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TYFWWC Chapter 17

It’s normal for a young girl in her prime to inevitably have a time when she is tempted by people. Luo Wenlong was a relatively outstanding student in their class.

The warm and gentle temperament of the other party is set off by the misty atmosphere around, making it even more sore and refined.

“Yan Han” was tempted by such a boy…

Originally, she only had a slight affection. But coincidentally she and Luo Wenlong were fellow villagers and they also signed up for the same cram school during their winter vacation.

And she found out that Luo Wenlong would look at her secretly when she was in class.

When she used to lift her head occasionally, she used to find that the other party happened to glance away from her at the same time.

There were too many such times. “Yan Han” would inevitably have some thoughts in her mind.

Not to mention when it got dark early in the evening, sometimes Luo Wenlong used to take the initiative to send her home.

“Yan Han” was originally a person with little self-confidence, but Luo Wenlong’s actions gave her encouragement.

Even from the perspective of Yan Han’s bystanders, it seemed that he deliberately guided and hinted at her.

After the school started, “Yan Han” finally plucked up the courage to write a love letter to the male god in her mind. After receiving the love letter, the male god seemed completely unaware of this.

All the ambiguity before disappeared, “Yan Han” only then knew that Luo Wenlong had another white moonlight[dream girl] in his heart. He had only noticed herself and deliberately seduce her to rely on her to find confidence.

The girl was heartbroken.

“Hey, wait!” Yan Han interrupted the playback of this memory, “You tell me what that skill means first.”

[[The Hundred Billionaires Project]? 】


Yan Han was thinking about it when he first heard the name.

Hundreds of billions! How many people’s dream is to achieve that!

But at this moment, in order to tease Xiao Wu, he deliberately bared his teeth: “Lao Zi always should see first if this task is worth doing or not, right?”

Xiao Wu really took a deep breath: [Even at this time to help the original owner get justice…How can you be so indifferent? ! 】

“Everyone here is an adult. Have you ever heard of only doing profitable things?”

【Humph! 】

Xiao Wu hummed and hummed, but he still had professional ethics.

The translucent light screen appeared in front of Yan Han again–

[[Hundred Billionaires Project]: Binding skills. After binding, the system will provide the most superior and comprehensive technical advice for the host to become a billionaire based on the host’s situation without violating the mission of this world…]


Asking him to do such a long term thing to provide him with just an idea to make a fortune as a reward?????

He had thought…

But this skill was pretty good. After all, there were so many ways to make a fortune and sometimes only one idea was missing to make it big.

That’s it, let’s continue to look at the task.

Yan Han smirked.

…He didn’t like to refuse anything without doing anything.

But why was this love letter posted on the bulletin board? !

And this love letter was already written two weeks ago!

Yan Han’s task was to vent his anger for the original owner.

In fact, even if he hadn’t really gotten any reward for this, he would have care about this. Not to mention that the original person has now became him. Even if it was simply because he couldn’t swallow the breath, he must have picked this job.

During the lunch break, the school bulletin board was full of people.

Yan Han went over with cold face. When someone saw him, they couldn’t help but point him.

“As soon as she wrote a love letter to someone, she turned her head and hooked up with other boys. I have never seen such a bitch.”

“Hey, such a beautiful young lady, I didn’t expect that she was such a person…”

“Isn’t it forbidden to fall in love in school? I don’t know if the teachers know it.”

“Everyone, move! ! !” Yan Han pushed aside the crowd. He was taller than the average person watching the excitement in front of the bulletin board. At this moment, he straightened his face and didn’t look irritable. When others saw him coming, they all fell silent.

“Brother Yan, you finally came!” Wen Juerong breathed a sigh of relief. Before that, he was like a little chicken with paws that didn’t know what to do.

In addition to panicking for Yan Han, he was also shocked.

He never expected that his brother Yan, who was like a rough man, could write love letters to other boys? !

Of course, not only him, but Yan Han himself didn’t expect it.

He walked to the bulletin board and found that the two-page love letter posted on it was indeed written by his pen.

…The stuff this system does is pretty decent.

In addition to the love letter, there were also few photos. Some of them were him standing with Lin Jianlu in Lin Jianlu’s coat, some of them were him laughing and joking with other boys such as Wen Juerong and even just now he and Wei Ningxin’s picture of playing basketball?

This information was updated in time too!

Standing in front of the bulletin board, Yan Han chuckled lightly. He looked particularly indifferent, completely light-hearted.

His perfect and radiant beauty allowed him to maintain a beautiful appearance at 360 degrees without dead ends, attracting the goodwill of the onlookers. No matter how nasty they thought of him before, they would still have a moment of emotion in their heart about this person’s appearance and doubt the truth of the matter.

Because the plot was hidden, the system gave some background hints. Yan Han could also roughly guess who did it.

Luo Wenlong was usually quite guy in the class. He has always been quiet, so quiet that there was no sense of his existence.

If it weren’t for his good studies and no one wanted to take the position of the Academic Committee member, he would have been an unknown person.

But even such a person secretly had a favorite person in his heart.

He had a crush on Wang Yanxin from Class 18, that was, the little sister of Yu Jing. So when he received the love letter, he was overwhelmed, but he did not accept the confession of “Yan Han”.

As for who on earth posted this love letter after so long and why did that person did this, you have to ask Luo Wenlong himself.

Yan Han hadn’t bother about the surrounding voices and then he turned around to leave. He wanted to confront Luo Wenlong.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he turned around, he ran into a figure taller than him.

Wearing a neat school uniform, Lin Jianlu pursed his thin lips slightly, with a serious expression.

Looking at each other for three seconds, Yan Han couldn’t stand it and asked first: “Why are you here?”

Lin Jianlu walked past him, opened the outer glass of the bulletin board directly with the key, and raised his hand to tear off the two pages of love letters inside.

He was tall and could do this easily.

After finishing it, he pulled down the photos of Yan Han and squeezed it in his hand. The two-paged love letter was only slightly folded and returned to Yan Han intactly.

After doing all this, he said to him: “Come with me.”

He then turned around and left.

Everyone: ! ! !

Yan Han: ? ? ?

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhho everyone, hurry back and return to eat. Then rest after eating!” After Yan Han and Lin Jianlu left, Lin Jianlu’s younger buddy Su Linpei stayed and took care of the rest. The first step was to evacuate all the students who were around the bulletin board.

“The school doesn’t allow dating, how should this matter be handled?” Some people were evacuated and left, but there were also good believers or gossiping people who refused to leave. They wanted to stay and see how they dealed with this matter.

“What are you talking about?” Su Linpei glanced around with his eyes.

“Schools doesn’t allow having partners! Now the culprit was taken away by you guys, are you guys thinking to just leave her alone?” Someone in the crowd asked with a stubborn neck.

There were always people in this world who were too idle to watch the excitement and wanted to fall into trouble.

“Hey.” Su Linpei touched his chin. “That love letter was probably a fake one, and it can’t be used as evidence. Besides, whom are you saying to, that has a partner here? Who has it?”

Full marks in public relations skills.

He really couldn’t think of any rhetorical question when he asked the people around him like this. Although that sloppy female student[YH] had an affair with Lin Jianlu recently, the few photos actually proved nothing.

The two of them didn’t even hold their hands in the photo.

“It can be said that Lin Jianlu took her away because it was too embarrassing.” At this time someone said again.

“Yeah… Two people should speak clearly first after encountering this kind of thing…”

In this way, everyone who watched the excitement understood why Lin Jianlu had taken the girl away.

Actually, it’s strange to think about it. They just saw Lin Jianlu personally take her out of the crowd. They didn’t know why they subconsciously thought he wanted to protect her…

Was Lin Jianlu’s expression while tearing the love letter too calm? Still the eyes were too firm, full of trust and maintenance…

In the corner of the school, the two people who were talking alone were walking in one direction with their long legs. Lin Jianlu asked Yan Han, “Is it convenient for me to see it?”

Yan Han: “See what?”

“That love letter.” Lin Jianlu said with complicated emotions.

“Oh, here.” Yan Han didn’t think much, and passed it to him directly.

After receiving the letter, Lin Jianlu read it rapidly.

After reading it, his expression didn’t change a bit, but he took a look at Yan Han and said, “I didn’t expect you to write so well.”

Yan Han: “…”

Just now, all he thought about was who was doing this to him!

It really caused trouble to Lao Zi.

At this moment, after hearing these words, he cleaved his hands back and took back the love letter. He really didn’t know what was written on it.

The memory only told him that there was a love letter. The specific details were hazy, and he couldn’t remember what “Yan Han” wrote on it.

Now he looked down… Actually, it’s nothing. The paper was full of shy emotions of girls, expressing some concern and admiration for Luo Wenlong, and hinting whether he could further develop their friendship and so on…

Not to mention, it looked so simple, but he really couldn’t write this stuff if he wanted to write it.

“You guys are really sincere in your job. The writing style is good.” Yan Han said to Xiaowu.

[It’s just fine, so so. ] Xiao Wu said very modestly.

Yan Han: “…”

“Will you believe me if I say this thing wasn’t written by me?” He turned his head and asked Lin Jianlu again.

“Yeah.” Lin Jianlu said, “I believe you.”

Yan Han: “…”

He went silent again. He hadn’t expect the other party to believe it. He also hadn’t intend to explain.

But now Lin Jianlu believed him so easily, and instead left Brother Yan silent.

“I’m going to find that Luo Wenlong.” Yan Han said again.

“Yeah.” Lin Jianlu: “Let’s split up. There is surveillance on the bulletin board. The photos and love letters should have been posted just now. I’ll check them out.”


The two separated on the junction in front of the teaching building, and each walked aside.

After walking for a few steps, Yan Han was almost walking into the teaching building. Yan Han suddenly realized: Wait, so this Lin Jianlu was helping him solve the case now?

Unconditionally, he came to help him without even asking what was going on?

God knew when he was just taken away by Lin Jianlu, he thought he was going to be taken to the dean’s office!

Thinking about it this way, this big brother Lin was really loyal.

He must also have wanted to solve the matter before it became a big deal.

It has to be said that although Luze High School had strict school rules and the disciplinary committee members were more likely to be there, they were quite humane.

If Lin Jianlu was unreasonable or was too lazy to tell right from wrong, he could just have rush him to the school bulletin board, which was enough for Yan Han to choke from embarassment.

Yan Han felt better after realizing Lin Jianlu’s kindness.

He ran upstairs in either two steps or three steps and ran back to the 17th class. Seeing that Luo Wenlong was not in it, everyone should have gone to eat now. There was no one in the classroom at all, so he simply took advantage of this time. He went to the storage room and changed the clothes back.

When Yan Han walked out of the storage room with the skirt just put on, Wen Juerong and others also happened to return to the class.

“Brother Yan!” Wen Juerong called him as soon as he saw him, “Are you okay? You scared me to death! That Lin Jianlu didn’t do anything to you, right!”

“…What can he do to me?” Yan Han was stunned.

“yeaaah yeaaah.” Wen Juerong was a little bit embarrassed, saying that he was thinking too much. He had even automatically made up for the fact that the heroine was bullied and the hero came and rescued her exposing his love for her, this kind of dog blooded cliche drama!

Yan Han: “…”

Dog-blooded drama harms teenagers. Watch it less, brother.

The two stood in the storage room and talked for a while. Yan Han’s eyes were always fixed on the direction of the class door.

The number of people returning from dinner soon increased and he quickly found Luo Wenlong among these people.

“Luo Wenlong! Stand there for Lao Zi!” Yan Han uttered a voice. Luo Wenlong and the group of people around him stopped.

Luo Wenlong, who used to be alone, was no longer alone this time, which was quite strange.

Yan Han looked at Yu Jing and the boys and girls from Class 18 next to him and he instantly understood the outline.

He walked in their direction. The other party seemed to be waiting for him. Except for Luo Wenlong, the others were all waiting for a good show.

Facing the eyes of these people, Yan Han asked straightforwardly: “Let’s talk about it, what’s the matter? Why did that love letter appeared on the school bulletin board?”

His attitude was carefree. His words were straightforward and there was no evasiveness at all. Even his tone of voice was full of suspicion. It seemed that he was not affected by this incident at all, but was just asking the truth.

This kind of reaction made Yu Jing and others who had already thought about the script extremely unexpected.

When normal people’s love letters and group photos with other people are hung on the bulletin board, when people are watching it and verbally attacking you, calling you a bitch, their reaction should not be like ……. so contemptuous, right?

“Yan Han! Do you even feel ashamed!”

Yu Jing yelled and winked at a girl next to her. The girl immediately said, “That’s right! You wrote a love letter to Luo Wenlong, and hooked up with other boys, you, you are so playgirl… you don’t feel ashamed at all!”

As if they had planned it in advance, once someone opened her mouth, the rest of the people also scolded him. Even the boys around Yu Jing “tsk” a few times.

Being humiliated in public like this is definitely unbearable for ordinary people.

But Yan Han had already walked in front of Luo Wenlong when they started cursing. His eyes were almost at him. His exquisite face hid a fierce and ruthless spirit. He almost looked back at Luo Wenlong without holding back a step.

Yan Han said every word clearly: “I’m asking you what’s going on.”

His aura was too amazing. The fierceness on his body made people feel as if Luo Wenlong would be swallowed up if he doesn’t answer this question.

The hesitation in Luo Wenlong’s eyes became even stronger.

“What’s going on? You don’t know what you have done yourself and you still have the face to ask?” Yu Jing did not look at Yan Han. Although she was a little bit scare at the moment but she was domineering and was not allowed to be scared just like that.

“Why should people not point you when you are in wrong? Before blaming others, I advise you to see yourself first!”

“Yes, exactly.”

The corridor at the door of Class 17 was now full of people. Most of these people have just returned after watching the excitement on the bulletin board. They were all informed what happened here by other classmates. So naturally, they knew what had happened.

At this moment, the situation was falling to one side. Many people agreed with Yu Jing’s words. Only a small number of people felt that posting other people’s love letters was too much.

With the support of a huge group of people, Yu Jing became even more vigorous: “We just wanted to post your love letter and let everyone see what kind of person you are!”

“So you really posted this love letter?” Yan Han asked.

“So what?” Yu Jing said bitterly.

At this time, under her repeated instructions, Luo Wenlong said: “I originally liked you a little bit, but I didn’t expect you to be such a person.”

There was disappointment in his tone, although he still didn’t dare to look directly at Yan Han.

This made Yan Han want to laugh a little for no reason.

They did a good job at planning. The person she liked was playing trick on herself from the beginning to the end, using herself to find a sense of existence, deceiving her feelings but hanging out the love letters she wrote and publicly humiliating her. If this matter was really to be taken seriously, it could be said that ”Yan Han” would have been really ruined by them.

But when it came to Yan Han, he just felt funny.

……It’s really funny.

In the past, he was considered to be a handsome man and had never encountered such a thing. The Eldest Brother didn’t expect when he was given a second chance, he was trapped in…what should it be called? In the gossip door?

He shook his head helplessly, and suddenly felt that this was youth.

“You, what are you laughing at?” a girl behind Yu Jing asked.

Obviously, the corners of his lips were only slightly raised and the smile was also very beautiful and quiet. But at this moment, Yan Han’s smile made the person on the other side shudder.

Yan Han felt that the game should be over now. He took out the two pages of love letters from his pocket, held them up high, and said, “I didn’t wrote this love letter.”

“How is it possible?” Yu Jing retorted first, “The handwriting on it is yours! The signature is yours, and you gave it to Luo Wenlong yourself!”

Yu Jing’s reaction was even greater than that of the person involved. Now, everyone vaguely realized who was playing with whom.

The truth surfaced, but Yan Han couldn’t figure it out. He had previously just embarassed Yu Jing a little, so the other party held a grudge against him? But was it necessary to play such a big drama to just humiliate him?

He had doubts in his mind but Yan Han didn’t reveal anything on the surface.

As for this letter, it was written by the original owner, but he really didn’t wrote it. So, Yan Han really wasn’t telling a lie.

At this time, he said seriously: ”I really wasn’t the one who wrote it. You can compare the handwriting carefully. Although this handwriting is very similar, you can’t change one’s writing habits. For example, when I draw horizontal stroke, I like to pause the pen in front of the corner. For example, when I draw the horizontal bending character, I never write the last hook.”

Just now when Lin Jianlu said that his writing was good, he had taken a look at it. He didn’t know if it was set deliberately by the system, but the words looked similar to his, but the details were completely different.

Yan Han wouldn’t find out if this matter was set aside, after all, he hadn’t used a pen to write for many years.

But he has been studying hard these days! Two strokes of ”dog 狗” character that he had almost forgotten in the past were also picked up by him, but he didn’t expect all of them to come in handy here.

“But you can’t prove that this letter was not written by you. What if you did it on purpose?” someone on the other side asked rhetorically.

Yan Han: “I deliberately changed my writing habits? Is it because I thought that someone would put my letter on the bulletin board in the future?”

He pretended to be puzzled, and his eyes were full of innocence, with a sense of purity, which made the people around him waver. They couldn’t help feeling that what he said was reasonable.

The “Thinking Tank” behind Yu Jing looked at each other. At this time, Yu Jing smiled and said, “If you really didn’t wrote it, who wrote it then? Who is so bored to do so many things to deliberately frame you?”

“That even I don’t know.” Yan Han shrugged.

He endured the psychological resistance and started today’s performance: “Maybe someone is unwilling to be rejected by me and wants to blame me.”

“Fuck! What are you talking about!” Yu Jing and others didn’t expect him to beat them so well, obviously…

“Luo Wenlong and I are fellow villagers. He has already hinted that he was interested in me more than once. Don’t you know? We went to cram school together during winter vacation. He often looks back at me during class, and often asks for sending me home.”

At the beginning, he was extremely uncomfortable with these words. This eldest brother before could have only used his hands to deny everything.

But now this was a new environment. Luze High School strictly prohibited fighting behaviors. It was too stupid to do things that harmed himself.

Fortunately, he got used to talking, and Yan Han got more and more energetic as he spoke.

He patted his chest and said cheekily, pretending to be innocent: “But I just want to study hard, how could I take him as a partner?”

The words that came out of Yan Han’s mouth felt very real. Remembering his completion of classworks and homeworks in the past two days, the eyes of the people in Class 17 glanced at Luo Wenlong’s.


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