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TLM Chapter 13

The Guanyu Continent

On the next day, Feng Mingyue woke up as usual. She summoned the four maids to prepare warm water for her to bathe.

“Thank you so much Miss.” While managing Feng Mingyue’s hair, Mei Li and Mei Hui did not forget to say thank you toward their master. If it wasn’t for Feng Mingyue who knew medical skill and helped them. They didn’t know what the outcome would be.

Feng Mingyue rested her head on her palm, all while picking up the jewelry and examining it lazily one by one. And after hearing this, she responded: “No big deal, you all are my people. So naturally I will not let anything happen to you guys.”

“Miss, you’re really talented. Why don’t you show yourself to the Hu Kingdom once again?” Mei Hui couldn’t help but ask. The Second Miss was capable and smart, not to mention she knew medicine and poison. Which was quite rare for people in the continent who could master two skills at the same time.

Feng Mingyue changed the posture by propping her chin on her hand, and yawned: “Why hurry? It’s not the time yet, let them have some more fun first.”

After dressing up, Feng Mingyue had breakfast and went to practice martial arts as usual. She then went to the main hall, sitting on the master seat, and ordered Li Qin to bring the books that she bought last time.

Feng Mingyue opened each book to read one by one. After she felt bored after reading those novels, she picked the book that related to the continent, and likewise, she started to read.

The continent that she lived in was called Guanyu Continent, and it had four kingdoms in total, which were the Chu Kingdom, the Han Kingdom, the An Kingdom, and the Hu Kingdom.

The Chu Kingdom was the most powerful one among the four. This kingdom had strong military power and it was also their trumpet card, while the weakest one was the Hu Kingdom.

The people who lived on this continent could cultivate. They could become spiritual martial artists, as long as they could form a golden core on their own at the age of five. The spiritual martial artists were divided into seven ranks which were: low-level, intermediate level, advance-level, earth-level, moon-level, sky level, and the most powerful one was the king-level.

However, in the current situation, not too many people could become king-level spiritual martial artists. They needed at least ten to twenty years to succeed.

Moreover, there were also pill masters who existed in the continent. Although the pill master didn’t have any attack power, they do have defense powers.

They could use their spiritual energy to refine pills, as long as their pills quality was excellent, and they could refine the rarest pills in the continent, then there might be a chance for them to have some connection with experts. Afterward, their life wouldn’t be in a threatening situation, there might only be respect from others.

Every year, there would be the Four Kingdoms Tournament in an attempt to choose the leader of the continent. And without a doubt, in these past years, the Chu Kingdom always became the leader, which made it obvious that this kingdom was more powerful than the other three.

Besides the four kingdoms, there were also other sects located outside. The most powerful sects were the Heavenly Sect that was located on top of the Celestial Mountains. There were many other sects and clans on the Celestial Mountain, but their power wasn’t as strong as the Heavenly Sect.

The continent also had many mountains, rivers, and forests. However, there were some forests and mountains that were really dangerous, with many demons and high-level beasts resided there.

Furthermore, there were also demons in the Guanyu Continent. Most of the demons were already in seclusion. However, there were still some demons who came out and made a ruckus in the human realm. They killed people and captured them for the purpose of taking over the human realm.

Nevertheless, the human realm wasn’t weak either. Every three years, there would be a war between demons and martial artists. Mostly, the participants were the members of the imperial clans, official clans, and some spiritual martial artists from each kingdom.

The war took place in Yin Shen City, this city appeared when the Guanyu Continent emerged and it was also the border between the human realm and the demon realm. The Yin Shen City was also shrouded with dark energy. Hence, as long as humans could defeat the demon king, all the demons in the demon realm would disappear along with the Yin Shen City.

However, it was a pity that during all these years since ancient times, the demon king had never appeared in person, so no one could defeat him. But, there was one time that he appeared, it was when one spiritual martial artist challenged him, yet in the end, that spiritual martial artist died tragically.

The demons and humans had different ways of cultivation. But the rank was the same, and the demon king was currently a sky-level demon. However, in recent years, the strongest martial artist in the human realm was only at moon-level.

It was visible to everyone for the reason that the demons insisted on making war. It was because they wanted to control the human realm.

Feng Mingyue checked the date of the Four Kingdoms Tournaments and the date of the war. Then, she evoked a faint smile: “From now on maybe everything will change.”

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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