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TYFWWC Chapter 27

The things before the meal were quickly forgotten. After the meal, Yan Han and the rest of the others rushed back to the class.

Class leader Qin Siyu was assigning tasks to those who have returned from the canteen.

Qin Siyu’s eyes are big. The bridge of her nose is very straight. Her facial features are very unique. For a girl, her figure is a bit strong, which makes her look very tough and solid.

In fact, she is exactly such a person, a very enthusiastic and innocent girl.

“You three are back.” As soon as Yan Han and others appeared at the door of the class, Qin Siyu said in a loud voice, “Wen Juerong, you and Hou Zi will help in moving the tables and chairs out first. Yan Han, wait for them. After moving the table, get some water and then mop the floor.”

After speaking, she turned around and moved out the table and chairs with the other boys.

The class leader has always been in charge of cleaning up. Qin Siyu is famous for being fair when assigning jobs. She is very considerate of female classmates and will try to avoid making girls do hard work.

But she is the class leader. In order to convince her classmates, she has never included herself as a girl and she always rushes to do all the dirty works.

Wen Juerong has a very good relationship with her. Usually, when he is lazy and doesn’t want to move things, she doesn’t force him but instead helps him move things without saying anything.

“Sister Yu, did you eat the meal? You came back so early!” he asked.

Qin Siyu said: “I ate the bread I bought in the supermarket in the morning.”

“You do this every time.” Wen Juerong said, “Why are you always in such a hurry to do things alone? Everyone can do it together after everyone has finished eating!”

“I’m worried!” Qin Siyu replied in a coquettish tone like Wen Juerong’s.

“Fuck you.” Wen Juerong rolled his eyes at her, “Sister Yu, you really are a tomboy. You won’t be able to find a partner like this.”

When he spoke, he intentionally or unintentionally looked at the girls in the hallway who had come back from the canteen but stood still. They were all waiting for the tables and chairs to be moved. They will only start to mop the floor after the bucket of water is delivered.

Wen Juerong said: “You should learn from them.”

Qin Siyu said: “I’m fine, I’m more energetic. Let them wait.”

Wen Juerong expected more from her. He doesn’t know how to educate this honest class leader.

He glanced and found that there was another female student who was as “enthusiast” as Sister Yu. She was so energetic and powerful that it made his jaw dropped! —

Most of the desk’s surfaces and drawers of the desks are full of books, which are so heavy that it is difficult for ordinary boys to lift them by themselves.

It can’t be dragged, because it’s too noisy. So two people are usually assigned to carry it to the corridor together.

But what did he see?

His brother Yan picked up a desk by himself, walked out of the classroom all the way, and then put it firmly on the ground? !

…He was dazzled.

Wen Juerong wiped his eyes, thinking that maybe it was the desk of a slacker. There must be no books in it. He can also carry the desk with an empty shelf. There is really nothing to make a fuss about…

He was just thinking like that, and immediately afterward, his jaw dropped in shock.

One table is okay, but one after another, his Brother Yan not only carried the desk out by himself, he even carried out the chairs along with it. Every desk won’t be always light, right?

Wen Juerong was not the only one that had this idea, but the people who were slacking before and did not work well have also noticed him.

But Yan Han doesn’t care much about what other people think.

First of all, he is not a girl who needs to be cared for.

Secondly, how could he waste such a good opportunity in spending time?

Thirdly, if Qin Siyu moving the table had no one’s objection, then he should not be suspect by others when he works with such strength.

There is nothing to make a fuss about girls with strong strength. Here is a reference to his right hand “Buddy” Sun Er niang. Not only is she strong, but also has a sturdy personality. The most important thing was that she was bold and free… well, in this way, Qin Siyu is actually quite similar to her. .

No wonder he had a familiar feeling just now. It’s because he thought of her.

While everyone was in a daze, Yan Han carried all the desks out of the classroom.

He took the last desk from Qin Siyu and Wen Juerong and moved outside steadily.

“Class leader, what else is left?” Yan Han asked while patting his hands.

Qin Siyu hardly recovered from the daze: “What else do you want to do? …you hurry up and rest for a while!”

She raised her voice again and directed the others: “Boys all take buckets to the toilet to fetch water!”

“What are you guys doing? The class will start soon!”

Although Qin Siyu has a bold personality and is the class leader, her style is actually different from that of the 17th class’s students.

She is one of the few people in this class who is motivated and wants to study hard and go to a good class.

Moreover, a person’s family background can be seen from the style of food and clothing. Qin Siyu dresses plainly and lives frugally. At first glance, you’ll know that she is not a child of a rich family. Her appearance is also quite ordinary, which leads other people to not obeying her.

She has two or three close friends. Wen Juerong is a socially active guy, and there are two female students who are her roommates. They also have a similar family background as her and are trying to learn.

A few boys went to fetch water, and the girls who were standing in the hallway watching before came forward. Some of them were responsible for sweeping the ground with brooms before mopping the ground, and some were responsible for mopping the ground.

Three or five gorgeous girls picked up the broom and swept the floor reluctantly.

No one likes to work. It is tiring and boring.

Just talking about this broom, it will hurt your arms, and your fingers will become rough if you use it for a long time.

It’s better to go to the playground to watch people play at this time. Maybe you can still get a good impression in front of your own male god.

The most discouraging thing is that there are no students in the 17th class that are popular in the school. There are very few genius people in their class, and there are almost no handsome boys in their class. Unlike the 18th class next door, when they clean every time, they can see Wei Ningxin, and sometimes they are even grouped together.

Although it is tiring to work, it is different when you are working in front of a male god.

Several girls used their brooms lazily.

Qin Siyu saw this but didn’t say anything.

Everyone is a classmate. In fact, not everyone is interested in collective cleaning like this. She is only responsible for organizing and arranging. She can’t force people to do anything.

She thinks she cannot be counted as a good class leader. Only a few people support her. It will be annoying if she cares too much. It’s been said before that she is not suitable to be a class leader.

There was really no other way. Qin Siyu can only pick up the broom by herself, intending to clean the places they have swept again.

Qin Siyu sighed. But the broom was snatched by her friend. A small thin girl pointedly said: “Don’t do it, can you do so much work alone? This is not even your work!”

Her voice was neither high nor low, just so that the girls who swept the floor could hear it.

But those girls obviously didn’t care. They didn’t want to care about such people. They also didn’t care about the sarcasm of the little girl. They didn’t care at all. They just glared at their side as a warning.

“But…” Qin Siyu hesitated.

If the floor is not cleaned first, it will be even worse when the floor is mopped with a mop later. If it is not cleaned up, when the school comes to check, she will be scolded first.

What can be done?

These few girls who didn’t work well were friends with the gangsters of Class 18. They were unreasonable and she would get into trouble if she talked too much.

The reason why honest people are bullied and are afraid of resisting them is only because they can’t afford to spend with this group of small gangsters.

Those who have a superior family background don’t need to study and their futures are still bright. Can they even be compared?

She was also aggrieved in her heart. She has been aggrieved like this since she became the class monitor last semester.

Qin Siyu was sad. The classmates who had gone out to fetch water came back. The girls who swept the floor casually swept twice and quit.

Everyone has their own assigned tasks. It was not easy to ask others to sweep again. Qin Siyu looked at the dirt on the ground and finally picked up the broom.

She just wanted to sweep the floor again when a figure had already taken the first step and walked to the back of the classroom with a broom.

Yan Han said to Qin Siyu: “I am responsible for the floor of the classroom. I’ll make sure to make it clean. Class leader, please assign other tasks to other students.”

“Huh? You alone?”

“The bucket of water which is used while mopping the floor should be clean. Just leave the two of them for me to change the water.” Yan Han said again.

In fact, he can change the water himself, but he has to go to the toilet to pick it up. He doesn’t want to go to the toilet now.

Yan Han began to sweep the floor as he spoke. He swept very carefully, taking care of each and every corner. His expression was serious, and his movements were quick. He soon gathered the trash and dust that was not swept clean by a few female classmates earlier.

The discerning Wen Juerong brought him a trash can and squatted down to help him collect the trash.

It was a class cleaning day today. Everyone has to do some work. At this moment, the students assigned to the task had already cleaned the podium. It’s time to clean up the storage room. The only remaining responsibility was to change the water. Those who had moved the tables and chairs, and the girls who had swept the floor earlier had no work to do.

A large pool of rubbish mixed with mud and long hairs gathered in the middle of the classroom and was put away one by one. Everyone’s eyes were full of amazement. This was simply hitting the faces of the girls who were sweeping the floor earlier!

They stood by the side with extremely bad expressions. They looked at each other and left arrogantly. They went to the 18th class next door to look for Yu Jing.

After sweeping the ground, Wen Juerong was responsible for taking out the garbage. Yan Han began to wash the mop and wipe the floor. With great strength, he wrung out the water from the mop while wearing plastic gloves. The mop was rewashed and the floor was clean.

In addition to the mop, Yan Han also washed a rag. When he saw the stubborn stains, he squatted down and used the rag to remove them one by one.

Wen Juerong, who came back from taking out the garbage, was startled and ran to Yan Han’s side: “Brother Yan, what are you doing, you… it’s too clean!”

At this time, a quarter of the floor of the classroom has been polished. The surface of the milky white marble tiles was already bright and clean. It was only because the people who swept the floor earlier were mostly careless, that they weren’t able to sweep this clean.

It’s different now.

The ground where Yan Han had mopped was the same as the new one that had been polished. It was bright when people saw it making them refreshed when they entered the classroom.

“I didn’t know that a small ground would have such a big impact on people’s mood!” Wen Juerong took a deep breath of fresh air.

“Don’t make it so exaggerated.” Yan Han was blown speechless a little. After washing the rag again, he called the two boys to change the water. He then stopped by to rest a bit.

Straightening up with the mop rod, Yan Han subconsciously assumed a standing posture with crossed legs and touched the fine sweat on his forehead with the fabric of his upper arm.

Just after he wiped the floor for a while, Xiao Wu reminded him that “labor”‘s achievement had been added by three points, which was faster than when he had done exercises. Brother Yan’s mood improved a lot, and he couldn’t help talking to Wen Juerong: “I’m not as good as you said.”

He usually doesn’t like to laugh a lot. Laughter makes people unable to help but wanting to be close.

“No, my Brother Yan is good at everything. He can even wipe the floor so clean!” Wen Juerong leaned close to Yan Han staringly: “Brother Yan, you are my idol! Everything you do is so decent. I want to learn from you!”

Yan Han waved his hand at him. He was used to being slapped with his[WJR] over-flattery. He knew that Wen Juerong liked to make jokes like this.

After resting a bit, he continued to work. Yan Han mopped the classroom from inside to out. The back door of the class was open, but no one dared to step on the ground he had mopped.

Because it was so clean that people couldn’t bear to stain it.

Some people who had to go back to the class from the back door to clean the windowsill immediately retracted their feet before they stepped on them. They chose to go through the front door, or wait a while until the ground was completely dry before leaving.

Qin Siyu assigned the work in the corridor and the storage room. She was shocked when she came back.

At this moment, Yan Han was squatting on the ground to deal with a stain that had been stuck there for a long time.

Wen Juerong leaned on the side to deal it with him, and said, “Should we take the ruler and shovel it out?”

“Hey, there is a ruler.” The Hou Zi who was clearing the podium happened to see a ruler. Another male student took it automatically and handed it to Yan Han.

It’s rare to see such a united picture. Qin Siyu couldn’t help being touched. She couldn’t help but squatted next to Yan Han and whispered to him, “Thank you for helping me.”

Yan Han:?

Qin Siyu smiled boldly at him again: “But when you squat down, be a little careful. How can a girl squat like this in a skirt? Fortunately, you wear pants underneath, haha!”

Yan Han:? !

Involuntarily examining his current posture, he noticed that he was squatting in a frog position with his knees facing out.

He looked at Qin Siyu again… but the other party had both legs and knees together.

Slowly, Yan Han’s cold sweat almost didn’t fell.

He used to squat like this. He never noticed how girls squat under normal circumstances…

Yan Han tremblingly asked, “What’s the problem with me squatting like this?”

“Ah no.” Qin Siyu thought he had misunderstood what she had said was accusing him of his behavior. She quickly explained: “It’s nothing, I was joking with you.”

On the contrary, Wen Juerong next to him knew what his Brother Yan meant. He laughed and said, “Brother Yan, you are too bold in this action. You see, a woman like my sister Yu doesn’t have the same squat technique as you. You should pay attention while wearing a skirt after all!”

“No… Didn’t I wear pants?” Yan Han asked for advice humbly.

He is keenly aware that this issue should be very important. He will have to use it in the future, so he must understand.

After all, he wasn’t showing off his skin. There was a skirt on the thighs, so his skin won’t be exposed however he walked. Must he pay attention to the squatting posture so much?

He really didn’t understand the girl’s affairs, which made Yan Han suddenly feel a sense of crisis.

It was just like a person going to the company to work without knowing anything about the business. Brother Yan didn’t ever had a girl–friend before, and the only one with a better relationship couldn’t be considered a girl…[referring to his right-hand buddy]

Not understanding at all means that even if he breaks his head, he will not notice many things without being reminded.

Won’t he lose if this continues?

If you don’t have a bottom line, you will inevitably have a guilty conscience.

Brother Yan was very weak now, very weak.

“No, it’s just…” He was too serious in asking for advice. This time it was Wen Juerong and Qin Siyu’s turn to get tangled. Qin Siyu tried to explain: “Even if there are pants inside, you should pay attention when wearing skirts…”

As for why they should pay attention, she doesn’t know.

Everyone has done this since this school started anyway.

Then she examined and felt that Yan Han was okay, so she grinned and said, “But it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter what others think. You can squat in whatever posture you are comfortable in!”

Yes, if you think about it, you don’t really need to pay too much attention. She simply followed Yan Han’s way and came to do a frog squat like him.

Yan Han:? ? ?

No, Eldest sister, wait! If you’ll do this too, then I won’t be able to know the appropriate way of squatting!

Just as he was stunned, Yan Han heard someone talking in the corridor outside: “Wow, isn’t that Lin Jianlu! Lin Jianlu is here! Is he checking the sanitation on the third floor this week?”

Almost reflexively, they got on their knees when they heard that name.

At a speed that the human eye couldn’t see, they joined in together to watch. There were many ladies there paying attention keenly.


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