Please, Divorce Me
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Please, Divorce Me

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Synopsis Please, Divorce Me

In my entire life, I’d never seen a man crying so bitterly.
At his friend’s funeral, I fell in love with him at first sight and offered to marry him by a contract.

“Please marry me, sir.”
Despite knowing that he loved his deceased friend’s wife, I had a shallow hope that as time passed and Kyle’s unwavering heart weakened and wore out, he would look at me, who had always been by his side.


“Don’t be mistaken, Your Grace.”
“I’m crying because I’ve been sad for the past years.”

Kyle Herace. He is the man I am married to and a war hero. A young man who brought a family of nothing but titles into the empire’s big name.
He never lost his composure, and rarely had an expression-filled face.

I saw that he too can make such a face because of me.
I didn’t have any lingering feelings for him, but I felt a little satisfied.

“Please divorce me, Your Grace.”

I will now forget everything and live a new life.
A life without him…


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