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TLM Chapter 11

Saving the man in black

Feng Mingyue was about to go and check the man. However, she was blocked by Mei Li and Mei Hui. Both of them also knew martial arts, and it wasn’t strange for them to realize that the man in black was also a spiritual martial artist.

“Forgive us, servants, for being rude. But, Miss, we don’t know this man at all and it is really dangerous for you.” Mei Li hastily spoke, in case she made the Second Miss irritated because of her behavior.

There was a strange silence. Feng Mingyue didn’t say anything which made the four maids feel nervous. What they didn’t know was, their master didn’t pay any attention to what Mei Li had just spoken at all.

Her scarlet eyes stared fixedly at the man figure, who was leaning against the wall. No matter how she looked at him, his figure was really similar to the man she used to know, someone that had always been by her side since she was a child. Someone that she always called ‘brother’ even though they were not blood-related.

Feng Mingyue took a deep breath: “He is already injured, I just want to save him.”

Mei Li hesitated: “But…”

“I’m a doctor, I can’t just turn blind eyes when I see someone injured.”

Mei Li and Mei Hui looked at each other. They understood what the Second Miss had said, but the man in black was actually a stranger, and they didn’t know how powerful he was. What if he was just acting then let them turn down their guard and attack them? What would they do at that time?

It was true that they knew martial arts. However, the level of their martial art was not high. If their opponent was strong, then they couldn’t even save themselves, let alone protect the Second Miss. This was also the reason why they didn’t want Feng Mingyue to act carelessly, in case they couldn’t save her in time. Even if they knew that their master was a spiritual martial artist, they just still couldn’t help worrying.

Feng Mingyue noticed that the man’s breath suddenly turned soft as if he was nearly out of breath. At this moment, she felt that every cell in her body became cold. Her heart also trembled, she knew that this man was certainly not her ‘brother’ but she still couldn’t help it.

“Step aside, if you still continue stopping me like this. He will die.” Feng Mingyue’s voice was frigid, making people shiver automatically as if they were trapped inside the ice pillar.

“Miss…” Mei Li and Mei Hui couldn’t find any reason to stop her anymore. In the end, they could only move aside and let the Second Miss walk toward the man.

Feng Mingyue squatted down in front of the man in black. Under the veil, her expression was extremely stern, she took the man’s hand and checked his pulse.

After knowing that he wasn’t in a life-threatening situation. She then examined the man’s body, his black clothes were also soaked with blood. She directly tore his clothes without any second thought, making the four maids exclaim in shock. They wanted to go and stop the Second Miss unethical attitude. But, before they could do that, they heard Feng Mingyue say: “Don’t butt in, I’m treating him not molesting him.”

The four girls immediately stepped back and stood still, but their eyes were clearly locked on their master figure.

Feng Mingyue looked at the man’s body that was filled with bruises and bite marks as if he was bitten by some ferocious beast. She searched through the spiritual ring to see whether there were any items that her mother stored in it. And, after a brief moment, she found a small wooden square chest, thus she directly took it out and opened it. Inside the chest were many silver needles that were arranged neatly in two horizontal lines.

Feng Mingyue took one silver needle out, then she injected it into the man’s skin. Thereafter, dark purple blood gushed out. After doing this for about thirty seconds, she put aside the silver needle that had been stained with the man’s poisoned blood.

Feng Mingyue took another silver needle out. However, before she could repeat the same action, she immediately senses two more people coming toward the area where she was. Hence, Feng Mingyue used her spiritual energy to clean the poisoned blood on the needle before putting it back into the small wooden chest.

Then, she took out a small golden round bell about the size of a finger, which could also be worn on the fingers. Feng Mingyue took the man’s hand and put the small golden bell on his thumb finger.

Then she said softly to the person in front of her: “I already forced half of your poison blood out. Seems like I can’t continue on since there are people coming here, they should be your comrade. As long as you ring the golden bell, I will come and find you if you want me to force all the poison out of your body and cure you. Remember you only have six months left to live, this poison is extremely toxic and you can’t be completely cured unless you have thousand years old ginseng.”

The man opened his eyes slightly, only to see a blurry figure. It was a lady in red. She had a modulated voice, her face was entirely covered but he could still smell a light scent of flowers and medicine from her body. Because his body was extremely weak, the man couldn’t answer back to her at all. Even if he wanted to thank her, he still couldn’t open his mouth and say it. In the end, the man just closed his eyes and rested.

She knew that the other party couldn’t respond to her but his consciousness hadn’t faded yet. So, Feng Mingyue didn’t wait until his comrade came and found out about her existence. She took a quick glance at the man in black once more before she signaled the four maids to follow her back to the Marquis of Ushi manor.

Of course, It was impossible for Feng Mingyue to take the same route as she planned. Hence she decided to use the official route, in case she bumped into the man in black’s comrade, and everything would be more troublesome.

After Feng Mingyue and the trio left. Two black figures appeared from the distance. They used their fastest speed to approach the man in black as fast as possible. The two figures kneel on one knee, cupping their hands together and saluting the man in black respectfully: “Forgive this subordinate for arriving late, Master.”

The man in black tried to open his eyes once again. Only to see his two subordinates, as for the lady in red that he had seen vaguely just now had already disappeared, who knew since when. The man in black waved his hand weakly, showing that he didn’t mind.

During the time when the man raised his hand. One of the subordinates caught sight of a golden bell on his master thumb finger. For a moment, he couldn’t help but feel surprised.

He had served the man since he was a child. This master of his was cold and aloof, he didn’t like to talk nor he liked to make friends. Moreover, three years ago, his master was seriously harmed. He had been in a coma for one month, when he woke up, his master changed a little.

He was colder than before, he didn’t even like to communicate with them. If it was before, at least his master talked one or two words, but during these three years, his master barely talked. Sometimes he only spoke one word, and let them think by themself about what he meant.

But now, glancing at the small golden bell in his master hand. He didn’t know how to describe his current feeling. It seemed to be a bit complicated.

“Master, let’s return and allow Young Master Fu to check your current condition.” Tossing this curiosity into the back of his mind, he and another subordinate quickly helped the man in black up.

The author has something to say:

I just want to clarify some parts in this chapter.

So the word ‘brother’ that our Xiao Yue said is referred to as ‘哥=Gē’ in Chinese. However, if I put it as ‘big brother’ it will sound like she talked about her blood-related eldest brother. So, I decided to use ‘brother’. And in her previous life, she called him Brother XX something like that^^

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