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TYFWWC Chapter 32 Part 2

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Class 17 and Class 18 were both well-known bad classes in terms of studies in the whole school. This time Yan Han and the others had done really well. So, the headteacher also had a light on his face.

Especially Wen Juerong, he had never thought that his grades would be so good. He got better marks passing hundreds of other students directly. So now whenever he sees this chubby little student who smiles like the laughing buddha, he thinks he is so pleasing to the eye. He also praised Yan Han and a few of them.

After the old class teacher’s praise and the enthusiastic greetings with other students, they finished moving things. After moving things, their first period was almost over.

The new headteacher used the last few minutes to arrange seats for the newly classified students.

The school has no strict rules about seat planning in the school. Each class teacher has different styles and focuses points. The headteacher of Class 14 was a female teacher who taught English. The way she arranged seats was more interesting—The top ten students in the class could randomly choose the seats and the position they wanted to sit in. For the rest of the students, the seats were arranged according to the seeing ability of a student.

After speaking out, this way of arranging seats, Yan Han, who was fourth in the class, naturally had the right to choose.

It was a pity that there could only be one person at the same table as him. Yan Han was embarrassed by the bright gazes of Wen Juerong and Qin Siyu who were eagerly looking forward to.

“Oh, Brother Yan, choose me, Brother Yan!” Wen Juerong twisted his body and his voice followed: “I want to sit at the same table with you~”

Qin Siyu also raised her hand: “Choose me, choose me! I’m much quieter than him. Brother Yan, you won’t suffer if you’ll choose me!”

Yan Han’s face was full of black lines: “How about you two fight?”

The other people who were deciding to be at the same table in twos and threes were all amused by the scene here.

Although Yan Han did not spend much time studying hard and his behavior has been low-key, he became a little “popular” when he was publicly called out because of the love letter. Later, there was even a dedicated building on the anonymous forum for him. Who else in the newly formed class doesn’t recognize him?

But recognizing and knowing the person was two different things. Class 14 is ranked in the middle of the science class. Many students keep moving in and out of the class. Some people even move here coming from the better classes. Those students have never been in contact with Yan Han before.

Observing him up close at this moment, everyone only thought that his real person looked better than the photos!

Most of Yan Han’s photos on anonymous forums were expressionless and cool. But at this moment his face looked a bit embarrassed and helpless giving a more real and three-dimensional feeling.

What’s more, it seemed that his fair and moisturized skin made his looks even more appreciable. In fact, since knowing that such a beautiful young lady was in the same class as themselves, some of the people in Class 14 had already started to get excited in advance.

Yan Han didn’t know what others were thinking. He didn’t even notice that others were watching him.

When he was wondering who to choose, the school’s speaker suddenly sounded: “Yan Han from Class 14 of the first year after hearing the broadcast, please go to the teaching office immediately.”

Everyone: “?”

The teacher in charge of the newly sorted class still couldn’t recognize the whole person, so she could only point to the broadcasting speaker and ask: “Who is Yan Han?”

Yan Han stood up from the chaotic crowd.

The new headteacher looked at him. She did not ask much and said, “Then you should go to the teaching office first.”


Yan Han guessed that it was because of Yu Jing’s incident on Friday night that they were called there.

It’s okay, it’s time to do some acting now.

He acted calmly but Qin Siyu seemed to be crying.

This incident has been pressing on her heart. Even if the person involved did not feel nervous, but she was worried about it the whole weekend and did not sleep well for a few days at night, fearing that the school would punish Yan Han for beating others!

That day, Yan Han had asked her to take her roommates to leave first, saying that it was good for them to leave. She(Yan Han) had also said that she(QSY) should not go to the school and the police, saying that she was afraid of making things worse.

At that time, the other party’s attitude was too firm and steady. Qin Siyu seemed to have been bewitched. She also realized after leaving that how could she leave Yan Han there alone? !

But she also understood what Yan Han said. She really didn’t dare to call the school or call the police but she didn’t know what to do. She had to go back the same way. That was when she met Su Linpei on the road.

At first, she felt that Su Linpei was a disciplinary committee member and didn’t want to tell him about it. Who knew that Su Linpei came to her and asked her if she knew what was going on with Yan Han’s fight.

It was also at that time that Qin Siyu knew that her Brother Yan was not as fragile as on the surface.

She was not a gentle and quiet type either.

…No wonder the other party had let her go so confidently at that time!

So the worry changed from being afraid of her being bullied to worrying that she will be dealt with by the school. At this time, Qin Siyu certainly stood up for the first time and told Su Linpei about everything.

Afterward, nothing happened to her. Yan Han also returned to the dormitory smoothly that night, but what Qin Siyu was worried about was finally about to happen.

She grabbed Yan Han’s arm and said, “I’ll accompany you. I’ll go and tell Director Gu!”

The classmates around didn’t know what was going on, so they were looking at them being a little dazed at this moment.

“It’s okay for now.” Yan Han said, “They just told me to go there. I’ll go and check it out first.”

Qin Siyu was still uneasy. Her eye circles were red again. The girl who was usually very sturdy almost cried at this moment and she did not let go of Yan Han’s arm at all. This scene made the people around her even more confused.

Finally, Yan Han went to the office building alone.

He came to the teaching office all the way and when he knocked on the door, he didn’t expect that there were many people inside.

Teacher Gu was there. Lin Jianlu and Su Linpei were there and Yu Jing was also there.

It’s just a little bit different from what he had imagined. The usually arrogant and domineering girl stood in the middle of the office with her shoulders shrunk. Seeing him coming, she turned her head and glanced, and soon bowed her head again.

Only at that moment when Yan Han saw the other’s red eyes, he knew that the other party was embarrassed.

In addition to this, there were a few adults he didn’t know. Seeing him come in, everyone’s eyes were on him.

He hadn’t figured out what was going on when the two middle-aged people, a man, and a woman, who were sitting on the reception sofa in the room suddenly stood up. They first bowed and politely said: “You are student Yan, right? I’m really sorry. My daughter has caused such a great disaster and I’m really sorry for what she did to you…”

Yan Han, who was already ready to act:?

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