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TMSLCWP Chapter 9

The top handsome men in the beast world?

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 9: The top handsome men in the beast world?

Qiao Xi quickly dialed the fourth brother, and soon, the phone was picked up by the other side. However, the voice of that person was that of a stranger.

The voice was low and deep, it was obvious that this person was not the guard that went to the fox race with the fourth brother!

Qiao Xi asked timorously: “You are…”

“I’m the eldest prince of the fox race, Xing Luo.” The man’s voice was pleasant to the ears, and his speech was calm and relaxed, seemingly unhurried, thus sounding mellow and gentle, “Are you Qiao Xi?”

“Yes!” Qiao Xi asked nervously, “Excuse me, my fourth brother…how is he now?”

“He’s alright, don’t worry.” Xing Luo chuckled lightly, “He’s awake, eh….isn’t Qiao Xi alright now? Don’t blame him.”

The second half of the sentence was a bit distant. Obviously, Xing Luo was talking to someone else.

Qiao Xi’s fourth brother was receiving gene therapy at the fox race’s place. He had been laying in the treatment cabin for five years now, and only woke up once a week.

However, even if he was awake, he couldn’t open his eyes, speak nor move. He could only communicate with people through the brainwave device that came along with the treatment cabin. Therefore, whenever Qiao Xi contacted the fourth brother, there would be a guard who would act as a messenger between him and the fourth brother.

It stood to reason that tomorrow was the time that the fourth brother should wake up. Yet, the missed calls from the fourth brother were all during the day, and just now, Jing Yan had also reminded him to call his fourth brother. However, the one who was currently talking to him wasn’t the fourth brother but the fox prince.

So, what had happened?

Where was the guard that used to stay by the fourth brother’s side? Was it okay for him to wake up earlier than the time was set?

Qiao Xi was already in a mess.

Xing Luo reassured Qiao Xi’s fourth brother before he turned to continue on the phone with a helpless tone: “Your fourth brother had already known what happened to you, he wanted to ask you; after living with Jing Yan, why didn’t you contact him?”

“But…tomorrow is the time for my fourth brother to wake up.” Qiao Xi answered worriedly, “I thought there is no need to bother the fourth brother. Besides, I’m fine. Furthermore, I figured that he wouldn’t be aware of this matter yet…”

Qiao Xi assumed that after the fourth brother went to the fox race, he wouldn’t be able to know more about the situation here. But, it appeared that this wasn’t the case, his fourth brother had been paying attention to what had occurred here since the beginning…

“Qiao Xi, do you take your fourth brother as an outsider? It doesn’t matter if your fourth brother has to wake up in advance. Plus, what he wants to know the most is your problem.” Xing Luo paused, then he added, “You feel that you were bothering the guard before?”

Qiao Xi was silent.

Seeing that Qiao Xi didn’t speak, Xing Luo had already expected this outcome, so he sighed: “Your fourth brother often paid attention to your situation secretly. The guard revived the news on the day you were captured, but he didn’t wake your fourth brother up. He intended to let you contact your fourth brother tomorrow on your own. It was me who found out that the guard wasn’t quite right. You know, after knowing about this, your fourth brother was so furious that he was about to come out of the treatment cabin directly.”

“…” Qiao Xi opened his mouth, not knowing what to say for a while.

Since childhood, for Qiao Xi, the fourth brother was his closest person. Unfortunately, his fourth brother was in poor health, and he could only hold on until Qiao Xi turned thirteen. And in the end, he could only go to the fox race for the long term gene therapy.

Before leaving, the fourth brother told Qiao Xi that he could contact him once a week. If he had any trouble, Qiao Xi must tell the fourth brother immediately, and he shouldn’t carry it by himself. If it was an urgent matter, he could ask the guard to wake the fourth brother up instantly.

When Qiao Xi heard it, he had already regarded the fourth brother as his backbone. He would call his fourth brother once every week, talking about his life, his comfortable times and his grievances.

Later, Qiao Xi realized that the guard who usually acted as a messenger between him and the fourth brother became more and more impatient because of his calls.

Qiao Xi had suffered a lot of loathing from everyone since childhood. That disgust made him feel awkward to ask, so he chose not to inquire others about this question—why do you hate me so much? After all, the answer wasn’t difficult to guess. Soon afterwards, Qiao Xi understood that the guard felt hostility toward him because his calls might cause trouble to the fourth brother and affect his treatment.

When he was trying to understand the issue, Qiao Xi couldn’t describe how he had felt at that time.

Of course, he felt the same way as the guard, hoping that the fourth brother would be comfortable while treating his illness. Nevertheless, on the other hand, he felt upset that he had become the one who caused trouble to his fourth brother in other people’s eyes.

Qiao Xi didn’t want to argue with the guard. He spent some time adjusting his mental state. Although he still contacted his fourth brother, Qiao Xi had never again spoken about any of his problems like he did before.

It was similar this time. Originally, it wasn’t the time for his fourth brother to wake up yet. It was the guard who would answer the phone.

The other party might be the same as Qiao Xi, unwilling to wake his fourth brother up in advance for the current situation. Besides, the guard hated him, and it would be strange if the guard was concerned about his safety. So Qiao Xi thought he should contact the fourth brother after he got the new phone.

Unexpectedly, his fourth brother had already known about the matter beforehand. He had already contacted Jing Yan through the fox prince, and it was unmistakable that his fourth brother was worried about him…

Qiao Xi’s voice was hoarse: “I’m sorry…”

Xing Luo advised him calmly: “Next time if you encounter such a situation. You should know what to do, right? Also, when you found out that the guard wasn’t quite right, you should’ve notified your fourth brother immediately instead of going along with the other party. Qiao Xi, you are the prince, don’t forget your identity.”

Qiao Xi had been bullied to this degree. The person in the treatment cabin had only discovered the problem today, and he was so mad that he wanted to jump out of the cabin. Fortunately, he was able to calm the other party’s anger, or else, the five years of treatment would’ve been in vain.

Moreover, during these years, the guard also hadn’t derelict of his duty.

Although he restrained Qiao Xi from contacting his fourth brother, he had always followed his master’s instructions. Besides, after retrieving some news from the bird race, he had also solved many problems for Qiao Xi.

However, this time, the guard had been too much. He was unable to handle the matter, yet he still chose to conceal it from his master. This sort of incident shouldn’t have happened; the man in the treatment cabin was so angry that he dismissed the guard from the fox palace.

Qiao Xi asked softly: “Then my brother…”

“I’ll deal with this matter, you can rest assured.” Xing Luo replied faintly, “Furthermore, your fourth brother’s treatment has nearly come to an end, he can now stay awake every day, and it won’t take too long for him to leave the treatment cabin completely.”

The event that had occurred probably needed to be delayed until the person in the cabin could come out before it could be handled fully.

Qiao Xi’s eyes lit up.

His fourth brother…could leave the treatment cabin?!

“Qiao Xi, I have discussed this with your fourth brother. For some reason…before he recovers entirely, you should stay with Jing Yan for the time being, okay?” Xing Luo exhorted, “I have communicated with Jing Yan before, he is a person that can be trusted.”

“…Okay!” Qiao Xi had always listened to his fourth brother. Naturally, he wouldn’t inquire more, and said excitedly: “Then, can you tell my brother to receive the treatment well? And don’t…don’t be mad…”

Xing Luo laughed and agreed with him.

After the phone call ended, Qiao Xi became enthusiastic.

His fourth brother would come back soon! But, he was still worried about his fourth brother at this moment…

When Qiao Xi thought about it, his eyes flashed.

After sitting for a while, fixing his emotions, he opened the door. He ran to Jing Yan’s log cabin happily before knocking on the door.

The door was soon opened. Jing Yan was in his human form and apparently had just finished taking a bath. He was wearing a bathrobe, and the robe had loosened slightly, revealing a part of his chest.

The man was drying his hair with a towel, and the water was dripping on his sexy neck. When Jing Yan saw the person who was knocking on the door, he had already guessed in his heart why Qiao Xi was here.

Qiao Xi didn’t know what to say. He was fascinated by the love that he had received from his fourth brother and the way that Jing Yan cared for him. Hence, the little chicken threw himself over and hugged Jing Yan’s calf, while shouting: “Thank You!”

Jing Yan was startled, he was stunned by the soft touch on his calf. He scooped Qiao Xi over, before pressing the little chicken against his chest, and deeply said: “You have a good brother.”

Qiao Xi was caught off guard by this sudden event. He was somehow a bit perplexed.

He initially wanted to say a lot of things, yet after being pressed against Jing Yan’s chest, the little chicken’s mind suddenly became blank.

Jing Yan…Jing Yan’s muscles seemed to be more tremendous than Ke Lisi’s and Hei Yu’s!

Well, it was awesome!

Qiao Xi stammered: “My, my fourth brother will be coming out of the treatment cabin soon. So, I shouldn’t bother you for too long, during this period, I have to trouble you…”

Hearing this, Jing Yan froze.

Speaking of this—the phone call with the fox prince in the evening had been fine, but this was also what had upset him the most.

But, he couldn’t show it…

Jing Yan could only grind his teeth silently and forced a smile: “Actually, you can stay here forever if you want…”

When Qiao Xi heard this, he chuckled before he laughed out loud.

Jing Yan: “…”

No, he was not telling a joke, Qiao Xiaoxi!!!

No matter how Jing Yan screamed frantically in his heart, he still couldn’t do anything about it.

A week passed rather quickly. Finally, the day when the Leopard Queen came to the wolf palace had arrived.

And Qiao Xi also found a problem—

He asked: “…Why do you all have to become human?”

…Was there a rule in the wolf race that everyone who attended the important event must be in human form?

The little leopard, Ke Lisi replied: “Huh? Because it’s more convenient!”

Qiao Xi: “..”

But, the point was; he couldn’t change!

Qiao Xi was really depressed, and he muttered: “…I regret it, I don’t want to go…”

Jing Yan was rushing over while holding some small clothes. After hearing this, like he was struck by lightning, Jing Yan asked in shock: “You’re not going anymore?!”

Qiao Xi was stunned when he saw the small clothes in Jing Yan’s hand.

Jing Yan said with a broken heart: “But I already made the clothes for you…this is how I imagined the size of your body in my mind just to tell the designer!”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Other people who accidentally heard the remark: “…”

Qiao Xi was dazed by Jing Yan’s words.

Because he was in a daze, Qiao Xi felt a little confused. Although he always felt that something was wrong, for the sake of Jing Yan’s…effort, he finally agreed to wear the small clothes.

So, in the evening, a group of people appeared in the promenade outside the banquet hall.

On the other hand, everyone immediately shifted their gazes over. The girls covered their mouths, restraining the excitement in their hearts.

In the middle of the corridor—

Ke Lisi was wearing a blue diamond earring on his left ear, which made him look rather lazy and romantic.

Jing Yi had an indifferent face and he’d shoved his hands in his pockets. His face was good-looking with a trace of baby fat.

Hei Yu’s phoenix eyes swept across the surroundings. His eyes were sharp and keen.

A Xue’s hair had been tied at the back, his brows curled up gently, but there was a touch of seduction in it.

Jiao Yue was as elegant as moonlight, cold and beautiful, making people feel somewhat difficult to approach.

As for the man walking in the forefront. He had black hair and silver eyes, along with a hint of carelessness, just like a character that had stepped out of a painting. He was so handsome that the people around him couldn’t speak. The man was…holding a little chicken in his arms.

The six men and the chicken were all wearing black suits. Except for the chicken, all of them had perfect figures and each could make people’s blood boil.

And Qiao Xi’s mind was in confusion as he stayed motionless in Jing Yan’s arms.

He always felt that these six men would be able to cosplay with black suits while holding a qiang1T/N: Qiang is the Chinese term for spear. It is known as one of the four major weapons, along with the gun, dao, and the jian, called in this group “The King of Weapons”. and have a party?

In other words, what exactly was this situation?

The top handsome men in the beast world???

Forest F6 (with chicken version)???

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    T/N: Qiang is the Chinese term for spear. It is known as one of the four major weapons, along with the gun, dao, and the jian, called in this group “The King of Weapons”.
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