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TYFWWC Chapter 24.1

Lin Jianlu: “…”

A transvestite? Lin Jianlu had reservations about this question.

He said: “Are you done with watching the excitement ? Let’s go.”

“Ehhh? Aren’t you going to at least say hello?” Su Linpei had already acquiesced that the relationship between Lin Jianlu and Yan Han was special, so he asked.

But Lin Jianlu looked at him strangely and said, “No, I have an appointment tonight…”

Before his voice fell, it was swallowed by the overwhelming sound effects of the video game city—

“The second day’s audition of the Street Dance King has officially started!”

In a small venue, a temporary stage was set up in front of the four dancing machines. The host stood on the stage. Because it was an audition, there was no need for any preparation. The list of the first group of competition was directly announced by the host.

Coincidentally, Yan Han was also on the list of the first group.

Hearing this name, Lin Jianlu hesitated for a moment, but eventually stopped walking.

The four dancing machines naturally had a group of four people. The first round of the audition adopted a four-in-two-elimination system. The rules were very simple. Each group of four people will compete, eliminating two and leaving two. It was the game where winning and losing was determined partially through luck too.

The group was randomly selected among all registered players. This rule had it’s own limitations and was relatively unfair. It may happen that the group of players assigned to the group are too strong and the players who are good but had poor player as a partner may be eliminated. But what does that sentence say, ”Luck is also a kind of strength”.

Suddenly hearing Yan Han’s name, Wen Juerong became nervous and wanted to cheer him up.

Unexpectedly, Yan Han had already stood on a dancing machine indifferently, moving his limbs and shoulders.

Yan Han actually didn’t have any expectations. Maybe it was because of such a desirelessness that made him relax and behave naturally.

When the music was played, for the sake of fairness, the four dance machines chose the same track and difficulty. Considering that the tracks selected by the audition organizer not being too difficult, when the cheerful notes slid across the screen, at that time, Yan Han stepped on the corresponding key positions accurately.

He found that this was not as difficult as he imagined.

Because his physical fitness was inherently good, his movements were also different from that of ordinary people.

Many times, his brain hadn’t reacted yet when his feet and hands had already touched the corresponding keys following the rhythm and the prompts on the screen.

After a prelude, Yan Han had became a little accustomed to this rhythm and his mentality was more relaxed.

At the climax, he even had the energy to optimize the action. After all, the competition carried certain weight. The dance machine score accounted for 80% and the remaining 20% ​​was determined by the judges.

The scoring was based on the coordination and beauty of the contestant’s movements.

Up, down, down, left, right, right, left, left, up, down, down.

At the time of the climax, Yan Han completely mastered the skills of the dancing machine. Only then did he believe Xiao Wu’s words. He hadn’t played it before. So he didn’t know that he could play this thing so well.

Dancing step by step, he was even more keen to dance now. Yan Han acted quite casually and self-consciously on the dancing machine.

A pair of slender and straight legs sometimes stretched and sometimes bent. Yan Han’s movements were fierce at this time, wide open and full of vigor and wildness.

It was just like the coolest street dance, but also like the most unrestrained folk dance. However, his body was soft and charming. His pedaling and arm movements had their own amorous feelings, like the colorful clouds dyed by the setting sun, fiery, soft, and gorgeously red.

With his movements, his short and dark hair flew freely in the air, sometimes exposing a face that was astonishing to the public. And in coordination with his movements, he seemed to be the most rigid and at the same time the most flexible existence in the world.

No one knew how he combined this kind of rigidity and softness, but he did it in a partial way.

The noise in the video game city and other participants on the dancing machine seemed to have become the background board. People unconsciously turned their eyes on Yan Han.

“Fuck ! It’s the first time I’ve seen such a…professional person playing a dance machine.”

“…Obviously he is so expressionless, but he is so handsome!”

“Who said that he is expressionless? It is called a confident expression. He must be a great god! If anyone can stay till the end, I bet on him!”

When others were discussing, Wen Juerong naturally did not let go of this opportunity-taking pictures of his Brother Yan at 270 degrees without dead ends.

OYE OYE OYE, this group of photos was absolutely compelling to put on the anonymous forum. His Brother Yan can also build his own buliding! By then, as Brother Yan’s lead fan, he will be proud. Who else can get this kind of first-hand resource like him? !

The ”Lead Fan” couldn’t help but smirk in his heart while taking crazy pictures.

At the end of the climax, Yan Han put on a final pose while steadily stepping on the keys.

The audience immediately bursted with series of exclamations.

“My goodness, where did this fairy brother came from, so handsome! So handsome!”

“Who said it is a little brother, I think this is a little sister, look at her, she looks so good!”

Because he was so beautiful, it was difficult to distinguish him between male and female. Even the judges below couldn’t help but pass on Yan Han’s registration form to see if he was male or female.

Unfortunately, in order to save time, only half of the audition documents were available.

After finishing the final pose of the last track, the song ended. Then the dancing machine started scoring.

Yan Han came down from the stage panting slightly. His face was a bit dark. He couldn’t help feeling very tired.

He would never have panted if he simply had to dance on the dance machine.

But he had to dance for more than a minute. Then he had to step on an accurate point and maintain a graceful posture and smooth movements, showing the judges and audiences a three-hundred-sixty degree illusion of beauty without dead ends. He worked hard!

“Hey, brother Yan, you are so handsome!” Wen Juerong squeezed into the crowd with a face of an idiot boy. He squeezed to Yan Han’s side and took out a handkerchief from his pocket, “Brother Yan, quickly wipe your sweat, you worked hard!”

Yan Han: “…”

As soon as he immersed himself on the dancing machine, he actually didn’t know what was going on.

He didn’t understand why many people were surrounding him.

Fortunately, the score of the dancing machine came out quickly. Yan Han was a little nervous seeing the score on the screen showing 93 points.

This song was not difficult. The rhythm was also very slow. It could even be said to be too simple.

But even though he didn’t fell a single note, there were few who didn’t achieve super perfection because of the wrong timing, and only got average or not too bad evaluation. That’s why he got such a score.

In Yan Han’s view, this kind of problem could actually be avoided. As long as he was skilled enough.

Because of this, in his mind, other people’s scores were likely to be higher than him.

This is why he paid more attention to the sensory effects brought by temperament and coordination of hands and feet.

However, although he only scored 93 points, the result was unexpected.

He still successfully advanced to the competition.

“Brother Yan! Congratulations!”

Wen Juerong looked happier than him.

“Thank you.” Yan Han was still very happy. He passed the first round of audition which meant that he was one step closer to the prize.

He stretched out his long arms and grabbed Wen Juerong’s neck and said, “Let’s go, Brother will treat you to drink juice.”

“Got it ! Brother .” Wen Juerong had become accustomed to Yan Han joking with him like this. He twisted his sturdy body and followed Yan Han with a grin.” You must treat me. If you’ll win the first place, you’ll have to buy me milk tea!”

Even if things were over today, the semi-finals wouldn’t start until the audition was over, which meant that even if he could earn the prize money, he wouldn’t get it for a while.

But it didn’t matter. Yan Han had no big ambitions now. He still had some living expenses in his hands. As long as he can earn tuition and living expenses before the next semester, everything was okay.

Yan Han left but the audition of competition had to continue.

It’s just that the number of onlookers as the past few games has not changed much, but some have gone.

The first dance was too beautiful. So when they looked at the other players, they weren’t so excited.

“Let’s go too.” Lin Jianlu said.

“Oh.” Su Linpei said, “Boss, are you going for business purpose? Take me to see too!”

The Lin family’s education method was quite unique. Lin Jianlu took over the certain part of the family business as soon as he entered the high school this year.

Today he was going to meet with a client.

“Then let’s go together.” Lin Jianlu said.

All in his mind was Yan Han who had danced just now.

He always felt that the person on the dancing machine was not the same person he usually saw in school.

…It should be more than just the change in clothing.

Thinking about it this way, it’s even more interesting.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Lin Jianlu was asked by the client to meet in the bar.

The bar was a downtempo bar opened by the client himself. It was relatively formal and minors could not go there.

But the owner personally invited Lin Jianlu over to play.

They decided to meet here at this time because the client had a personal relationship with Lin Jianlu and wanted to invite him to have fun.

Lin Jianlu, who had changed his school uniform, had a calm expression on his face. His temperament was outstanding. When he entered the door, people would only look at him secretly and no one thought about him being an adult.

On the contrary, Su Linpei, who was next to him, had a very tender face, which attracted the attention of some people.

“What do you want, sir?” The two entered the private room, but the client hadn’t arrived yet.

Su Linpei pulled the menu and looked at a bit before putting his finger on a glass of light blue cocktail. Just when he wanted to ask for this, Lin Jianlu said, “Juice.”


“Okay, sir, what kind of juice do you want? We now have orange juice, strawberry and blueberry juice, apple and carrot…”

“Whatever.” Lin Jianlu said.

“Then give me the apple and carrot one” Su Linpei was crying.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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