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TLM Chapter 12

Curing the '7-Days Living' poison

When they returned. Feng Mingyue hurriedly ordered the four maids to change back into their usual outfits. She also took out the herbs that need to be used for curing Mei Li and Mei Hui.

She gave the herbs to Li Qin, and let her boil them. Feng Mingyue also instructed Mei Li and Mei Hui to prepare warm water. After everything was done according to what she had told, Feng Mingyue said to the twos: “You guys can go and soak in it for eight hours. However, like what I had said, it is really painful so bear with it.”

Mei Li and Mei Hui nodded before they went to soak in the medicine bath. Just when their body came into contact with the medicinal water. They could feel that every part of their body was extremely uncomfortable, it was just like a group of ants crawling on while biting them. Sometimes, their body was burning like fire, it was really hot as if they were wholly devoured by flame.

Both Mei Li and Mei Hui were already sweating, there was a lot of sweat on their forehead. The sweats were trickling down onto their chins, both of their lips were pale.

Mei Hui was shivering. Yet, she still insisted on soaking in this medicinal water. She bit down her lower lip, closing her eyes, and tried her best to endure the pain. Mei Li was also no different, but because she was more mature, she could at least remain steady.

When nightfall, the moon ascended, and it was already visible to the naked eye. Inside the Marquis of Ushi manor, every servant was very busy with their duty, no one had noticed the change in the Ehuang Courtyard. The good for nothing Second Miss that everyone had forgotten about was sitting in the dining hall right now, and she was clearly in a good mood.

Feng Mingyue put down the chopstick, and nodded her head with satisfaction. The foods that the chefs cooked today were pretty good. It could be said that they really made a lot of progress and also learned indeed fast.

She leaned back against the chair with her arm crossed while turning her head to instruct the little servant girl who stood on the side: “Don’t forget to bring something for Mei Li and Xiao Hui to eat.”

The servant girl bowed: “Yes Miss.” Then she hurriedly retreated to the kitchen and prepared the foods for Mei Li and Mei Hui.

Feng Mingyue went back to the bed-chamber. She sat on the bed with her leg folded, while her eyes closed, both of her hands were resting on her laps. Then, a spiritual energy suddenly emitted from Feng Mingyue’s body. It lasted for one minute before it disappeared. Feng Mingyue opened her eyes, her body also loosened slightly, she couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile, her strength had already improved to another level. When Feng Mingyue looked up, she saw Li Qin seemed to be hesitating in saying something.

“Speak.” Feng Mingyue yawned, all while moving her body into a more comfortable place.

Li Qin paused for a moment before she asked softly: “This servant just saw you giving a small golden bell to the man in black last time, is it a spiritual item that you created?”

Feng Mingyue stroked the spiritual ring in her hand, raising her brows, listening to Li Qin questioning, before nodding her head in response: “Yes, I created it last night since I couldn’t sleep.”

“What is that item, Miss?” Li Qiu, who was listening on the side, also became curious.

Feng Mingyue explained: “That small golden bell is connected with my soul, and whenever you ring the bell, I will be able to detect your whereabouts, that’s also the reason why I give the bell to that man since I haven’t forced out all of his poisoned blood yet, so if he rings the bell, I will go and help him out. Moreover, the most special thing about the bell is that it can protect you in a dangerous situation, but the bell can only protect you three times.”

After she finished telling them. Feng Mingyue took out four small golden bells from the spiritual ring and handed them to the two maids: “Here, take this with you at least it will be able to protect you when you’re in danger. Also, don’t forget to give them to Mei Li and Mei Hui.”

Last night because she couldn’t sleep. Feng Mingyue suddenly thought of the golden bell that she used to wear when she was a child. And after gathering all those bells, she decided to turn the bells into a useful way.

Hence, Feng Mingyue connected these bells with her soul, so that whenever someone rings these bells, she would be able to detect their whereabouts. Furthermore, she also inserted three spiritual barriers inside the bell, making it protect the owner when they were in a risky situation.

Li Qin still hadn’t returned to her senses after taking the golden bells from her master. Looking at the dazed Li Qin, Feng Mingyue didn’t know what to say, she was amused by her action. On the other hand, Li Qiu put her hands on her heart lightly, feeling that she had already become one of the Second Miss admirers.

“Alright, stop being in a stupor, you two can withdraw, go and have some rest.” Feng Mingyue waved her hand while chuckling.

“Yes, Miss.” Li Qin finally regained her senses. She and Li Qiu hurriedly bowed before retreating.

After the two maids left, Feng Mingyue got off the bed, and walked toward the window. She looked at the scenery outside and wandered her thoughts far away.

That man…

No matter how many times she thought of that man, she still felt that his figure was really similar to her ‘brother’. But, did such a thing really exist? Some people really had the same appearance in two different worlds?

It wasn’t impossible since she was the one who experienced it. This original host body and appearance were already nine out of ten similar to her.

However, even if the people had the same appearance. It didn’t mean that they were the same.

In the end, it wasn’t him…

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