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TYFWWC Chapter 18

“No…” Luo Wenlong showed panic again, “That’s not the case, don’t talk nonsense! This love letter was obviously given to me by you personally!”

Yu Jing and others were also very dumbfounded. The love letter was clearly written by her, but now it’s like someone put the UNO reverse card?

They have always planned and blamed others. This was the first time they have been so helpless to a person.

At this time, Yu Jing became more witty. She deliberately said: “I still think you wrote this love letter. You can look at the date on it, it’s clearly two weeks ago! Who will still set the date so exactly if it wasn’t……”

“Oh, you also know it was written two weeks ago.” Yan Han was waiting for this sentence, and he asked Luo Wenlong: “You said this love letter was given to you by myself, and that was also given to you two weeks ago?”

Luo Wenlong: “…Yes.”

Yan Han nodded and said, “Even if it was really written by me, why are you making it public two weeks later only and insinuating that I have no ethics and self-respect. Don’t you think it is too much?

“Right!” Some of the classmates who watched the excitement turned around, “I wrote a love letter to someone when I was in junior high school! That person didn’t agree, but I could still wait !”

“Yeah, where did his over confidence came from! He’s too narcissistic! Who is this boy!”

“In this way, it seems that this student is obviously someone who is leading the rhythm to ruin her! It’s too vicious! I’ve never talked to other people about what happened to my friends!”

“In any case, it is disrespectful to post letters written to him by others. Damn this man is crazy!”

The discussion was loud, and Luo Wenlong, who was a little introverted, flushed on the already irritated face.

Two weeks was not that long, at least he felt that way.

At first he just noticed the gaze that girl[YH] used to give him. He didn’t intend to “seduce” her deliberately.

But her eyes were too focused, fierce and lonely, which gave Luo Wenlong a faint sense of pride in his heart.

He liked to catch her attention. He liked her focused gaze when she looked at himself.

But he didn’t expect that the girl would really confess to him after school started, in the form of writing a love letter.

He always had a favorite girl in his heart, but he never dared to confess. Because he had no intention of falling in love during high school and…the courage.

He has been placed high hopes by his parents since he was a child. Although this high hope became a kind of pressure, which made him lose in the last placement test and enter the 17 class, Luo Wenlong never felt that he was a bad student.

He also did not allow himself to be a bad student with a puppy love.

Although he had also tried to think if his goddess came to confess to him whether he would accept it.

But obviously, this kind of exception would not happen to Yan Han anyway.

This girl…so ordinary…

So when he received the love letter, he decided to reject her decisively.

He had thought about the method of rejection, just assuming that nothing happened…it was to leave a little face for the other party.

But he never expected it, just after more than a week, this girl suddenly looked like a different person!

Not only the personality was much more cheerful, but also very beautiful!

Beautiful, fresh, blazing, dazzling.

Luo Wenlong’s gaze couldn’t help being attracted by her. He even began to think that the girl’s change was because of himself!

She wanted to attract his attention!

Being self satisfied like this, Luo Wenlong was floating with happiness all weekend.

But he didn’t expect…

However, after a weekend, the girl was rumored to have a scandal with the famous Staright A tyrant of the school!

Lin Jianlu, that Lin Jianlu……..

Although he didn’t want to admit it, but that Lin Jianlu had much better conditions than himself.

Luo Wenlong felt that he had been compared. He had a feeling that the girl he abandoned had found a better man. He even felt that he had been humiliated and felt so angry for the first time!

But he didn’t know what to do, until someone found him during Physical Education class…


The surrounding students started their attack. It didn’t matter who exactly wrote the letter at this time.

This is what Yan Han wanted to achieve.

And because this scene was a hidden plot, he also understood Luo Wenlong’s mood from the translucent screen in front of him. He couldn’t help feeling even more disgusting.

How could there be such a disgusting stinky person in this world? It didn’t matter whether he himself was better or not, had charisma or not, but he still wanted the best girl for himself, even deceiving feelings?

Damn, he really wanted to kick him now, what to do!

There were too many people around. Yan Han warned himself to be calm.

At the same time, he did not forget to give this stinky moron the final blow.

“Sorry, since you treated me this way first, then I will take this opportunity to make it clear to you all at once.” Stabilizing his mind, showing a pure smile, Yan Han said, “I really don’t like you. The person I like must be over 1.85 meters, have abdominal muscles, have a good-looking face, and have a strong body.”

Under the ongoing gossiping around him, Yan Han said his own taste.

What he said now was true.

The old virgin who had been single for so many years was not just because he was demanding and didn’t wanted to have casual sex.

Yan Han continued to add: “Oh, he must also study well, have a business, and be self-disciplined. I definitely won’t consider bad boy with no moral conduct. He should have a sense of justice, be serious, not being too rebellious…”

They’re all big people. Anyone could go to the disco bar to get drunk all night, but that’s really not cool.

The cool person was someone who could keep learning to keep fit every day.

The inhalation sound turned into an exclamation. Someone in the crowd said, “Fuck, I thought she was talking about Wei Ningxin, or someone else. Our school’s boys could also fit a lot of this conditions, but now it is only Lin Jianlu who meets this condition!”

Luo Wenlong’s face had changed from red to white. The person who liked him suddenly got together with a guy at the school’s male god level. He was already sad by what happened in the past two days, and now he was all alone and was compared to Lin Jianlu…

He had always wanted to study hard. But he always felt powerless, his grades plummeted, and he couldn’t compare to that Lin Jianlu.

Not to mention his[LJL] identity and family background…

Luo Wenlong’s whole person was feeling bad. Public opinion overwhelmingly believed that Yan Han was talking about Lin Jianlu, which made it even more unbearable for some people next to him.

Yu Jing had already been stunned before. They just wanted to step on Yan Han’s way. Unexpectedly, at this moment, Yan Han not only disclosed his conditions, and the conditions were also directed at Lin Jianlu. Lin Jianlu was a male god, how could she stand it? !

Standing infront of Lin Jianlu, let alone this person, even she dared not…

Yu Jing sneered, “Do you think you deserve it? Where do you think you look beautiful, and you still dare to think about Lin Jianlu?”

Yan Han didn’t know how this topic led to Lin Jianlu. The heaven and earth all could testify that he really didn’t want to find anyone in the school!

But at this moment, someone asked him where was he beautiful… I’m sorry but he was beautiful in every aspects!

Yan Han said blankly, “My face looks very good.”

Well, this was a fact.

“I am also in good shape.”

He was already pretty good before. Now after training even his abdominal muscles were appearing. He was quite confident about this.

Everyone: “…”

“Hahaha Brother Yan, you are so funny!”

When the onlookers were speechless for a while, Wen Juerong finally couldn’t help but laugh. He had been sweating for Yan Han just now. Now that the matter was completely reversed by Yan Han, his mood was relaxed.

Just say it! How could an extremely confident person like his Brother Yan like Luo Wenlong!

Even if the love letter was really written by his Brother Yan, he must have been playing because he wanted to fish out Luo Wenlong’s real face. Wasn’t that the exact case, that scumbag’s true face was caught out! It’s good to let people see his true face earlier!

Wen Juerong only felt that he admired Yan Han even more.

He laughed and found that the people next to him were also laughing. Some people were simply amused by Yan Han while watching the fun, while others were laughing.

“There are so many people who like Lin Jianlu, is she even worthy?”

“Yes, there are so many fans. Who wouldn’t regard him as a male god! She won’t be able to line up!”

“She really thought she could covet a male god just by taking two photos with Lin Jianlu? Do more research!”

On the cusp of the storm, the scene was once again out of control.

Yan Han was just casually mentioning it. He swears that there was no one in his mind when the two students asked for it. He really didn’t expect Lin Jianlu to be involved.

Shrugging helplessly, Yan Han didn’t care when others said he was just hopelessly desiring something he couldn’t achieve.

Even if he was, he was only desiring hopelessly to not reveal his gender.

Where can he dare to desire about the male god?

It’s boring.

Thinking about it like this made him very tired and a little lacking in interest.

Yan Han waved his hand indifferently. He just wanted to say that the excitement was finished and everytone should return. Unexpectedly, a clear voice suddenly sounded behind him:

“What are you doing? Loud noises are forbidden in the school building.”

The sound was not loud, but the noisy atmosphere became quiet in an instant.

Before Yan Han turned around, he was surrounded by Lin Jianlu’s own quiet aura. He knew where the opponent was now without looking.

—He’s right behind him.

So when did he appear? !

This was too embarrassing.


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