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TYFWWC Chapter 3

After a lot of “bargaining”, the title of morality, intelligence, physicality, art and labor was finally finalized, then it’s name became pentathlon and it’s nickname became Xiaowu[little five].

“Xiao Wu.” Yan Han was holding his head helplessly because he had a headache.

“Come and tell me what can you do for this ‘Big Brother’?”

[I can guide the direction of your life and be your dream mentor. I will always provide you timely help and I will be your guiding light when you are in a hurry. Of course, if the host is willing, I can still be your soul mate ahh! 】

Yan Han: “…”

“Speak properly!”

[…It seems that the host has not checked his properties panel. 】

A light screen suddenly appeared in front of Yan Han’s eyes;

Morality : (0/100)

Wisdom : (0/100)

Body : (1/100)

Beauty: (20/100)

Labor: (0/100)

[Each item rewards a random skill treasure chest for every 100 points, and there are more interesting treasure chests waiting for the host to explore! The function of Xiao Wu is to help the host record scores, communicate with superiors, and provide services and assistance to the host. 】


The random treasure chest was a bit interesting.

Although he didn’t knew what it would be, he would still look forward to it.

“Then how can I get one hundred points?” Yan Han asked.

【Daily accumulation and by triggering hidden tasks. The energy we preach is to do things to the extreme, as long as host works hard enough, believe me you will soon get the first 100 points. 】


It seemed that he had asked for nothing.

Yan Han learned some details from Xiao Wu, and learned that this “daily accumulation” means that you will get extra points if you achieve unprecedented achievements in Five Great Criterias that were moral, wisdom, body,beauty and labors.. As for the hidden tasks, look at his face. Even Xiao Wu also did not know how to trigger it?

This problem was solved, and he then asked: “What else?”

【and also? 】

Yan Han fished out his ears: “What other skills do you have?”

[I can also urge you to make progress together yahhhh! 】


[If the host needs it, Xiao Wu can also provide a chat function to relieve boredom. 】

“I do not need it, thank you.”

【right! 】

Along with Xiao Wu’s scream, the light screen in front of him instantly disappeared, replaced by a…cute girl wearing a miniskirt, low-cut outfit, fat buttocks, melon face, hair long and bare toes!


The girl appeared too suddenly causing Yan Han to take a step back in fright.

Then the cute girl spoke but her voice was still of Xiaowu’s electronic doll sound: “Xiaowu can also be beautiful with the host together, make facial masks together, have sisters party together, and be a pair of happy sisters together.”


Although the girl was quite cute, but the voice was too distracting. Yan Han instantly calmed down, knowing that it was virtual like the light screen just now.

In fact, he almost forgot it and Yan Han got angry when he realized it.

“So why does Lao zi have to act as a female classmate and wear women’s clothing in school?!”

[This is a setting, and the baby[XW] can’t help it ne… ] Xiao Wu whispered in it’s voice.

Yan Han’s head was full of black lines: “Can’t you just speak properly????”

[Hey,be at ease, host will not be easily discovered. After all, you already have beauty skills and body softness skills. While increasing the beauty, the system weakens part of the host’s male appearance. As long as no one sees you naked or touches you and be too close, it’s all okay. 】

While talking, cute girl’s soft body followed and twisted. If it was an average person, they would have spurt out blood, but Yan Han was unmoved.

He was a GAY!!!

who was still inside the closet!!!

He hasn’t been in a relationship with anyone for so many years and the only time he exposed his sexual orientation was when he came out with his family and ended up being beaten into the hospital.

Yan Han asked: “Then what if my true gender is found out?”

[It doesn’t matter if someone sees through it, if the other person is willing to keep a secret for you. However, if many people know this secret before getting the Five Great Criteria’s[moral, wisdom,body,beauty and labor] achievement and entering the X university as a merit student[good in study,attribute and health], once any topic or commotion is caused, it will be regarded as a mission failure. The host’s body will returned to the state it was in before we saved you. 】

Was it his original previous state where his brain was cracked?


Although it’s okay to be known by few people, it’ll be sensational for a boy to be dressed as a girl on a high school campus. Yan Han felt that even in the virtual world, once someone knows this secret, it’ll be hard to hide it.

So he still have to be careful not to be found out by anyone.

What a pity! ! !

He originally wanted to come back and experience youth again, and find a handsome guy to talk about a little love, but now it seemed to be a waste of time.

[Of course, if gender is the distressing factor, Xiao Wu can apply for the [Transgender] skill for you, completely abandon all your male characteristics, and become the same cute girl as Xiao Wu now…]

“No thanks.”

Yan Han rejected it and this choice would never be within his consideration.

【okay then. ] Xiao Wu also didn’t care, the cute girl in front of his eyes twisted her posture again, and said with excitement: [The host has seen the beauty skills, now it is time to try the body softness skills. 】

“How to try?”

[It can be like this. 】The cute girl’s body weight shifted down, her legs opened up straight, and she split her leg on the spot without saying a word.

? ? !

Yan Han who was frightened again: What the fuck ! ! ! You want Lao zi to split? !

[Come maaaa, come maaa, try maaaa. 】

“You’d better change back to the pure sound version.” It felt awkward to see it now.

He didn’t wanted to be a good sister with such a creature.

………..He didn’t wanted to be with anyone!!!

The cute girl slammed again and disappeared. Yan Han looked himself in the mirror again, he still felt awkward.

His messy hair looked a bit distracting. Yan Han thought for a while then found a pair of scissors on the desk. He went back to the bathroom and with a few clicks cut off the not so short hair.

Although he was not a considerate person,but he didn’t hang around as an unemployed after he dropped out of school. Later, he started to work in the hairdressing industry by mistake.

Yan Han had flexible fingers and looked good. The scars on the corners of his eyes added a masculinity. He had been particularly comfortable in the hairdressing industry. In just two years, Yan Han had become a Tony Yan teacher from a worker Yan Han. It’s difficult to cut his hair himself, but he won’t cut it too ugly.

Yan Han originally just hadn’t expect to fall in love anymore, so why not just give his hair the Crew Cut ?

As a student who intends to study hard, isn’t cutting his hair a little bit short, the way to change his attitude ???

But who knew that he hadn’t even started cutting his hair yet, Xiao Wu screamed frantically in his head—

[Ahhhh, cutting hair too short will affect the host’s appearance! Decreased appearance will deduct points! Points deducted! 】

In the end, he had a neatly cut short hair.

He didn’t need to bother to take care of it, and he didn’t had to worry about deducting points.

In fact, this hairstyle quite matched his current appearance. Xiao Wu gave him 1 point and praised him.

He experienced too much today and he was also a little tired. He took off his clothes and took a shower, then smoothly he checked his body and made sure that the parts that should be there were there, especially the one that symbolized masculine characteristics. Then only he fell asleep at ease.

He slept in silence.

The next day, Yan Han was awakened by Xiao Wu’s electronic sound, and ran into the classroom with a crisp short hair.

The self-study class started at 7:20. When it was not on duty, he needed to arrive in the classroom before 7:15. If he was late, he would be punished to stand.

Of course, it was not that bad for Yan Han to be late but the terrible thing was the deduction!

Just this morning, the baby voice in his mind told him that the points would be deducted for being late, and that it would be deducted every time he was late, except for special circumstances.

“What are you doing?” The head teacher standing on the podium looked at his watch. At 7:18, the morning self-study hadn’t started yet. It wasn’t considered late, but it was still three minutes later than the time he had set for students to enter the classroom.

“Sorry teacher.” Yan Han said with a whisper.

The dormitory building and the teaching building were separated by an indoor and an outdoor stadium and there was a canteen in the middle. The distance was so far! Even if it was him, he couldn’t run so fast.

“Can’t you get up early? Why don’t you just go straight to bed at night when you go back to the dormitory, don’t you sleep enough…”

A middle-aged male teacher wanted to scold him with words as usual, but when he raised his head, his voice stopped abruptly.

He found that he was suddenly unable to say anything serious.

“Yan Han?”

“Yes teacher!” It was his own fault. Yan Han’s attitude of admitting his mistake was straightforward, “I will be on time next time, and I won’t be late.”

The head teacher hold down his glasses with heavy lenses, “…Did you cut your hair?”


Yan Han just remembered that his appearance had changed.

“Yes it’s cut.”

“Where did you cut it? It wasn’t like that yesterday. You didn’t sneak out of school last night…”

The school was a closed school, and most people lived on dormitary.

But adolescent children were not easy to control, there were always people who sneaked over the wall and ran out to the Internet cafe after a night of self-study.

Even if the school’s investigation was very strict and the punishment was very heavy, there would always be people who were not afraid of death, and there would often be fish that have not been found!

“No teacher, I cut this myself.” Yan Han’s mouth twitched a bit, and he looked at the teacher’s distrustful look. He said, “The school finishes at half past nine and it’s still in the suburbs. The barbershops already are closed by that time. Where can I cut it?”

The morning self-study was about to start and by this time the class was full.

The teenagers when they were rebellious, many of them have been abused by this class teacher who was often suspicious and especially willing to pinpoint students’ problems. As soon as Yan Han said this, someone immediately made a few short laughs below.

“What are you laughing at!” The head teacher yelled. He teaches many students and they all were classes with relatively poor grades. He has seen all kinds of students, let alone disrespect.

But when he was angry, there was nowhere to vent.

He looked at Yan Han for a long time, and then asked him: “What do you think you look like? Did you put on makeup?”

Yan Han was even more speechless. He was too lazy to tell him more, so he wiped his face severely and stretched out his clean hand to show him.

The head teacher was speechless, just staring while still trying to say something, but fortunately, the bell of early self-study had already sounded.

The young female teacher holding a chinese language book didn’t know what was going on. She stood at the door of the classroom and dared not come in.

“Okay, go back to your seat. You all cheer up now, class is starting!”

The middle-aged class teacher walked out of the classroom with a beer belly and let the Chinese teacher into the room.

Yan Han turned around, only to hear the whispering and ridiculous voices around him suddenly turning into a cold breath.

“Who is this?”

“Don’t tell me this is Yan Han!”

“Why does she seem to have changed My God!…”

Yan Han walked back to his seat among the whispering voices.

The desks were all single tables, with gaps in the middle of each table, and his seat was in the middle by the window.

The Chinese teacher walked up to the podium to organize some discipline and asked the class representative to take the morning reading. Yan Han knew that someone was still watching him, but he was too lazy to read the classical Chinese after opening the textbook.

This classical Chinese text needed to be memorized, and reading it several times could strengthen the memory.

Yan Han was reading the text aloud, but then he suddenly raised his head, and saw sharply that in the front row of him, a boy with a strong body as a hill had a mobile phone camera sticking out of his waist.

The size of the mobile phone was almost negligible compared to the boy’s body, but Yan Han still saw the camera lens facing him.

He wasn’t so sure at first, until the boy glanced back at him sneakily.

Probably he didn’t expect that Yan Han was watching him. The boy became stiff, smiled embarrassedly at him, and quietly put the phone back.

The morning self-study lasts until 7:50, with a 10-minute break between classes, and the formal class starts at 8:00.

As soon as the school bell rang, Yan Han ran directly to the fat boy.

The fat boy didn’t expect that he would come here, he panicked instantly and shouted “Sister Yan”.

Classmates who had a good relationship often called girls “elder sister” and boys “brother”, which could be regarded as a kind of intimate call, which sounded a bit like a joke.

Yan Han knew that the other party didn’t had any malicious intentions in calling him”Sister”, but his eyelids still jumped and said, “Call Brother Yan.”

“Huh?” The boy was dumbfounded.

Yan Han ignored him and asked, “Why did you sneak a photo of me in class?”

“Ah? I didn’t…” The boy panicked again.

“Then take your phone out and let me have a look.” Yan Han stretched out his hand.

His expression was very cold. With an overly exquisite face and short hair, in the eyes of others, there was a kind of asceticism.

Apart from going to the bathroom, the other classmates gathered together and ate breakfast. At the moment, they were all attracted by their movements and didn’t understand what was going on.

The fat boy didn’t have the courage to look at him, he handed over his phone obediently, and said, “Sister Yan, don’t get me wrong. I just think you’ve made a successful face-up, so I took the picture without holding back. Alas, you’re wearing contact lenses. Are you? Your eyes are so big! Why did your skin suddenly become so good…”

Regardless of his sturdy figure, this fat boy was a bit sissy when he spoke.

Although he was timid, he was very good at his words and looks, and he was familiar with him. Seeing Yan Han just ask him for a cell phone and didn’t seem to be angry, so he got excited. First he praised him, and then desperately asked Yan Han, the secret to Yan Han’s sudden beauty.

Yan Han ignored him and opened the photo album coldly, only to find that the first photo was just his photo which was secretly taken.

He decisively deleted and threw the phone to him again, Yan Han said: “If you let me find you sneakily photographing me again, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

He has been on this road for a long time, and he often said this.

When speaking, there was a hostile tone in his tone, and the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were fierce. Although Yan Han didn’t realize it, he still frightened the fat boy.

When he returned to his seat and turned out the book for the next class, the fat boy chased him.

Although Yan Han looked fierce, he felt like a very bold and unrestricted person in his gestures. He did not hold grudges and made people feel close.

The fat boy said, “Oh, sister Yan, don’t be angry. I’m wrong. I’m not responsible for maintaining the school website and updating posts. Just when I saw you, I thought you could post your photo on the school’s electronic photo wall. Come on, don’t worry, I promise I don’t want to do anything else!”

Not only did he spoke sissy, his actions were also somewhat coy, but this person was very tall, and Yan Han felt that if he stood up, his opponent could be more than half a head taller than him.

Yan Han was 1.76 meters tall. Although it was a bit tall for a “girl”, there were two girls in their class over 1.75 meters. One was even 1.78 meters, so his height was not shocking. .

Yan Han didn’t say a word, but other people couldn’t just see it anymore: “What the hell? Wen Juerong, you can even do such things as sneak shots!”

The fat man named Wen Juerong was obviously very popular. At the moment, many people came to watch this excitement jokingly.

“Fuck you, didn’t I just get my brains up when I saw our sister Yan’s flourishing beauty? Oh, sister Yan~ please forgive me, don’t be angry, okay?” The fat man twisted his body and squeezed into Yan Han’s side.

“What is the photo wall you mentioned?” Yan Han asked.

“Don’t you know? It’s a section of the school’s anonymous forum.” Wen Juerong took out his phone again and clicked on the forum to show him.

Although the school prohibited students from carrying mobile phones and checks were very strict, they have never caught anyone playing mobile phones on the forum. It seemed that the school didn’t even know that there was a forum, so everyone was playing the forum unscrupulously.

“Here, this is it.”

Yan Han took the phone and glanced at it, then clicked on a post titled “Lin Jianlu Fan Building” at the top.

He clicked in and saw a boy who was too handsome even though his face was still immature.

Yan Han: “…”

The entire building was full of photos of this person, most of them were taken secretly, except that the photos were all boasted,the value of the face was boasted, the academic results were boasted, and the blessings were sent everyday. The whole screen was full of madness, seemed more fanatical than chasing the stars.

Yan Han logged out and found that there were other people’s posts, and even Wei Ningxin had a dedicated building.

He couldn’t stand it anymore, and he couldn’t understand it. He felt that he was the same as an adolescent student after all.

“You didn’t put my picture up, did you?” This is what he cared about.

“No, no, this has to wait until the time is right… No, I mean how dare I!” Wen Juerong joked.

Yan Han glanced at him.

Wen Juerong’s fat body trembled, and he didn’t dare to joke anymore. He explained to Yan Han the history and cultural heritage of this forum.

Not everyone could open a dedicated building.

There must be some sensational deeds like the famous campus, there must be a certain fan base, and those who are willing to wave the flag and shout for you, who are mad for you, can have their own private buildings.

“Like that Lin Jianlu,” Wen Juerong said, “He’s a Straight A student! He’s a first-year student just like us. He took part in the provincial mathematics competition before and slayed the second and third-year students in the province and won the first place. Oh, you should have heard of this, right?”

Yan Han: “…”

As if he knew it!!

“And he’s still the rich second generation! There was a photo in the building that was a secret photo of him riding a motorcycle…” Just when he was about to back out, he heard Wen Juerong say: “Oh, it’s this one. When this motorcycle came out, it’s price was more than one million yuan…”


Yan Han glanced at the photo, he sweared it was only one glance.

He instantly became jealoused lemon essence.

It was men who had a special affection for motorcycles.

In the photo, the motorcycle under Lin Jian’s crotch was the latest model of Harley. It’s a coincidence that Yan Han had heard of it before he died. At that time, he imagined that if he could have one…

So why the fuck he had to be abused in a virtual world ahhhhhhh!

Moreover, the motorcycle rider in the photo was on one leg and looked a bit unruly. Although he was still wearing a school uniform, he had a handsome look that did not fit his age…

Yan Han felt his heart hurt even more.

It’s a pity!

This time , if he wanted to talk to friends, he must appoint someone like this.

It’s just that he couldn’t.

It’s really a pity, really a pity.

“Okay, I know.”

Yan Han waved his hand irritably and forced Wen Juerong to go back.

Wen Juerong, who was dismissed, returned to his seat respectfully, and the class bell rang again.

The first session was a physics class. As soon as the board was opened, it was such a brain-burning subject. Yan Han forcibly followed the class and gritted his teeth to take notes of the parts he didn’t understand. After class, he felt dizzy.

He wanted to take a stroll out of the classroom and stop by to pee in the restroom. He wonder if it’s possible to smoke secretly there…

But he just stood up, watched the people coming and going, especially the female classmates wearing knee-length skirts who were coming to the bathroom in groups. Yan Han suddenly thought of a very serious problem.

The cold sweat flowed down instantly, Yan Han summoned the system: “Xiao Wu, I overlooked a problem before…”

【what is the problem? 】

“How the fuck is Lao Zi supposed to go to toilet?!”

Do you want him to hook up with a group of female classmates and sisters, and go to the bathroom together???


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