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TYFWWC Chapter 16

Yan Han did not know what Lin Jianlu thought when he heard the word ”girlfriend”.

Anyway, he had a lot of goose bumps.

At this time, Lin Jianlu had put his arm down. He glanced at Yan Han and seemed to have guessed what happened to him. Then he looked at Wei Ningxin and said, “She feels uncomfortable and has already given up. Why should you continue to make things difficult for her?”

“No…” Wei Ningxin felt even more angry. Although he was a little jealous of Lin Jianlu’s family background and didn’t want to have anything to do with this person, but at the moment he couldn’t control it and launched a rampant: “Are disciplinary committee members also responsible for the game?”

The implication was that Lin Jianlu was being nosy.

Yan Han felt a little embarrassed when Wei Ningxin said that.

His own business should have been originally resolved by himself. Lin Jianlu, who was still protecting him was being mocked by others. Can he still be counted as a man!

Yan Han wanted to stand up and speak but was blocked by Lin Jianlu again.

Lin Jianlu turned his body and he was separated from Wei Ningxin. Yan Han heard Lin Jianlu say: “She feels uncomfortable, you won, so what else do you want?”

“Oh??? Even after being like this, you still dare to say she is not your girlfriend? Are school discipline committee members allowed to fall in love early?” Wei Ningxin used words to embarrass him deliberately.

Lin Jianlu was still as silent as ever not even bothering to answer as if he didn’t care about what the other party said.

This time Wei Ningxin was even more surprised.

He was surprised that this facially paralysed man who was also a cleanliness freak had a girlfriend and he was even more surprised that his girlfriend was Yan Han!

The girl’s strength, maverick personality and dazzling appearance were all eye-catching at the first half of basketball game. If it wasn’t for him losing, Wei Ningxin would have a good impression of such a person.

Who didn’t like beauties, especially those with personality and outstanding strength.

He was just angry before, but knowing that this beauty was already someone else’s girlfriend… Wei Ningxin only felt some complicated emotions for a while.

Of course, Wei Ningxin was not the only one who was surprised.

The students who were onlookers of the few other classes, including the first and second grades, were all blown up at the moment.

It was originally just a gossip caused by some secretly taken photos on anonymous forums. Looking at it, only two days have passed.

No one really thought that Lin Jianlu had anything to do with this girl.

But now!

“If you look carefully, she is really beautiful. If I were a boy, I would also like to develop a revolutionary friendship with her.” A female classmate in the audience said with her sparkling eyes.

“Don’t be discouraged, you can be a lesbian for her.”

“Hey, that Elder Sister[YH] should also like me for that.”

“Don’t even talk about it, I was still thinking it was just a gossip yesterday. Who could make Lin Jianlu be tempted! Now that I see that person… this old lady is finally convinced.”

There was also a discussion going on the other side: “But this young lady is from Class 17, oh…good-looking is good-looking, but isn’t her character too wild? And she is also not good at study, how can she be worthy of my male god?”

“I also think so. It can be that the male god is just playing with her, woo woo woo damn it! I should be the first love of the male god!”

Gong Yuxue was standing very close to the rest area. She saw Lin Jianlu walk over to defend that person and saw Lin Jianlu not denying their relationship… She could not help but squeeze her fist severely. Her gritted teeth was all on the verge of breaking. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She retreated directly from the crowd.

“Didn’t you say that Lin Jianlu will be disgusted with that person as long as he sees her playing?”

The girl next to her was shocked: “That was… I originally thought it was just a casual game. Boys and girls grabbing the ball together to create sparks and isn’t it normal to show affection during…Who would have thought that they were playing real games? …”

The biggest breakthrough was that Wei Ningxin even lost two goals at halftime!

“What should I do now!” Gong Yuxue said grimly.

Her facial features were fairly well-coordinated. She usually dressed up and talked with exquisite manners, very goddess style.

It’s just that her pale and hideous face made her look a little horrible, completely different from the expression that a student of this age should have.

“Now…” The best friend was said to be Gong Yuxue’s best friend, but it was not an exaggeration to say that she was just Gong Yuxue’s dog. Her family also depended on the Gong family. She has been helping Gong Yuxue with advice since she was a child. She was also the one that suggested Gong Yuxue to volunteered in the orphanage, and she did a lot of effort.

But just like that, she was still a little afraid of her.

After thinking, that best friend said, “Oh, I got it. Didn’t you say that Lin Jianlu didn’t respond to a fight yesterday when he saw her fight with someone? Then we can’t be sure he likes her. Since we can’t mess her with this…then we’ll just give her something else.”

Seeing that Lin Jianlu didn’t speak, Yan Han couldn’t bear the rustling discussions around him anymore.

Although he quite liked him, he had no interest in puppy love at all!

No points are added for that stuff.

Yan Han also understood why Lin Jianlu didn’t speak. This was how it was. The more you explain, the more you’ll be digging a pit for yourself.

He simply said to Wei Ningxin, “So can I go now?”

Then he went back to ask his physical education teacher for leave: “Teacher, I have to go to the school infirmary.”

The physical education teacher was still in a daze. It was unknown what had happened to him.

But seeing Yan Han’s complexion a little pale, and apparently still sweating, she couldn’t help feeling nervous: “Are you all right?”

Wei Ningxin only realized the seriousness of the matter when he heard that he was going to the school infirmary.

He just lost the match and couldn’t let it go, but if he continued to fight, he might not necessarily be able to win. He got a reason to retreat: “Like seriously! If you were uncomfortable, you should have said it earlier, our first friendly match is just ruined like that!”

Yan Han didn’t feel very well and didn’t want to overemphasize his injury. A student suffered a knife injury. It was a bit shocking. He ignored Wei Ningxin and only rolled up his sleeves to show the physical education teacher the gauze on his arm. He said that he just accidentally scratched it during the weekend.

There was sweat on his arm and a trace of blood leaked from the gauze, which looked a little serious.

The physical education teacher quickly approved it.

As soon as he heard that he was going to the school hospital, Wen Juerong and his friends urged Yan Han to go with them. But they were all smacked by the physical education teacher: “Why are you guys going with her? Find two girls from your class…”

“No need.” Yan Han covered his arm, “I’ll just go by myself.”

As he said, he went straight to the school infirmary without letting anyone follow.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“Yes, what happened to her?”

There was another discussion going on. Not knowing what was going on, others curiously leaned over to ask Wen Juerong.

Injury was a trivial matter to Yan Han. He hadn’t mentioned it to anyone. So even the number one younger brother Wen Juerong didn’t know the real situation.

Wen Juerong touched his plump chin, glanced at Lin Jianlu in the field, and said uncertainly: “Maybe it’s because of her menstruation period…”


Inside the bright and sunny school infirmary, Li Hongqing changed Yan Han’s gauze once and scolded: “I asked you to change the medicine every other day, which means that the wound I bandaged can definitely last for two days. But you actually went to play the ball. ?!”

Xiao Wu also put the sledgehammer on the ground, adding : [Now that the wound is open, are you satisfied? Don’t blame me if it leaves scars…]

Yan Han was caught in the middle of the two big speakers and was stunned. He bowed his head and made the final struggle: “It’s beacause Teacher Li, your medicine is so good. After I went up, I completely forgot that I had a wound on my arm.”

“Don’t blame it here!” Li Hongqing said that he wouldn’t take this bullshit. “No matter how good the medicine is, it won’t be able to withstand the toss of you! You are smashing Laozi’s signboard. Don’t say that it was me who treated you when you go out. Yeah!”

Yan Han blinked dumbfounded: “Who shall I talk to when I go out?”

“You don’t know this, I’m also a well-known figure in the medical world.”

“But still came to the school infirmary to work?”

“…You get lost from Laozi!”

Yan Han laughed.

It was a bit painful to re-apply the medicine. Especially the wound was teared open, so Yan Han had to forcibly endured it.

At this moment, if you ask him about his truth, he’ll probably say everything out.

Ohhoo Big Brother was so good in this respect, how could he say everything out.

Tolerating the pain of changing gauze, Yan Han asked Xiao Wu about his performance just now in order to distract.

【It was OK. 2 points were added for running during physical eduacation class and 9 points for playing basketball. Total of 11 points were added in ‘Body’. In addition, one point was also added in ‘Morality’, which is a compliment for the correct attitude in class. 】

Yan Han: “Ohho! Thank you Brother Wu.”

He had already figured out the rules. The development of several other achievements would give the “Morality” some bonus points.

As for the “Body” points, Yan Han can only say that he didn’t play the ball in vain. So he will do the same in physical education classes in the future.

…The condition was to take care of the injury first and not leave scars.

Under Xiao Wu’s fierce eyes, Yan Han thought so.

After changing the medicine, Yan Han went to the toilet on the spot.

At this time, the school had already rang the bell, and the lunch break had began. The students successively walked out of the teaching building or had meals or went out.

Yan Han flipped his cell phone bored in the toilet. The first thing he saw was Wen Juerong sending him a message, asking him whether he should bring him lunch.

Thinking about going to the cafeteria to eat later, Yan Han politely said that he didn’t need it. He sincerely expressed his gratitude to this warm-hearted little brother who understood him.

Immediately after swiping his finger down, he found that the red envelope he sent to Lin Jianlu yesterday, had not been yet received.

He didn’t answered or replied Yan Han, as if he hadn’t seen this message at all.

…Maybe the school’s disciplinary committee member was busy and didn’t looked at the phone at all, right?

Hovering his finger on the screen for a moment, he realized that the school rules stipulate that students could not use mobile phones inside the school. Yan Han did not dare to send him a message asking what was going on, so he could only put the mobile phone away.

Standing up, lifting his pants and flushing the toilet, Yan Han’s movements were completed in one go.

He washed his hands and muttered as he pushed the door out: “Hey, do you know about that Lin…”

Yan Han raised his head. His voice stopped abruptly.

He heard a voice outside. The voice belonged to a woman, and it wasn’t just a single voice…

Yan Han walked out of the room. The few people in the room except Li Hongqing were all female teachers. One of them was his own young Chinese teacher…

The people on the opposite seemed to have no idea that there was someone inside, so they all turned to look at him.

The Chinese teacher even recognized him: “Yan Han? What’s wrong with you?”

“This student was injured and came to the school infirmary. I bandaged him. Oh, let’s not talk about it. Come and see the sleeping mask I used recently. I’m telling you that the effect is really good! I applied the thin layer after applying essence in the evening, look at my face…”

Yan Han: “…”

Li Hongqing was gentle on the surface, but in private he was a bloody fierce monster who scolded him. Yan Han felt that this person was two faced guy. He hadn’t expected that he had other side of his aside from sharing makeup products.

God knew how shocked he was when he saw the other person wearing a white coat and pointing his finger at his face, showing off his skin proudly.

Did he just accidentally broke into… a women’s team?

“It’s okay if you’re fine.” The Chinese teacher came back to her senses and asked Yan Han to go to the cafeteria for dinner earlier. She then asked Li Hongqing what brand of sleeping mask that was.

The other teachers didn’t teach Yan Han, but they were attracted by his fair and moisturized skin. Afterall they were here to meet before dinner during lunch break. So they inevitably made jokes: “If only my face could be like her…………!”

“Really, look at her face, her skin is so pale and clear, she doesn’t have any acne or spots. It’s so nice to be young!”

Yan Han: “…”

Don’t say that.

He still has acne, isn’t it just because of this thing that Xiaowu gave him a smash in the morning?

It’s just that it’s hidden on the edge of the eyebrows. You guys just can’t see it.

Li Hongqing, who was strongly recommending sleeping masks said: “In fact, you have to start maintenance when you are young. You should start applying masks at this age. Colleagues, you must not slacken off just because you are young!”

His tone finally became serious and thoughtful.

Yan Han kept smiling obediently and said to Li Hongqing and the teachers: “Then I will leave first.”

Then he walked out of the door, twitching his mouth.

As soon as he walked out of the school infirmary and was about to walk to the cafeteria, the phone in his pants vibrated frantically.

After taking a look, it turned out that Wen Juerong sent him a video call again.

Yan Han hid in the corner of the corridor and risked his life to answer the video call and saw only a small part of Wen Juerong’s face on the screen.

“What’s the matter?”

“Brother Yan! Are you done there or not, hurry and come here to the school announcement board!”

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“You are done for ! The love letter you wrote to Luo Wenlong was posted on the bulletin board!”


Yan Han: “What?”

Wait a minute…Who is Luo Wenlong? !

He tried to integrate his memories. Yan Han finally remembered that the name of the student committee member of his class was called this?

So when did he wrote him a love letter!

[Oh, this is a setting, the story line happened before the host came, it is a hidden plot. ] Xiao wu said lightly.

Without realizing what was wrong with this, it even said with excitement in its voice:

[Congratulations to the host for triggering the [Girl’s Heart] side mission! After completing this task, you can obtain skill [The Hundred Billionaire Project]! 】

As Xiao Wu’s voice fell, it felt like the mist dissipated again and Yan Han’s “memory” of “Yan Han” once again appeared in Yan Han’s mind.

At the same time, Wen Juerong said: “There are also pictures of you, Lin Jianlu, and Wei Ningxin on it! Oh my mother fucking god, this is too much of a show… Come on, Brother Yan!”


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