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MSGVB Chapter 38

"Sir, I seem to be bitten....."

Translator: Hua

Turning around abruptly, Shen Yijin saw the youth who had balled himself in the bathtub.


Under the almost transparent water, the young man hugged himself tightly.


Not as unguarded as before, he covered himself firmly, with moist black hair hanging low. He half raised his head and babbled: “No, not just a boyfriend, we’re getting married soon. I have a fiance! My fiance is amazing… We love each other so much!”


“Jing Xun.”


After turning back, Shen Yijin had already taken a step subconsciously, and returned to the bathtub in two or three steps.


Shen Yijin’s throat rolled twice. His arms were long, even though the round bathtub was large, he could easily reach his arms from the side to fish the youth to his side.


But this time, the outstretched hand didn’t know where to land. Shen Yijin had to lower his head and drop a kiss on the other party’s rosy lips.


“Xiao Xun, look at me.”


Shen Yijin deliberately slowed down his speech and softened his voice. The sound of a cello-like texture suddenly sounded in the bathroom, which made Jing Xun stunned. His eyes automatically followed the lips that he had just kissed only to feel a unique and familiar smell between his breaths.


….It was Mr’s scent.




After a while, the young man in the bathtub raised his head in confusion. He had been burying his head for a long time. When he looked up again, Jing Xun was dazzled by the light in the bathroom, and couldn’t see things clearly. But he found that this was undoubtedly still the bathroom in Shen Yijin’s master bedroom, which he still recognized.


… Jing Xun remembered that he was taken home by Mr. Villain. There was no possibility of being locked up in a small dark room.


But what happened just now?


Subconsciously, Jing Xun looked into Shen Yijin’s eyes, which sparkled, even more candid and gentle than usual…


This was indeed Mr.


But the one who had those dark eyes just now was also Mr.


Moreover, he still remembered the coldness…


At the thought of those eyes that deposited wind and snow, Jing Xun’s body shrank down and wanted to soak more in warm water.


This was the result of the brain’s slow response, completely subconscious. 


The chaotic brain didn’t understand why Mr’s emotions would switch back and forth one hundred and eighty degrees, but Jing Xun had always  been frank, so he asked directly about things he didn’t understand.


Yet this time, it was the other party who spoke first.


“Xiao Xun.” Shen Yijin said, “Say what you just said again.”


Jing Xun: “……?”


Shen Yijin’s long eyelashes were drooping, he was staring at him with a gentle and charming gaze, slowly saying: “My fiance is very amazing.”




“We love each other so much.”




The steam in the bathtub evaporated, and the smell of alcohol surged up, making Jing Xun’s complexion even more ruddy.


He opened his eyes slightly, and he didn’t hug his arms that tightly anymore. After all, it was very hard and tiring to hold it all the time.


But once he realized that Shen Yijin was still looking at him condescendingly at this time… the kind that could see everything, it was impossible for him to relax completely.


Jing Xun curled his toes in embarrassment and finally decided to pretend he didn’t hear anything.


In order to further ease the embarrassment, he swam away slightly. Then he thought of something and turned on the bathtub massage button.


….Sure enough, such a large and round bathtub naturally had a jacuzzi.


The function of the massage mode that he turned on was to continuously release a certain water column from several parts at bottom, corresponding to the acupuncture points of the human body, so as to achieve the purpose of massage.


However, at this time, Jing Xun’s clever little mind was thinking that as long as the massage switch was turned on, a lot of bubbles could be produced under the impact of the water. The bubbles would stay on the water surface, so it would not be so transparent anymore, and he would not be seen by Mr.


This idea was perfect.



But when he was paddling, Jing Xun forgot to find a stable landing place in advance, therefore he was caught off guard and was blown away by the sudden rush of water.




He screamed, like a drowning person, subconsciously wanting to struggle.


But soon, he was encircled by two powerful arms, fished out like a dumpling, and was placed back in the bathtub very smoothly.



In fact, the bathtub wasn’t very deep. If it was the sober Jing Xun, he would quickly stabilize his figure and pretend that nothing had happened.


But the drunk Jing Xun…It could only be said that his body and nerves were more sensitive. He was startled by the sudden rushing water and his reaction was a bit exaggerated. 


With the scare he just recieved, it sobered him up quite a bit.


Then, he soon discovered that… Mr’s clothes were once again wetted by the splashing water.


Jing Xun was a little embarrassed. He tried to stabilize his figure in the bathtub with his own strength and said: “Sorry, sir.”


The youth’s glittering white jade-like body appeared for a second, then disappeared in the water again.


Shen Yijin lowered his eyes again, covering up the emotions in his eyes, and said, “It’s okay.”


In the bathroom with the rising temperature, the water column was constantly scouring out from the bottom. Jing Xun could finally coexist peacefully with the turbulent water.


At the same time, there were turbulent splashes on the water surface, so there was no need to worry about being seen except that he was also still being held tightly. The skin that was in contact with the other party’s big hands and arms was already too hot.


He turned around and glanced at Shen Yijin, feeling even more embarrassed: “Sir, your clothes…wet, It’s wet.”




Shen Yijin responded in a low voice.


Then there was a strange silence with only the sound of water. No one spoke again.


Jing Xun didn’t know what Shen Yijin was thinking. He bit his lower lip lightly. The chaotic brain couldn’t think of what to say, but he felt that he really should say something now.


He wanted to ask him to wash up together. But he suddenly remembered that the last time they washed up together…..was after doing that, he always felt that this was some sort of suggestive remark. Every time he wanted to open his mouth, his voice became very tight, he just couldn’t make such an invitation.


If he didn’t say anything, it would be too quiet.


The atmosphere seemingly had been stirred to this point, it wasn’t right to not speak up…..


In the end, it was Shen Yijin who let out a low breath and called out to him in a hoarse voice: “Xiao Xuan, are you done washing?”


“Huh?” Jing Xun suddenly raised his eyes.


Shen Yijin looked down at him and said: “You’re drunk, don’t soak in the water for too long.”


Jing Xun: “……”


“Ohhh, I’m done washing.” As he said, he glanced at Shen Yijin again, not sure if he should get up directly.


But the wet hair hanging on the side of his face timely reminded him that he wasn’t fully washed yet, so Jing Xun said: “Sir, I’ll just wash my hair.”


“Okay.” Shen Yijin lifted his eyelashes slightly: “Should I wash it for you?”


“……” Jing Xun blinked, his whole body subconsciously tensed up in embarrassment.


“Sir, do you want to wash my… hair?”


Shen Yijin: “…..”


He stretched out his long arms suddenly, one arm was wrapped around Jing Xun’s leg, and the other was supporting the young man’s thin back. With a little force, he carried him again.


Jing Xun: ! ! !


Only this time his limbs were slightly exposed to the water surface before he was once again put back into the water.


It turned out that Shen Yijin picked him up to adjust his sitting posture in the bathtub.


Currently, Jing Xun was placed on a special massage chair in the bathtub, with his head resting on the edge of the bathtub, where he could enjoy a comfortable massage and the hair washing service.


Shen Yijin said, “En, it will be done soon.”




Although there seemed to be….something wrong with this development, Jing Xun still obediently said: “Okay.”


He didn’t struggle either, mainly because he was quite comfortable lying here. It seemed that Shen Yijin deliberately adjusted the water pressure for him so that he would not be overturned while half-lying in this position. The water column washed his body which became light and buoyancy, completely achieving the effect of soothing and releasing pressure.


On top of his head, Shen Yijin’s movements were also very moderate. Jing Xun smelled a fragrant shampoo, which was also one of the scents radiating from Mr.’s body…


Jing Xun looked up, and naturally met the other party’s black eyes. Those peach blossom eyes were naturally beautiful and dignified, but because the owner didn’t smile for years, the eye shape was stretched a little longer. The eyebrows shape also became sparse, looking very cold.


However, this coldness was not without brilliance. When these eyes focused all their attention on one point, they would accumulate light. This was also the reason why Jing Xun liked to look at Mr more and more recently.


Of course, this was also directly related to his growing boldness.


Jing Xun’s eyebrows were bent subconsciously, as bright and clear as a crescent moon.


He wasn’t fully sober yet. Thus he was half-lying there, without noticing that almost half of his upper body was exposed. His smile was clearly displayed, clean and pure, bright and innocent.


What he could see with his naked eyes was Shen Yijin’s eyelashes that shook quickly twice, and finally he heard him call him: “Xiao Xun.”


“Close your eyes.”




Shen Yijin explained in a very soft voice: “The foam will get into your eyes.”


“Oh, ohhh.”


Jing Xun closed his eyes as he was told.


When you can’t see, your other senses become more sensitive. Whether it was the scalp being massaged or the rushing water column under the body, it made one feel extremely comfortable.


Perhaps it was too comfortable. The effect of alcohol rushed up violently, and it didn’t take long for Jing Xun to lose consciousness after closing his eyes.


He woke up in a daze halfway through, and fell asleep again afterward.


He vaguely had a dream. The dream was still that colorful dream. This time he was like a fish on the chopping board. He was pressed on the chopping board and was continuously kissed.


He was kissed over and over again. It made him feel refreshed and uncomfortable in his dreams, and seemed to be more tired and sleepy.


When Jing Xun opened his eyes again, he found that the time was…..


Nine o’clock in the morning? ! !


Rolling down from the big bed, Jing Xun subconsciously pushed open the bedroom door.


The sun was shining outside. The place they were living in was originally a well-lighted building, so the morning sun was in full swing, naturally shedding a room of brilliant light.


Jing Xun’s bare feet stepped on the clean floor and walked along the corridor towards the living room. But just as he passed the study, he found that the door was open. The sunlight from the outside illuminated almost half of the study. Bathed in sunlight, Shen Yijin was standing in front of the window behind the bookcase, talking on the phone.


Hearing the movements, he turned around. Jing Xun realized that Mr was still wearing home clothes at this time.


…..They went out early these few mornings, so he logically thought that Shen Yijin should be going to work now. As for him, he was not called to get up because he was already on vacation.


But… Mr. isn’t going to work today?


After Shen Yijin finished talking on the phone, Jing Xun asked him this question.


But Shen Yijin didn’t answer his question. Furthermore, he frowned a little and said to Jing Xun: “Come here.”


Jing Xun stepped forward subconsciously, and suddenly discovered that something was wrong…Mr. even wore a thin T-shirt and casual pants. But why did he(jx) wear a shirt on his upper body?


And looking at this size, it shouldn’t be his own…not to mention he(jx) didn’t have any shirt here at all!


It wasn’t his, that was…


Also, someone please tell him why his lower half was not wearing pants!


Jing Xun: “……”


When he first got up, he was momentarily confused. Waking up late, he was in the half-dream and half-awake state. He just subconsciously ran out to see the situation and didn’t think of anything else.




Now he was very embarrassed, especially when his drunkenness last night was scrambling to appear in his mind right now…..


Jing Xun remembered that the scum gong called and harassed him again last night. When he was in a bad mood, he drank a few more glasses, and then….he had been picked up by Shen Yijin at the entrance of the barbecue restaurant.


Then what happened?


Jing Xun absentmindedly blinked, it seemed that he had wet Shen Yijin’s clothes, and then the other party washed his hair.



What kind of weird development was this?


And then what happened?


Jing Xun realized that his VCR-like brain was not working very well. He couldn’t remember what happened in the middle or later.


But this was also explainable. After drinking, his memory became fragmented, and a lot of information was not “stored”, so it was normal to not remember.


Now the real problem was he drank too much yesterday. Not only did Shen Yijin pick him up, he also wetted Mr. Villain’s clothes.


What’s more, he asked the other party to wash his hair!


It must be troublesome to take care of a drunkard.


Jing Xun didn’t know what he was like when he got drunk but he has seen many sorts of bad drunkards.


Once he imagined that he had become like that last night…..he felt more embarrassed, and didn’t know how to face Shen Yijin.


He didn’t move, so Shen Yijin took the initiative to step forward.


When he didn’t respond, his feet suddenly separated from the ground. Jing Xun was carried again…just like when he was taken home drunk yesterday…


But there was something different.


…He didn’t wear pants ahhhhh!


Jing Xun sharply froze.


So now he was…. the lying jade body1玉体(lie down horizontally)横陈(Jade body): Ling Jade body is an idiom depicting a beauty or a very noble body lying sideways. The historical allusion of this idiom is related to the monarch Gao Wei of the Northern Qi Dynasty and his favorite consort Feng Xiaolian. The picture here is the image of the consort Feng Xiaolian lying sideways on the emperor’s bosom. The position was the same but the difference is SYJ was carrying JX. xD ? !


His Chinese literature was not very good, forgive him, this was the only phrase in his mind now.


Jing Xun didn’t dare to move at all.


If possible, he didn’t want to “lay down2The same word as the “lay down horizontally” from the idiom above.“, but wanted to shrink into a ball in Mr’s arm.


That being said, Shen Yijin held him very securely. He even stood firm like it was nothing…


Just when Jing Xun was considering whether to struggle a bit, things turned around.


He was soon put down on the leather chair behind the desk.


To be more precise, it was Shen Yijin himself who sat in the chair, and he sat on…..


on the other party’s legs.




As a result, Shen Yijin was sitting on the chair and hugging him. Jing Xun kept his two legs bent on one armrest, with his back resting against Shen Yijin’s arm and the other side….


Although it wasn’t exactly a neutral position, more of his skin was directly in contact with the fabric of the other party’s pants. Jing Xun still thought of….the few yellow book plots he had ever known.


And almost every little yellow book with a company president protagonist must include a specific office scene.


Office chairs and desks were the main facilities.




He curled up his toes involuntarily. The white back of his feet subconsciously tensed up. Jing Xun did not dare to move.


Fortunately, the high back of the seat blocked some sunlight at the moment, otherwise he might even feel that he could be directly burned!


Compared to Jing Xun who was in a very confused state, Shen Yijin was still the same as before.


He just asked with a calm voice and a little reproach: “Why didn’t Xiao Xun wear shoes?”


Jing Xun: “……”


I’d rather ask why I’m not wearing pants than not wearing shoes.


But this time, there was no need for him to ask, Shen Yijin had already explained: “Xiao Xun’s clothes were all wet yesterday.”


Jing Xun: “…the pajamas are also wet?”


Shen Yijin: “Yeah.”


Jing Xun: “?”


To tell the truth, he vaguely remembered that his clothes were wet and uncomfortable against his skin. It was Shen Yijin who helped him take it off.


But that…whatever the reasoning, it should be before the shower, so how did his pajamas get wet? ?


Shen Yijin said: “Because Xiao Xun took another bath later.”








That was unexpectedly the case!


Jing Xun had fully imagined how troublesome he was last night.


He scratched his hair in annoyance, and said: “Sir, I will definitely stop drinking in the future.”


In the shadow of the backlight, Shen Yijin showed a subtle smile, his voice was also exceptionally gentle: “Well, remember your words Xiao Xun.”


“But isn’t my drinking capacity a little too shallow?” Jing Xun asked seriously. In the original owner’s memory, some past knowledge told him that most people generally didn’t get drunk after three or five glasses of beer.


He began to think calmly about whether to drink more alcohol to practice drinking and fight poison with poison.


But his train of thoughts were quickly interrupted. He heard Shen Yijin ask him: “Xiao Xun, do you want to go to S city with me?”


“S city? When?” Looking at Shen Yijin, Jing Xun asked, “Sir, do you have some business there?”


“Just today, I’ll depart soon.”


Shen Yijin’s thick and long eyelashes lowered. He gazed into his eyes again and explained carefully: “It’s not all about official business. The group has developed a new farm paradise over there. Does Xiao Xun want to go play?”


Jing Xun: “……!”


The answer was, of course!


The final exam had ended, and the project was successfully completed yesterday. His summer vacation had already begun, how could he not go out and have fun!   


Unexpectedly, Shen Yijin said again: “Grandpa is also over there now. Didn’t Xiao Xun want to see him sooner?”


Jing Xun: “……”


T-this was also true.


Although he was a little nervous about seeing the parents suddenly, to return to the Shen’s house early was indeed what he previously requested….


As a matter of  fact, Shen Yijin’s grandfather had the most authority in the Shen family at present. According to the Mr’s words, meeting his grandfather was the same as meeting his parents…


Jing Xun: “Then we’ll meet him soon.”


The corners of Shen Yijin’s lips rose again: “Go to dinner first. We will leave after breakfast.”


Jing Xun said, “Good.”


As he said this, he struggled to get off the seat.

However, because he was still in a “lay down” posture, it was still quite difficult trying to get down on the ground with his own strength, especially since he dared not move, for fear that he would press or touch something that should not be pressed or touched…..


Fortunately, what needed to be discussed had already been discussed.


Jing Xun thought that as long as he made an action of wanting to get up, Shen Yijin would then understand and put him down directly.


So he made a struggling gesture by lifting one of his legs. But because of this sudden gesture, he found that the inner part of his thigh, near the root…


How come there seems to be a very striking, brightly colored red dot?


His legs were also very long, half of his thighs were placed outside the back of the chair. The bright sunlight shone on the delicate skin like suet jade, which was fair and reflective, so Jing Xun found no abnormalities at first.


Now as soon as he lifted his leg and looked at it from a different angle, he could see a few small red marks all over his thigh.


Suddenly he thought of something. Jing Xun lifted the hem of his shirt slightly, and as expected, he saw these red dots on his belly too!


“Sir, I seem to have been bitten…”


As he spoke, he closely examined the suspicious red marks, completely ignoring Shen Yijin’s darkening gaze above his head.


Jing Xun asked with uncertainty: “Did mosquitoes get inside last night?”

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  • 1
    玉体(lie down horizontally)横陈(Jade body): Ling Jade body is an idiom depicting a beauty or a very noble body lying sideways. The historical allusion of this idiom is related to the monarch Gao Wei of the Northern Qi Dynasty and his favorite consort Feng Xiaolian. The picture here is the image of the consort Feng Xiaolian lying sideways on the emperor’s bosom. The position was the same but the difference is SYJ was carrying JX. xD
  • 2
    The same word as the “lay down horizontally” from the idiom above.
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