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TYFWWC Chapter 28 Part 1

The name Lin Jianlu was as powerful as a tornado in the school. Not only could it cause an uproar anywhere on the school, but even Yan Han felt that the existence of Lian Jianlu has become quite unique for him.

…It’s all because of that ”coquettish plan”!

However, it was a fact that Lin Jianlu did not appear at the door of their class, nor was he[YH] exposed to the opponent’s field of vision.

Even if he had to come to check, the cleaning has just started and it hasn’t been a while. Even if the school was sending someone to check, it won’t be now. Lin Jianlu may just be passing by here.

Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief and swept the floor again as if nothing was wrong.

Wen Juerong asked him: “Brother Yan, what are you doing? You almost startled me.”

Yan Han ignored him.

Seeing his Brother Yan thinking deeply, Wen Juerong was a bit curious.

He touched his fleshy chin, always feeling that something was wrong.

While Yan Han was sweeping the floor and wrangling with Wen Juerong and the others, the girls from his class stood at the door of the 18th class and told Yu Jing that they had just been “wronged”.

They didn’t bother to care about Qin Siyu and her honest act, because they were not of the same level, and there was no contact between them.

But when the rubbish left by them was cleaned up and piled on the ground clearly, they felt that they were beaten in the face, not to mention that Yan Han was the one who beat them in the face!!

With anger in her heart and nowhere to spread the fire, Yu Jing talked ill of Yan Han and cursed him.

Originally, these girls were from Yu Jing’s gang. The last time Yu Jing and Yan Han had a dispute between them, the whole school knew about it.

Now it was suitable to point the finger at Yan Han, and come here to seek approval.

“Do we need her to take care of how we sweep the floor? She could have just swept her assigned place. Why did she have to bother sweeping the floor we had already finished sweeping. Don’t you think she is too cheap!”

——They seemed to have ignored the fact that they didn’t sweep the floor at all.

“Don’t you think that she wanted to make us embarrassed on purpose?”

——They also ignored the scene where Yan Han hadn’t said a word from beginning to end and had only immersed himself in his own work.

“Yes, I think she just wants to get attention, showing off in front of our classmates! Didn’t Luo Wenlong fall into her plan before? It’s disgusting, she really is acting like a real ”school flower”[school’s most beautiful girl]!

When the word “school flower” was mentioned, Wang Yanxin, who was standing beside them listening silently, suddenly clenched her fists, her fingers turning white because of force.

The back door of Class 17 was connected to the front door of Class 18. Several girls spoke at the back door of Class 18. Yan Han couldn’t hear what they said.

Even if he had heard them, he would have just felt dizzier.

But he couldn’t hear it. The 18th class that was being cleaned up was also crowded, but others could hear it.

The girls got angrier and angrier when they thought of the boys who had just been helping around Yan Han. They usually walked around with them, but today they suddenly surrounded Yan Han to help.

Didn’t this Yan Han just looked a little better? Do they have to be so polite to her? Haven’t they seen such a good-looking girl before? They had to help her… humph!

Thinking of this, they became angry again.

Seeing that Yu Jing was indifferent, a girl directly took out her mobile phone and clicked on the school’s anonymous forum: “Look, even this kind of person now has a dedicated building. Someone took pictures of her when she was playing with a dancing machine. If this is not a deliberate hype, then what is?”

“What dedicated building?” Wang Yanxin didn’t know about it yet. She took the phone from the girl. It turned out to be the picture of Yan Han on the screen!

The building was opened yesterday, and its name was “Such a beautiful young lady, she must be a well-known ”school flower””.

It has only been a dozen hours since the building was opened, and there have been more than 200 replies!

And they all were praising her!

The existence of an anonymous school forum was like a bug in this world. Major schools restricted the use of mobile phones but never pursued the existence of this forum. So from the beginning of its existence, through the efforts of several generations of students, this forum has also changed smoothly and has become a gossip forum.

Its name is the School Anonymous Forum, but this “school” encompasses all high schools in the city, and anyone who registers can come up and post.

If you want to know the most popular or influential school student in the whole city, it’s just the student who has the most posters and positive comments on the photo wall.

To open a dedicated building on the forum you must have an outstanding talent in a certain area. Because the eyes of the masses were sharp, there were hardly people who survived without proper talent.

In the past, some people tried to be “famous” by opening a building without a proper talent, but in the end, they were all mercilessly humiliated.

Because there was no huge fan base to back up them, they were overwhelmed in the end.

Even Wang Yanxin, a recognized ”class flower” [class’s most beautiful girl], didn’t have her own building.

But this building…

The person in the photo was full of self-confidence and bravery. She was dancing under the sparkling colorful lights, making the whole screen full of youthful brilliance.

Although she didn’t want to admit it, if someone saw these groups of photos suddenly, they will indeed feel the person on the photo pleasing to their eyes.

What was even more irritating was that when few girls gathered together and looked at it, they found the building was actually very harmonious. Every single individual was full of praises for this person’s beauty! ——

Green Vegetable Shrimp: Before I clicked into this building, I still thought who dared to casually call someone ”school flower” directly. After I came in, I just want to ask: Which school does this beauty belong to!

Ontology panda: Why does an ordinary photo show such an amazing effect? ​​This sister’s eyes are really amazing. Ah….. this awkward and indifferent expression of her, I am drunk.

Gilded sama: Such a handsome person is actually a ”school flower” but not a ”school grass”[school’s most handsome boy]??????

The whole building was horribly harmonious.

As she watched, she became angrier. Wang Yanxin’s face became pale, and she twisted her arm and said, “Yu Jing, what do you say about this, we can’t let her continue to be so rampant…”

Yu Jing watched and saw the fire on her[WYX] face. When she[WYX] said this, her[YJ] anger instantly exploded: “She is too arrogant. She actually dared to bully you guys like this? Let’s go, let’s talk to her.”

Yu Jing led the way to Class 17, and went straight in through the back door, shouting loudly: “What do you mean by bullying them? Yan Han, don’t you know who they are? You actually dared to bully them?!”

The few girls who followed Yu Jing didn’t expect Yu Jing to be so fierce. She came to look for Yan Han directly. Although she[YJ] was confronting Yan Han using their name and they were embarrassed, but at the same time, they couldn’t help but feel refreshing.

It seemed that Yan Han was going to get a good lesson.

At this moment, Yan Han had almost finished wiping the floor of the classroom. Yu Jing and her group walked in. He moved for a while, suddenly raised his head and glanced at them, then stood up slowly.

“What do you mean?” Yan Han asked.

There was a sharp light in his eyes.

“You swept the floor that others have finished sweeping again. What’s wrong, are you sick? If you are so happy to work then go home and show off your mother. Why are you showing off here!”

Yu Jing was shameless and her words were embarrassing and merciless and even her voice was very loud. Every student including the ones in the corridor stopped moving. No one dared to speak out for a while. They all were subconsciously afraid of making any movement and catching her attention.

But Yan Han understood. They were here to find fault.

He handed the mop rod in his hand to Wen Juerong next to him, and simply took a step forward. He looked at Yu Jing and the girls condescendingly, and said, “I helped them clean the areas they didn’t clean. What is the problem?”

Yu Jing: “…”

She forgot again, this Yan Han was not like an ordinary person!

Yu Jing has always shown herself as “straightforward”, but in fact, she can’t speak from her brain at all. She doesn’t even consider other people’s feelings.

So other people were afraid of her. Ordinary students were honest and would not be as shameless as her. To them, being criticized by her was simply a huge disaster full of violence and it’s likely for them to get a psychological shadow!

There was that kind of unlucky girl before. She was targeted and insulted for a little thing, but most of those people did not dare to talk back when she[YJ] cursed her.

Those who were well behaved would apologize directly, and those who were worse would not say anything. Yu Jing asked someone to “fix” those kinds of people who did not dare to say anything or show up in front of her.

Because of this, Yu Jing became more and more domineering and unreasonable.

Now she came across a stubborn girl who tried to be reasonable and had a calm expression as if she wasn’t affected at all when being insulted publicly. Her cursing didn’t work.

However, Yu Jing still had a second set of plans – – That was if cursing didn’t work then more and more cursing will work. So she continued to curse.

“Why are you standing so close to me? Stay away from me, you are sick! I **** %&#**&…….. I don’t engage in lesbian activities, besides, you don’t have to be so obvious like this and throw dirt on your moral conduct!”

Yan Han lowered his head and glanced at his current position. He was at least a large tile away from Yu Jing… in a daze, he only felt that he had gotten the free skill of cursing course.

But he stood there and didn’t move.

The floor behind him hadn’t dried yet. Yan Han was terrified that if these people walked forward, they will stomp dirt on the floor that he had worked so hard to sweep.

Anyhow, Brother Yan is also a respected person. When he encounters someone who curses, he would have no trouble no matter how bad the cursing is.

He had no choice but to say: “Can you be reasonable? They didn’t clean it well, so I cleaned it. Can’t I even finish the assignment duty properly now??? What’s the matter, you just want our class’s hygiene points to be deducted, don’t you?”

In fact, he didn’t want to bother to say this, because people who came to find faults won’t talk reasonably with him.

But many people were watching them. Yan Han felt that some things still had to be clear properly and he couldn’t just become someone else’s target in vain.

What can he even do?? He has such a bad temper that he will never be able to swallow an insult.

“And a few of you guys. I seemed to have insulted you guys. I should have waited for you guys to leave before I started sweeping…”

“Fuck!!! What the fuck do you mean by this?”

The reaction of people supporting Yu Jing was really intense and they exploded in an instant.

” See! If Yan Han likes sweeping things so much she should have done these things a lot at her home too, right?” It’s not enough to just swear, another girl said: “I don’t know how to sweep the floor like this. My family hires a part-time cleaner every week to clean. Actually, I don’t really have such an opportunity ahh.”

The girls around her laughed in agreement: “The part-time workers at my home also work very well. Yan Han’s this talent is really good.”

Those few girls felt very refreshed after dissing Yan Han sarcastically.

Yes, they don’t know how to work because their family background is good. How can they work with their so delicate and pampered hands ah ???

Unlike some people, who are born to work for life. These kinds of people are so incredibly humbled that they even sweep this kind of floor.

“It’s a bit too much for you to say that.”

These mocking were nothing to people like Yan Han. He didn’t respond much, but Qin Siyu next to him couldn’t listen to it anymore.

Qin Siyu was a straightforward person. Her family background is indeed ordinary.

In her eyes, Yan Han, who is very hard working and always does his best should be praised. She couldn’t figure out the sense of superiority of those people who talk all day and do nothing but save their ”beauty”.

… Besides, these people weren’t even beautiful!

Qin Siyu looked up and stared at Yan Han’s face. Even if it was a bare face with no makeup that always had an indifferent expression, it looked extraordinarily beautiful. She[YH] was an otherworldly and incomparable beauty.

“Why, do you still have some complaints?” These girls usually didn’t confront Qin Siyu because the other party didn’t provoke them, and they didn’t bother to care about her.

But for them, Qin Siyu wasn’t within their standard to talk with them.

Qin Siyu was also hard-tempered. She has been taught a lot of lessons by life and she can’t just change her honest and fair-minded personality anytime. In her eyes, Yan Han came forward to work like this because she wanted to help herself. Otherwise, she could have watched her work sitting on the side. Why would anyone bother to do such a fruitless thing?

Qin Siyu felt that if it was her that was being humiliated, she could still endure it. But now Yan Han who had come forward to help her was the one being humiliated. She couldn’t accept that someone was violently attacked because of her.

Originally, they almost lost the hygiene test of their class because of these people’s carelessness. These people should also be responsible for it.

She simply stood up and pointed to the floor and said: “I don’t understand! People who have both hands and legs should sweep the floor cleaner than that! What are you guys being proud of! Do you guys take yourselves as some princesses!”

“Fuck, what the fuck are you talking about!” Several girls yelled. They walked over to surround Qin Siyu and push her up.

Qin Siyu did not show weakness: “Is there anything wrong with what I said? We all are here to study. They all are the requirements of the school. On what basis are you guys slacking? If you guys are so capable, go and asked the school to not let you work and let your nanny come and work!”

“Damn! you fucker must want to die. You!”

When things came to this point, Qin Siyu’s friends couldn’t help but rushed up when their roommate was surrounded. They pushed the other girls away: “Who are you pushing? Get out of here!”

“Oh fuck!”

As soon as the fight started, Yan Han hurriedly turned around and pulled Qin Siyu and her little partners, so that they could not be harmed.

He didn’t expect Qin Siyu to quarrel with this group of people because of himself.

He was not afraid of these people from the bottom of his heart. But Qin Siyu and her two partners looked like the kind of upright and honest girls. How can they fight this group of people!

In such an anxious situation, Yan Han couldn’t think so much. He stretched out his hand to pull the two gangs apart, subconsciously shielding Qin Siyu behind him, and said, “Don’t fight everyone! ​​If there’s something, talk with me!”

Since he came here, he has been busy studying. Yan Han wanted to change his previous mistakes and hide all his previous stinking problems.

But Brother Yan is still Brother Yan after all. He doesn’t need to shout loudly like other people. As soon as he really showed his momentum, the others were caught off guard and were shocked. The whole classroom was quiet for a moment.

The two groups of people were pulled apart. Yu Jing and others were just scared to show their timidity in front of Yan Han. So they couldn’t let her go.

Several girls surrounded Yan Han and started fighting.

“Why should we talk to you? Who do you think you are? On what basis should we talk to you?!”

“Who exactly think you are? Why, just because you are temporarily hot in the anonymous forum, you think you are too awesome? Do you think we don’t know those people praising you on the forum were bought by you? You are too shameless!”

“It’s so obvious, she must have bought them! How else could it be so harmonious!”


Yan Han wiped his face while being surrounded by this group of people. He could neither hit nor push anyone. They were cursing just in front of his face. His face almost got their saliva on it.

He was thinking what the hell was going on.

And who was hot on that anonymous forum? Who bought praising people?

The chaos in the 17th classroom became even messier. At this moment, a high pitched male’s voice sounded from the door of the classroom:

”Excuse me? Is student Yan Han present here?”

When everyone looked back, they saw two young men in suits and leather shoes standing at the door of the class.

They were looking at them hesitatingly as if they were frightened by the ongoing battle inside.

Yan Han breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, no matter who they were or why they came to find him, they were his savior!

“I am present here. Who are you guys?”

Yan Han revealed his face escaping from the surrounding people. After seeing him, the expressions of the two people at the door became bright. They knew that they hadn’t found the wrong person at a glance.

They said very politely: “Hello! student Yan Han, we are from Lu Xuan Entertainment. We specifically came here to find you to talk to you about cooperation.”


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