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SGWMDPAR Chapter 16


  Little Pitiful Shou started his internship day like this.

  Generally, he wakes up early. Occasionally, he will also get up early to make porridge and cook noodles. Most of the time, two of them will just have something to eat at the breakfast shop in the community and go to the company.

  Even if the company is very busy lately, there’s not much for an intern to do. By comparison, White Moonlight  is much more busy. Generally speaking, Pitiful shou will sit by the side after he finishes his work. Gaming, drawing, playing with mobile phones, White Moonlight  is quite jealous.

  When White Moonlight  worked overtime, Little Pitiful Shou waited for him. After get off work, they occasionally went out to get a bunch of skewers, and then went home later to get a bowl of noodles, which was regarded as a midnight snack.

  Little pitiful Shou was paralyzed on the sofa: “Four meals a day, I seem to become fat.”

  White Moonlight  walked over and rubbed little pitiful Shou’s belly: “It’s okay.”

  Little pitiful Shou’s belly is full of itchy flesh, and when it is covered by white moonlight, with a touch, he jumped straight to the corner of the sofa, laughing silently to stop White Moonlight : “Hahaha, Brother Nan, you stop, hahaha can’t breath.” White Moonlight  smiled and grabbed the Little Pitiful shou’s ankle. He dragged him over, and Little Pitiful Shou kicked his feet and began to struggle. White Moonlight  rushed up and pressed himself on Little Pitiful Shou, and couldn’t help his hand and started tickling Pitiful Shou. Little Pitiful Shou laughed so hard that he couldn’t lift up the white moonlight lying on his body, he couldn’t help but shrink himself into a ball, and the two people laughed and were tired before White Moonlight  stopped.

  Little Pitiful shou touched White Moonlight ‘s waist to tickle him at the right time. White Moonlight  took a very thoughtful breath, and he was not afraid of tickling at all. Little Pitiful shou touched his waist while looking up at him: ” Brother Nan, are you not afraid of tickling ?”

  Little pitiful Shou laughed so much just now, and tears came out from the corners of his eyes. The light in the living room was shining brightly, and it looked shiny. Little pitiful Shou had wet eyes now, looking at White Moonlight . After being attached to him , he thought that this was the first time that Shize had cried, and then he kissed the corner of the Little Pitiful shou’s eye.

  Little pitiful was shocked, and he couldn’t speak coherently: “Brother Nannannan…”

  White Moonlight  was also frightened by his own impulse, and he quickly left Little Pitiful Shou, decided to calm down, and said a little hurriedly: “I’m going to the toilet.”

  Only then did Little Pitiful Shou slowly withdrew the hand touching  White Moonlight ‘s waist to make way for the moonlight. White Moonlight  stood up and walked towards the toilet, Little Pitiful shou actually felt a bit relieved .

  Little Pitiful Shou blushed and sat on the sofa, feeling that he didn’t understand himself. What did he think about White Moonlight .

  Little pitiful asked himself, does he like white moonlight?

  Uncontrollably, Little Pitiful Shou remembered all the details of getting along during this time. In the morning, he woke up in White Moonlight ‘s arms. White Moonlight  blows his hair with a good temper every night. White Moonlight  will take care of everything when eating. Sometimes White Moonlight  would naturally take his hand… even if he ignores some things , there is still a bit of ambiguous smell everywhere.

  He is an adult, and Little Pitiful Shou knows that ordinary friends are not like this. He has never been so close to any friend. Little Pitiful Shou recalled the deep laughter of the white moonlight that day and the words in his ears: ” Two single gay guys are so dangerous, do you plan on rolling the sheets ?” 1 Original text : 兩個單身gay這樣很危險的啊,是不是還要往我槍口上撞。 It’s Really dangerous, and now he seems to have fallen into it indefinitely and can’t easily climb out.

  Little Pitiful shou felt he was blushing , he touched the corner of his eye lightly, and thought to himself, what did Brother Nan think? Is he the same as himself?


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    Original text : 兩個單身gay這樣很危險的啊,是不是還要往我槍口上撞。
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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