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TYFWWC Chapter 35

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Guys let’s welcome our new editor mlky. Thank you mlky.

“What? Lin Jianlu transferred to the science class?!”

In the liberal arts class, Gong Yuxue’s face immediately became cold when she heard the news.

As a disciplinary committee member, Lin Jianlu often had to go out of class, so Gong Yuxue didn’t think much when she didn’t see him early in the morning.

She didn’t know about it until Su Linpei brought a few people to move Lin Jianlu’s things……

Not only did he go to science class, but he was also even directly assigned to class 14!

Because their two families had some connections, Gong Yuxue knew Lin Jianlu a bit better than others. At least that’s how she thought.

——If he really wanted to study science, it was too easy for him to change the class.

But also because it was too easy, it made no difference to him whether he should transfer or not.

Transferring class now….. it means…

“Please show me the transcripts of science students announced by the school!” Gong Yuxue said to her best friend.

Her best friend quickly found the transcript published by the school on her mobile phone.

Gong Yuxue directly found Lin Jianlu’s current class-Class Fourteen. She easily saw the name in the list… the name that made her worried and concerned the most right now!

Yan Han…

This Yan Han!

Last week, she had heard the news that Yu Jing was about to teach a ”lesson” to that Yan Han. She had not contributed much to it except for avoiding Wei Ningxin from stopping Yu Jing.

She wanted to see how was this Yan Han gonna be taught a ”lesson” by Yu Jing. So on Friday, she had sent two people to stalk him.

Unexpectedly, she received a call from the stalker, telling her that Yan Han was very capable and Yu Jing couldn’t deal with him at all.

………She could actually fly? !

The person on the other end of the phone was obviously frightened and was speechless. Gong Yuxue didn’t care about such details.

Those people like Yu Jing are useless. She suddenly had an idea and she had asked her friend to call the police directly.

Just saying that some people had gathered to fight will make the police officers alert. The more seriously they will exaggerate the scene, the better the outcome.

Isn’t she good at fighting? Then she(GYX) will let her(YH) fight in front of the police.

Humph! Lin Jianlu will definitely be shocked and disgusted with her after this.

Originally, Lin Jianlu had left school early because of family business matters as soon as his exam was over. It was exactly because both the time and place were right, so she had planned like this. Who would have thought…

THAT GIRL……… she couldn’t deal with that girl even by calling the police. But instead, that idiot Yu Jing was ruined………… And now Lin Jianlu is in the same class as her!

“No way! Let’s go and see!”

A vicious light flashed in Gong Yuxue’s eyes. But at that moment, the bell for the second class had started.

Even if she couldn’t accept this thing, for now, she could only endure the unhappiness in her heart and force herself to listen to the class.


The class teacher still had a lot of things to say to the students after the class was re-formed. So even though the first period was over, the class teacher asked the second period’s teacher to give her this period’s time.

The first important thing to do for the class teacher was to select the class president. It was necessary to select a class president, a school committee member, and several other club’s members.

Voluntary registration is the main method. As of this Wednesday, there will be a competition and teachers will decide the final candidate.

The second important thing is to give the students an inspirational speech. The content is nothing but some common topics such as what kind of effort we have put in today and what results will be harvested tomorrow.

Yan Han hears too much of this and he doesn’t want to hear these blah blah blah now.

So just like before, the teacher kept lecturing about the content that had nothing to do with the course. So, he silently memorized his own English text below.

For Yan Han, memorizing texts is much harder and more painful than doing science questions.

It is precisely because of this that he has to spend more energy to do this.

The effect was reflected in the placement test. He could choose the correct answer for the English exam’s fill in the blanks because he had memorized a few grammar questions similar to that question.

In addition, he has accumulated a certain amount of vocabulary while memorizing texts. So, he doesn’t have that difficulty in reading comprehension.

Even if you don’t know the word, you can guess the meaning of that word by looking at the whole sentence. There won’t be a situation like before where he used to forget his own name immediately after sitting in the exam hall. So although his English score on this test was not very high and he scored only 98 points out of 150, it was not easy for a dumb-ass like Yan Han who has never pass the exam to score this.

He was memorizing the text silently when his attention couldn’t help being attracted to his side.

——There was an English book spread out on Lin Jianlu’s desk next to him too.

But for the exact same book, Lin Jianlu’s one was the same as the new one. Not only did it not have a single unnecessary word on it, but it didn’t even have any wrinkles on the corner pages.

Looking at his own now…………

Because he needs to memorize texts, he reads the text very frequently. He himself is not the kind of person who deliberately cherishes books. The few pages that he has frequently reviewed recently are about to be torn into thousand pieces.

In addition, his book is also full of various phonetic symbols and Chinese translations that are densely packed. When he was reciting the texts, at first he didn’t think it was a big problem. Now that he compared his own book with Lin Jianlu’s, Yan Han suddenly felt that his book was really unbearable to look directly at. He almost couldn’t stand it…

He forcibly cheered himself to recite the text. While reading quietly in his head, Yan Han suddenly heard someone calling him.

When he was just reciting the text, he was immersed too deeply in it. So, Yan Han did not hear that voice for the first time.

When he recovered, he heard the class teacher who was also an English teacher asking him: “What are you looking at below?”

As she asked, she walked to Yan Han’s side. Although the new class teacher was a female, she was very tall and her figure was similar to Yan Han’s.

She was tall and she was not too thin. She had a strong sense of presence when she walked over. Yan Han raised his head and answered honestly, “I wasn’t looking at anything.”

The class teacher did not give up and walked to the last row of the class.

When she saw the English book placed on Yan Han’s desk, she didn’t seem to expect that Yan Han was actually sitting there without looking up reading an English book. After all, most of the students who sit in the back rows are the thugs of the class.

But even so, she didn’t seem very happy. Instead, she picked up Yan Han’s textbook and took a look. She then asked Yan Han, “We haven’t reached our course here yet. Have you already taken notes?”


“It’s really good to be able to preview in advance.” The English teacher smiled at this time but then said: “But when the teacher is talking in front, you must listen to them and you must have a reaction when a teacher calls you. Learning is not something we can complete in a day or two. Don’t we have to clarify the goal and direction and learn later? Besides, the teacher is speaking so passionately in front of you, you should at least listen to it and respect the teacher, shouldn’t you?”

“Yes, sorry, teacher.”

Yan Han moved his eyesight and glanced at the watch on Lin Jianlu’s wrist.

…Unconsciously, twenty minutes have passed since the class time? !

She was still talking about that boring topic for TWENTY FUCKING minutes. This new class teacher is even more nagging than the previous one…

However, the old class teacher with a big belly’s nagging was real nagging. But he didn’t care about the self-study that he used to do underneath the desk. That teacher didn’t even think that not listening to him was disrespectful.

In fact, that teacher encouraged the students to arrange their own time and teach themselves reasonably.

So Yan Han has also developed such a habit during this period of time, never paying attention to these details provided by this new teacher.

This class teacher’s attitude was completely relaxed. She emphasized her teaching style again: “As long as you follow the teacher’s pace in class, I guarantee you can get high marks in English. You will all go to the fourth floor in half a year. Do you have that confidence?”

The classmates around him said a few scattered words showing they agreed with the teacher’s words.

“Why does your agreement sound so insincere? Say it again loudly, do you have confidence?”

“……WE HAVE!!!”

Going to the podium again, after another five minutes, she seemed to finally realize that she was taking up too much time. This time she finally opened her teaching aids and began to teach new texts.

Before teaching the text, she read the original text of the textbook.

As soon as she spoke, Yan Han was confused by the non-standard pronunciation of the other party.

He has already memorized the text she has taught today. After listening to the tutorials in the live broadcast system, his fluent American English ears are about to explode. Now it is really difficult for Yan Han to accept this teacher’s completely non-standard pronunciation.

Although the test-oriented education does not require much oral English, it still…sounds a bit weird, right?

The young female English teacher in Class 17 did not have such similar problems. Her oral English was fairly standard.

Yan Han didn’t use to pay any attention to the teachers before. He hadn’t studied properly before. So he couldn’t hear it even if the pronunciation of the others was not standard. So he didn’t know that most of the teachers’ spoken English were generally not standard.

Listening to the other party reading the text now feels a bit weird.

He wasn’t the only one who thought like this. Wen Juerong also showed an expression of unsatisfaction.

Wen Juerong loves literature. Whether it is Chinese or English, he likes it very much.

Of course, he doesn’t like studying it but he really loves reading, including practicing oral pronunciation, which are things he would do without anyone supervising him.

Now suddenly he heard the teacher who pronounced the texts this way. He immediately felt like he was in the wrong class.

Withdrawing his gaze from Wen Juerong, Yan Han looked at Lin Jianlu next to him curiously.

Just like how all students who are bad at studying think about the good students, Yan Han used to feel that all the toppers were not the same species as himself.

But no matter what Brother Yan is now a person who has to get into the X university by his own hard work. Not to mention that this topper near him was none other than Lin Jianlu. Yan Han was very curious about this talented alien species.

He looked at Lin Jianlu and saw that the desk in front of Lin Jianlu was empty with only the English book still on display.

There was not even a pen on his desk.

The textbook was still spread out and showed the page that the teacher had just taught now.

At this moment, Lin Jianlu had placed both hands on his legs. He sat with his waist upright and had a standard posture. He was staring at the page in a daze. It was unknown what he was thinking.

…It turns out that the Study god could also be in a daze, Yan Han thought.

He didn’t bother him. He turned his head back in silence. The English teacher finally finished reading the text and then she began to explain the grammar of the text sentence by sentence on the podium.

She had already said in the previous “inspirational speech” that every student should prepare a notebook, write down the grammar she taught in class, and go back to memorize it.

As long as you can memorize and accumulate vocabulary, you can easily cope with the exam.

But Yan Han had tried this trick before but it hadn’t worked at all.

He feels that English is a language where grammar should be learned through continuous reading and recitation. This way of learning grammar by simply taking notes doesn’t help the students who are too nervous.

What’s more, he can’t memorize texts. This method is not suitable for him at all.

After a little thinking, he had already made a decision.

Yan Han turned the textbook to the page where he was reciting before. He was about to look down and recite the text when the class teacher asked him again: “Yan Han! What are you doing in the back?”


“I just said so much for nothing. The teacher is teaching you, why the hell are you flipping the pages without taking notes? I don’t care what your rules were like before in the 17th class…” While speaking, the class teacher also consciously said that it was inappropriate. She stopped talking and knocked on the blackboard: “Come on! You answer me what tense should I fill in here!”

Yan Han got up from his seat and glanced at the content on the blackboard.

Although he wasn’t paying attention to the class, he had memorized the content of the text that she had taught today.

Although the sentences were not the same, the sentence patterns were the same. They automatically fit into the sentence pattern of the text he recited. He said the answer almost as soon as the teacher had just finished asking him the question.

“Good answer.” The teacher stared at him in front and said: “Listen to the class carefully and follow the teacher’s ideas seriously…”

Yan Han nodded and said yes on the surface. After sitting down again, he’ll just do whatever he wants to do. He’ll just be a bit more low-key than before.

It seems that he is being targeted…

Yan Han didn’t think it mattered.

After all, if it is going to take a more serious turn, he was once an expert when it comes to confronting the teacher.

The most important thing is that the teacher’s teaching method is not suitable for him. The teacher can’t help him at all. It is impossible for him to waste this precious dozens of minutes just to unnecessarily take notes for her.

At this time, he might as well go to bed early at night.

Yan Han did not compromise.

He looked down at the book calmly. Fortunately, this class was over after a while. Yan Han stood up and walked outside as if nothing was going on.

Today is Monday. There is a flag-raising ceremony. All students are required to dress neatly and gather in the ground downstairs.

Everyone had stood up but Lin Jianlu did not move.

Wen Juerong and Qin Siyu both walked over and felt injustice over the fact that Yan Han was named twice during class.

“How come our class didn’t have this rule before. You just need to do well in your studies. You can use any method as long as you don’t bother others! Why do you have to listen to her lectures? She herself can’t pronounce correctly… In addition to speaking nonsense for such a long time, her spoken English…is broken too.” Wen Juerong said disgustedly shaking his body with goosebumps all over.

“Don’t talk about it. She obviously looks down on our previous class. Brother Yan, don’t take it to your heart.” Qin Siyu said.

“I think she just wants to show that we are from the bad class. And we must listen to her now no matter what.” Wen Juerong still refused to give up. “She wants to limit our thinking and ability so that we won’t outdo her.”

“You understand quite well.” Yan Han smiled. He indifferently said: “It’s only half a semester anyway. If you don’t like her, you can study hard, and then we will also go to the fourth floor.”

Wen Juerong’s face turned green as soon as he heard these words, “Don’t mention it. My whole body trembles with fright when someone mentions it.”

“What a stupid guy?” Qin Siyu asked.


When they were talking, Lin Jianlu didn’t say a word. He had already moved out all the books of his desk during this time.

Unlike Yan Han, who was too lazy to go to the storage room and piled almost all the books on the table, Lin Jianlu’s desk was neat and tidy inside and out. There were very few things.

At this moment, all the books he took out were stacked into a pile, neatly placed on the corner of the aisle at the front of his desk.

Then he asked Qin Siyu to sit at the desk in front of his desk and directed Wen Juerong to go forward and stand on the podium.

Qin Siyu and Wen Juerong did not know what the fuck was going on but they both did as he said.

Wen Juerong stepped onto the podium one step at a time. Standing on the podium, he asked, “Brother Lin, can I stand here?”

“Yeah.” Lin Jianlu said, “Tell me, can you see Yan Han’s and mine desks while standing there.”


Wen Juerong stretched his neck and said, “I can’t see it.”

Lin Jianlu turned two more pages of the book: “Can you see me turning the pages?”

“I can see a little bit.”

Lin Jianlu thought for a while and took out a Chinese dictionary from Yan Han’s desk and stacked it on his own book.

He continued to turn the page, “What about this time?”

“Now, I can’t see it.”

“Okay, come back.” Lin Jianlu stood up and said, “You guys should go downstairs to raise the national flag. I have to go to the teaching office first.”


When they saw Lin Jianlu was gone, the remaining three people stayed for a while to observe the “book wall” he had just erected.

Each student in the school has a single table with limited internal desk space, so most people will stack the books in a pile and place them high on the table for easy access at any time.

But obviously, Lin Jianlu doesn’t have this habit.

His desk was half empty.

“So… My Big Brother Lin……….wants to cover for you, Brother Yan?” Wen Juerong’s brain, in this kind of thing, always works very quickly. “He put this pile of books in front, with the other classmates in front, and from the angular perspective from the podium, as long as people don’t come too close to see, no one can see what Brother Yan is doing!”

Wen Juerong looked at Qin Siyu and she also agreed with this possibility.

“Huh?” Yan Han looked at the row of “barriers” on Lin Jianlu’s desk. He was stunned.

Gong Yuxue, who was pretending to pass through Class 14 by accident but was actually “investigating Yan Han brat” was also stunned.

——Lin Jianlu’s favorite thing to do every day is to clean and tidy everything. His desk must be flat and tidy both inside and outside. He actually piled up his books?

How can this be!

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