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TMSLCWP Chapter 10

He was evidently holding his beloved little chicken. Yet, the whole world thought he was holding a ration?!!

Translator: Ariess

Proofreader/Editor: Black.Cat

Chapter 10: He was evidently holding his beloved little chicken. Yet, the whole world thought he was holding a ration?!!

As soon as Qiao Xi entered the banquet hall, he couldn’t hold back anymore: “…Why are you all looking so aloof?”

He had witnessed these six people changing their expressions a moment ago. Previously, while everyone was sitting in the flying car, they were talking and laughing happily. However, just when the flying car reached the wolf palace, the door had opened, and the six people immediately put away their smiles and replaced them with indifferent expressions. Qiao Xi was stunned by their sudden change of aura, as he watched these people walk coldly all the way inside.

…Even Ke Lisi, the hyperactive little leopard, also didn’t move much this time!

Hearing this, Ke Lisi refused to be distracted. Moving his lips slightly, he answered in a low voice: “Don’t you think we look cool in this way?” 

Qiao Xi: “…”

In other words, these guys were just pretending…

No, even Jiao Yue and A Xue also play along with them?!!

This was absolutely impossible!

Qiao Xi looked at Jiao Yue wanting to know if what the little leopard said was true.

Jing Yan was very displeased about the little chicken subconsciously showing his trust to Jiao Yue. Thus, he turned Qiao Xi back and said with a sour tone: “Don’t listen to his nonsense talk, I’m not as childish as him!” 

When Jing Yi heard this, he lowered his voice and said sneakily: “My brother only reveals his brain-dead persona to someone that is close to him—no—“

After receiving the frosty look from his brother, Jing Yi hurriedly changed his words: “—That…in fact, Jiao Yue and A Xue are always like this to outsiders!”

Qiao Xi seemed to understand something.

He remembered that every time the guard Rhine appeared. Jing Yan’s, Jiao Yue’s, and A Xue’s auras changed, and the others would shut their mouths in an instant. At that time, the atmosphere would become strange.

So that’s how it was.

But, as soon as he knew these three people, their attitudes were already the same as they were now. In other words, he hadn’t been treated as an outsider by them?

This was unimaginable. When thinking about this, Qiao Xi was extremely happy.

“What about you?” Qiao Xi asked Jing Yi softly.

Jing Yan, Jiao Yue, and A Xue had always been indifferent to outsiders. Then, what about Jing Yi and the others?

Ke Lisi replied: “Because it’s cool. Besides, aren’t these three people looking so powerful right now? We can’t fall behind!”

Regarding this, both Jing Yi and Hei Yu nodded seriously.

Qiao Xi was once again made speechless by them: “…”

To put it another way, these three people were mimicking Jing Yan, A Xue, and Jiao Yue instead???

Qiao Xi finally recovered from his messy thoughts and was taken to the banquet hall.

As soon as they entered, they became the focus of the audience.

The most violent black wolf prince of the rumors.

The second prince of the wolf race would always be Jing Yi, who looked like a zhengtai1T/N: A young and cute boy.

The young masters from the aristocratic families, who had received the most attention from the Eldest Prince, Jiao Yue, and A Xue.

The powerful princes from distant lands, Hei Yu and Ke Lisi. 

This lineup was simply the strongest one in history. And this group was destined to be the center of attention wherever they went.

After seeing them, the banquet hall sank into silence. And a moment later, everyone started to discuss in low voices. 

The girls were blushing nonstop. Apparently, they were afraid of the group, yet they couldn’t stop the fierce beatings of their heart.

It was somewhat rare to see six people appear at the same time. Many people who attended the banquet today had been looking forward to the arrival of this group for a long time.

Some nearby conversations were difficult to ignore, and Qiao Xi could hear them extremely clearly. 

“So outstanding, His Royal Highness, Jing Yan is indeed the most handsome!”

“However, he is fierce…I still like Jiao Yue. His figure is truly attractive…”

“Don’t you think Hei Yu is a real man? A real man that can make my legs go soft.”

“His Royal Highness, Jing Yi is so cute!”

“His Royal Highness, Ke Lisi is really cool!”

“Today is also the day to submit yourself to A Xue’s stunning beauty…”

“Besides that, His Highness Jing Yan also brought a chicken with him today!”

“Is it a ration?”

“It’s a ration!”

“Bring his own ration?? Awesome! He deserves to be His Royal Highness, Jing Yan!”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Jing Yan: “…”

Jing Yan glanced over coldly at the talkers, and the girls were so frightened by his stare that they quickly scattered.

Jing Yan was afraid that Qiao Xi would be upset. Therefore, he touched the little chicken’s head and explained carefully: “How could such a lovely Qiao Xiaoxi be my ration?”

Qiao Xi stated the fact calmly: “I do look quite like one.”

Jing Yan: “…”

He was evidently holding his beloved little chicken. Yet, the whole world thought he was holding a ration?!!

When Jing Yan carried the chicken into the scene, he had attracted many people’s attention. Which seemed to break everyone’s impression of him, and the people who were present were quite surprised. 

Soon after they arrived at the wolf palace, the Leopard King and the Leopard Queen entered from another entrance. 

The young man who followed the Leopard Queen from behind was almost carved out of the same mold as Ke Lisi. However, he was taller than the little leopard. And when the young man saw the group, he quickly waved at them.

The Leopard Queen walked directly to the duo. She hugged the little leopard and choked out: “Ke Lisi! You are so cruel! Until this day, you have not returned home. What do you want your mother to do, huh?”

Ke Lisi was embraced by his mother on the spot. However, the Leopard Queen’s strength could not be underestimated. Ke Lisi stretched out his hand toward Jing Yi weakly. Jing Yi consciously took a step back, everyone also following, and said: “Greetings to Your Majesty, the Queen.”

The little leopard’s face turned blue. The cool image that he had maintained all the way here was instantly ruined!

Ke Lisi’s twin brother, Ai De was a people person. When he saw the little chicken in Jing Yan’s arm, he strode over while stretching his hand: “Qiao Xi? You look exactly the same as when you were in online class!”

Jing Yan turned around and avoided Ai De’s hand. Ai De’s hand paused, then he chased after Jing Yan, yet Jing Yan turned to the side and dodged once again.

This unpretentious twist and turn made the whole audience become stupefied.

Ai De revealed a smile yet not a smile: “What will happen if I touch him?”

“His feathers will fall out.” Jing Yan stroked Qiao Xi’s back calmly.

Qiao Xi’s feather coat blew up: “No way!” Don’t curse him!

Ai De gave a provocative look to Jing Yan, then he turned to smile at Qiao Xi: “Qiao Xi, do you want to come to my arms? I promise, I will make you look cooler than staying in Jing Yan’s arms.”

This time, it turned out to be Jing Yan who exploded. He held Qiao Xi tighter, and yelled: “Get lost! I’m the only one who can make Qiao Xi cool!”

“…” Qiao Xi decided to change this weird topic, “Ai De, you and Ke Lisi look exactly the same!”

“Really?” Ali De responded cheerfully, “Aren’t he and I twins? When we were young, others couldn’t tell the difference between the two of us!”

They were chatting jovially. However, the onlookers’ expressions had already been revised.

The Third Prince Jing Yu hadn’t reached the age that he could transform yet. Today, he only wore a bow, bound around his neck, and attended the banquet in beast form.

Jing Yu followed his mother, his eyes staring fixedly at the little chicken in Jing Yan’s arms. The anger and jealousy in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.

It was obvious that Qian Xi came from the bird race, and it was also his plaything…but he turned out to become Jing Yan’s pet instead!

Jing Yu’s gazes were so strong that the group noticed. Suddenly, Jing Yan and Ai De stopped talking, and glanced over at the same time, Qiao Xi also following.

The little chicken subconsciously trembled when he met Jing Yu’s eyes.

Jing Yan, who was holding Qiao Xi, felt it, and he tightened his arms around the little chicken.

It had to be said that Jing Yan’s embrace was filled with protection. Qiao Xi, who was placed against his chest, soon calmed down.

Jing Yan and Ai De had some of the same personality traits; when they saw people they hated or they didn’t know, they would not hide their emotions. 

Therefore, Jing Yan’s eyes were cold.

Although Ai De was the foreign prince, he still knew about some matters that had happened with the wolf race.

It was true that he was quarreling with Jing Yan a moment ago. However, Jing Yan was his good brother and he couldn’t be indifferent towards the topics that related to Jing Yan. Hence, the gaze that Ai De sent at Jing Yu was filled with contempt and disgust.

The change of the atmosphere and the two people’s expressions also caught others’ attention.

Soon afterwards, Jiao Yue, Hei Yu, A Xue, Ke Lisi, and Jing Yi, one after another, were all staring coldly at Jing Yu.

Those eyes were also sharp.

Not long ago, Jing Yu had arrogantly brought a group of guards to confront Qiao Xi, who at that time had been hiding in a corner.

But today, this group of six youths stood behind Qiao Xi, just like a solid backing. They gave the young one, who was hiding behind his mother, a cold and warning look.

This confrontation was too noticeable, people who were present looked at them pensively.

Jing Yu had always been afraid of this group, thus he shrank back behind the Wolf Queen. But, he was a bit unwilling to appear weaker than them. Thus, he raised his head and said: “Mother, that is my chicken…”

The Wolf Queen was a little annoyed by this group of young people whom she couldn’t underestimate. The gazes of the onlookers also made her feel uncomfortable. And upon hearing what Jing Yu had said, she warned: “Don’t just blindly provoke Jing Yan. Do you understand?!”

She suppressed her anger and immediately led Jing Yu away.

The other two men, who were left behind, could only glance at each other.

They were the two bird guards, who’d accompanied Qiao Xi to the wolf palace, and had stayed by Jing Yu’s side all this time. One of them was once rectified by Jing Yan and Qiao Xi, which had made him feel ashamed in these past few days.

“Hey, what is the situation now?” One of the bird guards whispered.

They initially thought that Jing Yan was helping Qiao Xi last time because Jing Yu had provoked Jing Yan. On the surface, he seemed to be helping Qiao Xi, yet he just wanted to warn Jing Yu.

During that period, perhaps Qiao Xi was safe and sound. Nevertheless, how could the Wolf King also pay attention to the waste bird prince as well? 

Furthermore, Qiao Xi not only stayed in the forest day by day…but why did they feel that this bird prince had also been spoiled and protected by the group???

The most important point was under the influence of the Bird King. They always thought that the Third Prince, Jing Yu, was the strongest one in the wolf palace. Therefore, even if they knew that the people who were living in Jing Yan’s forest were difficult to deal with, they had never taken it seriously. However, after they had lived here for such long days, they realized that the situation was not the same as what they had thought it would be.

In the past two days, the two of them were ordered by the Bird King to please Jing Yu. And now, if Qiao Xi was really accepted by Jing Yan’s trio…

The two guards’ hearts beat violently. They always felt that things were a bit awkward.

“You have to report the matter to His Majesty as soon as we go back!”

The author has something to say:

The ration fight is online!


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    T/N: A young and cute boy.
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