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SGWMDPAR Chapter 15




White Moonlight took Little Pitiful shou to a nearby Japanese food shop, and the two of them were about to be late after finishing their meal and returning to the company.


White Moonlight quietly returned to the office with  little Pitiful shou, and the two smiled at each other again.


In the afternoon, White Moonlight ’s work was still very busy. It was much more busier than the little pitiful shou. When Little Pitiful shou was idle, he continued to paint for White Moonlight . Anyway, he was discovered and there was nothing to hide.


In the evening, they ordered a takeaway of stewed rice . Little pitiful  Shou asked White Moonlight  while eating, “Are you usually so busy?”


White Moonlight , “No, I have been busy for a while.”


While eating dinner, White Moonlight  asked Little Pitiful  Shou, “Do you want to go back? I forgot to give you the spare key. If you want to go back, I will give you the key now.”


Little Pitiful  Shou repeatedly waved his hand, “I’ll wait for you. “


White Moonlight  lowered his head and smiled: “I know, you keep looking forward to my return at home.”


Little Pitiful  Shou wanted to explain that he didn’t find that it seemed like this. For a while, he was speechless and started to eat. .


When White Moonlight  was working overtime, Little Pitiful  Shou continued to paint. When White Moonlight ’s work was finished, it was already past ten o’clock. White Moonlight  stood up and started to pack things, and said to Little Pitiful  Shou, “Go, go home.”


Little Pitiful  Shou called out, “Brother Nan, the drawing is finished, do you want to take a look? ”


White Moonlight  walked over. His whole  body leaned over the chair to take look at the paintings of Little Pitiful shou, their shoulders were almost attached, he looked at the little Pitiful shou’s painting of himself ,he  chuckled again, ”Am I so handsome? “


There was a slightly muffled laughter sound in his ears, and Little Pitiful shou  felt that his face was hot all of a sudden. He buckled the computer and stood up, avoiding White Moonlight , and said hurriedly, “No!” White Moonlight  smiled as he looked at his frowning movements. He was happier, and didn’t call the name, just said: “When will you pass it to me? I will print it out.” Then he smiled and walked out with a hand on the shoulders of the pitiful  shou.


Little pitiful  shou came out from the frenzy, and said,  “Tomorrow , I will give you tomorrow.” It was eleven o’clock when they got home. Little pitiful  shou turned his head to look at White Moonlight : “Brother Nan, are you hungry? Are you hungry?”


White Moonlight  patted his stomach: “Shize , you go take a bath. I will cook the noodles when you come out.”


Little pitiful  Shou happily found his pajamas and walked to the bathroom. White Moonlight  saw him endure like that. He kept teasing him: “Wait for nothing.”


Little pitiful  Shou blushed while taking a bath. White Moonlight  whistled and found a bag of  ramen from the refrigerator, and put some bacon into the pot to cook.


Little Pitiful  Shou just walked out of the bathroom and smelled the fragrance of the noodles. White Moonlight  saw him come out and fetched the noodles in a bowl: “Is it good?”


Little Pitiful shou  couldn’t answer his words , and went into the kitchen to help him. Two people sat at the table and ate snacks, and Little Pitiful shou said, “Brother Nan, your noodles are also delicious! Happiness!”


White Moonlight  smiled: “These are basically semi-finished products bought in the supermarket. Don’t be flattering. . I didn’t know how to cook when I was working, thanks to the quick-frozen food.”


Little pitiful  shou asked, “When did you learn to cook?”


White Moonlight  smiled miserably, “I think I’ll just eat quick-frozen food till the day I die.”


Little pitiful  shou choked up and said nothing, and began to eat ramen.


White Moonlight  collapsed on the sofa after eating, “I cooked, you wash the dishes.”


Little pitiful  shou like a little wife went to wash the dishes obediently, and when the little pitiful  shou was washing the dishes, White Moonlight  touched two of Little Pitiful shou’s hair: “No need to blow it today, it has already dried. Go to bed, I’ll come in a while.”


Little pitiful  Shou received this ambiguous sentence and didn’t think of any rebuttal. After washing the dishes, he remembered that he didn’t brush his teeth, In White Moonlight ’s house, the toilet and bathroom were together, and he had to sit on the sofa and wait for the white moonlight to come out.


When White Moonlight  came out wearing a bath towel, he saw the little pitiful  shou playing with a mobile phone in the dark living room. He walked over gently, slapped the little pitiful  shou on the shoulder, and shouted loudly, “Ah!”


Little pitiful  shou was frightened by his attack, and sent a magical blow, grabbing White Moonlight ’s bath towel.


White Moonlight  forgot to bring his pants in today, and the only  cloth towel was caught, and it suddenly felt empty. Fortunately, the little pitiful shou turned on the flashlight of the mobile phone to shine at White Moonlight ’s body.


Little pitiful shou could not say anything completely: “Brother Nan, why are you…” So annoying, then he saw Brother Nan naked.


White Moonlight  quickly picked up the bath towel around his waist and ran to the bedroom, feeling that it was so shameful that he cannot face Little Pitiful shou anymore .


Little pitiful  shou in the living room can’t care about blushing and fast heartbeat, laughing out of breath.


White Moonlight ’s voice came: “ Little boy , you can count to three. Tonight, you are going to die if you are still in the living room. 1, 2…” Before White Moonlight  finished counting, Pitiful  Shou rushed towards him. When he got to the bed, he couldn’t help pressing White Moonlight  who was counting. White Moonlight  lifted Little Pitiful  shou, rolled over and pressed himself on Little Pitiful  Shou, and pinched Little Pitiful  Shou’s chin: “You are quite gutsy today, aren’t you? Laozi 1 [T/N: Laozi: colloquial term for father, literally “old man”. When used as a reference to one self, it is to show arrogance or confidence.] will teach how to be a man.”


Little pitiful  shou was stunned and didn’t say a word. The atmosphere gradually changed in the dark, and White Moonlight  was also a little embarrassed. He slowly lay back and said softly, “Good night.”


Little pitiful  shou  said. ”good night.”






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    [T/N: Laozi: colloquial term for father, literally “old man”. When used as a reference to one self, it is to show arrogance or confidence.]
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