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SRA Chapter 17

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.17 : Intoxicated

Because Ye You didn’t eat dinner, so as soon as he returned to the dormitory, he opened a canned fruit and a bag of dried meat. He ate a few bites of salty and then a bite of sweet. For Ye You, these can foods and dried meat tasted only slightly better than the canteen food, barely able to eat it. He really wanted to make a small stove to cook his own food, but the conditions were not allowed.

Ye You thought to himself, he couldn’t cook here, if these canned foods had all kinds of delicious dishes, he would still be able to eat with rice. Ye You looked at the can in his hand and froze for a moment. He had a good idea.

Ye Chen came back from the shower and saw Ye You eating while sitting by the bed. After he put the towel and washbasin in place, he went to his bed and sat down, asked, “Ye You, do you know Du Squadron?”

Ye You looked up at Ye Chen and did not answer his question.

“How that I don’t know you actually knew Du Squadron? When did you know him and how did you know him?” Ye Chen was very curious about how Ye You knew Du Yao.

Ji Wen, who was originally looking down reading book, heard Ye Chen asking, also looked up at him. Then he turned to Ye You and said, “Quickly eat, after that go to bath, otherwise the hot water will be gone.”

“Ye You …” Ye Chen wanted to keep asking. He felt that if he didn’t know the answer, he would be very troubled in his heart.

“I’m done eating, let’s go wash.” Ye You stood up and said.

“Let’s go.” Ji Wen put the book on the head of the bed and got up.

The two picked up washbasin, towels and toiletries and went out.

Ye Chen looked at their disappearing back from the door and felt very uncomfortable, especially with Ye You ignoring him. When he was in the original world, he was often ignored. After transmigrated, he vowed that he must be the protagonist once, and let everyone be centered on him. At the beginning, he thought it was an easy task, and given the conditions possessed by the original owner, as long as he used a little schemes, success was not difficult. But during this time, he found that Ye You seemed more like the protagonist than himself, because Ye You was not only better than him, but he also met a man who was better than Du Hao.

Ye Chen felt very reluctant no matter how he thought about it, he would not admit defeat like this, he must live better than everyone he knew, at least never lose to Ye You. Sometimes it was easier to succeed by using schemes and tricks, whether in his original world or in this world. Throughout the ages, those who have succeed became major figure, all have some extreme schemes and methods up their sleeves. The so-called truth was in the hands of the winner.

If it were not for Ye You already knew about his and Du Hao relationship, Ye Chen would definitely take the matter of ‘Ye family and the Du family’s can’t have any relationship’ to communicate with Ye You, but now even if he was shameless, he was not qualified to say this to Ye You. So he can only let Du Hao solved this matter from Du Yao’s side. Anyway, he has to find a way to stop Du Yao and Ye You be together. Because Du Yao was too good, his jealousy does not allow him to sit idly by.

In the following time, the Literary Art soldiers must first follow the Medical team to learn basic nursing knowledge for three days, and the performance begins after three days.

On the third day, before eating, Du Yao waited for Ye You outside the canteen and gave him a lunch box.

“This is a dish made by the cook at my house. You can eat it with your friends. It’s not good to eat too much dried meat and canned food. You will get tired of it sooner or later.”

“Thank you, but since you are willingly to give me this yourself, I will not feel owed to you, and I will not remember this matter in my heart. I will enjoy it very comfortably.” Ye You took over the lunchbox and deliberately emphasized in a straightforward tone.

“Well, it couldn’t be better.” Du Yao nodded and turned to leave.

Ye You stared hard at Du Yao’s back, and he was so angry that he didn’t even know what he was angry about.

After watching Du Yao’s back disappeared, Ye You hurried to keep up with Ji Wen who was waiting for him in the front.

During the meal, Ye You found that today’s rice was much more softer than the previous two days, which was on the level that he can eat. Both Ye You and Ji Wen take the rice, Ye You opened the lunch box Du Yao gave him and let Ji Wen eat with him.

“It’s delicious!” Ji Wen took a bite and immediately sighed. “The cooks in their house are really good. They deserve to be the cook in the general’s house.”

Ye You took a bite and said, “Not bad.”

“These are so good but you only say that it is not bad? You are really picky.” Ji Wen shook his head helplessly.

Ye You thought, because if I make it myself, it will be more delicious, but I have no chance to do it.

“Du Squadron seems very sincere in wanting to pursue you. You have to seize this opportunity. If you miss this village, there will be no such shop again1Original text lit. means village and shop. Though I’m confuse because there are no mention that this phrase are chinese idioms. Maybe it’s some slangs or puns? *scratch head*. When you want to find a better one than him later, I’m afraid you will not have such a good luck and opportunity again. “Ji Wen said.

“If can’t find a better one, I’ll just be alone. It’s not that a must for person to get married.”

“What are you talking about?” Ji Wen said with wide eyes, “If you don’t get married, do you want to spend your last years in solitary?”

“I just said it only.” Ye You knew that for people of this era, the idea of unmarried life was difficult to accept. If it was in his original world he said that he would never want to get married all his life, there would absolutely no one would say anything. But in this era, this kind of idea was difficult to realize. And he actually understood this in his heart, if he really didn’t have any interest in Du Yao, he wouldn’t be able to accept his things at all. Du Yao certainly knew it too.

“Don’t you notice that the female soldiers who are looking at you was fill with jealous eyes to the point of turning red? Before Du Squadron appeared, Du Hao was their most desired object. After Du Squadron appeared, no matter how they compares, he was so much better than Du Hao. If you do not seize the opportunity, you are creating opportunities for others.”

Ye You was silent for a while, and then continued to eat.

The next morning, the three squadron leaders came out after the meeting in the captain’s office. Lu Zhiyuan speed up to catch up with Du Yao and said to him, “Du Squadron, I heard that you sent two things to Team Leader Ye You, don’t tell me that you like him?”

Du Yao turned his head and give him a glanced, ignoring him.

Lu Zhiyuan sees that Du Yao was not talking, he feels a bit embarrassed, but he also knows that Du Yao was very proud, and he has arrogant air on him2Raw 傲气的资本(ao qi De zhi ben); gg tl to arrogant capital(economic). Not really understand but I just assume that he has arrogant air on him………., so he continued to say, “For the sake that everyone is a comrade in arms, I will kindly remind you that Ye You’s reputation is not very good. You just came back from the Jingnan warzone, so you don’t know. The people in our regiment know everything. If you don’t believe me, you can go and make some inquiries.”

“Reputation is something that comes out of someone else’s mouth. I only believe in my own eyes and judgment.” Du Yao said coldly.

“Even if you don’t care about his reputation, but you will definitely care about one thing, he likes your brother Du Hao to a certain extent. Are you sure you want to like someone who likes your brother?”

Du Yao suddenly stopped and turned to look at Zhiyuan, as if to judge the truthfulness of his words from the expression on his face.

“If you don’t believe me, you can also make some inquiries.” Lu Zhiyuan said calmly.

Du Yao continued to move forward, and this time Lu Zhiyuan did not keep up, because he felt that what he had said already in effect.

In the following time, the soldiers did not have particularly intensive field training, and the performance of the Literary Art soldiers could also begin.

The first performance was a collective performance by the entire group. Not only were the soldiers waiting to watch with enthusiasm, but even the captains and other officers also came. After all, not only that there were fewer entertainment activities in this era, but there were also no mobile phones, computer game consoles, etc. Soldiers can only read books or play cards during breaks every day except training. Being able to watch a show were something that they look forward to.

Ye Chen and the recruits of the Dance team performed the first show, a 10-minute dance drama. As a lead dancer, Ye Chen worked hard to show his dance skills. After the performance, the soldiers applauded enthusiastically, making him very satisfied. Ye Chen glanced at Du Hao, who was sitting below, and the two quickly cast amorous glances, and they felt especially sweet in their heart. Du Hao was very proud of Ye Chen’s performance, and felt regrets that the two of them cannot openly be in a romantic relationship for the time being, otherwise he don’t know how many people will envy him.

Ye Chen told Du Hao that Du Yao sent something to Ye You. Du Hao was surprised that Du Yao would actually like Ye You. After being surprised, he developed a sense of superiority. Because even if he doesn’t want to admit it, Du Yao was indeed better than him at present, he needs some time to surpass him. But the person Du Yao likes were instead like him(DH), which makes him finally felt that he has won Du Yao once.

But Ye Chen told him that if Du Yao and Ye You’s relationship were known by the family, it would probably have a great impact on their plan to date openly. If Elder Ye firmly opposed Ye You and Du Yao together, then he will definitely resolutely oppose the two of them together. Ye Chen used such an excuse to make Du Hao find a way to prevent this from happening. Du Hao thought that what he(YC) had said was quite reasonable, he said he would find a way, so Lu Zhiyuan went to Du Yao and said that Ye You had a bad reputation.

Ye You has two show to perform, the first performance was a solo violin, the second performance were singing. Ye You’s singing voice was ethereal and soft, and the soldiers below were enchanted. Even if he had finished singing, his singing echoed repeatedly in the soldiers’ minds, so that they had no necessary thoughts to appreciate the next group dance performance.

Ye You feels that people have an instinctive appreciation for music. Although people from different ages, different years, and different countries may like different music styles, the common thing was that as long as they like a song, they will have a craze for enthusiasm. Especially after being brainwashed with some tunes, these tunes will pop up inadvertently in the brain. This was the reason why modern singers, as long as 口口3This was in the original text. It’s actually a 2 rectangular shape thingy,  but my phone didn’t have that. So I use 口(kou) which actually means mouth, bcoz of it’s same shape lol. a few classic songs, can be popular among fans.

No matter how good the dance was, it can only be admired by people during the performance. Very few people who can remember the dance movements and then replay them in their minds. But once a person likes a song, it will not be forgotten for a long time, and they can’t help singing a few sentences from time to time.

Ye You looked at the enchanted soldiers below, thinking that maybe it would be good to be a military singer. When he had time, he would write a few songs by himself. These songs must be in line with the people’s favorite style of this era. For him, this was not difficult.

T/N: I have to say… YC and DH are very shameless! Tsk, can’t wait for their face become red and hot from the face-slapping! Humph!

Well,  hope you like this chapter! See you folks! 😘

Edited on 25 Oct ’21

  • 1
    Original text lit. means village and shop. Though I’m confuse because there are no mention that this phrase are chinese idioms. Maybe it’s some slangs or puns? *scratch head*
  • 2
    Raw 傲气的资本(ao qi De zhi ben); gg tl to arrogant capital(economic). Not really understand but I just assume that he has arrogant air on him……….
  • 3
    This was in the original text. It’s actually a 2 rectangular shape thingy,  but my phone didn’t have that. So I use 口(kou) which actually means mouth, bcoz of it’s same shape lol.
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