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TYFWWC Chapter 29 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After Yan Han said those sentences, everyone around him took a deep breath. If the complaints in the heart of those people could form bullets, then Yan Han’s face would have been blasted at this moment!

After getting such a reply, the two men in suits looked at each other but still respected Yan Han’s ideas. They left after leaving only the contact information without too much entanglement.

The two of them left on the spot. Lin Jianlu also didn’t have anything to do, so he left too. When they left, Yan Han first let out a sigh of relief and then continued to mop the floor as if nothing was wrong.

The ground that had been mopped by him did not become dirty even when it was stepped on. His only remaining task was to clean the tiles.

Wen Jue Rong came over and continued to help him.

The more he looked at Yan Han, who was squatting on the ground and mopping the floor, the more he found it strange. Especially when compared with those classmates who couldn’t even sweep the floor, Wen Juerong couldn’t help asking:

“Brother Yan, you really won’t consider developing in that area?”

“I won’t.”

“Brother Yan, you love studying thaaaaaaat much?”

“That’s necessary.” Yan Han said without embarrassment.

Wen Juerong glanced at him with respect in his eyes. He thought loving to learn was nothing special but people who could be so determined for the things they love were very impressive!

He then thought of something and said: “I was scared to death just now. Don’t blame me for not reminding you. You shouldn’t mess with people like Yu Jing. I heard that her aunt is our school’s in charge of logistics. This kind of mess won’t affect Yu Jing and others but will affect us. Sister Yu, you…”

Qin Siyu, who was also squatting next to him, looked up at him.

“Sister Yu, you were too bold. Yu Jing won’t come to trouble you, right?”

Although Wen Juerong was timid and might never dare to offend someone like Yu Jing, at this moment he was sincerely worried for Yan Han and the others.

“Even if she comes, then what?” Qin Siyu shrugged and looked indifferent but her expression and eyes betrayed her.

She had acted on impulse at that time but this matter, she has not once regretted it and will never regret it too.

But looking back, it was impossible not to worry about retaliation.

Concealing the fear inside her heart, Qin Siyu tried her best to make herself look less frightened.

She tried her best to remind herself, what she did was right.

When they were talking, Yan Han squatted beside and mopped the floor clumsily. He didn’t participate in their conversation. He just looked up at Qin Siyu and thought of something that no one knew.

After mopping the floor, Brother Yan still didn’t sit idle. He mopped all the desks and podiums that no one liked to clean.

By the end of the lunch break, Yan Han got 23 points for “labor” and 2 points for “morality” according to his work enthusiasm and the improvement of the cleanliness of the classroom.

Overall, the result was not small!

If this scale of cleaning is repeated several times, wouldn’t the points for “labor” achievement be achieved easily? !

Yan Han was excited but he didn’t slack off. After this work was over, it was time for him to study again.

The placement test will take place this Thursday and Friday. The good thing was that the swimming class on Thursday, which had been a stumbling block in Yan Han’s heart, was suspended because of the exam. He doesn’t need to wear the chest stickers.

The bad thing was that there was too little learning time left.

Although he has been preparing for more than a week, Brother Yan, who was never good at studying and has never gotten good exam results, still felt unsure.

For the next two days, he had a daily routine of intensive study.

This time’s incident made Yan Han and Qin Siyu become familiar with each other. Seeing Yan Han studying so hard, she and her roommates came over to study with Yan Han after class.

Qin Siyu naturally wanted to leave the 17th class and go to the better class. But she always felt that her learning method was wrong in the past. No matter how hard she worked, she often failed to improve her results.

After getting in touch with Yan Han, she realized that the problem was not with her learning method, but because she hadn’t really worked so hard.

Classmate Yan Han could listen to the lectures attentively in every class and still could sit and do assignments and study after the end of the class without moving once.

But she can’t help but always chat around during the classes. And even when classes are over she can’t help but always play around with her roommates.

Classmate Yan Han would come back to study quickly after eating at noon every day, and then take the time to take a nap.

She hadn’t made full use of this period of noon before.

Although she was playing, she didn’t play well. Obviously, she spends a lot of time on anxiety and self-denial. And all those chatting with roommates are regarded by her as a way to relieve stress.

But to put it bluntly, in fact, she herself was the one who let this anxiety spread. She hadn’t tried her best yet.

And now that she has a role model, she wants to be like that person. She is going to focus on knowledge itself, instead of worrying about grades and class.

After being together for two days, Qin Siyu unknowingly became like Wen Juerong admiring Yan Han.

At the same time, she called him Brother Yan jokingly.

Hou Zi followed suit and they followed Wen Juerong’s way and yelled ‘Brother Yan’ ‘Brother Yan’ every day.

They even made a “gang”.  They could not think of any cool name, for the time being, so they named it ” Yan Gang”.

………..” Yan” fucking ”gang”.

Yan Han held his forehead silently.

Before, it used to be awkward when someone didn’t call him Brother Yan.

Now it feels awkward to hear Wen Juerong and others calling him Brother Yan.

But the remaining time was getting less and less. Let alone Brother Yan taking care of them, he didn’t even have time to rest and care about his skin.

No matter how the eldest brother Xiao Wu criticized or cursed him, he didn’t move at all. He had to pray every night before going to bed.

—If Xiao Wu’s hammer was real, he guessed he would have been smashed to death long ago.

He is simply betting on his life!

If he got acne on his face, he would be cooked alive.

In fact, Yan Han bets that his head is hard and that he won’t have any skin problems in the next two days.

Even so, every evening, self-study ends at 9:30. Even if he packs his stuff and returns to the dormitory as fast as he can, it would already be more than ten o’clock. Yan Han’s study time was long but the live broadcasting time was short.

Fortunately, some night-owl students who study with him would come to his live broadcast. Yan Han’s popularity has not declined but has been steadily rising every day.

Yan Han received some rewards one after another. Many fans responded that watching him learning live not only improved their efficiency but they also got rid of the habit of fiddling with their mobile phones at every turn.

—As long as they see his live broadcast, seeing those slender hands that keep writing and calculating, they can’t look away at all. They are even more reluctant to turn off the interface. Why would they still want to play with their phones?

Yan Han also felt sincerely gratified about this.

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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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