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TYFWWC Chapter 31 Part 2

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

It just so happened that his own second-hand preparation will also take some time to come out.

He didn’t know why but because of Lin Jianlu’s words just now, Yan Han felt that his chances of winning were a little bit higher.

The school will inevitably investigate this matter, and then…

It seems that everything has to wait for Monday.

After discussing the matter, Lin Jianlu raised his wrist and glanced at his watch, reminding him: “It’s almost ten o’clock. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get in if you don’t go back to school now.”

Since the evening classes of the third-year students were late at night, Luze High School closes the school gate at 10:30 and the dormitory gate at eleven.

So, Yan Han was indeed running out of time right now.

“Then what are you waiting for!” Li Hongqing next to him said: “I will send you back to school first!”

Yan Han subconsciously wanted to say no. Unexpectedly, Lin Jianlu said at this time: “I’ll take him back. Teacher, please go home and rest.”

Li Hongqing: “Huh?”

Yan Han, who hadn’t still swallowed Lin Jianlu’s previous words: “Huh?”

Li Hongqing said: “…It’s okay! This is what I should do as a teacher.”

Although he tried his best to suppress it, Li Hongqing still couldn’t control his excitement when he said this. His eyes lit up at Yan Han.

It suddenly occurred to him that he could invite Yan Han to live in his house tonight.

Anyway, he was single during this period. It was lonely and boring to be alone at home.

——Thinking about applying facial masks with your ”girl” friend, watching movies, and sleeping a beauty sleep, that scene was so good and beautiful when you think about it!

By the way, he can also make fruit salad for Yan Han. Yan Han was too picky but he was reluctant to buy fruits for himself at school. How can his skin quality improve this way!

He had previously proposed to let Yan Han go to his place on the weekend, but was refused by the other party because he still had to study.

Now there was a rare opportunity. If Lin Jianlu was not by his side, Li Hongqing would have already eagerly pulled Yan Han.

But the reality was that Lin Jianlu was really standing next to them.

After observing the two of them for a while, Lin Jianlu frowned slightly. He said, “It’s okay. I have a car. The school is not far from here. It’s very convenient.”

Li Hongqing: “…”

Yan Han: “…”

Yan Han was afraid of him and subconsciously didn’t want to go with him.

But what was even more unexpected was that Li Hongqing didn’t insist anymore and agreed easily.

“Okay,” he said. He blinked at Yan Han, which probably meant that he was giving his blessings to him and Lin Jianlu.

Yan Han:? ? ?

Yan Han wanted to say that he could actually go by himself.

But he didn’t say anything. A low-key but luxurious car had already slid smoothly and stopped in front of them.

So in the end, Lin Jianlu not only sent Yan Han back to the school, but also took Li Hongqing along the way.

When in the car, the three of them fell into a weird silence.

Lin Jianlu was sitting in the co-pilot seat as the owner, while Yan Han and Li Hongqing were sitting alone in the back row. At this time, Yan Han did not forget the task of maintaining his body—His legs were tightly pressed together. With his hands on his knees, his body swayed slightly with the slight sway of the car. The posture of him sitting in the car looked very ladylike.

From his position, Lin Jianlu’s eyes could be seen through the rearview mirror.

Lin Jianlu’s eyes were typical phoenix eyes being big and having double eyelids. Together with Lin Jianlu’s piercing gaze when looking at people, they look really pretty.

At this moment, he stared at student Lin Jianlu through the rearview mirror. The other party seemed to have noticed it. He also raised his eyes and glanced at him through the mirror.

Yan Han was in a good mood right now, so he recklessly used the image of a coquettish beauty and blinked at Lin Jianlu.

………… At a speed visible to the naked eye, Lin Jianlu glanced away.

Yan Han:  … HAHA This fucker is shy!!!

The silence thus became even more silent.

In addition, Yan Han and Li Hongqing didn’t dare to communicate for fear that Lin Jianlu would see that they had some exclusive deal or some kind of secret.

Finally, Lin Jianlu said first: “Your hand.. is there a potion in your dormitory? Go back and wipe your hand with that.”

It was only then that Yan Han realized that the knuckles of his fingers were indeed bruised when he was beating someone. Not only his hands but his body was actually injured more or less.

He had beaten so many people alone, how could he be completely intact.

It’s just that he didn’t think about it when he was at the police station. After all, it was not a wound that would leave a scar. Later, he forgot about it.

Unexpectedly, Lin Jianlu noticed such a small thing.

“Let me take a look.” At this time, as a doctor, Li Hongqing was able to use his skills. He motioned Yan Han to stretch his hand over to show him. He let him clenched his fist and asked some questions. He finally said “It’s okay. It’s just overexertion. The soft tissues are injured a bit. When you go back, wipe it with a potion. If there is no blood then it’s fine. It will be fine in two days.”

“Okay, thank you, teacher.”

The police station was not far from the school. They reached there soon.

Li Hongqing felt a little regretful that his sisters’ party was gone.

But when he thought about how the future was long, he thought he should go back for his beauty sleep at this late hour. After the car drove all the way into the school, Yan Han got off the car. He still kept a very gentle and kind smile and said goodbye to everyone.

When Yan Han returned to the dormitory, the door to the dormitory was almost closed.

Fortunately, his keys and cell phone have always been placed in the vest pocket outside the shirt. Although he was in a hurry when he drove out of the school building, he could still open the door of the dormitory.

After returning to the dormitory, he cleaned up hastily. He then took a hot bath and laid down on the bed planning to go to sleep.

Today, he first had a fight and then he had to go to the police station. What a busy life!!! But the eldest brother was really exhausted.

He thought of going to bed early today and he thought about going to the teaching building tomorrow to take the books and study materials but Yan Han laid there tossing around for a long time but he couldn’t sleep at all.

He always felt that he was physically tired today. But his brain was not tired, so he couldn’t sleep.

……Although it might sound a bit masochistic.

But in the first two weeks, he had indeed fallen asleep heavily under extremely mentally exhausting conditions. But this kind of physical exertion was nothing for him.

In summary, his current symptom was…….not being able to sleep without studying? !

After realizing this unbelievable fact, Yan Han once again thought that he was about to be a trillionaire soon. He finally had to turn on the light to sit up again and take out the phone.

He had once taken a look at his phone when he was in the police station. At that time, the messages on his mobile phone had exploded. It was either Wen Juerong or Qin Siyu. Yan Han didn’t want to pull them in, so he had replied a few words alone telling them that he was okay.

Now the notification finally stopped. The time was almost twelve o’clock. He clicked to open the live broadcast to enter his live broadcast room. Yan Han discovered that there were still people waiting in his live broadcast room at this moment!

”Isn’t the anchor going to broadcast today?”

”I don’t think he is going to. Today is Friday!”

”But the anchor was also studying on Friday before. oh god… whatever…..I will just sleep at twelve o’clock.

Yan Han:…

Somehow, he suddenly felt a little guilty.

He hadn’t signed a contract with the platform to guarantee how long he would live broadcast every day, but he felt a little embarrassed to think that there were so many people waiting.

But his schoolbags and study materials were all in the teaching building. And there was nothing to learn right now.

He had to restart the live broadcast and write in the message column: ”I’m sorry guys. I was busy with something before. I won’t broadcast today. You guys should watch this video and fall asleep. Good night everybody.”

After that, he clicked on the video attached to the live broadcast system. He selected the courseware of the next course of mathematics and started the live broadcast directly with his mobile phone. The live broadcast page that the netizens saw naturally showed what he was watching.

Usually, very few people enter the live channel on Friday night. Those who were still waiting for him this night were either learning enthusiasts without any entertainment time or without a true lover. As soon as he started the video, there were a few more comments on the screen.

”ying, ying, ying(cute sounds) Dear anchor! You are finally online!”

”Is everything okay? It’s so late. So why not go to bed.”

”ying, ying, ying So is there only this video today? I want to see young lady’s hand!”

”What time does the anchor plan to sleep? I will study with you, let’s sleep together-0-”

There were comments flying by on the screen but because he did not use the equipment provided by the live broadcast system, Yan Han’s interface only had simple lecture videos. So he did not see these comments for the first time.


System reminder: Thank you account holder[314159] for rewarding the anchor with a piece of chicken breast! Anchor’s popularity +2000, fan intimacy +2000!

The small window popped out too suddenly that Yan Han was taken aback. He quickly switched back to the page of the live broadcast room, only to see a piece of shiny chicken breast trembling back and forth on the screen.

FUCKING CDDBDSBHSBDH! Here’s another piece!

No no no… what was there to reward him for showing this video?

Are the local tyrants so much rich nowadays?

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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