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TMSCWP Chapter 7

Jing Yan's human form, along with this face of his was totally one of the best among the best.

Translator: Ariess

Editor/Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 7: Jing Yan’s human form, along with this face of his was totally one of the best among the best.

The people around the bonfire heard the exclamation, thus they turned around and looked up at the dark sky.

The naked little leopard, Ke Lisi, waved his hand gleefully: “Hello!”

Jing Yi hastily tugged the little leopard.

Jing Yan was leaning half of his body out of the window, and if it wasn’t for Jiao Yue behind him, he probably would have already jumped down.

Jing Yan used his trembling finger to point at them and roared: “You all are really indecent!!”

His behavior of being annoyed because of what he had witnessed, made Jing Yan look like an old father.

A Xue gave a light cough before he changed back to beast form with Hei Yu. Ke Lisi hadn’t reacted to what had occurred yet, it wasn’t until Jing Yi pulled him did he asked quizzically: “We aren’t allowed to do that? Didn’t we alway do this before?”

Qiao Xi was still enduring the sorrow in his heart about ‘They can transform smoothly and it’s only me who isn’t able to do it’, until he heard the commotion a moment later. He subconsciously glanced at Jing Yan, who was running out from the landing flying car.

Jing Yan noticed that Qiao Xi was glancing at him, he became extremely embarrassed. Then, it suddenly turned into anger: “Who often did this before?!”

When his voice fell, Jing Yan hurriedly rushed to Qiao Xi, squatting down in front of the little chicken before touching his head while asking anxiously: “Qiao Xi, are you alright?”

Qiao Xi was silent.

Jing Yan bellowed at the group: “Qiao Xi has become blind!!!!!!!”

Jiao Yue walked over from behind and said lightly: “You are the one who is blind.”

A Xue immediately jumped toward Jiao Yue and Hei Yu also flew to him.

Jing Yi and Ke Lisi similarly changed to their beast forms before running to Jiao Yue as well.

Jing Yan’s hands were already shaking: “If Qiao Xi isn’t blind, how could he not have any reaction?!!”

Qiao Xi slowly recovered from his painful thoughts and whispered: “…none of you became unstable during the transformation period!”

So it turned out to be like this!

Qiao Xi currently felt like he was a mediocre student among a group of top students. He was really depressed! At school, except for his beast form, he had never fallen behind others! In the end, was he really not as gifted as them?!

Hearing this, Jing Yan was taken back: “Being unstable during the transformation period? I have never experienced it…”

Qiao Xi immediately became even more silent.

Seeing that the little chicken was spiritless again, Jing Yan felt that the problem might be serious, so he quickly reckoned in his brain and staggered: “Well, in fact, if you want to be stable during your transformation, you…can…”

Qiao Xi thought that Jing Yan might have a way. Therefore, he lifted his head and looked at him.

Jing Yan became hesitant, then he hurriedly whispered: “I also don’t know how to make it stable during the transformation period.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

The little chicken pouted.

Jing Yan’s little heart was about to burst out!

The little chicken was damn cute!

Jing Yan touched Qiao Xi’s head gently: “You are so cute so you will be able to do it!”

“…” Qiao Xi didn’t want to pay any attention to this man. Hence, he turned toward Jiao Yue, who seemed to be more reliable: “Is there really no other way?”

This question made Jiao Yue baffled.

Jiao Yue pondered for a moment and said: “I find myself stable during the transformation period as well. I also don’t know the reason behind this.”

Although they were gathered together in the forest, following Jing Yan each for their own reasons; yet in this aspect, they were somehow similar.

The white rabbit, A Xue, also said: “The same goes for me, I am a human as soon as I wake up and I can change freely afterwards.”

Hei Yu: “I’m similar to them.”

Ke Lisi: “Me too!”

Jing Yi: “Yeah!”

Qiao Xi: “…”

He always had a feeling of being crushed by this group of top students!!

Qiao Xi had yearned for his human form for a long time.

Of course, he didn’t hate his beast form.

He used to be disgusted by others. Furthermore, because of this beast form, he felt that he was incompatible with the royal family and the bird race. However, as soon as he grew up into a sensible person, those sorts of emotions disappeared.

The fourth Brother once told him that he indeed looked like a little chicken. But, this little chicken also had its cuteness. Although Qiao Xi didn’t know how cute he was, he still understood this truth.

Did he have to blame himself because of his own appearance?! Of course not!

Qiao Xi tried to accept himself. He found that it wasn’t really difficult, he even compared himself seriously to the chicken. He admitted that they do look alike, maybe he and chickens had some interesting fate.

If he was just a little chicken, then so what? People who had cast a disdainful look on him were without a doubt the most annoying ones.

The reason that Qiao Xi yearned for the human form was because in some situations, the human form was more convenient than the beast form.

His first transformation occurred on his 18th birthday. Since then, he became unstable during his transformations and didn’t know how long they would last.

It was fine if there wasn’t any comparison, he could still turn deaf and not care about the matter. But now, he suddenly felt at a loss in his heart.

At this moment, Jiao Yue was being drawn away by Ke Lisi’s clamor. Jing Yan hesitated before he stretched out his hand and pulled Qiao Xi into his arms.

The little chicken didn’t resist at all. Qiao Xi even nestled in his embrace, which made Jing Yan almost change into a black wolf and waggle his tail.

Jing Yan sat by the bonfire, then he caught a glimpse of the chicken bones. He was shocked: “Did you eat chicken?!”

Qiao Xi recovered from his moment of sadness and said: “It was delicious!”

Jing Yan gave Qiao Xi a complicated look.

Because Qiao Xi’d turned his back toward Jing Yan, he didn’t see the other party’s expression at all. The little chicken stretched out his wings and pointed to the bowl: “They also gave me chicken wings, but I can’t finish it all. So, do you want to eat it?”

Jing Yan thought twice before he extended his hand toward the chicken wings. Nevertheless, he retracted it halfway.

When thinking about the fact that Qiao Xi had asked him to eat it, Jing Yan stretched out his hand again. However, before his hand touched the chicken wings, he clenched his hand into a fist and withdrew it once more.

After seeing the other party going back and forth several times, Qiao Xi asked dryly: “Are you going to eat it or not?”

…He began to feel that this wolf was a bit annoying!

In the end, Jing Yan didn’t eat. He also didn’t know about what type of bitter changes in the opinion about him had undergone in the other’s heart.

He chose to drink some of the porridge made by A Xue.

The bonfire in summer was very hot. Nonetheless, Qiao Xi admitted that this sort of bonfire dinner was particularly warm. Even if they were in the hot season, this group of friends wouldn’t get tired when playing.

After Qiao Xi started to live in the forest, this place finally got two small air conditioners. Apparently, there was only one person who’d use one before.

After Jing Yan finished the porridge, he hugged Qiao Xi tightly, rubbing his face against the back of the little chicken while murmuring: “Transformation…”

Qiao Xi was bewildered. He was also startled when Jing Yan spoke, he didn’t expect that this guy would still keep thinking about this topic.

Jing Yan said seriously: “I just thought about it. Maybe it’s because I have a goal in my heart that I can transform smoothly.”

Qiao Xi raised his head and asked in puzzlement: “Goal?”

“Yes, it is what you want to do after you transform, or what makes you want to transform.” Jing Yan stated solemnly, “Maybe after you understand your goal will it make you stable when you transform.”

Qiao Xi couldn’t help but feel tangled.

Goal? He just wanted to transform freely. Will this new method work?

Qiao Xi asked curiously: “What is your goal then?”

Jing Yan said casually: “At that time, there were friends who could become human. They always praised themselves as being handsome. And I thought that if one day I could become human, perhaps my appearance will be more outstanding than theirs. Thus, I had a dream. When I woke up the next day, I was already a human. And my transformation was also stable.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Jing Yan smiled humbly: “I didn’t expect that the real me would be more handsome than I thought.” It really was a pleasant surprise.

Qiao Xi: “…”

He didn’t know what to say. His thoughts were already in a mess, so Qiao Xi could only turn to look at Jing Yan.

Jing Yan’s human form, along with this face of his was totally one of the best among the best.

Black hair, silver pupils, every detail was exquisite. He looked no different from a painting, as if this was a child that was cherished by gods.

So Qiao Xi had to admit that Jing Yan was indeed good-looking.

…But this guy was too narcissistic, right?!

Qiao Xi was momentarily speechless. He thought it was funny, and couldn’t hold back his laugh. At first it was only a small ‘hehe’ but later it became a loud ‘haha’.

Even though Jing Yan didn’t know what Qiao Xi was laughing about, he still followed.

Jing Yan rubbed Qiao Xi, thinking that Qiao Xiaoxi would ‘hehe’ when he was both afraid and happy.

The group was frightened by the little chicken’s laughter.

This was really too adorable.

Jing Yan smiled, he said softly: “So find your goal and your transformation will be stable.”

Qiao Xi was shaking because of laughing. He nodded with a smile: “Yeah, I understand!”

Qiao Xi listened to Jing Yan’s words. That night, he also thought about this matter again. However, after thinking about it for a long time, he still couldn’t come up with any ideas. Instead, he wondered about Jing Yan.

Thinking about that guy, Qiao Xi rolled on the bed twice and giggled again.

…Jing Yan, who was self-confident about himself, was actually too cute!

The next day, Qiao Xi got up in a good mood.

His spirit was much better than the first time he came to the wolf race. And It was even much better than when he lived with the bird race. This change was truly incredible.

Qiao Xi staggered out and then saw the black wolf, Jing Yan. He wanted to go and greet him, only for Qiao Xi to notice the guard in his white outfit.

He was the one who often came to report directly to Jing Yan.

The guard had silver hair and a cold face. He was undoubtedly the captain of the forest guards, Rhine.

Qiao Xi was in a good mood so he stopped his pace.

When facing Jing Yan, Rhine was always calm. There wasn’t any extra expression on his face.

But, there were two guards following him today. One of them appeared to be uncomfortable. His eyes darted left and right, he glanced at the black wolf, then he pursed his lips and frowned slightly.

…That guy was afraid.

Qiao Xi could perceive the guard’s unusual attitude from a distance, let alone Jing Yan who was in front of him.

Qiao Xi’s brows furrowed.

At this moment, Jing Yan seemed to notice his gaze. Therefore, the black wolf twisted his upper body.

Seeing the little chicken, the wolf’s big tail flickered happily and it swatted the grass with a ‘patter’ sound.

Qiao Xi: “!”

He also wagged his red tail joyfully.

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