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SRA Chapter 19

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.19 : This moment, he had waited for a long time.

Lu Zhiyuan wanted to suppressed the dissatisfied soldiers with the imposing Leader Squadron to intimidate them, but the soldiers didn’t buy it, then he persuaded them but the soldiers still don’t listen, they just wanted a reasonable explanation.

Lu Zhiyuan did not dare to repeat his original words about why Ye You can’t to perform in their Squadron that day. Du Hao has told him that it was best to not say those words publicly afterwards, because Ye You has already proved his innocence in the Cultural Regiment. In case if Ye You can’t stand the trouble, the one that look bad in the end will be both himself and Ye Chen.

Lu Zhiyuan didn’t want to make things big, so he assured the soldiers that he would reassign the performance arrangements, and then pulled Zhang Quan aside and asked him to tell Ye You to rearrange again. Zhang Quan wasn’t stupid enough to promise him. Previously, it was Lu Zhiyuan who humiliated the other party, could they not be angry? He didn’t want to help Lu Zhiyuan to take this anger, and during this time he also saw that in the future Ye You was mostly Du Yao’s person. Even if he was not afraid of offending Ye You, he didn’t want to offend Du Yao.

Under Lu Zhiyuan’s repeated requests, Zhang Quan agreed to go with him to see Ye You, but to re-schedule the performance, he told him to tell Ye You himself, he could only help to advise a few words at most.

Lu Zhiyuan went to Ye You to discuss the re-arrangement of the performance, which made Ye You a little surprised, but watching Lu Zhiyuan had no sincere attitude, Ye You didn’t give him any good face. Ye You was not a good-tempered person. He has been spoiled from an early age. In fact, his temper was quite bad. It was just the education he has cultivated over the years that would not allow him to show it easily. He was a very vengeful person who will take his revenge.

Zhang Quan was beside him. He first asked Lu Zhiyuan to apologize to Ye You. After Lu Zhiyuan reluctantly said sorry, he asked Ye You not to argue.

Ye You looked at them for a while, then suddenly smiled, and then asked Zhang Quan to invite the other two Squadron Leaders. If the other two Squadron Leaders agreed to him, he would re-arranged.

After Du Yao and Gu Squadron arrived, Ye You did not say to re-discuss the performance arrangement, but told Du Yao that he hoped to re-announce the performance arrangement in front of all the soldiers of the three squadrons and asked if they had any comments.

Du Yao and Ye You stared at each other for a while. After eye contact, he said that he had no opinions. Since Du Yao had no opinions, Gu Squadron would naturally not having any opinions.

Then during the meal time, several of them came to the canteen.

Although the soldiers of the three Squadrons all eat in the large canteen, the kitchen and cooking windows of each Squadron were separated, and the eating positions also divided. However, there were soldiers who often sat with other Squadrons that they acquaintances with to eat together.

Ye You, as long as he stood in the middle of the open space, the soldiers of the three squadrons could heard him.

“I’m sorry to disturb everyone’s mealtime. I want to announce something and delay everyone for a few minutes. It’s not a particularly important thing. It’s okay for everyone to eat and listen. I will leave as soon as I finish talking.” Ye You first aroused the attention of all the soldiers loudly.

“The thing is, Lu Squadron just came to me and said that because I did not go to perform for the Fierce Lion Squadron, the soldiers of the Fierce Lion Squadron had a great dissatisfaction, so he hope I can reschedule the performance. Soldiers of the Fierce Lion Squadron, I will explain the reason why I don’t want to perform for you. The first reason is that at the beginning of the performance arrangement, Lu Squadron strongly rejected me to perform for the Fierce Lion Squadron, he execute a great insult toward me. He said that my moral conduct was worrying and I was not qualified to perform for the soldiers of the Lions Squadron. “

“The second reason is that I had helped Du Hao, the Captain of the Lions Squad, a great favor. But so far, I’m not only didn’t received his half-sent personal thanks, but he has also corrupted my reputation everywhere. Here I want to tell everyone very solemnly, I don’t like Captain Du Hao at all, please stop imagining things and randomly spread rumours! He know the scandals he has done himself!”

“What kind of scandals have I done?! Do you think this is a place where you can talk nonsense?! Before you speak, it is best to consider the consequences!” Du Hao just happened to eat in the canteen today to get closer to the soldiers. When Ye You satirized him in the face of so many soldiers, his face changed greatly, and he couldn’t help but stood up and scolded Ye You.

“It seems that Captain Du’s memory is not very good, then I will remind you again.” Ye You looked at Du Hao and said, “That night, it was Ye Chen who went out to meet you and you were found by the soldiers on patrol, Ye Chen ran back to ask me for help. I thought that he is my cousin, so I agreed to help him, and admitted this matter for him. As a result, you spreading rumors everywhere that I like you, and I actively pursue you, let others think that my conduct is not good, do not understand self respect and self-love, you dare say you have not done it?!”

“Two of my roommates can prove that I didn’t go out at all that night, and our Deputy Leader also knew that there wasn’t my name on the roster with the registration book. Do you want me to call them both and confront you face to face?!” Ye You deliberately made expressions of patience and grievances, there were tears in his eyes. “Let’s go to the Interrogation Department together and ask the Interrogation Department’s people investigate this matter clearly, so that all Soldiers know what kind of person you are!”

Du Hao’s complexion ashen and clenched his fists in both hands. He couldn’t say a word of anger, because he couldn’t refute Ye You’s words.

Ye You has waited for this moment. He knew that there must be an opportunity for him to tell the truth in front of many people. If he don’t care and make trouble in the Cultural Regiment before, and they insisted that they were innocent, the final result must be that they will be punished together, and then this matter will still be suppressed and not to be mentioned again. Anyway, the result he wanted would not be achieved.

But now it was different. Because of his outstanding performance, he has received great attention from the Regiment. Even if he was punished, it will not be very serious. Deputy Leader, Head Leader and the other two Team Leaders will find ways to defend him.

“Originally, the past is over, who asked me to admit it myself? But not only did you spread rumors everywhere that ruined my reputation, but in order to allow Ye Chen to have more chances to perform, you deliberately let the Lu Squadron come to insult me and say that I don’t deserve to perform for the soldiers of the Fierce Lion Squadron. Now I don’t even accept an apology, and still want to make me change the performance’s schedule. I can only bear with it, but you keep bullying me1Original text; 未免(wei mian);unavoidably; can’t help; really; rather. 欺人太甚(qi ren tai shen{idiom})to bully intolerably. The me is what I added, hehe. intolerably!” Ye You have been holding back the tears, which make the soldiers had great sympathy. Sometimes the tears of the weaker party would be a very powerful weapons. Ye You wanted this effect.

“Sorry, I have disturb you guys’ mealtime.” Then Ye You turned and stride outside.

All the soldiers looked at Du Hao and condemned him with angry eyes. Some soldiers who had become fans of Ye You held their fists hard and controlled the urge to rush over and beat him.

Du Hao looked at other people’s eyes, and he couldn’t stayed any longer, so he leave the canteen quickly.

Only Zhang Quan and Lu Zhiyuan stood there and looked at each other awkwardly. Zhang Quan shook his head, sighed again, and turned to leave. This matter, he had to report it to the Head Captain2Original text; 大队长(da dui zhang); Google only gave me Captain and Yabla had separate these three words into two which is 大(da)big; huge; large; major; great; wide; deep; older (than); oldest; eldest; greatly; very much; (dialect) father; father’s elder or young. And 队长(dui zhang); captain; team leader. Tbh, these title really gave me a big headache. Orz.

Ye You was walking quickly, was grabbed by Du Yao, and was pulled behind a big tree beside him.

“What are you doing?” Ye You looked up at him questioningly.

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s eyes which still filled with tears, and he endured and endured, but finally couldn’t hold back, he held Ye You’s face and kissed his lips.

Ye You, who was unprepared psychologically, widened his eyes, his body stiffened and his brain blanked. The lips of the two were tightly pressed together, and Ye You felt a burst of attractive force, and then his body shuddered, this was a feeling he had never felt before. Ye You was kissed by Du Yao for a minute before he reacted, and then use his strength to pushed him away.

“You, you, what are you going to do?” Ye You was kissed for the first time in his life and it was force kissed for the first time too, he even stuttering. He looked nervously at Du Yao and threatened, “You, you dare to play rogue, I’m going to sue you!”

Du Yao looked at Ye You who was pretending to be calm and threatening him, just wanted to hold him in his arms, and then he did just that.

“You …” Ye You was hugged tightly by Du Yao, he was a little breathless, but he felt Du Yao’s sturdy and wide chest, which made him felt very safe, although it was tough and hard, but it was very warm and comfortable.

“From today on, I will protect you from being bullied by anyone else.” Du Yao raised Ye You’s chin and looked at his eyes seriously.

“But I still remember what you said. You told me not to find a soldier to have a relationship and marry.” Ye You looked at him and said.

“You heard it wrong. What I said is, don’t look for soldiers other than me, because only I can do it.  For you, I will always live anyway.”

“Have you always been such a rogue and like to refute your own words?”

“I will treat you well.”

“I didn’t ask this, and also, who knows if you will say that I heard it wrong again.”

“We can wait for a while and choose a good day, then we can get married.”

“Don’t talk to yourself, bastard! When did I agree to marry you?!”

“When our child is born, I will definitely be a good father.”

“Did you heard what I’m talking about? You are doing this deliberately, right?” Just now Ye You fake his crying, but now he feels that he was really going to cry because of anger, he definitely would not admit it, it was because of the inexplicable feeling so that he just wanted to cry.

Although Ye You felt a little angry, but when Du Yao kissed him again, he did not struggle or push him away.

The two stood in the shadow of a big tree, and the setting sun irradiated the ground around them with a yellowish color, which was a very beautiful picture.

The End
Lol! I was kidding 😂(please don’t throw your slipper at me) *hiding behind the wall*

But…Don’t you think this is a good ending? No? Lol.. Anyway, they still have a looooong wayyy to go. Looking forward to the development of their relationship!

Now that people know the truths, let’s see what happened to DH and YC ba~

Edited on Oct ’21

  • 1
    Original text; 未免(wei mian);unavoidably; can’t help; really; rather. 欺人太甚(qi ren tai shen{idiom})to bully intolerably. The me is what I added, hehe.
  • 2
    Original text; 大队长(da dui zhang); Google only gave me Captain and Yabla had separate these three words into two which is 大(da)big; huge; large; major; great; wide; deep; older (than); oldest; eldest; greatly; very much; (dialect) father; father’s elder or young. And 队长(dui zhang); captain; team leader. Tbh, these title really gave me a big headache. Orz
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