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TYFWWC Chapter 28 Part 2

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the classroom looked at each other. Once again there was a strange moment of silence in the classroom.

Listening to these people’s respectful tone… The entertainment company personally came to find Yan Han? ? ?

This… OMG? ! !

Yesterday, a dude Tianhua had asked him if he wanted to make a star debut. Why did these dudes from Lu Xuan come here today?

… Regardless of what they came here to do, Yan Han would still be happy as long as they could save him from this mess.

He said to Qin Siyu: “Sister Yu, I’ll mop the remaining floor after I’ll come back. I’ll be back soon, wait for me!”

He also wanted to ask others to take a good look at the ground that was not dry, and not to be trampled on by these troublemakers. Later, he thought it won’t be a good idea. He himself didn’t dare to provoke these girls, so he won’t just involve others.

But when those girls who were surrounding Yan Han heard he wanted to leave, they were reluctant. They didn’t care what that damn entertainment company’s people were here for.

“Why, You want to run away now? Don’t even think of running away before making things clear today!”

“Weren’t you acting pretty awesome just now, what now? You’re just scared like that?”

What’s more, they even directly told the two people in suits at the door: “Why are you guys looking for her? She is not free now! Besides, who are you? Who let you in the school gate? Should we go to the teacher?”

The two people at the door looked embarrassed. The security of this school was so strict that they had to register before entering. So they were naturally allowed to enter. But now listening to the tone of these people, why does it seem as if they were the bad guys here?

And Yan Han who was surrounded was at a loss. The main reason was that those groups of girls were surrounding him too tightly. So he had to inevitably touch them, which made Brother Yan feel very uncomfortable… He was too frustrated!

But what could he even do? He couldn’t beat anyone. In the end, the eldest brother really couldn’t do anything. He could only hug himself with his hands trying to shrink himself into a ball and reduce the area of ​​contact and being touched by these people.

Qin Siyu didn’t have Yan Han’s scruples. She saw that the classmate who had come out for herself was being besieged by this group of people making her shrank pitifully. There were others who were even pulling her clothes. Qin Siyu couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted loudly. She forcibly pulled those two girls away who were surrounding Yan Han and trying to beat him.

And among those two, one of them was Yu Jing.

“Ah! Fuck your mother!” Yu Jing yelled, turning her head to scratch Qin Siyu.

Qin Siyu’s figure was relatively sturdy and she was very strong too. So naturally, it was not like Yu Jing’s thin body that anybody could get close to.

Her eyes were red from the irritation. She didn’t care about anything at this moment. Yu Jing came over to beat her, she[QSY] also had her two hands. She ain’t losing to anyone today.

The scene of Class 17 was once again extremely chaotic!

Because Qin Siyu got involved with Yu Jing for himself, Yan Han, who didn’t want to use violence, had to use it.

It’s the rule not to beat girls, but it’s different in order to save people.

His folded arms were just about to unfold. At this moment, a slender figure appeared at the door of the classroom. Yan Han saw that it was Lin Jianlu who had returned after hearing the sound.

When Lin Jianlu, with a brilliant temperament, appeared, it was as if he had some kind of aura. Everyone around him within a diameter could feel his splendid aura.

He didn’t need to yell like the people in the classroom. He just had to ask “What are you fighting for” in the usual volume and expressionlessly, and all the noises from class stopped automatically.

In the silence, Lin Jianlu’s expression was as indifferent as usual and his eyes were focused. He lifted his feet step by step and slowly walked into the 17th class.

The girls around Yan Han in the class were still standing in their original positions. Their voices were indeed loud just now and they were even swearing from time to time.

But in front of Lin Jianlu, no one dared to make a loud noise anymore.

They lowered their heads one by one, wishing that they would not be noticed. So naturally, they did not notice that when Lin Jianlu entered the room, the two men in suits standing at the door quickly stepped aside and bowed to him slightly.

“What are you guys doing? It is strictly forbidden to fight and make loud noises in the teaching building.”

As Lin Jianlu spoke, his eyes fell on Yan Han.

At this moment, Brother Yan couldn’t describe how embarrassed he was. He was still glowing with brilliance, but it was by no means as good as before.

——His school uniform jacket was crumpled during a push and his collar was even torn apart.

But the act of holding himself tightly just happened to save his life. Not only did his current posture not reveal the fact that he had no chest, but he looked like a delicate woman who was bullied by a gangster and was struggling at last!

Yan Han slowly raised his head and met Lin Jianlu’s gaze.

Seeing the other party’s brows wrinkled to the degree visible to the naked eye, combined with the eyes of the people around him, he suddenly felt blessed. He retracted his intention of using violence in the next second and started to cry hugging himself.

Acting coquettish should be divided into two aspects: “cute/spoiled” and “charming”.

He still remembered what Xiao Wu said.

He’ll talk about this ”charming” aspect later.

Didn’t they want to let him act spoiled in front of this person!

If he doesn’t act spoiled at this time, then when will he act spoiled!

Yan Han doesn’t need to make any miserable expressions. The beautiful and otherworldly appearance will automatically add points. The eldest brother only needed to frown a little, pout a bit and hug himself pitifully. Combining it with his embarrassed look, the good effect automatically came.

In fact, even Yan Han himself hadn’t expected this kind of huge effect.

Even the two men in suits at the door couldn’t stand it anymore—What the fuck are they doing? So much bullying, Has the school violence become so serious now?

It’s too pitiful, such a good-looking student… Is this the so-called ”beautiful face brings disaster”? It’s so pitiful!

Yan Han, who just wanted to act pitiful hadn’t expected this much effect. Brother Yan was a preemptive striker. When he put on a pitiful appearance, it was natural to see who was bullying who.

“Do you all want to go to the teacher’s office with me?” Lin Jianlu said this to Yu Jing and other few girls.

Yu Jing and others:…

It’s really hard to argue now! No one thought that the person who had just arrogantly come forward to reason with them would suddenly change her mind and put on such a weak posture!

It was even especially in front of Lin Jianlu. The girls were itchy with hatred and Yu Jing was even angrier!

But she thought about it, she didn’t seem to be able to deceive Lin Jianlu. Besides this person was really good at acting!

Yu Jing felt that even if she competed in acting against her, she would not be able to win her. She could only glare at Yan Han. She told Qin Siyu in front of her, “You wait”, and then led other girls away sorrowfully.

When the girls left, Lin Jianlu did not stop them. He turned to ask Yan Han and Qin Siyu next to him: “Are you guys okay?”

Yan Han just remembered that Qin Siyu had just turned around to help him fight Yu Jing. He turned to look at her. Qin Siyu’s fist was shaking and her body was slightly trembling. Her refreshing ponytail was completely scattered at this moment. Her red eyes were extremely fierce.

“……Are you OK?”

Her expression was too scary. Yan Han knew at a glance that she was extremely irritated. Yan Han didn’t care about acting coquettish anymore. He hurried to check the other party’s situation.

Qin Siyu recovered. Her expression was no longer so fierce but her body was still shaking uncontrollably.

She had long been displeased with those people. Not to mention Yu Jing from Class 18, the ones in her class who were from the Yu Jing’s circle were also long-term domineering, which seriously affected class discipline. Basically, every time the class was not well disciplined, she was caught and criticized by the headteacher because of a few of them.

As the monitor, Qin Siyu had tried to persuade and manage them.

When her words were ignored, she could take it as the other party’s mood not being good once. But she can’t tolerate it every time.

When she tried to persuade, she wasn’t even given a chance to talk. On the contrary, she was humiliated by them.

So every time they broke the disciplinary rule, she was reprimanded by the headteacher.

Her roommate once persuaded her not to be the monitor if she couldn’t do it. Why should she even bother to be angry about this kind of thing?

But she also has a strong temper. She had always been the monitor in the ordinary junior high school she was studying. She didn’t want to give up being monitor just because of her high school being high standard and the composition of the students being too complicated. She didn’t want to just give up like that.

Qin Siyu was also very wronged.

But is there any other way? She couldn’t mix in those circles of those gangsters. She also doesn’t know the people outside the school that can “support” her.

It’s not that she couldn’t do it, but she didn’t want to do it.

She still has to study and change her destiny through the college entrance examination. She really can’t afford to waste her time with those who don’t need to study but still had bright futures.

So regarding those unreasonable girls, although Qin Siyu usually tries to persuade and compete with them, she fears them from the bottom of her heart.

But now she scolded and even fought them but she didn’t regret it at all. Instead, she felt quite refreshing in her heart.

Emotions that are suppressed for too long always reach the critical point of its limit. Any additional factors will cause the sudden emotional collapse.

Qin Siyu only felt that she had a little bad luck today. Even if it was only for this minute, she was living a happy and unrestrained life.

It was so cool.

The excitement made her unable to stop the tremor in her voice. She said to Yan Han, “I’m fine.”

After that, she asked Yan Han anxiously: “Are you okay?”

In her eyes, this classmate Yan was much weaker than herself, as you can tell from her looks and figure.

Although she herself is a girl and she likes boys undoubtedly, she can’t help but want to be nice to this classmate. ( shocked emoji )

Yan Han shook his head vaguely in the caring and nervous gaze of the other party.

When he thought of how that Lin Jianlu was still by his side, his motion of shaking his head slowed down a bit. He couldn’t be said to be charming this time, but he definitely looked weak and fragile.

Qin Siyu, who had just felt refresh, saw him like this. She couldn’t help feeling what kind of fairy was in front of her!

She couldn’t help but smile at him. ( …another shocked emoji )

“So what happened just now?” Lin Jianlu stepped into the middle of the two people trying to understand the situation with his indifferent expression.

“Let’s not talk about it.” Yan Han waved at him. He felt that his action was too big and bold, and a bit crude. So he hurriedly slowed down, trying to make himself look coquettish: “Let’s not talk about it, it makes me….. makes me want to cry wuwuwuwu!”

——Let alone speaking softly, he even tried to cry cutely! It’s already his limit!

As for twisting his body and winking all the way, he didn’t know why but he might be able to do it while joking with Wen Juerong but in front of Lin Jianlu… It’s already good that Brother Yan is not paralyzed. How can anyone expect to twist up his body?

…um maybe twisting the body is difficult for every strong people!

Yan Han did not allow Lin Jianlu to intervene in this matter. Because even if the whole mess was started by another party, he wasn’t the kind of person who made small reports.

What’s more, Lin Jianlu is a “discipline in charge”. Even if he changes his former self to be a good student, Yan Han will subconsciously avoid such people if something goes wrong.

It’s one thing to fight classmates on weekdays, but it’s another to make trouble with the teacher.

It can be said that Lin Jianlu had let those people leave just because of his this consideration.

Sure enough, he didn’t ask anymore.

He didn’t delve into the matter.

It’s just that he[LJL] was staring at Yan Han with a pair of unblinking eyes silently. No one knew what was he thinking.

Seeing Lin Jianlu’s thin sexy lips slightly pursed, Yan Han shuddered subconsciously. He was afraid that the other party had seen something again and then Xiao Wu would run out to tell him that the mission had failed.

Fortunately, there was silence for a long time. When the eldest brother was about to lose his grip, Lin Jianlu finally nodded at him, and said to the two people at the door: “Is there something I can help you two?”

The two men in suits looked at each other and replied respectfully: “The company sent us to talk to this student Yan Han. She performed very well on yesterday’s Street Dance King. They wanted us to ask Yan Han if she is interested in developing in the direction of the entertainment industry?”

The words of the two people made the people watching the excitement next to them feel shocked.

——These people came to find Yan Han to make her debut!

Yan Han is going to be a star!

Of course, it’s a pity for people with that kind of looks to stay here in school. It’s so glamorous to be a celebrity and you can earn a lot of money. It’s also fun to participate in various variety shows. It’s much better than being a hard-working student!

Even if they know that the entertainment industry is not as glamorous as it seems, but for people like them who must always immerse in studying but don’t like learning, what is more enviable than being a star? !

In addition, classmate Yan’s face value…Even her bare face was so good-looking. Besides she is also very young. If she debuts, then she can stop the income of most of the stars in seconds!

They are going to be the classmates of a big star from now on!

Except for some people who couldn’t recover from their surprise, everyone looked at Yan Han with envious and friendly gazes. They didn’t notice that this kind of thing was usually communicated privately. The two men in suits shouldn’t have explained this to Lin Jianlu.

Yan Han didn’t pay attention either. He was thinking about a problem.

This is of course a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Even if he has never chased a star and has never paid attention to the entertainment industry but with the prosperous beauty and body softness skills, Yan Han feels that he can rock even in the entertainment industry.

To say it is a good opportunity naturally refers to the aspect of making money.

Who doesn’t want to be rich these days?

Had it not been for the task, the eldest brother would have agreed without hesitation rather than studying.

Maybe these people were sent by the man surnamed Tian of yesterday.

But no matter which entertainment company came to him, the problem remained the same.

——Once he becomes a star, there is no guarantee that he will be able to complete the learning task.

Once he fails to complete the learning task and the five achievement tasks, he will have to go back and die.

Yan Han can still figure out the lighter and the heavier consequences.

Moreover, the billionaire plan had only reminded him to participate in the street dance king competition. It didn’t ask him to be a star, which means that this thing could seriously affect his study and life.

After analyzing, Yan Han felt that he should still refuse.

So he said, “I’m sorry, I can’t go. Learning is very important to me.”

Brother Yan smiled apologetically and said frankly: “I just want to study in school.”


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