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TYFWWC Chapter 2

“It’s me, who are you?”

In the middle of the field stood a tall boy with an awkward and a fierce expression who still looked good nevertheless.

Yan Han curled his lips and smiled. Holding the ball with one hand, he walked towards him[WNX]. He was shorter than Wei Ningxin, but his momentum was a bit higher than the Wei Ningxin’s. Yan Han said slowly and carefully, “Shouldn’t you apologize for hitting someone?”

It’s wrong to hit people, but it’s not something that could make Wei Ningxin apologize in front of many people. “Who the fuck did I hit?”

He was used to being arrogant and domineering. Everything he spoke sounded vulgar. He wanted to explode with a couple of vulgar words, but his gaze fell on Yan Han, and he suddenly changed his words and said:

“Didn’t you picked up the ball? Thank you, okay?”

Yan Han refused to give up. He pointed to his own head and said, “You hit me in the afternoon.”

Wei Ningxin: “…”

Wei Ningxin’s goddess white moon light[his dream girl], who he had been pursuing hard before, had always been cold to him. He was in a bad mood and went to play the ball with someone after lunch.

Unexpectedly, when he was shooting three-pointers, a stupid girl who was standing under the rebound, didn’t know how to hide, and was hit directly.

But in his impression, she seemed to be a pretty ordinary girl? Anyway, she didn’t look like this one…otherwise he wouldn’t bother to care.

Thinking she was not hit that hard,Wei Ningxin had asked two female classmates to take the girl to the infirmary.

But at noon, he was indeed in a bad mood, he didn’t look closely. He didn’t expect that it was such a person he had hit…… Wei Ningxin swallowed a little, and suddenly felt that he could not say anything to such a person.

He said: “I’m sorry I hit you with a ball, classmate, are you okay now? Where are you feeling uncomfortable, do you need me to take you to the hospital? Don’t worry, I will definitely not wrong you…”

Yan Han squinted his eyes. He didn’t expect Wei Ningxin’s expression to change so quickly.

The playground was so big. Originally, as long as the opponent didn’t deliberately hit him, he could have said that he himself was not careful, but the opponent didn’t even show his face when he was hit. It was so unreasonable. It could be said that he would have suffer this dumb loss if he was the original “Yan Han”.

But Yan Han wasn’t bother about that.

Even such a big basketball court was not enough for him[WNX] to play. He could just throw the ball directly out of the court when he was angry. This guy was not good at playing the ball at all and his skills were even worse.

Yan Han ignored Wei Ningxin, but turned around and ran to the three-point line, bent his knees swiftly, and threw the basketball in his hands into the net bag in a very consistent and smooth motion.


The basketball smoothly passed through the net bag and hit the ground again. The net bag only swung a few times before returning to stay still.

Yan Han only then turned around to Wei Ningxin and said : “Classmate, you should practice shooting more when you have time. Don’t throw the ball blindly, so I won’t be hit by the ball when I pass by.”

As soon as these words came out, the crowd burst into laughter.

Some were amused by the tone of his speech.

Some people were amused because…someone could actually make Wei Ningxin embarrassed!

“What are you talking about!” The embarrassed Wei Ningxin’s face instantly turned pale. He had a bad temper, and was a sports student on the school basketball team. He has always played well in basketball. How can he stand still when his basketball skills were humiliated by a girl in front of so many people.

Wei Ningxin’s expression became extremely ferocious. He was about to step forward when the rest of the team naturally caught him.

Even if the ball flew out of the field, the game still had to continue, and the referee and the opposing team were already waiting impatiently.

But who was Wei Ningxin?

Not only he had a wealthy background but he was also arrogant and unreasonable.

Even when everyone played together, he often shook his face and got angry unreasonably. At this moment, they only dared to stop him like that by trying to persuade him but no one dared to come forward.

Seeing that the opponent was about to come over with threatening gestures, Yan Han subconsciously took a defensive posture.

Want to fight? OK ahhhh!!

He hasn’t lost to anyone on this thing yet.

Seeing Yan Han, Wei Ningxin couldn’t help being not afraid. He also assumed a professional fighting posture, and felt that Yan Han’s face was even more provocative.

How can he bear this!

“Forget it Wei Ningxin, let’s continue playing.”

“Yes, don’t worry about her, let’s continue playing.”

Others tried to persuade, but the two sides were deadset on each other and neither of them wanted to take a step back. The referee didn’t know what to do, and there was a sudden look of restlessness on the face of onlookers: “It’s Lin Jianlu…”

Following the sound, a few students who dressed neatly in school uniforms walked over. They were completely different from the people on the court with long arms and long legs in basketball uniforms.

Whether or not if it was because of the uniform’s temptation, the appearance of this group caused a great commotion.

Yan Han followed the noise and looked over, only to feel that the person in the lead was particularly eye-catching, height taller and legs longer than Wei Ningxin’s, and his expressionless face looked quite calm and handsome.

How the hell can a person be this handsome??????

Some people’s handsomeness came from their splendid perfect facial features, while some people’s handsomeness came from their natural unrestrained temperament.

But this guy’s handsomeness……………. It’s the fucking kind of, that makes Yan Han feel jealous.

Yan Han heard a low but uncontrollable excited voice in the crowd, “It’s really Lin Jianlu! Why did he come!”

“This time let’s see, look how arrogant Wei Ningxin still is!”

“Ah… Just now I was so afraid that this pretty young lady would be beaten. Fortunately…”

Yan Han: “?”

“What’s the matter? How come there’s a fight going on?”

The leader didn’t say a word, but the slender boy next to him looked left and right, smiled and said: “Wei Ningxin, what’s the matter with you? Don’t throw your anger on a girl even if you are in a bad mood!”

Yan Han: “…”

Yan Han didn’t know who the other party was, but he just came here and hadn’t entered his role yet. Suddenly he heard someone calling him a girl, causing his subconsciously clenched fist almost throwing out.

But he didn’t move, and the speaking boy obviously wouldn’t realize his crisis. The boy’s eyes fell on Yan Han’s face, and he even leaned in front of him with some surprise: “Ah classmate! Which class are you in? First grade? Are you OK?”

With a diligent look, Wei Ningxin, who was originally upset next to him, curled his lips.

Wei Ningxin said irritably, “Don’t talk nonsense, which one of your eyes saw Lao Zi hitting this girl!”

Yan Han: “…”

Yan Han tried to remind himself of his role.

“Da Pei[nickname of the slender guy], you come back.” At this time, the leader suddenly moved. He walked up to Yan Han, his gaze fell on his face, and he looked at him carefully.

His temperament was too calm and there was a great sense of existence. When he didn’t speak, the people around him didn’t even dare to breath.

Even Yan Han was a little uncomfortable being stared at.

He felt a bit irritated without any reason.

But when Yan Han was almost out of his patience, the other party suddenly asked, “Classmate, are you okay? Did you go to the infirmary?”

Yan Han didn’t know if it was his own delusion but when the person in front of him opened his mouth, he found out Wei Ningxin was suddenly honest.

The whispering voices around were even worse. Someone even jumped up on the spot shouting the name ‘Lin Jianlu’ excitedly. He was obviously much more popular than Wei Ningxin.

Getting closer, he saw clearly that the other party had a small shiny badge on his school uniform with the word “discipline” written on it.

…No wonder.

Luze High School has strict rules, but it is relatively open. It adopts student autonomy. Each grade will select some people with good character and academics to serve as disciplinary committee members. They will take turns to inspect between classes and resolutely put an end to unhealthy practices such as conflicts and fights.

And these kind of school discipline committee members were terrific. It was simply a pre-selection of reserve cadres. In the future, any good incidents in the school, including student’s transfer, these people were the first to deal with.

None of them were easy to deal with.

Yan Han knew that this school handled incidents like fights very strictly. He was a newcomer and he was not suitable for this trouble.

He gently raised the corners of his mouth and smiled indifferently, his smile more dazzling and swaggering than the sunset in the sky.

“I just went there, I’m fine. I have already received the apology, now I have nothing to do with the mess here.”

There was a faint sound of breathing around, and nobody could say whether the expression on Yan Han’s face was innocent or coquettish. Anyway, what was the effect of a bold and unrestrained smile on a beautiful face?

They all knew it today.

It was slightly better than the reaction of others who were so surprised that they couldn’t move their eyes. Lin Jianlu nodded after making sure that he was okay, and then said to the team and the referee: “Then you continue.”

As soon as the voice fell, he made a “please” gesture to Yan Han.

Obviously he was going to take him out of the crowd personally.

But when so many people watched, Wei Ningxin’s ego couldn’t let him go.

“Wait a minute!” Although he was afraid of being involved too much, he still walked to Yan Han again, and said to him with hatred, “You know how to play? Then do you want us to play a match?”

“Okay.” Yan Han nodded kindly.

Wei Ningxin: “…”

Wei Ningxin’s expression changed repeatedly. He just thought about playing well and not making any trouble, but he didn’t know just where did he made a mistake that he was now asking a girl for a match.

But since the words have already been spoken, he can’t just let it go, he spoke harshly: “You wait for me!”

Yan Han shrugged indifferently, and then left the field with Lin Jianlu.

Although he hasn’t touched basketball for many years, but the feeling he once felt when he just shot the ball, he knew he was not unfamiliar.

Although Yan Han was not that tall, sports has always been his strong point. In terms of agility and jumping ability, he was the best.

If Wei Ningxin really dared to come to him, he would not take the other person’s face into consideration[he will do his best].

“Was that the four eyed freak just now?!”

After Yan Han left, let alone Wei Ningxin, even Wei Ningxin’s fans were also irritated.

“No, I remember she didn’t look like this before… the difference is so big when she took off her glasses? Did she put on makeup!”

“Hey, what’s so great, isn’t it just being able to play basketball!”

“She can play basketball and was also smashed by basketball. She is just faking it all! She must be trying to seduce Wei Ningxin!”


“Why not? Didn’t she succeed in attracting Wei Ningxin’s attention? They even made an appointment to play ball together!”


What happened on the playground was a small incident for Yan Han.

After being taken out of the crowd, he parted ways with that Lin Jianlu.

Although he wanted to change his past, he was not comfortable with such a legendary person with good character and academics.

He first went to the cafeteria to eat something, then returned to the classroom, touched the seat of “Yan Han” and sat down, opened the textbook and began to review… the book of heaven[contents of book were something he couldn’t understand].


Yan Han’s previous grades were not good. Even though he has decided to study hard after the second time, he still didn’t know how to read the textbook.

One was because he hadn’t studied for a long time, and his brain has rusted out a long time ago.

The other was because they were now in the second half of the semester, and Yan Han didn’t know what the course was about in the first half of the semester. His eyes turned dark and he wanted to slam his head on the desk.

After finishing the evening class and evening self-study in this way, Yan Han returned to the dormitory with his books.

“Yan Han” used to have a very low sense of existence. He was like a transparent person in his class. What’s more terrifying was that most of the school dormitories were four-person rooms, and when they were assigned to him, he got the room of his own. Not to mention having no friends, he didn’t even had a single roommate.

Of course, this may also have been the setting of the main god.

Otherwise, letting him sleep in a room with a few older girls… the scene was quite scary when you think about it.

After returning to the dormitory, Yan Han went to the bathroom to pee.

He could not accept the fact that he was wearing a skirt. He the ‘Big Brother’ seldom was so timid—he didn’t dare to look in the mirror after entering the bathroom. Yan Han stood in front of the toilet for a long time, and finally took off the skirt with his hands knotted and then took off the leggings underneath.

It’s still a bit cold now, the leggings he was wearing was thick and tight.

Yan Han hustled for a long time and finally gave in, mainly because he was uncomfortable, too uncomfortable!

He tossed himself out of sweat.

“huuuuu.”[sound of relaxing while peeing in case y’ll don’t know lmao]

With a long sigh of relief, Yan Han shook, and simply took off the skirt directly, leaving the lady’s leggings far aside.

…Finally comfortable.

After he flushed the toilet, he went to wash his hands with water in front of the sink.

The water flowed like a column, and Yan Han washed and washed, and suddenly felt that something was wrong…

The face in the mirror was undoubtedly his face.

It’s just that his eyes seemed to have become more energetic, the bridge of his nose was more straight, the lines of cheeks and contours have become smoother and perfect, and even the curvature of the eyebrows seemed to have been designed by professionals, becoming particularly artistic…

Yan Han didn’t know how to use words to describe it.

He looked pretty good when there were no scars on his face, but now, although this face was still his face at first glance, it seemed to become more handsome than when he was in his prime? !

[That is the effect of the [Ultimate Beauty] skill. 】

A cheerful cartoon sound suddenly sounded in his mind. Accompanied by a lively music like the opening song of a cartoon, Yan Han heard the baby’s voice in his brain saying:

[Welcome to the beautiful dream world, I am the almighty system of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, and I will accompany you in the days to come! You can call me pentathlon, or almighty. 】

Yan Han: “…”

[Of course you can also call me by my nickname. 】

“Oh, Hello.”

Yan Han drew his hair in the mirror, thinking that this skill was quite magical, his hairstyle was still not very fashionable, but he won’t feel ugly when he see it now…

[Aren’t you curious about my nickname? ] The baby’s voice continued to sound.

“What’s your nickname?” Yan Han asked casually while looking at his appearance.

【Meimei. 】

Beautiful you big head ghost! ! ![mei means beautiful]

Yan Han got goose bumps.

[Hiss, then, Dede? Zhizhi? TiTi? ] The baby sound hesitated.

Yan Han: “…”

It’s mentality was a little broken. Before, the main God told him that in order to facilitate his daily life here, he would arrange another auxiliary system for him.

But now this system seemed to be a bit different from the high-end intelligent one that Yan Han was supposed to get.

[TiTi and LaoLao feels a bit weird. Oh, hurry up and think about it for me, which one is better…] The baby sound was still talking about it.

“It’s better to call you Mentally Disabled.” Yan Han said with a dull expression.



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