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TMSLCWP Chapter 8

Qiao Xi thought that someone should have deliberately exaggerated Jing Yan and Jiao Yue.

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 8: Qiao Xi thought that someone should have deliberately exaggerated Jing Yan and Jiao Yue.

When Jing Yan smacked his tail onto the ground, Rhine suddenly stopped talking. He and the other two guards silently looked at Jing Yan swinging his tail.

Rhine was still calm as before, as for the two guards behind him, bewilderment was already written all over their faces.

Jing Yan seemed to notice their stares and so he instantly stopped his actions. The two guards hurriedly withdrew their gazes, nevertheless, they were already sweating. Rhine lowered his eyes and continued to report.

The report quickly came to an end. Jing Yan turned back, waving his paw at Qiao Xi while asking Jiao Yue to set foot on the flying car as if they were planning to go to the palace in an attempt to handle some matters.

Jing Yan was only one year older than Qiao Xi, yet the other party looked extremely busy.

And what exactly had Jing Yan done that made people on the outside afraid of him that much?

Qiao Xi was perplexed.

He had stayed in Jing Yu palace for a day and was also brainwashed by them, thinking that ‘Jing Yan’ was the legendary devil wolf. However, Jing Yan was unlike what they had said!

Furthermore, everyone who lived in the forest was also different from what those people in the wolf palace had described.

Qiao Xi was still puzzled. Nonetheless, he tossed this thought aside first and went to meet with Ke Lisi and Jing Yi to have class together.

Recently, there seemed to be a new online game, which made Jing Yi and Ke Lisi move sneakily behind Qiao Xi to sit in the last row.

The teacher from the butterfly clan acted as if he didn’t see it. After all, before Qiao Xi came, this group of people had never paid any attention to class. As for him, he just needed to teach and get paid.

Qiao Xi was very comfortable and he also listened to class earnestly while wagging his tail from time to time.

At this moment, Qiao Xi suddenly sensed a murderous aura behind him. He immediately turned around vigilantly, only to see the little leopard stretch out his(KL) left paw while it was firmly pressed down by his(KL) own right paw.

Qiao Xi: “…What are you doing??”

Ke Lisi whispered: “I’m trying to control my qilin arm1T/N: I’m not sure about this either, since I’ve never heard of it before. But when I googled it on the internet the ‘qilin arm’ was something about “aka demonized arm of Bou Gingwan from the wuxia manhua ‘Fung Wan’ and as for more information, you can check it out here.!”

Jing Yi, who was playing games fiercely, hearing this phrase, couldn’t help but break in: “This guy must’ve been looking at your red feather tail for some time now. Probably because your tail swayed so much which made him want to catch it.”

Hiss—Qiao Xi’s wings couldn’t reach his tail, so he immediately twisted his butt and said in horror: “You can’t catch it! This feather is very important to me!”

This was the only red feather on his body! It was also the most beautiful one for Qiao Xi’s appearance!

Even though this was a holographic image, Qiao Xi would not allow anything to happen to his feather!

“I know!” This was the first time that Ke Lisi was sitting behind Qiao Xi, and he didn’t expect to encounter such a situation, “I’m already trying to restrain myself.”

“In fact, his self-control is really great. Qiao Xi, it’s better for you to not let the members from the Three Meow Alliance sit behind you. Otherwise, your tail will suffer.” Jing Yi stared at the game holographic in front of him.

As soon as Qiao Xi heard this, he immediately went on guard and turned his head to look at the other three princes from the Three Meow Alliance, only to feel that their backs were filled with primitive wilderness.

“They are all trained by Jing Yan!” Ke Lisi sighed, “Thinking back, I was also a leopard who couldn’t control myself when I noticed something moving. I, too, was also trained by Jing Yan to restrain myself for when I encounter any moving tails.”

After all, he had pounced on Jing Yan’s tail once, and at that time, Jing Yan had immediately pressed him to the ground and beat him a few times.

Qiao Xi was taken back, remembering Jing Yan’s awkward flexible tail. He hurriedly cleared his throat, feeling a little funny in his heart.

When they talked about Jing Yan, Ke Lisi and Jing Yi couldn’t help but complain about other things. It was obvious that this group was filled with routine.

For example, Jing Yan’s howling sounds.

No need to look at his howling, even Jing Yi couldn’t understand what he was howling. In addition, the wolf race didn’t know how to howl at all!

Jing Yan had created that howling sound by himself. He always added some up and down tones, which made everyone unable to understand what he was talking about.

Furthermore, Jing Yan had always paid attention to his lost hair.

There had been bald wolves in the royal family, it was a genetics problem. Jing Yan had already gone through with the genetics test, and there was nothing wrong with him. However, when he saw his bald uncle wolf, Jing Yan suddenly became aware of this problem. Since then, he barely stayed up late and he was in very good health. He even did his best to keep his hair shiny and smooth.

Qiao Xi laughed so hard. He subconsciously thought of what terrible things such a lovely Jing Yan had done.

There might be some sort of misunderstanding in the rumors from the palace that were related to Jing Yan. Moreover…

Qiao Xi thought that someone should have deliberately exaggerated Jing Yan and Jiao Yue.

Jing Yi and Ke Lisi talked happily about Jing Yan for the whole day. When the class was over, Ke Lisi’s extreme joy turned into sorrow.

His twin brother, the leopard, Ai De stayed online and came to them: “By the way, we will visit the wolf palace next week.”

Ke Lisi’s paw slipped, he raised his head in astonishment: “What?!”

Ai De spread his paws: “Who asked you to not go home? If you don’t return and Mother is missing you, then she can only come to find you!”

Ke Lisi was still shocked, he opened his mouth and whispered: “They… they aren’t coming to bring me back?”

Ai De intentionally said: “Who knows.”

After finishing sending out the news, the leopard turned around and walked away gracefully.

Meanwhile, Ke Lisi had already lost his mood to continue playing the game. He laid on the table like a ruined, little leopard.

After class, when Jing Yan returned in the evening, the Leopard Queen called him to confirm the time of the arrangement.

Ke Lisi’s parents, the Queen of the leopard race of the Three Meow Alliance, planned to visit the wolf race. The reason was that the Queen missed her son, she wanted to come and have a look.

“My mother seems to not say anything much but the meaning of those words somehow make me feel terrified. I hope she won’t come and take me away, I don’t want to go back yet…” The little leopard was rolling on the ground anxiously, then he rolled toward Jing Yan and began to beg the one in front of him, “Jing Yan, at that time, if my mother brings up this topic, you must speak for me! As long as you help me, I will let you beat me however you want!”

With that said, the little leopard laid flat on his back, revealing his furry belly. His round eyes stared straight at Jing Yan: “Look, this belly is for you.”

The human form Jing Yan embraced the little chicken and said emotionally: “My hands are already occupied.”

“!” The little leopard’s only hope shattered: “You won’t help me?!”

The butterfly, Hei Yu said: “Your mother is just teasing you. If she wanted to take you back, she would have sent someone over. Why bother to come by herself.”

The little leopard naturally realised this. Nonetheless, he still laid lifelessly on the grass: “But, my mother will definitely bring up the topic of wanting me to return home. However, I don’t want to go back…”

Qiao Xi became curious about his past question again—Ke Lisi and Hei Yu were foreign princes, so why did they live here?

Yet, just like before, Qiao Xi thought that this might be seen as getting too involved in some private matters. Hence, it was too embarrassing to ask, so he could only restrain his curiosity in his heart.

Jing Yan said leisurely: “There will be a banquet anyway. Everyone will be going, you’re not alone. Therefore, stop yelling.”

Ke Lisi got up in an instant: “Everyone will be attending?”

Jiao Yue said: “There is a banquet in the palace. A Xue and I also received the invitations.”

The two of them came from one of the four aristocratic families of the wolf clan. He and A Xue were the eldest sons of the family. Naturally, they would be invited.

Jiao Yue continued: “Hei Yu is the prince of the butterfly race. So it is impossible for him to be ignored.”

As for Jing Yan, he was the wolf prince. Thus, he had to participate.

And the rest was—

Everyone’s attention turned to Qiao Xi.

The little chicken was startled, he suddenly recognized the problem and he stood up from Jing Yan’s arms.

Jing Yan said, ‘everyone will be going’?

…Including him as well?

“The Leopard King mentioned you.”Jing Yan touched Qiao Xi’s head, “He knew that Ke Lisi had made a new friend. He spoke of you when he contacted us, therefore, you have also been invited.”

He was also invited to the wolf family banquet?

Qiao Xi didn’t want to belittle himself. However, he couldn’t deny the fact that he was sent to the wolf palace as an object. At the time, when he arrived, there wasn’t any welcome banquet. He was directly sent to the Third Prince’s palace, he was also being kept there for a whole day, until Jing Yu threw him into the forest.

It was true that he was a prince. But, in the wolf palace, he was almost like an existence that everyone tacitly disregarded.

Currently, the Wolf King also invited him to the palace banquet?

…Would Jing Yu participate in this banquet?

As if knowing what he was thinking. Jing Yan asked: “Qiao Xi, do you want to go with us?”

Qiao Xi wavered.

“Everyone will go and it is the banquet that welcomes my parents, so you don’t have to be hesitant. Let’s go and play together!” Ke Lisi hurriedly persuaded him.

Even if Qiao Xi had only lived in the forest for a few days, he was already fond of these little friends, and he was also used to living with them. If they all went to the palace while he didn’t, then he would be left alone in the forest…

He still wanted to have some more time together with the duo…

Jing Yan turned Qiao Xi around to face him while hugging Qiao Xi and said sternly: “Although you like this forest, it doesn’t mean that you have to be trapped in this place forever.”

“This world is huge, you can go wherever you want. Don’t restrict your own freedom just because of some people.” The black-haired man’s expression was filled with gentleness: “Qiao Xiaoxi, you can go anywhere you want. We will be by your side and act as your supporters. So don’t be afraid.”

Qiao Xi’s throat became astringent.

Everyone was looking at him with tender eyes.

Qiao Xi felt warm, as if countless heavy issues had faded away from his heart. He became reasonably relaxed.

Qiao Xi nodded heavily: “Let’s go together!”

Ke Lisi jumped up enthusiastically: “Then it’s decided. Next week, everyone will be attending the banquet together!”

Qiao Xi couldn’t help but think of the people who used to make fun of him.

He also wanted to move forwards, he wanted to surpass himself. And when this idea came into his mind, such a group of people appeared.

They stood behind him, holding each other’s hands while pushing him forward gently when he was stuck in a difficult situation. Hence, Qiao Xi felt that, within these people accompanying him, he would be growing faster…

This feeling was actually good.

At night, before returning to the log cabin, Jiao Yue handed him a brand new phone.

Jiao Yue: “The data has been restored. If you have any questions, you can come and find me.”

Qiao Xi took the phone, while Jiao Yue smiled kindly: “Looks like you have received a lot news.”

Jing Yan said: “Another thing, remember to call your fourth brother.”

Qiao Xi was stunned.

After he returned to the log cabin, Qiao Xi checked the phone and found that his friends had sent a lot of messages. Obviously, they were worried about him, which made him feel moved.

When he looked at the list of missed calls, besides those calls from his friends, he also saw…

Seeing many missed calls from his fourth brother, Qiao Xi became nervous.

The author has something to say:

The feather of the tail is not flicking, it’s actually swaying from side to side~

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    T/N: I’m not sure about this either, since I’ve never heard of it before. But when I googled it on the internet the ‘qilin arm’ was something about “aka demonized arm of Bou Gingwan from the wuxia manhua ‘Fung Wan’ and as for more information, you can check it out here.
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