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TYFWWC Chapter 26

[The hidden mission ”21 Days Coquettish Plan” is officially launched. The auxiliary program is being downloaded, please wait…]

[The auxiliary system is online. If the host has any doubts, Xiao Wu will remind you at that time and answer you in time. 】

Yan Han felt better with this sentence.

[It’s not that hard, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and happily be a boss in women’s clothing, ok? 】

Seeing Yan Han put on a murderous expression, Xiao Wu re-appeared next to Yan Han, for whom it had expected more. It put on a charming posture, throwing a blowing kiss at Yan Han:

[Otherwise, you can just learn from me, like me~]

The baby girl twisted her soft body. Yan Han shook the goosebumps on his arm. He took his pants up and washed his hands: “No, please go back.”

[Hey, don’t underestimate Xiao Wu, what you have, Xiao Wu has it too! 】

The little girl lifted up her miniskirt as she spoke, revealing the indescribable underneath so that Yan Han almost forgot to turn off the tap.

“What’s so special about you!” Yan Han couldn’t help but burst into a swear word. Yan Han immediately calmed down: “Comrade Xiao Wu, I have to solemnly ask you for one thing here.”

【What? 】

“I beg you not to show up when the target person is present.”

I’m afraid I can’t help but do some behavior that doesn’t show fragility!

He returned to the class to continue learning.

In the morning, there was a class of headteacher. Before the class, the headteacher first talked about cleaning up at noon.

Yan Han, who was immersed in the book, immediately became energetic when he heard this.

In order to ensure a clean and bright learning space, in addition to the daily shifts in the class, the school arranges a cleaning activity every other week for all the students in the first and second grades.

The cleaning requires all staff to be dispatched. It is a very thorough cleaning. All the desks and chairs of the class must be moved to the corridor to scrub the floor. All corners of the podium and blackboard must also be wiped clean with a rag. Finally, the doors and windows of the classroom must also be wiped and cleaned. After cleaning, the school will send a special person to come for an acceptance inspection and ranking. The top three and those unqualified classes will be praised or criticized by the whole school.

This seems to have become a tradition in Luze High School for many years.

It is also an honor that all classes must fight for. At the very least, no merit is required but no demerit must be obtained. All class teachers do not want their class to be criticized in front of the school for failing to meet hygiene standards.

Yan Han felt that his chance has finally come. Normally, there is a shift schedule for students on duty. He also goes on duty, but whoever does whatever work is assigned in advance and there is no room to bargain. His achievements in ”labor” was also added a few points.

But full cleaning is different!

The division of labor for this thing is not very clear. He can do more work. It is not easy to clean them thoroughly. Brother Yan finally has the opportunity to roll up his sleeves and work harder.

At noon, he went to the cafeteria to eat with Wen Juerong and Hou Zi. Yan Han thought about it and ordered four servings at the ordering place.

In the past, he usually ate at least four to six servings every meal. After coming to this school, he once ordered 4 servings. Later, he found that 4 servings were too much for a girl, at least it was easy to attract the attention of others—Yan Han at that time, directly scared Wen Juerong.

Since then, Brother Yan has never dared to order 4 to 6 servings of food again and only eats three to two servings per meal.

But two or three servings was still a lot of food.

Generally, girls only eat two or one servings per meal.

But when he is hungry, he just can’t stand it!

In this way, Brother Yan had to endure starvation!

Today he is waiting to do work. He is going to roll up his sleeves and do a big job, so he just ordered four servings.

Except for the surprise at first, Wen Juerong and Hou Zi are both used to Yan Han’s appetite.

This time, the two of them didn’t feel surprised.

Yan Han eats more without getting fat but instead looks like getting thinner and thinner. Wen Juerong gets angry when he thinks about this!

“If you eat the same amount of food like me, you are guaranteed to be as skinny as me.” Yan Han, who had had several sets of meals, was in a good mood and joked with Wen Juerong.

“Humph.” Wen Juerong rolled his eyes. “Girls have lower basal metabolic rate than boys. Brother Yan, you have already eaten enough. Your physique is different from mine. Even five servings of meal feel less!”

“Then just eat five servings of meal from now on,” said Hou Zi next to him.

“…” Wen Juerong looked at the large pool of rice on the dinner plate in front of him. He had deliberately reduced his serving. Feeling wronged, he couldn’t help but snort again and ignored him.

With the new task, Yan Han couldn’t help but observe Wen Juerong.

He found that this kid had a good personality. Although he was a bit sissy, he hadn’t heard any vulgarity from him.

Although he easily brags to people, it was also civilized bragging.

Ignoring his appearance, his demeanor is indeed very charming. When he usually calls Yan Ge.. Yan Ge.. it feels quite affectionate. With his chubby body, when he twists his body, he looks quite cute………………………….

? !

Realizing what he was thinking, Yan Han jerked his thoughts back.

No ! Hurry up and stop thinking it! He shouldn’t learn from him!

Yan Han tried his best to sober himself up and immersed himself in eating.

[That…. Great host…] While he was eating, Xiao Wu appeared again.

Yan Han asked angrily: “What are you doing?”

[You may not know it because you have just accepted this new task, but generally, charming and beautiful people don’t eat several sets of meals at a time. 】


[Which beauty will put so many meals on the plate when eating. Food is not a necessity for beauties who must maintain a good figure all the time. Carbohydrates like this should not be consumed too much…]

Yan Han: …? ? ?

While chewing hard and wiping his mouth, Yan Han was confident: “But Lao Zi’s figure won’t be affected by this!”

[But you must at least be careful in front of the target. And the way you eat…]


When he wasn’t studying, Yan Han’s mind worked very fast. He reacted to Xiao Wu’s meaning almost instantly. He suddenly raised his head and saw Lin Jianlu in a neat uniform with long legs…walking towards him. .

Ten meters, eight meters, five meters…

He was getting closer!

He suddenly lowered his head and glanced at the two bites of rice he had just eaten on his plate. Next to him, Xiao Wu was still trying his best to remind him of being charming and coquettish. Suddenly, Yan Han picked up a spoon that he hadn’t used before, scooped a large portion of rice from his plate, and put it into Wen Juerong’s plate.

Wen Juerong : ? !

“When you are still growing, don’t think about losing weight, eat more.”

Wen Juerong… His eyes were almost coming out!

In order to show off his charming beauty, Yan Han also cast a wink at him.

…Although it was more appropriate to roll his eyes.

But how can a good-looking person roll his eyes?

He only needs to blink at others a little and the infinite amorous feeling in his beautiful peach blossom eyes, which are charming and beautiful, will work automatically.

Yan Han still didn’t know the impact of these “glamorous eyes” on the people around him. He endured the pain in his heart and continued with a smile on his face: “What are you looking at!…Don’t look at me like that, I was just thinking for you. I expected you to lose weight and eat less food today. Don’t get excited, no need to thank me…”

Just as the word “Thank me” was uttered, Lin Jianlu happened to pass by their table.

His pace was steady and vigorous.

“Brother Yan, I…” Wen Juerong was really excited. After all, according to his observation for so long, Brother Yan protects his food very strictly, especially the regular food. No one has ever eaten the rice of the plate of Brother Yan!

“Brother Yan, you treat me so well, wuu wuu wuu wuu wuu…”

Yan Han instantly recovered his expressionless appearance and finished his line weakly: “…Don’t thank brother, brother is just a good guy.”

He really felt a little angry.

Just now when Lin Jianlu was passing by him, he didn’t even look at him!

Not to mention giving a look at the food on the table!

This is really… his language skills really needed to be strengthened. Yan Han couldn’t think of any words to describe it.

He only feels pain now.

Yan Han was distressed looking at the large portion of white rice on Wen Juerong’s dinner plate and looking at his own plate where more than a quarter of the rice had been divided out.

While eating distressedly, Yan Han couldn’t help complaining in his heart. Why should Lin Jianlu, a student who has a reserve canteen box on the third floor, suddenly come to the first floor today?

Moreover, all paths lead to the ordering place, so why does he have to walk through the path beside him!

Of course, he didn’t know that after passing by him peacefully, Lin Jianlu pursed his lips again.

He was carrying the rare smile in his eyes. There was also a faint dark and deep light flashing at this moment.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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