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TYFWWC Chapter 31 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The light in the police station was not very bright but it was bright enough to be able to recognize things at first glance. There was also a hissing sound coming from an old lamp, which made people feel cold and desperate after staying here for a long time.

Yan Han had been to this place before and had vowed never to come back again, but he didn’t expect…

Sometimes, plans go astray!!!

The fight between several of them was quickly confirmed by the police uncle. Because they were mostly minors, all of them said that they were just playing around and did not fight. Gang members, when they fight have many members with them. But these children were just a few of them. It could only be determined that the person who had made the report had deliberately exaggerated the incident. So after verifying it, they will be released soon.

The only problem was that they were still students. Although no one admits it, it seemed that things were not as simple as you think. The police uncle couldn’t intervene, so he could only notify the school on the spot and ask the school to send a representative or notify the parents to come and pick up their children. This kind of thing is usually left to the guardian to handle.

They weren’t worried about the representative guardian. After all, Li Hongqing had also followed. He could take them as his identity as a teacher. The other party was going through the formalities.

What Yan Han was more concerned about was: Who was the person who had called the police? Why did they deliberately exaggerate that they were gangs of the underworld who were fighting?

He knew that Yu Jing and the others were not the ones that had called the police because their reactions just now were equally shocked as his.

And no one knows better than Yan Han that no matter how bad and rebellious teenagers are, they don’t want to involve adults in their matters, especially they don’t want to ruin their parents’ mood. Yu Jing and the others just wanted to “teach a lesson” to him, how could they call the police in advance and cause trouble?

As for Yu Jing and others reporting to the police later, it was even more impossible.

He had never given them that opportunity.

Yan Han was still thinking when Xiao Wu jumped out with a “bang”: 【Let me tell the host a piece of good news! Just now, your behavior of giving up your life to save your classmates and bravely fighting against evil forces on that alley has been highly praised by our system. And they specially rewarded the host with 30 “Morality” points! 】

Yan Han:! ! !

Wh…What…..W.H.A.T.!!!! It turned out that this thing actually added points…

Listening to those ”cute” words of Xiao Wu just now, about giving up life and forgetting about death, bravely fighting against evil forces…Yeah, after hearing these words, Brother Yan’s heart was at ease in an instant. Now, who had time to think about that unnecessary things?? Ha!

Calculating in his heart, after adding these points and his previous accumulation, his “Morality” point had exceeded the 50 points!

He only has to accumulate around another 50 points to get the treasure box!

Plus the treasure chest of the ”coquettish plan”…

Yan Han, who was inevitably frustrated because of too many bad things, had already smiled in his heart. He felt that he was about to be a trillionaire soon!

He asked Xiao Wu: “I can get points like this too?”

Besides, these points were too much!!! HURRAY!

If he had known this earlier, he would have had long ago started his campaign to eradicate those school cancers(bullies)!

When he had first gone to the scene of the incident, he was worried that the points would be deducted from the system and he’ll be expelled from the school for fighting. After beating the ass out of those stinky assholes, he got some points instead!!

Yan Han immediately became excited!

【Of course it’s not just because you almost disabled those school cancers. 】Looking at his expression, Xiao Wu suddenly became worried: 【You must not deliberately mess with people for extra points. Please put your focus on fulfilling the points of the Five Great Criteria. Don’t mess up things! 】

“Oh?” Yan Han already had some ideas about how to add points to himself. He was thinking about it while touching his chin. In order to prevent him from thinking too much, Xiao Wu had to take a moment to reveal the details of this bonus point to him.:

【First of all, you rescued and freed the two innocent female students from school violence. You received the largest percentage of points from this criteria. We gave you seven points for one person.

Secondly, you are a person who had had many similar experiences. You had even suffered a lot because of this. But even in the same kind of situation, you overcame your psychological difficulties and rush to save people. The system appreciated your kindness. So it gave you 14 points. And at last! 】

Xiao Wu’s voice tone suddenly increased twice. The baby’s voice became lighter again: 【Finally, you used legitimate defense techniques and did not use excessive violence. So the system gave you two points as a special bonus. Of course, these two points are inseparable from Xiaowu’s efforts to fight for your rights! 】

Yan Han: “…”

Why does he think that the system hadn’t actually distinguished these points?? Is it all made up by Xiao Wu?

“Then I really have to thank you, my cute little brother Wu.” Yan Han smiled.

【You are welcome. I’m just doing my job. HA!!! 】

Yan Han fake complimented and entertained Xiao Wu for a while. He probably understood that the main reason that he had gotten so many points this time was purely out of good luck. It was because of the right time, right place, and right people.

So even if he removes all campus cancers, the system might not add points. On the contrary, the system will deduct points for him deliberately messing with people.

If he wants to fulfill the “Morality” points, he will have to look for good chances. Even if he was anxious to get the treasure chest, he must stay calm. So far, he can only do what he should do as before unless one day someone again comes to mess with his head…

The situation was changing rapidly day by day. Fortunes and disasters occur hand in hand. For people like Yan Han who only do work for profit, the feeling of “I thought I was about to die and I was scared to death but I found out that nothing happened but I got a reward instead” was really wonderful and refreshing!

His mood suddenly improved. But the corners of his lips hadn’t raised yet when at that moment, Li Hongqing, who had gone to complete the procedures for him, had already returned.

There was also a person with him…….that Yan Han had never expected to appear here!

“Why are you here?” He raised his eyes to meet Lin Jianlu.

“Ohh!! Student Xiao Lin is here to help you.” Li Hongqing blinked at Yan Han as he walked making Yan Han even more confused.

Lin Jianlu didn’t answer his question right away but turned around and said to the two uniformed police uncles behind him: “We troubled you guys.”

“No problem! Young master Lin is too polite. All the formality’s documents are here.”

Yan Han: “?”

Yan Han was already standing outside the police station without knowing what was going on.

With the evening breeze blowing at night and the fresh air with the fragrance of earth in his breath, standing with Lin Jianlu and Li Hongqing in a triangular shape, Yan Han asked his question again: “Why the hell are you here?”

“People from the police station contacted the school representative. Director Gu was busy, so he let me find out about the situation.” Lin Jianlu said.

Yan Han: “Oh.”

At this moment, Lin Jianlu was still wearing the school uniform. But he didn’t know if it was because of just being out of that environment or what, Yan Han felt that this person felt different from when he was in school.

Maybe he felt that because the dean of teaching could actually send a student to handle this kind of thing.

Maybe he felt that because he heard the police uncle call Lin Jianlu “Young master Lin” just now.

“Then what do you think about this situation?” Yan Han lowered his head and kicked a small stone under his feet, asking casually.

Lin Jianlu said, “I know that this incident was caused by the students of Class 18. Don’t worry, I will give you an explanation.”

Yan Han:? !

Yan Han was shocked again: “Do you believe me?!”

Just now in front of the police uncle, Yu Jing and the others said that they hadn’t fight. However, in the face of the school’s interrogation, except for Yu Jing and others not mentioning a word, there was a possibility that they could blame everything on him. After all, it was obviously them who were injured. They could say that they were beaten by him.

At that time, even the testimony of Li Hongqing will not be enough. It was obviously another kind of battle.

And the school will not care about who is right and who is wrong, and will only get rid of the student who “loved to get into trouble”. If this happens, he will be expelled and Yu Jing will get what she wants.

Just to prevent this, Yan Han also had made some special second-hand preparations.

But he had counted a thousand possibilities, but not even once had he thought that Yu Jing and others would confess their crimes under Lin Jianlu’s interrogation?

“They haven’t admitted yet. They were all taken home by their parents. I still need to communicate with them clearly.” Lin Jianlu paused as he said. He looked at Yan Han with his dark eyes, and said, “It’s indeed because I believe in you.”

Yan Han: …Huh?

“…Do you believe me?” He reacted first but he understood what Lin Jianlu meant a bit later.

“Yeah.” Lin Jianlu said, “After the accident, Su Linpei had found two students who could serve as witnesses. They belonged to your class. Combined with the usual misdeeds of Yu Jing and others…”

Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief: “Oh.”

WTF!!! Why can’t this stupid speak clearly? The Eldest Brother almost suffocated because of this damn guy’s words!

“But I need to investigate for two days. I have to wait until Monday to report to Teacher Gu before making a decision. So I’ll have to wrong you for these two days.”

“It’s okay It’s okay haha!” Yan Han said quickly.

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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