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TYFWWC Chapter 22

Yan Han, who was immersed in his studies, hadn’t seen Lin Jianlu for a long time.

His brain capacity was forcibly occupied by various knowledge points of various subjects. He almost forgot about the “variables”, let alone finding any abnormalities.

It was finally the weekend again. On Friday night, there is only one period in evening self-study, which will be over earlier than usual. However, this evening self-study has been criticized by many people because of it’s uselessness. Because when it is this period’s turn, many student already don’t have the mood to study. The teacher himself often has to sit with them to proceed the class.

With the teacher there, although there were a lot of small movements in the classroom but it was very quiet.

Wen Juerong tried to write his homework for a while but he couldn’t focus at all. He turned around and saw that Yan Han was still immersed in studying. He couldn’t hold back to tease him. He wrote something and threw a small piece of paper to Yan Han.

“Brother Yan, where are you going this weekend to play?”

Yan Han was stuck in a difficult problem right now. When he saw a small ball of paper falling in front of him, he opened it to read.

Thinking about his plans for the weekend, he wrote back a few strokes: “I’m going nowhere. I’ll just study in the dormitory.”

“You won’t go out to play even for a day?”

“Maybe I’ll go out to buy books.”

“Hey. Where will you go to buy books? I’ll accompany you.”

As soon as Wen Juerong threw the note out, he heard someone calling their names: “Wen Juerong! Yan Han! What are you two doing!”

He didn’t know when the teacher who was sitting at the front desk preparing for the lesson stood up and walked in the direction of them from the podium.

“Give me that note.”

Yan Han did not resist and obediently handed the small note to the teacher.

After reading the content on the note, the murderous atmosphere around teacher gradually disappeared. He walked to Wen Juerong: “What are you going to play, huhh? You haven’t played enough, have you? How is your revision for placement exam next week going on, huhhh?”

Wen Juerong looked back at him with a pitiful expression, not daring to speak.

There was a roar of laughter in the class. They were amused by how quickly Wen Juerong changed into a pitiful big guy.

“Don’t laugh!” The head teacher roared. His attitude also eased.

He already knew Wen Juerong’s personality well. He knew that although this student liked to tease others, he was not bad-hearted.

The main thing was that when the two students were caught with the small note in the self-study class,the teacher was originally very angry but the content on the small note turned out to be studying on weekends and buying exercise books?

In this case, no teacher could criticize them when they saw it!

Even so, he still warned everyone: “If you have anything to talk about then talk about it after school. Self-study should be a self-study class and no one should engage in those useless things!”

“Yes, teacher.” Yan Han responded well and sat down again.

However, the matter of going to the bookstore with Wen Juerong was also inexplicably settled.

Wen Juerong was a local person and he goes to his home to live on weekends. After school, he had to take the bus. Yan Han told him about the time and place to meet on Sunday. Then he went back to the dormitory alone.

Next week, There will be the placement test in Thursday and Friday. Although Luze High School had such a hierarchical education system, the faculties were infact very average. Yan Han actually didn’t care which class he’ll go to.

But at any rate, it was also a test of his study in the past two weeks. He wanted to see if there were any problems with his study methods and efficiency. So he had to face this exam.

After returning to the dormitory, he simply cleaned up. He washed the clothes he had worn for a week. After finishing everything, Yan Han opened the live broadcast again and started learning.

After using the live broadcast for a week, the traffic of the entire learning section was still terribly low, but Yan Han’s fans had doubled.

The main reason was that Yan Han’s online time was basically fixed every day. He always did it right after going back to the dormitory. Each time he entered the state of study, he wouldn’t move at all at least for an hour. This made those students who were willing to study but lacked concentration, to see him like they have found a role model and motivation.

There were still few anchors on the channel so far, but it seemed that they were just playing. Their starting schedule was not fixed. Some of them have even disappeared. The rest of the people were chatting online and no one wanted to watch them.

So it could be said that Yan Han had now contracted the traffic of this entire channel.

This time, Yan Han also planned to open the board. He didn’t expect the phone to vibrate suddenly. He glanced at it and saw that there was actually a piece of…..chicken breast on the screen where occasionally two comments floated!

‘Thanks to the user [314159] for rewarding the anchor with a piece of chicken breast! Anchor popularity +2000, fan intimacy +2000!’

The barrage was also refreshed for a moment:

”Local tycoon!”

”Worship the local tycoon!”

”Wow, congratulations to the anchor for making it big today!”

”Ying Ying Ying[cute way of crying] I also want to take care of my little sister QAQ”

Yan Han:…!

Yan Han didn’t know how much it would cost a piece of chicken breast as a gift.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t know about the cost, because anyway it was equivalent to the increase in popularity of the anchor and the intimacy of fans.

If the popularity and fan intimacy was increased by two thousand, then this chicken breast must be worth two thousand.

If he divide it into half to share with the website… Does that mean he made a thousand yuan just now? !

His mood was fluctuating. It was actually not a big deal for him to earn thousand yuan before, but it was a fact that he was poor now, too poor. He didn’t even had enough money for a thousand yuan worth food!

There was a feeling of wealth in an instant!

Even so, Yan Han was a little embarrassed to accept it. He knew that many big anchors could receive tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of rewards every day. But when it came to Yan Han, he only thought of ​​how he was making netizens spend money for him.

With an extremely complicated mood, Yan Han opened the backstage and saw a piece of chicken breast come in.

Yan Han sat at the table and thought for a while. Since someone was willing to give him so many rewards, it showed that his live broadcast has brought some good positive experiences to netizens. From this moment, he must work harder and live up to these two thousand yuans.

He wrote the word “Thank you” on the paper and shook it in a place where the camera could easily film it. Then he took a deep breath and turned out the textbook to start today’s study.

In addition to planning to review the knowledge points of chemistry and biology, he also planned to review several other subjects before the exam.

This way, time was limited. Not only did he learn till late on Friday, but also Yan Han stayed in the dormitory for the whole Saturday. Except for going out early in the morning to jog and buying himself breakfast, lunch and dinner, he didn’t went out from his room at all.

Learning was actually a rather boring and uncomfortable process. It not only was brain-consuming but it also made people uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. It was also necessary to resist the sleepiness and concentrate.

In order to overcome these difficulties and force himself to concentrate on studying, Yan Han spared no effort! Big Brother had never been so serious in his life.

In addition to completing the achievement task, he also really regretted his past and wanted to cherish this opportunity.

The only difficult thing now was that if he often stayed up late, the “beauty” achievement was in danger.

In order to solve this problem, Yan Han switched to the method of going to bed early and waking up early on weekends. He used to get up when the other students hadn’t even gone to bed for some nights. He worked very hard.

On Sunday, Yan Han also got up early and raced against time to study. He kept learning until noon, then put on his clothes and hurried out of school to meet Wen Juerong.

Luze High School was located between the third and fourth ring roads in the city. The geographical position was quite superior and the surrounding area was also very prosperous. There was a pedestrian street not far away.

And [Billionaire Project] prompted him to go to the bookstore on this street.

Finally, he didn’t had to wear school uniforms. He still wore jeans today but his sweater last week had been scrapped. This time he changed into a half-sleeved T-shirt and an ordinary unisex jacket.

“Yan Han”‘s clothes were too feminine in Yan Han’s eyes, and the colors were brighter. So he couldn’t help but hesitate to wear that kind of clothes.

He found this set after looking through the cabinet for a long time.

He was tall and had long legs and his appearance was exquisite.

Skinny jeans polished his legs making it more slender. Yan Han stood with his legs spread out at the agreed road junction. The freely assembled outfits emphasized a street hip-hop style, serving as a foil to his beautiful face. It set him off with extraordinary temperament, different from ordinary people.

That’s why when Wen Juerong arrived at the agreed place, he didn’t dare to recognize him.

“Brother Yan, you are too MANLY[ He said it in english.]!”

“Slow [he heard wen juerong say ‘man’ which is slow in chinese]?” At that time, Yan Han was standing on the side of the road with his legs crossed. He was a little confused, “It was obviously me who came here first.”

“…MANLY, English!” Wen Juerong rolled his eyes. The feeling of being shocked to death just now disappeared a little bit. But when he looked at Yan Han again, the heart of a young man full of longing for beauty wafted again. He couldn’t help saying: “You’re so handsome! No one in this street would doubt anything if I said you were a boy!”

Wen Juerong was bluffing so much, that the passersby who were originally attracted by Yan Han and observing him secretly couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

…So, was this a man or a woman?

What was called ‘difficult to distinguish man or woman because of beauty’?????

That’s it!

“Stop talking nonsense.” Yan Han automatically filtered his flattering words and said, “Let’s go, let’s hurry up.”

“Oh oh oh!”

There was an old bookstore on the pedestrian street which relatively had all kinds of books.

The ‘billionaire skills’ side hasn’t given him any hints yet, so Yan Han immersed himself into finding the simplified tutorial books. He wandered back and forth between the three rows of bookshelves.

…Fortunately, during this period of time, he had a preliminary understanding of high school knowledge or he would have drown here.

After looking at some of the more well-known tutorial books and exercises, Yan Han didn’t take them all. He only chose two sets of exercise books that he felt were more reasonable and would not often give out super outlined questions.

In addition, he bought English and Chinese portable manuals. Yan Han’s purpose of this trip was achieved.

The slacking student Wen Juerong wouldn’t know which book was good and which book was useless. But he was a clever man. Based on the principle that he might have to use it someday, he followed Yan Han and bought whatever he took.

The process seemed simple but Brother Yan still felt distressed when queuing to pay.

It seemed that he hadn’t felt so distressed for a long time.

Of course, even if he was beaten to death, he wouldn’t have believe that someday he would spend money on buying study books in his lifetime.

So, it’s all fate.

After paying the bill, the two put the books in their schoolbags. Yan Han moved his shoulder bag on his shoulders casually. He asked Wen Juerong if he knew anyone who hired part-time temporary worker for only saturday and sunday.

The ‘billionaire plan’ only asked him to come to this bookstore at 3 o’clock in the afternoon but there had been no movement so far. Yan Han wanted to see if he could get some clues from Wen Juerong.

Wen Juerong was just a third-wheeler who came with him. So maybe he knew nothing.

“I don’t know about this…” Wen Juerong touched his freshly shaved head. Although his family was not very rich, it was still considered a superior family. They were not short for money. So far Wen Juerong had never thought about making money.

“Brother Yan, are you short of money? How much do you want? I can lend it to you.” Wen Juerong said without hesitation.

“That’s not necessary.”

Yan Han waved his hand. He just asked casually. But what to do, Wen Juerong’s generous attitude towards lending him money still made him very moved.

They just opened the door of the bookstore and saw the pedestrian street full of shops. Each store had a different style of music to attract customers. Yan Han and Wen Juerong were attracted by the advertisement on the LED screen of the opposite building—

“Welcome to the registration site of our Street Dance King. As we previously advertised, the first place can get a prize worth 50,000 yuan. We along with our sponsors hope to get the strongest dancer. What are you guys still waiting for?”

“What is this ‘street dance king’?” Yan Han asked outgoingly.

“It sounds good. It’s actually playing with dance machine to see who steps better on it.” Two young girls who also just came out of the bookstore were watching this ad with them. One of them said: “But it is free to sign up. You can try it if you have time.”

“I can’t, my body is not well-maintained.” Another girl said.

Her gaze fell on Yan Han at the same time. She was surprised by his looks first and then frightened by Yan Han’s overall temperament. Suddenly she couldn’t figure out what gender this beautiful person was.

But this did not prevent her from silently thinking: If this person dances, it must be cool!

When he was being looked up silently, Yan Han had already read the prizes that appeared on the big screen. The first position’s prize was worth of 50,000 yuan; second position’s prize was worth of 20,000 yuan; and the third position’s prize was worth of 10,000 yuan.

Almost at the same time, when he saw these three prizes, his vision was again covered by the big breasted cute girl.

[[Billionaire Project] Task Reminder: Participate in the Street Dance King Competition and become the strongest dancer and win prizes! 】

Yan Han was frightened by the sudden appearance of something floating in front of his eyes….. He was shocked and his face was full of black lines. He forcibly endured not to care about Xiao Wu and asked: “What does this mean? You want me to win this competition?”

[Yes. 】

“But I can’t dance.” Yan Han said.

He had played with a lot of arcade machines. As for dancing machines, it really was not his thing.

[This Billionaire Program is designed in accordance with conditions of the host. It reminded you to participate in this competition, it shows that the system is confident that you can win. If you work hard, you can at least get third prize. It can’t go wrong. 】

“The main point is I really can’t.” Yan Han was a little bit stubborn. He had been hard-bodied since he was a child. He had a talent for fighting. As for dancing …

Wait Wait Wait!

He used to be hard bodied before, but now…

There was a bad feeling in his heart. In the end he heard Xiao Wu say:

[How can you know if you don’t try? What’s more, you have body softing skills! 】



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