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SGWMDPAR Chapter 17


White Moonlight didn’t actually go to the toilet. He was meditating at himself in the mirror in the toilet, apparently thinking what’s going on with Little Pitiful shou.

At first, he just joked and teased Little Pitiful shou, who was very cute, and occasionally teased him, and found it very funny. He didn’t expect to fall in love after getting along for a while.

White Moonlight’s thoughts were out of control, and he began to think wildly, thinking that if Song Yuan knew, wouldn’t he be so sad. When White Moonlight thought about it, he couldn’t help laughing.

After all, White Moonlight was so many years older than Little Pitiful shou, it would be easier to figure out things, but he felt that now the two of them are ambiguous, and they may need an opportunity to start together.

After Little Pitiful shou figured out the matter outside, although he was guilty and didn’t know if White Moonlight liked him too, he let it go after he figured it out. It is estimated that White Moonlight was also embarrassed and walked up near the toilet. He roared at White Moonlight in the toilet for a long time: “Brother Nan, constipation is a disease. It can be cured. Do you want me to accompany you to the hospital ? I’ll go to bed first.”

White Moonlight wanted to hit someone after hearing this.

White Moonlight washed his face and walked to the bedroom. The temperature of the air conditioner had been adjusted. Little Pitiful shou wrapped himself in a quilt, wrapped tightly, like a cocoon. He was obviously afraid that White Moonlight would retaliate and tickle him after returning. .

Little Pitiful shou showed a head from the cocoon, with two eyes staring at the white moonlight at the bedroom door. White Moonlight pulled out a cynical smile at Xiao Pian Su, who felt cold behind his back for no reason, and then wrapped the quilt tightly. .

White Moonlight switched off the light in the bedroom, and the whole room plunged into darkness. White Moonlight approached the bed step by step. Pitiful shou could not be see White Moonlight’s movements that clearly, he could only obediently wrap his own quilt.

Little Pitiful shou felt White Moonlight approaching him, and heard him smile and say, “Okay, go to the hospital now.”

Little Pitiful shou thought to himself, what kind of routine is this? In the next second, the whole person felt light, and White Moonlight directly held the quilt to pick up his whole person. White Moonlight didn’t just lift him up, but also shook it gently.

In the darkness, Little Poor Shou felt the fear of being raised high, and wanted to reach out his arm to hold the white moonlight. As a result, both hands were wrapped in the quilt. Little Poor Shou finally realized what it means to be a cocoon.

White Moonlight hugged Little Pitiful shou, and chuckled softly: “It’s time for you to beg me. Please me and I will let you down.”

Little Pitiful shou heard his laughter, and suddenly felt itchy, softly begging for mercy: “Brother Nan, please.”

White Moonlight shook Little Pitiful shou in a good mood, and Little Pitiful shou yelled in surprise: “Ah!”

White Moonlight put Little Pitiful shou on the bed and said, “Don’t worry. , I keep my words.”

Little Pitiful shou felt stunned, but what made him even more stunned was that White Moonlight kissed him on the forehead.

It was light, but he knew it was a kiss, a serious kiss, not an accident.

Little Pitiful shou was surprised: “Huh?” White Moonlight chuckled and touched Little Pitiful shou’s chin. Little Pitiful shou was shocked again. White Moonlight successfully blocked Little Pitiful shou’s words and said with a smile: “Didn’t you say to see a doctor? Just kiss you and I will get better .”

Little Pitiful shou: “I…” The words were still not finished, White Moonlight didn’t intend to give him a chance to speak, and his voice was smiling: “Good night.” Blocked his next sentence.

Little Pitiful shouu just tossed and turned on the bed like this, and couldn’t sleep.

White Moonlight didn’t sleep either, but he pretended to be asleep and put his arms around Little Pitiful shou , and lightly patted him on the back a few times.

So the little pitiful shou didn’t dare to move.

The next day White Moonlight woke up earlier than Little Pitiful shou, he looked at Little Pitiful shou who was lying in his arms, lowered his head and kissed Little Pitiful shou’s forehead gently, and then slid his hand, pinching Little Pitiful shou on his waist.

Little Pitiful shou was still in a sweet dream, so he was awakened by this action, and jumped into White Moonlight’s arms. White Moonlight hugged him and asked with a smile, “Are you awake?”

Little Pitiful shou raised his head to look at him ignorantly, White Moonlight gently rubbed the underneath of Pitiful shou’s eyes with his hand, knowingly asked: “Why do you have dark circles? Didn’t you sleep well? How can young people not rest well?”

Little Pitiful shou anxiously defended: “Brother Nan, I…”

But White Moonlight didn’t give him this opportunity at all. He sat up from the bed and walked into the bedroom. As he walked, he said, “You sleep a little longer, I have more work today. I’ll Give you an egg, for nourishment.” Then he went to wash and prepare for breakfast.

Little Pitiful shou fell angrily on the bed and covered his head with the quilt.


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