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SRA Chapter 18

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.18 : Intense Dissatisfaction

After the collective performance, the two groups of Literary Art soldiers will begin to perform separately for the three Squadron soldiers.

Ye You’s singing successfully infected the soldiers. As soon as the soldiers were idle, his singing voice will appeared in their mind, sometimes they could not help but humming two sentences.

The thing that Lu Zhiyuan said to Du Yao about Ye You’s bad reputation, Ye You didn’t know about it, nor did he feel it from Du Yao’s attitude. Because Du Yao still gave him food every other day or two, and his eyes were still so gentle, his tone of voice was also indulging, and his attitude did not make Ye You feel that something was off.

Ye You had finished the things(foods) he had brought from home. Every time Du Yao gave him foods, he would share it with Ji Wen in the canteen and in the dormitory too. Ye Chen tried to talk to Ye You many times, but Ye You ignored him as if he(YY) could not see his(YC) existence.

After Ye You sang several times for the War Lion Squadron and Thunder Lion Squadron, the soldiers were completely hooked on his singing. In modern terms, they had became his fan.

This afternoon, the Literary Art soldiers had a half-day break. Because the weather was good, everyone was chatting and sun-bathing in the courtyard downstairs. Suddenly, a few soldiers appeared outside the yard. They stood outside and looked inside, but too embarrassed to greet1叫(jiao); call, shout. In a situation like that I thought greet might be more suitable 😅 people.

After the Vice Captain of the Medical team who stood by the window of the dormitory saw this, he then went downstairs, go out and ask them if there were something wrong. This was the dormitory of the Medical team. A group of male soldiers stood outside will had a bad influence.

One of the male soldiers was a little embarrassed and said, “We come here to look for Team Leader Ye You of the Literary Arts to give him something and then we will leave.”

The Vice Captain knew that Du Yao often sent things to Ye You. He thought it was Du Yao who asked them come and turned around to let Ye You know.

Hearing that, Ye You had some doubts, and then he also thought that it was Du Yao who asked them come, so he went out. The other Literary Art soldiers had long noticed the soldiers outside. After hearing the Vice Captain of the Medical team said that they had come to find Ye You, they all moved quietly towards the gate with curiosity, wanting to hear what actually happened.

“Are you looking for me?” Ye You looked at the soldiers and asked.

The soldiers was even more embarrassed when they saw Ye You. At the same time, they couldn’t help but size him up secretly with their eyes.

One of the soldiers cleared his throat to hide his nervousness, then lift up the things in his hand and said, “These are gifts for you from several of us. We don’t mean anything. Don’t get me wrong, our intention is just to thank you for singing such a nice song for us. We really like listen to your singing.”

Ye You now just realized that it was not Du Yao who asked them to send things. The soldiers sent these gifts as fans.

“I have received your kindness, thank you, but I am sorry, I can’t accept these things.” Ye You refused without hesitation.

“This …, this is not something particularly valuable, just some fruits and snacks. We bought it together and didn’t spend much money. You can take it and share it with others.  It’s just a little thought for all the Literary Art soldiers. “

Several other soldiers nodded immediately.

“You accept it every time Du Squadron sends something, but you don’t want to accept the thing these soldiers sent you. Do you look down on them as ordinary soldiers?” Qu Bin, who shared the same dormitory with Ye You, said eccentrically. Every time he saw Ye You and Ji Wen eating in the dormitory, his heart felt uncomfortable, because he had a crush on Du Yao, and now these soldiers came to give Ye You something, he was even more angry.

Ye You turned his head and looked at Qu Bin, thinking ‘there goes someone deliberately finding fault again’. Then he looked at the soldiers and said, “I took the Du Squadron’s things because I was friend with him, he gave me something and my family will send gift to his home in return. If I take your things, I will definitely have to give back something to you. If other people come to send gift, I will return the gift, which will become very troublesome, so I can’t start this things.”

The soldiers looked at each other, and they thought what Ye You said was reasonable, but they also felt that they were not sending things in hope to be return, so they said, “You don’t have to give us back, just take it as we gave all the Literary Art soldiers. Just share with them.”

“Other people accept or not has nothing to do with me, but I can’t accept it on their behalf. In fact, you don’t have to be embarrassed or have other ideas because I refuse to accept your things. You soldiers of the Combat Legion, use your own life to protect us, we, the Literary Art soldiers comfort you with the best performance, it is our duty. In fact, you don’t have to thank us, but we, who enjoy your protection, should be the one to thank you…”

Ye You talked about a lot of general truths that had moved those soldiers. Then they left with those things.

After watching the soldiers walked away, Ye You walked to Qu Bin and said, “I accepted Du Squadron’s things because we had personal relations, he sent me things, and then I will ask my home to return him. I will continue to take his stuff. If you don’t like to see that, it’s your own problems. To say something peculiar and ridiculous will only expose your ugly heart because of jealousy and it is not ability. If you really have the skill, ask him to stop giving me anything.”

Qu Bin glared at Ye You viciously, his eyes very fierce, as if he was going to eat him. He was jealous of Ye You that he couldn’t sleep well every night, and he even made mistakes during the Dance performance. He thought it was Ye You’s fault. Ye You’s words made it impossible to refute, and made him even more angry. He gritted his teeth and turned to leave.

The other people who watched the fun slowly disperse. The emotions in their hearts, only they themselves know. Perhaps at the beginning, they were really jealous of Ye You, but now they had gradually felt that Ye You was not what they should be jealous of, because Ye You’s performance was much more stronger than them. People will only be jealous of people who have better conditions, but they will not be jealous of those who have a huge gap with them. This was human nature.

Ye You and Ji Wen walked back to the place where they had just sat and continued to bask in the sun.

Ye Chen looked at Ye You’s back, he wanted to know when Ye You became friends with Du Yao, but Ye You has been ignoring him for all this time. So he knew that even if he asked, Ye You still will not answer him. He was very anxious because he felt that Ye You had gone farther and farther in front of him. He knew that the soldiers of the War Lion Squadron and the soldiers of the Thunder Lion Squadron both liked to listen to Ye You sing, Ye You was also the first Literary Art soldier who was sent things by the soldiers, he has clearly felt the gap between him and Ye You.

Du Hao saw that what Lu Zhiyuan said to Du Yao last time did not seem to work. So, he asked Lu Zhiyuan to go to Du Yao again, and said something about ‘the one he liked was instead like his younger brother’, if this spreads, not only it didn’t sounds good, but also will affect his(DY) reputation too.

“A person’s appreciation level will increase with the better things he encounters. When a person can have a better choice, do you think he will retreat and take the one on the second place?” This was Du Yao’s original words, and then Lu Zhiyuan conveyed it to Du Hao without leaving any word. Du Hao knew Du Yao was taunting himself, that he was inferior to him. With Du Yao’s existence, Ye You could not even see Du Hao. Du Hao felt very angry. He thought that one day, he would throw these words back to Du Yao’s face.

The training of the soldiers continued, and the Literary Art soldiers coordinated with the rest of the soldiers, and the performances for them also continued. After the second collective performance, separate performances for each Squadron began, and more and more soldiers were fascinated by Ye You’s singing.

There were also many soldiers in the Fierce Lion Squadron who like to listen to Ye You singing, but they have been waiting and waiting, but not even once they get to enjoy Ye You’s performance. So after a show, they surrounded Zhang Quan and expressed their dissatisfaction.

“Why is it that only our Squadron does not have a singing performance by Team Leader Ye You? This is not fair!”

“Yes, why did Team Leader Ye You only perform for the other two squadrons, but he didn’t come to our squadron, is he looking down on us?!”

“We are dissatisfied with this arrangement!”

“Instructor Zhang, I heard that the performance arrangements were discussed with the two team leaders. You must give us a reasonable explanation!”

“Yes, I want to know why only us that being treated like this!”

“Have you finished talking?” Zhang Quan wait the soldiers to finish complained one by one, and then said: “If you are finish talking, just listen to me, you can’t intervene before I finish talking. About team leader Ye You’s not coming to your squadron to perform, it was not my decision, and it was not Team Leader Ye You’s own decision either, it was your squadron leader’s decision. If you want an explanation, let him explain it to you.”

“Lu Squadron! Lu Squadron!” Zhang Quan turned around and shouted, “Come here!”

Lu Zhiyuan heard Zhang Quan calling himself so loudly, knowing that he could not hide, and could only walk to the place surrounded by soldiers.

“Lu Squadron, when we discussed the performance arrangements at that time, the distribution of each squadron was very even. You insisted that Team Leader Ye You cannot came to your Squadron to perform. You come and explain to your soldiers why you don’t let Team Leader Ye You come to your squadron to perform.” Zhang Quan won’t help Lu Zhiyuan to carry this pot2Take the blame.. Since Lu Zhiyuan caused these soldiers to be dissatisfied, of course he himself must convince these soldiers.

“What are you arguing about?!” Lu Zhiyuan first came up with the imposing attitude of a Squadron Leader to intimidate the soldiers. “There are no fewer performances than the other two squadrons. What are you dissatisfied for with this arrangement?”

“If there is a reasonable reasons, it was nothing if we didn’t get to watch the performance, but we just want to know why the arrangement is like this?”

“What reasons? The soldiers should obey the order unconditionally. Do I still need to tell you this?”

“Now if we are on the battlefield, even if we use our bodies to block the bullets, our eyes will not blink! But we’re neither in the battlefield nor in the training, why can’t we ask for fair treatment?! We can become the country and the people’s weapons, but we are also people who will have feelings and emotions, what’s wrong with me want to know the reason?”

“Yes! We are also humans, and we will also have emotions!” Other soldiers responded to the soldier’s words one after another.

Ye Chen and his team hadn’t left after their performance. When they heard these soldiers, their hearts were very embarrassed. Because the number of performances of each squadron was the same, the soldiers certainly do not have any opinion on the number of performances, but rather want to listen to Ye You’s singing.

In the military, there were also very complicated interpersonal relationships. An airborne officer may not be as good as a veteran.

The soldiers who were in a legion with Lu Zhiyuan and Du Hao, after all, were only a small part. Most of the soldiers of the Fierce Lion Squadron were veterans transferred from other regiments. If Lu Zhiyuan really wanted to deter them anytime, anywhere, he had to come up with some skills to convince them, otherwise don’t think about putting up a ‘Squadron Leader air’ in front of them anytime he wanted.

T/N: Hi.. Cough.. Yeah,  that’s…. It’s been a long time?  Hehe,  sorry for the very late update. *Sweat* I was caught in so many raw danmei novel marathon that I didn’t translate as much of this novel as I normally do. So… the late update. 😅

Hope you enjoy this chapter and see you again.. ahem… soon!!

  • 1
    叫(jiao); call, shout. In a situation like that I thought greet might be more suitable 😅
  • 2
    Take the blame.
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