beside him. When he could almost memorize the text, he suddenly heard that Lin Jianlu, who was at his desk, was named this time.

“Lin Jianlu!”

“Yes.” Lin Jianlu slowly raised his head.

The class teacher walked off the podium again. She approached their table and said as she walked: “What are you doing underneath? You are putting your hands under the table, so how will you take notes?”

As soon as she said that, Wen Juerong hurriedly stuffed the Rubik’s Cube into the table and put his hand on the table.

As for Yan Han, he’s been a good student this time. He was reading and memorizing from the small textbook that he had bought with great difficulty. The normal large textbook was still turned to the page of the lesson that was being taught by the teacher today. As for the small textbook, if it is seen, it will only be regarded as a small dictionary.

So now he gave Lin Jianlu a curious glance.

The class teacher had already reached their desk at this time. Seeing that the only notebook spread out on Lin Jianlu’s desk was really clean, without a single word, her brows could not help but frown: “A good memorization comes from a good note. Teacher knows that you were a good student in liberal arts. But I don’t care how you learned in that class before. Now that you have come to my class, you have to follow the teacher’s method. The teacher is not harming you. Why would you not take notes?”

As she spoke, she turned her gaze to Yan Han’s notebook and said: “Look at her table, how many notes she has taken. She even knows how to preview in advance. I have taught so many students. So I can say that smart students are inferior to hard-working students. Look at Yan Han. Although she came from Class 17, she has proven that even if she was in Class 17, she has the ability to enter Class 14…”

Yan Han….…looked at his textbook speechlessly. He had indeed taken a lot of notes. But the teacher didn’t even realize that the content he wrote on it had nothing to do with the grammar she taught.

He was also suddenly upset. He was upset that she always looked down on Class Seventeen. He also felt that Lin Jianlu was a bit pitiful and he didn’t want her to compare him with Lin Jianlu.

To be honest, Yan Han really thinks that someone who can score a perfect score in English for the placement test really doesn’t need to listen to the lecture specifically. Lin Jianlu is already giving the teacher some face by sitting here quietly without disturbing others. So what’s the problem?

This teacher is really picky.

Yan Han himself used to be the kind of person who was often targeted by teachers. It was already common for him to be criticized by the teacher. Besides he was a bad student himself, so he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

But maybe because Lin Jianlu was someone who he had already taken as study god, so when Lin Jianlu, aka study god, was actually criticized for learning…….

…He felt embarrassed.

Yan Han was not the only one who felt embarrassed. The other classmates were also scared and were silent. They couldn’t help but quietly look at the movement here and at the same time felt that their class teacher was really a bit too broad-minded.

Maybe because today was a reorganized class, the teacher wanted to show her power to new students to leave a strong impression of herself on the first day.

But who did she choose to show her power??? Miss, he is a study god!

The study god indeed did not compromise easily.

Lin Jianlu said: “I don’t think this way of learning grammar is suitable for me. I don’t have the habit of taking notes, sorry teacher.”

The teacher didn’t seem to expect that a good student like him would be so stubborn…not giving her any face.

The wall between the liberal arts teachers’ office and the sciences teachers’ office is very thick. She had occasionally heard the rumors about Lin Jianlu. Even about Lin Jianlu being assigned to her class, she was only notified this morning.

She originally thought that this study tyrant would be as obedient as she thought. At this moment, she had no idea that a good student would openly “confront” her. The class teacher immediately replied back, “If you don’t want to take notes, then what the hell do you want to do during class? Don’t you come to school to be taught by teachers? Otherwise, why did you even come to school?

The class teacher was still angry.

When she gets angrier, she smiles with a unique expression. At this moment, she smiled weirdly and said: “You want to come to my class, no problem, that’s OK. No matter what your science foundation is, the teacher will be happy and accept you. But you must obey the teacher’s arrangement!”

Lin Jianlu simply stood up from his seat.

He is tall, a head taller than the 1.7-meter tall teacher. He is thin and his upright and loose standing posture makes him even taller.

At the moment he has no expression on his face and his attitude is considered calm. He just said: “You are being too serious. I just said I don’t like taking notes. You are worried about my science grades, I understand very well. But I don’t think you should be worried about my English grades, right?”

After Lin Jianlu finished speaking, he looked at the class teacher with his eyes level.

The teacher didn’t think that this was reasonable. She has been used to being the most feared teacher. No matter which student, she is used to pointing out their mistakes and making them promise not to commit that mistake again next time. Even if it’s a very tiny mistake she still does it.

She didn’t expect this Lin Jianlu to be so shameless.

However, she also knows what the other party’s grades are. At this time, even if she takes the knowledge points to test him, it won’t trouble him at all.

After repeatedly failing to think of a way to trouble him, she finally said: “It’s okay even if you don’t want to follow the teacher in class, at least memorize the vocabulary when you are in this class. I think you were just falling asleep with your head down…”

Lin Jianlu smiled at her obviously not wanting to continue this topic.

But the class teacher obviously didn’t know that enough was enough.

Previous students of Class 14 were used to this kind of behavior of this teacher. Everyone basically only has to study in this class and no one wants to offend this teacher.

She has been the class teacher of Class 14 for a long time and has always maintained this style. At this moment, she still refused to give up, ”If you say your English is good, it’s okay even if you don’t learn it. But what about other subjects?? You have just changed your subject, are you good at physics and chemistry? Why do you have to sleep in class?…”

Yan Han next to him: “…”

This is a live example of trying to hit a snake with a stick. It was okay just before but right now, she just framed a student for sleeping in class?

Yan Han didn’t know what Lin Jianlu thought but he couldn’t stand it anyway.

There was not much time left before the end of class. He wanted to revise all the texts he had memorized before eating at noon. As a result, he ran into a teacher who was chattering standing next to their desk and framing people…

It was really unbearable.

The eldest brother had to bear with this teacher when he was not allowed to learn by himself before, but if this teacher keeps making such a mess, his learning efficiency will be seriously affected.

Besides, Lin Jianlu stays in this posture in every class. But he has never slept in any class.

Yan Han couldn’t bear it anymore. He raised his hand and said, “Teacher, he didn’t sleep in class.”

He wants to study hard but that doesn’t mean that he is the kind of honest student who is afraid of teachers and will let others bully his good buddy.

“What did you say?” The English teacher was stunned for a moment. Obviously, she didn’t expect that some students would stand up and challenge her power at this time!

The class teacher’s face immediately became cold, “Yan Han! You stand up for me too! I don’t care what rules you followed in Class 17, but you are not allowed to disrespect the teacher in my class!”

Yan Han was even more reluctant to hear this: “I didn’t disrespect you. But I just thought you might not have seen it clearly from the podium. So I wanted to tell you that he did not sleep…”

“You two!!!! Come out and go to my office!”

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. alexis says:

    Teachers like this irritate me so much, especially after having struggled with some like this during highschool.

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