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TYFWWC Chapter 23

The opportunity was placed right in front of him. With a mentality of not wasting this opportunity, Yan Han still walked into the building with Wen Juerong.

In fact, it was a huge department store with everything in the building. On the third floor was a newly opened video game store. A row of claw machines[like picture above] at the door were playing all kinds of kawaii music.

The dancing machine was placed at the center of the store. Four of them were placed opposite each other. Two people on the two of them were trying to follow the beat. They don’t seem to be very proficient in their movements but these two people were in good shape. They were well shaped grown-ass people. One was a man while other was a girl, who danced pretty well.

In addition, there were a circle of people around, either watching the excitement or signing up.

Yan Han found out that if he signed up now, the first elimination round would start at 3 pm. He looked at his watch and felt that this time was just right. He won’t be delayed too much to participate in the competition. So he accepted and stood behind the team and queued up for registration .

“Ah? Brother Yan, do you even know this?” Wen Juerong’s devotion towards Yan Han increased even more.

When they were in school, his Brother Yan only knew to lower his head to study, not hearing anything outside the window. He was serious and attentive, which made Wen Juerong feel that Brother Yan was just like that.

But now he felt that this Brother Yan who was in the line to play the dance machine was also real.

Whether it was the peaceful and beautiful side or the energetic and shining side, it seemed that this person was just like this, without any loopholes.

How to describe that?

Ah yes! Staying quiet usually but being wild when necessary!

“Brother Yan, you give people the glimpse of your new version every day!” Wen Juerong concluded very seriously.


After being blown away by a wave of exaggerated flattery, Yan Han opened his mouth uncomfortably: “What if I can get a prize.”

He didn’t dare to ask for the first and second prizes. The third prize was 10,000 yuan. If nothing else, at least the tuition and fees for this semester would be solved.

He had to work hard for the money.

Today was the second day of the preliminary competition. After yesterday’s publicity, there were a lot of people who came to register for the competition today.

When Yan Han was in the queue, the staff in charge of registration was taken aback. It took him a long time to remember to fill in the form for him.

Yan Han honestly took the pen and began to fill in. When he filled in the gender column, his pen paused in the air, and then he asked: “Will this competition be conducted in groups of men and women?”

If that’s the case, it will be troublesome.

“Huh?” When he filled out the form, the staff looked at his profile blankly, and didn’t even respond to Yan Han’s question.

Yan Han who didn’t hear the answer looked up. Then only the staff said, “Oh this…not in groups. Our competition relies on dancing machine’s patterns. Everyone participates together.”

“In this case, can I leave this column blank?”

“This…” The staff was embarrassed. He had never encountered such a problem.

“Then leave it alone.” They didn’t know when a middle-aged man in a suit and tie has walked up to their table. This man looked pretty sunny and handsome. His appearance was quite prestigious. When the staff saw him, he called out ”Brother Tian” politely.

Tian Mu stretched out his hand and shook his hand with Yan Han. Then he first introduced himself: “Hello, I am the agent of Tianhua Entertainment Company and my name is Tian Mu. I wonder if this student knows anything about the entertainment industry?”

“No.” Yan Han said bluntly, continuing to fill in the form.

Tian Mu glanced at the form filled out by Yan Han and said: “Classmate is 17 years old this year? In high school? Which year is it?”

“Can’t high school students participate in this competition?” Yan Han raised his head and squinted at him.

“That’s not it, that’s not.” Tian Mu waved his hand again and again, wondering why he suddenly felt that there was just a ray of cold light in the opponent’s eyes.

In front of this student, his usual aura couldn’t make any difference.

Tian Mu didn’t understand it himself, so he could only hand out his business card to explain his intentions: “I think you have a good appearance. Your age is also suitable for this business. How about this? Are you interested in coming to our company to see?”

“No. Thank you.” Yan Han shook his head and rebuffed, “I just want to make quick money from the game.”

He was not interested in entertainment circles or something.

It wasn’t worth his effort.

“Make money? It’s too easy in this circle to make money!” Tian Mu tried to persuade him.

Yan Han shook his head resolutely, “As long as ten to twenty thousand will be paid to me for tuition and living expenses.”

Tian Mu: “…”

This child’s temper with such a face was really pitiful thing.

Tian Mu shook his head. He didn’t force it: “Keep this business card. If you change your mind, please contact me.”

He also happened to be a well-known agent in the circle. There were two first-tier stars brought out by him.

But these years, talents with good qualifications and who could meet his requirements were getting harder and harder to find. This time he came here to see if there were any good target.

Tian Mu had no shortage of people under his hands, which made him a bit arrogant.

It was the first time that he had spoken so much to a young man he had never met before.

However, if that child didn’t had this intention then he couldn’t also force him, but he couldn’t help but feel a little pity.

It’s not hard to find good-looking people in this circle, but it’s hard to find people who were good-looking, unique and had their own style.

Especially this student was still so young!

Yan Han took the registration form and waited aside after he reported his name.

Wen Juerong was a person who couldn’t stay idle. He bought a small basket of game coins as early as when Yan Han went to line up. He was playing a game of pushing gold coins.

He’s pretty good and in just a few moments, he had already rolled out a lot of exchange vouchers.

Seeing Yan Han coming over, Wen Juerong picked up his basket of game coins and said, “Let’s go to play something, I still have a lot of coins!”

“Okay.” Yan Han said.

Wen Juerong smiled like a little Laughing Buddha. He approached Yan Han and said, “Brother Yan, what will you play? I’m not showing off to you but I’m telling you this is my home court! I’ve been playing in this place since I was a kid!”

“Oh? How about the arcade game?”

“Hey!” Wen Juerong said proudly: “You tell me, I can play the fifth level on Warrior Island with one coin!”

“Then let’s try it now.” Yan Han was also a little interested.

For those who don’t often play arcade games, it is not easy to pass the first level with a single coin. After being proficient, they can easily pass the second and third levels.

As for the setting of Warrior Island, the difficulty increases from the fourth level. This difficulty is far beyond the reach of people who barely pass the third level. He could pass the fifth level with one coin, which showed that Wen Juerong was really a bit technical.

He was very happy to play with his opponent Yan Han.

He was essentially a fun person. During this period of time, he was almost suffocated by patronizing and studying, and now it was inevitable that he would be a little eager to try.

“Here, take it.” Wen Juerong asked the front desk to ask for another small basket, and gave half of the game currency to Yan Han.

Yan Han took a coin from it, and his slender fingers flicked the game coin into the air and caught it firmly. He said to Wen Juerong, “I want this one.”

…What a arrongant tone!

Wen Juerong twisted his body and snorted, “I won’t let you in a while.”

Yan Han smiled and said, “Don’t let me.”

The two went to the arcade machine to find the machine and sit down respectively, and they chose the game of Warriors Island.

Yan Han looked at the joystick and a few keys. It’s been a long time since he touched this thing, but the blood and passion for coin-making were still there. It’s fucking boiling.Yan Han moved his shoulders and wrists excitedly. He dropped in coins and started the game.

Seeing that he had started, Wen Juerong also dropped coins.

Jumping, avoiding obstacles and fighting monsters, both of them were obviously experts. They passed the test all the way and soon passed the first level.

“Yes, Brother Yan.” Wen Juerong took time to glance at Yan Han, surprised that he was playing really well. He couldn’t help being more serious.

The department store was crowded on weekends. There were even more people in the video game store.

Young people love to play, especially this kind of retro arcade, whether it is an adult who is an grown up ass man or a young student born after a computer phone had become a household name.

It’s just that there are many people who want to play, but fewer and fewer people can actually play.

But this thing is just like a dancing machine. Although many people don’t understand how to play, they still like to watch others play.

Yan Han and Wen Juerong were surrounded by a group of such people. At the beginning, they just watched because they were curious about their particularly smooth operations and hand skills.

After seeing the two of them pass the third stage smoothly, the onlookers became actually interested!

Wen Juerong, who was watched by many people, fell when he hit the fourth level. He saw that Yan Han had only used one coin, so he didn’t feel embarrassed to renew the coin.

What’s more, having met a master, he now wanted to see his Brother Yan play.

At this moment, Yan Han had successfully beaten the BOSS and entered the fifth level. There were a large number of onlookers. Wen Juerong was completely trapped in his chair and could only watch Yan Han play with his neck extented.

The beautifully curved profile face was full of fortitude at this moment and Yan Han’s eyes flashed with seriousness.

His expressionless appearance was radiating the brilliance. He was still eye-catching in the noisy video game store.

“Mother Fucking God, Brother Yan, you are too good!”

Although Wen Juerong had passed the fifth level, he had only passed it once.

Later, the difficulty of the sixth level was twice as difficult as the fifth level. He died in seconds, and the game currency continued to drop in seconds, so he had to give up.

But he didn’t expect when this game reached Yan Han… it seemed to be very easy and simple!

He saw his brother Yan’s hands were as fast as lightning. His black and white eyes were reflected in the scene of the game which was switching quickly due to the fast pace. Yan Han’s expression was still very calm.

“My goodness, what kind of fairy is this!”

“Fuck, this little brother is a professional athlete, right?”

“What athlete? Which team’s? I want to be a fan of him!”

“No way, such a handsome little brother, if he played sports, I should have seen him before!”

The surrounding’s discussion was getting louder. There were even more and more discussions about Yan Han’s career.

Everyone was complimenting his Brother Yan. Wen Juerong’s chest couldn’t help but straighten up.

He felt that it was a pity that his brother Yan didn’t play sports.

At this moment, Wen Juerong didn’t care what other people said about his Brother Yan.

While he was thinking about it, his Brother Yan had already cleared the fifth level among many onlookers. The following rhythm did not allow Wen Juerong to think about it. He would look at the screen for a while, and look at his Brother Yan’s hand for a while. He didn’t understand how his Brother Yan did it!

The fingers almost quickly turned into two afterimages, leaving nothing,

The main point was it was such a dense obstacle, how did Brother Yan react and avoid it!

When Wen Juerong was shocked that he had to hold his chin to prevent it from falling, Yan Han smashed the BOSS of the sixth level to death and entered the seventh level.

The seventh level…well, it’s not for humans at all, O K A Y !

Yan Han dropped when he was in the middle of the seventh level. He didn’t renew the coin, but only moved his fingers. He felt that he was still not playing for too long and was unfamiliar.

He thought he could be a player who could play all levels with one coin.

His record of this game, as far as he knew, no one had ever done it.

Although he felt a bit regretful, it was just an arcade game after all. Yan Han didn’t care about it either.

He stood up from his seat then only realized that the people around him had already surrounded him. Yan Han was also taken aback: “What are you looking at? Move aside, move aside.”

He was just wondering why he was a little breathless while playing game! It was because of this dense crowd surrounding him from everywhere.

“Brother, you are too good, how did you do it? Can you teach me how to play?”

“Which team are you from? Can I ask for an autograph or to take a photo? I want to take a photo with the future god level player!”

Yan Han was surrounded by many people who praised him, but he didn’t feel so happy. He was used to this kind of scene.

There was a time when the operation he completed made a sensation in the entire game hall. He had been chased by people who called him ”The Great God” as soon as he went.

At this moment, instead, he thought that he could only concentrate like this when he was playing games. If he could also be like this when studying…

That would be perfect!

He declined any inexplicable request such as a group photo. He didn’t know if it was because he focused hard before or because he was blocked by people, Yan Han was sweating all over his body.

He was about to leave. The people around automatically gave him a way, but no one left immediately.

Someone even quickly sat in the position where Yan Han had just been. Although they didn’t really felt that way, they still wanted to see if there were any BUGS in this machine. Otherwise, how could someone pass the seventh level with bare hands? !

Outside the crowd, at the moment Yan Han turned around and showed his face, Su Linpei, who had originally explained to Lin Jianlu all kinds of arcade machines, and was admiring The Great God devotedly, had fucked up expression on his face.

“Boss! She, She… Is she not that!”

The first time he saw such a Great God was actually a student from his own school… What’s with this proud feeling he was feeling? !

To be honest, Su Linpei wanted to go up and take a photo with him!

But Su Linpei became worried again, isn’t such a handsome girl lesbian? People around him actually called her little brother!

Looking at his boss with a complicated mood, Su Linpei saw their boss frown slightly.

“Do you think it’s weird…” Lin Jianlu’s voice hesitated.

“What’s weird?” Su Linpei asked cautiously, to the point where he couldn’t help holding his breath.

His current feelings for this Yan Han were also very complicated. On the one hand, he fully appreciated her, but in all aspects, he couldn’t help but want to get close to him.

But on the other hand, when he thought that the other party might have broken the boss’s heart, he felt that he should draw a clear line with this person.

Su Linpei felt that his current mentality was like when his parents were about to divorce at the beginning. He wanted to reconcile the two but did not dare to blend in. He wanted the boss to see the other person’s true personality but was really afraid of it being just the misunderstanding which could cause even greater misunderstandings.

This mood of his, don’t mention how complicated it was.

As he was trembling, Su Linpei heard Lin Jianlu questioning: “Do you think she looks better in this kind of clothes than in a skirt?”

Su Linpei: “…”

Lin Jianlu fell into deep thought,but he couldn’t help pursing his lips slightly.

Unless he encounters something particularly unclean and tidy, he usually seldom pays attention to other people’s clothing.

But this person’s current dress really made him shine, and even gave birth to the feeling that she wearing a school uniform and skirt was simply a violent thing.

As for why, this kind of sensation problem that cannot be explained by logic and psychology has always been Lin Jianlu’s shortcomings. He can only think hard of all kinds of reasoning or simply put the hope of explaining this on a perceptual person like Su Linpei.

Su Linpei was also lost in thought in the deep and expectant gaze of his boss.

When he finally came up with a conclusion, his eyes widened and his voice trembled:

“…Boss, is it possible that you are some strange transvestite?”

Who likes watching girls wear men’s clothes…

It’s really weird!


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