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TYFWWC Chapter 32 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Yan Han finally fell asleep watching the math video.

If someone had told him a while ago that he could fall asleep in this way, the eldest brother would have jumped up and beaten that person saying that was impossible. But now….. haha

However, thanks to the feeling of completing the test, he slept until nine o’clock in the morning, as if he had never slept so full during this time.

He quickly got up and charged the phone that was turned off. Yan Han cleaned up and went out for breakfast.

Immediately after a peaceful weekend, the teachers who had worked overtime to review the test papers on Sunday afternoon submitted the result to school.  Then the school also announced everyone’s results and class classification.

This sorting was a completely transparent operation. Because everyone’s results were drawn into a big list and ranked from high to low in the total score of each subject. It was completely open and anyone who wanted to see it could see without any problem.

In the beginning, some students thought that this method of publishing all the results of everyone openly was a bit like invading the student’s privacy.

However, in consideration of absolute fairness, Luze High School also has to stimulate all students. No matter how many students object to it, they have maintained this operation for several years.

Of course, some people object but most people still agree with it because of fairness.

Hearing that the sorting situation has come down, Yan Han also especially found the transcripts of science students.

He was confident that he could pass his previous class. So, he directly started looking for his name on the list of the fourteenth class.

Lu Yuzhen, Meng Jia ze, Wang Bing… Yan Han? !

Yan Han got excited when he saw this name. After carefully checking his student number, he was sure that it was indeed him!

His goal was just to get into Class 14, hanging at the bottom.

But he didn’t expect to secure fourth position in the class? …He was admitted as the top five students of Class 14?

! !

Just a period of hard work could actually help to achieve such great results. Although such results were related to his hard work at the last moment and his good mental state during the exam, the results were right in front of him. Even Yan Han couldn’t help but get excited!

This was probably the first time that in studying, his hard work was rewarded. It also gave him a shock!

Yan Han doesn’t believe that hard work would definitely be rewarded. That is bullshit. Now, this was just one of the small steps he had taken to achieve his goal.

These small ones were not even worth mentioning.

But at least it gave him a trace of certainty and hope, didn’t it?

In this way, he will be more motivated to learn later!

Unable to hide his excitement, Yan Han also looked down and saw the names of Qin Siyu and Wen Juerong near the end of the list.


One was ranked fifth from the bottom while the other one was ranked as last.

However, Yan Han still remembered that before the exam, both of them had hoped to come to Class 14. The scene of the two of them holding their hands and cheering for each other was still vivid. Yan Han was also really happy for them at this moment.

Qin Siyu had studied very well before. Her basic knowledge was much better than both his and Wen Juerong’s but her mental state was wrong. Her mental pressure was too high, so she had often failed the exam.

As for Wen Juerong, although he does not like to study, he is also a good student in front of the teacher.

Moreover, his learning style is very good. Both Chinese and English are his strong points. He is also smart. He believes that as long as he works harder, his grades will be much better than now.

Although Yan Han doesn’t do much in normal times, he sincerely hopes that the people around him will be well.

Today could also be considered as one of his happy days. It was the first time while being here for so long to feel this kind of slightly relaxing joy.

The eldest brother was showing a cute smile in his bedroom when Wen Juerong sent him a video over there.

“Brother Yan! We all went to Class 14! Did you see that!” Wen Juerong looked more excited than him.

“En. I just saw it.” Yan Han said with a smile, “Congratulations.”

“Same to you, same to you!” Wen Juerong’s big face was already full of laughter, “Are you in school now? Then let’s go out to celebrate. I will find you! Let’s call Sister Yu too!”

“…Let’s not celebrate. Let’s celebrate when we are all admitted to X university.” Yan Han said.

“Then we will have to wait for a century for that! I mean, we have to have fun in time. We can celebrate again after going to X University!” Wen Juerong said, “I have found a new hot pot restaurant. That place’s hot pot is really delicious. Let’s go and eat it!”

Yan Han: “…”

So the point is actually hot pot!

Yan Han finally did not go.

He felt that was unnecessary.

And if you start celebrating just after passing few classes, people will easily become satisfied and relax their vigilance for a long time.

Yesterday during the day, after almost begging, the janitor of the teaching building finally opened the door for him. He then took out his schoolbag and textbooks. Yan Han has entered the next round of learning mode.

Class 14 can only be used as a temporary stop. If he wants to go to Class 9, he’ll have to cross four classes. The students in front classes have a good foundation and ability to compete each time. It can be said that it will be difficult for him to go one step further.

There is still a long way to go.

Wen Juerong had just finished looking for him here and Qin Siyu was also looking for him over there.

Qin Siyu was still a little bit brooding about Friday’s affairs. Even though it would have been bad for her to stay in that situation, she always felt that it was because of her own affairs that caused such big trouble and that caused Yan Han to be arrested and sent to the police station.

She felt sorry for herself and felt sorry for Yan Han. At this moment, she talked with him cautiously.

This is what Yan Han feared the most.

He had already said that he was okay many times. He doesn’t even remember now how many times he had explained it. But Qin Siyu still looked at himself as if she was seeing a victim, which made Yan Han very uncomfortable.

Therefore, when Qin Siyu sent him a WeChat message that she wanted to come to his dormitory to find him, Yan Han refused.

He is still a man anyway. It is inconvenient to live in the same room.

Yan Han stayed behind closed doors and thanked the audiences for live-streaming studies. But throughout the weekend, the live-streaming room was larger and hotter than usual. The heat broke for the first time after dinner in the evening. His live-streaming room was hung at the top of the channel. It seemed to be the head of the entire channel.

Although there were not many people in the entire channel.

But every time when the live broadcast was opened, Yan Han had a little illusion, as if he was the king of this place…

Cough cough. hehe

Getting back to the topic….the topic is still about learning.

Yan Han also knew that he couldn’t go far by just relying on the temporary holding back of the placement test. So he intended to take advantage of this period of free time to make up the foundation of each subject.

This is a very long and energy-intensive process, which is equivalent to learning all by yourself. It will take a lot of time.

In this way, it is necessary to improve learning efficiency.

But on this ‘efficiency’ point, Yan Han still has no control over that.

In addition to forcing himself to focus on the books, he can’t get other methods even if he tries hard. It is always difficult for him to improve efficiency.

But there was no way. After all, he is just at a beginner level of learning. It is unrealistic, to sum up, what the learning method he should use now. Instead of wasting time tangling on this, it is better to go to school.

Sunday has passed, and it is the day of school on Monday.

Since the list has been announced, the task on Monday morning was to change classes.

In this regard, Luze High School does things quite neatly.

Students who have undergone a class change will have to use the morning self-study class plus the first period time to remove everything including their own desks, chairs, and benches. And the cabinets in the storage room should be emptied and given to the new students.

Of course, if there is no change in the class, there is no need to move anything, and there will be no trouble.

Simply because Class 17 and Class 14 were still on the same floor, Yan Han just needed to lift the desk directly and occupy a locker squeezing everything in that.

Moving things was his strong point. In the beginning, there were a few people who were free and asking him if he wanted some help, but Yan Han was the kind of person who could do it by himself and didn’t want to trouble others. Moreover, he only had a few things. He just moved his things twice and the moving session was over.

As a result, in turn, he had to help Wen Juerong to move his things.

Speaking of Wen Juerong, another characteristic of this young man who has countless special characteristics is his talent in literary art.

He usually likes to collect all kinds of pens and notebooks. In addition to beautiful tableware and cups, he has all kinds of small toys that can be brought into the school, densely piled up and full of cabinets. Not to mention that everyone felt broken when they saw it. They were seen by the former class teacher when they were moving. The fat class teacher was shocked: “Why do you have so many things?!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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