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SRA Chapter 16

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.16 : I won’t Miss You

Ye You and Ye Chen returned to the dormitory that the Medical team arranged for them, and then they each have a meeting with the members of the group. They talked about the approximate arrangement for the next period of time. When the meal time arrived, they followed the Medical team to the small canteen and eat together.

The soldiers all ate in another big canteen. Only the Medical team, the Literary Art soldiers, and the officers would eat in the small canteen. When they were in the Cultural Regiment, Ye You and the other members ate in the big canteen, but never in the the small canteen. Ye You always thought that the food in the small canteen should be more delicious, but after eating he realized that it was actually the same. Maybe for other, when they eat it, they would think it was not particularly delicious but not unpalatable, however, Ye You just can’t eat it.

Ye You has a problem that even he himself feel helpless, that he was a special picky eater, but what he picks was not the food, but the taste. If the food does not suit his taste, he would rather not eat and be hungry.

When he was a kid, once his older brother went to a distant country to talk about business, he also followed along to play. After arriving in the local area, there was no food that suit his taste, and that country also does not eat rice. So, he couldn’t eat anything but fruit, and his brother was worried that he had ruin his stomach and could only returned home early. Since then, as long as his parents and two older brothers take him abroad, they will definitely bring the chef, and sometimes even ingredients. After he grew up, because he often went to various countries to play, he simply learned how to cook himself, and show his full ability to learned all kinds of dishes he loves to eat.

“Can you help me eat these dishes too?” Ye You whispered to Ji Wen. He took a bite of rice and the dishes, and the rest was still clean, haven’t been touch. Big wok dishes were difficult to make for it to be delicious. In the army, food was not allowed to be wasted. One have to finished it. In the Cultural Regiment, Ye You often divides the dishes between Ji Wen and Zhao Yu before eating. He just ate the rice, and then went back to the dormitory to eat the foods he brought from home.

“You don’t eat again?” Ji Wen was used to it. He clips the dishes from his(YY) rice plate to his own plate and says, “At least you have to eat the rice. This time, you didn’t bring much foods. Starting tomorrow you are not only have a performance, you still have to learns and train. I feel tired already when thinking about it. If you don’t eat, your body won’t be able to support it.”

“This rice is too hard, I can’t eat it. Although the food in the canteen of the Cultural Regiment are average, at least the rice was still cooked very soft, but this rice, how reluctant was them to put in the water that the rice actually this hard.” Ye You complained softly.

Ji Wen put Ye You’s food on his plate and said, “You are really the most picky person I have ever seen. If you are going perform in the army in the future, what are you gonna do?”

“Yeah, what can I do?” Ye You was holding his chin in one hand, and felt a little distressed. “Otherwise, I might as well stop being a Literary Art soldier.”

The food in Ji Wen’s mouth almost spewed out. “What are you saying? So many people wanted to be a soldiers but they can’t, just because you’re picky eaters you’re not even want to be a Literary Art soldiers? Why did you work so hard to pass the assessment for? What about the Head and Deputy Leader? Both Leaders have attach great importance to you. Do you think that when you don’t want to be a Literally Art soldiers then you can stop being one?  Unless you make a big mistake or deliberately perform poorly.”

Ye You thought, not that I’m willing to be one, but since I’m already one, it is natural to be a good one.

“Don’t do it, or you will regret it later,” Ji Wen persuaded.

Du Yao sat at a table with several squad leaders of his Squadron. He seemed to be eating by himself, but in fact through his peripheral vision he had been paying attention to Ye You. He saw that Ye You only ate a couple of bites and stopped eating. It must be the food that does not suit his appetite.

Du Yao quickly finished his meal, then got up and walked out of the canteen.

After Ye You waited for Ji Wen to finish his meal, the two walked out of the canteen and slowly walked to the dormitory of the Medical team. Everyone else had also ate enough more or less, and went back together to the dormitory in two or three.

As soon as he reached outside the dormitory building of the Medical team, Ye You saw that Du Yao was standing on the side of the road. Du Yao had already seen him and was watching him, and it was obvious that Du Yao was waiting for him.

Some of the female soldiers passing by Du Yao also deliberately slowed down, and then couldn’t help but want to look at him more, thinking it would be better if they could get his attention, but unfortunately Du Yao didn’t even glance at them, he just keep looking at Ye You and waiting for him to come closer.

Ye You stopped and looked at Du Yao after approaching. Although Du Yao kept looking at him and seemed to be waiting for him, but what if he not? Wouldn’t he embarrassing himself?

Du Yao asked Ye You with his eyes, are you coming, or am I going?

Ye You turned his head and said to Ji Wen, “You go ahead and wait for me there, I will go and say a few words to him.”

Although Ji Wen was a bit puzzled, he still nodded and continued to move forward.

Ye You walked up to Du Yao and asked, “Are you waiting for me?”

“Who else can I wait for?” Du Yao looked at Ye You and said.

Ye You looked around and saw that many people were walking towards here, and he said to Du Yao, “Let’s go there to talk.”

The two walked to a point on the right side of the wall, so that when people came over, even if they saw them, they would not hear what they were saying because they were separated by some distance.

“Why are you waiting for me? Is there something wrong?” Ye You asked.

“You just ate a few bites just now. Will you be able to learn from the Medical team tomorrow?”

“How do you know that I…” Ye You suddenly remembered that Du Yao must have been eating in the small canteen just now, and said, “I brought food from home, anyway, I am definitely not going to be hungry tonight.”

“How much can you bring? Can you eat them for half a month?” Du Yao lift up a net bag in his hand in front of Ye You. “There are some biscuits, jerky and canned fruit, when you are hungry just eat it, don’t starve your body. “

This scene of Du Yao handed something over to Ye You happened to be seen by the group of people passing by. Out of curiosity, they slowed down at the same time, and then secretly observed Ye You and Du Yao’s action. They felt that although they could not hear what the two were talking about, they looked like they were standing together face-to-face, it was too harmonious and beautiful. Too beautiful that people were envious and jealous.

Officers such as Du Yao who were better than Du Hao become a dream lover for most people as soon as he appear, and Du Hao’s ranking in their hearts automatically dropped. So, whether they had hope or not, they do not want Du Yao and Ye You to be together, they hope that Du Yao can be single a bit longer, so that they can also imagine that they can had hope a little bit longer and not so fast to be shattered.

Ye Chen was also among this group of people. He has the same thoughts as other people, even stronger than them. Du Yao was really the type that will make people feel excited from a distance. Besides, he was so good. The point was that his own ability was stronger than Du Hao. This was Ye Chen’s reason why he don’t want Du Yao and Ye You to be together. His jealousy was torturing him instinctively, he comforted himself over and over again in his heart, that they were impossible to be together.

Ye You took the net bag, opened it and said, “Do you know what my family does?”

“They do business, and it’s quite big. Your dad is a well-known wealthy business man.” Du Yao replied.

“Then you should know that these things is what I have in my home, no matter how much I ate it, I can’t finished it for several lifetimes.”

“It’s one thing in your family. It’s another thing if you can or can’t eat it now. Even if the canned food in your house is enough for the people of the whole country, you still can’t eat it now, and it doesn’t have any meaning to you.”

Ye You thought about it and thought that what he said was very reasonable, he asked, “Can I ask you something?”


“Actually, what I brought from home are not enough to eat for half a month, even the things you gave, it’s not enough, and I can’t always eat dried meat and canned food. After two days, I will call back home and ask my family bring me something to eat every few days. Would you help me take it and pass it on to me?”

When Ye You was in the Cultural Regiment, he often called back home when he wanted to eat something, and then the cook at home would make it and then asked the driver to delivered to him. But now that he was here, there was no way for his family to often send him things, and it was not good if others know. But if Du Yao helping him, this matter will be more easy. After all, Du Yao was the Squadron leader. Receiving things should be a very simple thing for him. Even if he(DY) doesn’t have to take it himself, there were naturally soldiers who will help him run errands. He just needs to pass it to him.

“No.” Du Yao refused without any hesitation.

Ye You froze for a moment. He never asked for help easily. He did not expect Du Yao to refuse him.

Ye You was angry because of Du Yao’s rejection, and whispered, “No, then no. Stingy!”

“Tell me directly what you want to eat. Naturally, I have a way to get it for you. You don’t have to ask from home. If someone else knows it was sent by your family, it will affect you badly.” Du Yao saw Ye You’s angry look was very seductive, he felt an itch in his heart, really wanted to kiss his fair face and red lips.

“… Wouldn’t I owe you more, then how can I return the favor?” Ye You thought about how to return the favor to Du Yao in order to owe him nothing.

“I don’t need you to return the favor, I just want you to owe me. The more you owe, the more you will think of me.”

“You …” Ye You had nothing to said after a while, “Why are you always so inconsistent? You said that you liked me at first, and then you told me not to choose soldiers for my happiness, and now you want me to keep thinking of you, actually what do you want? “

“I hope you can be happy, and I hope you will always miss me, this is what I want.” Du Yao said seriously and directly.

Ye You stared at Du Yao for a while and said, “I will be happy, but I will never miss you. The things you gave me, I will take it. Anyway, you gave it voluntarily. When there are advantage, it will be in vain if I didn’t take it. As long as you give me, I will accept it, but I won’t miss you, humph!”

Ye You turned his head and strode away.

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s back with a gentle smile in his eyes.

Ji Wen stood at the gate and waited for Ye You. After Ye You came over, the two walked in together.

“You actually know Du Yao? How did you know him?” Ji Wen was curious and doubtful, he asked Ye You quietly.

“Didn’t I tell you that I got one blind date last time? It’s him.” Ye You also whispered.

“Really?” Ji Wen was surprised then asked, “What did he just give you?”

“Some dried meat and canned fruits.”

“So, there is hope between you. He came to send you something. He must have a good impression of you and want to develop further with you ah.” Ji Wen was quite happy for Ye You.

Ye You opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say, only can sighed.

Because they had reached the door of the dormitory, the two of them ended the topic.

This time Zhao Yu didn’t join the two of them. He was assigned to the Special War Leopard Brigade. Ye You and Ji Wen also Ye Chen and another recruit were sharing a dormitory.

T/N: Wow!!!  No footnotes?! *shock* This chapter are a bit easier to translate lol. Hope I didn’t miss some part that need to be explain because when I translating this chapter I was a bit rush. *sweat* I edit the grammar here and there but still… Pardon me if there are some mistake.

I don’t know about you but I found the interaction between YY and DY are very cute in this chapter lol

Hope you like it and see you next chapter~

Edited on Oct ’21

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