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MSGVB Chapter 37

"Sir, hurry up."

Translator: Hua

“Remember, Yan Jingxun is not someone you should touch.”


As soon as these words came out, Shen Bohan on the other side was stunned again.


Yan Jingxun’s previous words made him subconsciously begin to reflect on his past behaviors which left him in a bad mood. As a result, he drank a lot of alcohol.


Shen Bohan’s mind was in a clouded state at the moment, unable to identify who the other person was; but this didn’t stop him from being angered by the other party’s commanding tone.


What’s even more irritating was that, for a moment, he was actually subdued by that voice!


Shen Bohan continued to speak with slurred speech: “Who are you, you dare to talk to me like this? Do you know who I am?! You…let Yan Jingxun answer the phone.”


But the person on the other side just said, “Come to me when you’re sober.”


It seemed that the other party wanted to hang up; the voice from the microphone became much lower, as if he didn’t bother to talk to him at all.


Shen Bohan felt a strong sense of indifference.


This made him feel very familiar…


But just then, a clear voice belonging to the youth came——


“Sir, I’m wet…”


? ? ?


Shen Bohan immediately recognized that it was Yan Jingxun’s voice.


But the voice was different from usual, it seemed to be more clingy.


On the phone, Yan Jingxun’s tone was very dazed, and it sounded a bit coquettish: “So uncomfortable…”


Shen Bohan: “…”


Wet? What’s wet? ?


Uncomfortable? ? ?


Immediately after that, the man’s voice came from the microphone. Obviously, he was talking to Yan Jingxun: “Okay, it’ll be fine, it won’t be uncomfortable after a while.”


“Wuuuu” Yan Jingxun’s tone became more sticky. This time, there was also some weeping and gasping: “Hurry up, sir. My pants are buttoned…..wuwuwu, it can’t be undone….undo it for me…I’m very uncomfortable…”


Shen Bohan: “……! !”


Suddenly, there was the sound of clothes rubbing together and Yan Jingxun’s sigh of satisfaction. Shen Bohan finally reacted from uncertainty and dazedness, shouting: “Fuck, beast! Let go of him!”


They were all adults now, and he wasn’t young anymore. He could basically guess what the other person was doing when he heard the sound.


Shen Bohan couldn’t help shouting: “Yan Jingxun! Yan Jingxun, sober up! Hurry up and answer the phone!”


However, no matter how much he shouted on the phone, there was no more response.


Shen Bohan, who was yelling at the ground floor of the dormitory building, ignored all the surprised gazes of others. At present, he just wanted to get into his mobile phone!


But to no avail, Yan Jingxun’s sticky voice continued to transmit through the phone, bitterly crying out and urging the other party to hurry up——


“Sir, hurry up.”


…… This kind of voice, even when he was his boyfriend, Shen Bohan had never heard it.




Shen Bohan was extremely furious that he kicked down a whole row of bicycles.


This was not enough to relieve his anger, or to express anxious emotions; he continued to cuss, and finally, it seemed that the phone was picked up again because there was a response.


But it was still the man who was talking just now.


The man continued to speak in a grim and lofty voice:  “Shen Bohan, take care of your own people, don’t let them trouble Jingxun again.”




Shen Bohan, who was already very irritate, was disturbed even further by this tone: “Fuck, who the hell are you!”


Compared with him, the other person’s attitude was much calmer.


Perhaps it was too calm which made ones burst with boiling rage——


“If you can’t take care of this matter, I don’t mind helping you.”


Shen Bohan: “You don’t want your life anymore? Just wait for it, don’t let Lao Zi find you!”


Shen Bohan had completely lost his reason and kept shouting blindly. After finishing the last thing he needed to say, the other party simply hung up the phone, leaving him a busy tone.


…It was exactly the same as Yan Jingxun who had hung up his phone more than once.


“Damn it.” Shen Bohan cursed into the air, almost throwing away his phone.


But he couldn’t fall down. At this moment, he obviously had more important things to do. He immediately made another call.


At this moment, the dormitory manager emerged with a few students.


“Student, which department are you from? Why are you kicking other people’s bicycles? Hey! I’m asking you!”



Shen Bohan was so annoyed at this moment, how could he care about any bicycle.


He took out his wallet and threw a handful of red banknotes out. At the same time, the phone finally got through.




“…… Hurry up and find out where Yan Jingxun is now! And who he’s with! That person ……”


That person was definitely not the senior he met yesterday!


…That person, why does that person make him feel so familiar?!!



Shen Yijin hung up the phone.


He turned his head to the young man who was looking at him innocently. The young man’s black hair was wet. Two blushes hung on his delicate and white cheeks.


The originally big and bright eyes were more damped because they were stained with water. The little tear mole made him look more like an innocent elf who had fallen into the mortal world, naive, with eyes full of yearning.


The buttons still hadn’t been undone.


There was no expression on Shen Yijin’s face.


He put the phone on the shelf, and simply turned it off.


Then he pulled the person over and asked again: “Xiao Xun, do you want me to help you wash up?”


At this time, Shen Yijin’s voice was still very calm.


However, If Jing Xun was sober at this moment, he must be able to discover that the color at the bottom of Mr’s eyes had become inky black just like an endless abyss.


Unfortunately, Jing Xun couldn’t notice anything.


He just felt damp and uncomfortable, unable to open the button and being left aside by Mr.


So he nodded obediently, “Mm-hmm, yes.”


This time, Shen Yijin barely hesitated and took off the clothes on the young man.


The T-shirt on his upper body adhered to his skin after being stained with water. Jing Xun worked with it for a long time and failed to take it off. When it was Shen Yijin’s turn to start, he tore it off directly.


Jing Xun was very cooperative. When he was asked to lift his arms, he did so immediately. He would also raise his head to look at the person in front of him with a pair of misty eyes. With a light smile, he said politely: “Thank you.” “


Chen Yijin’s movements paused, and the chill between his eyebrows became even worse. He simply removed all the clothes on Jing Xun’s body, and then when the other person didn’t react, he carried him again.



This time, he directly put Jing Xun into the bathtub with the right water temperature.


When he first submerged in the water, Jing Xun struggled a little.  After finding out that the water level didn’t reach his shoulders, the young man immediately calmed down.


He was half-prone on the edge of the bathtub. The drooping wet hair covered his cheeks and temples, shaping his oval-shaped face line to a degree thinner. His skin also looked fairer.


He faced Shen Yijin just like that, docile, harmless, and unguarded.


Jing Xun said again, “Thanks…thank you.”


“Jing Xun.”


However, the tyrannical atmosphere was spreading in the bathroom.


Shen Yijin’s body was also soaked. The young man who just begged him and asked him to help undress almost drenched the few remaining pieces of dry fabric on him, but the person who had always been very particular about outer appearance didn’t pay much attention to it.



Shen Yijin discovered that the young man was being polite with him again.


He suddenly remembered the phone call he had received from his lawyer this evening. The phone call not only reported the progress of the school theft, but also mentioned the existence of a person named Hu Xiaopeng.


Hu Xiaopeng was Shen Bohan’s person and Shen Bohan happened to make such a call just now.


The peach blossom eyes became deeper and serene but much colder.


Shen Yijin stared at the unsuspecting young man in front of him, with a white complexion full of seduction. 


It was hard to imagine that one’s lover would still be involved with his ex-boyfriend.


It was also hard to imagine ……if others had seen him like this……


Shen Yijin slowly touched the other party’s face.


He once thought that he would not mind his lover’s past.


Intellectually, he clearly and precisely knew that it was meaningless to be attached to the past. To him, having a partner was  simply a contractual relationship.


They would be faithful and respect each other from the moment the agreement was made. This also meant that what happened in the past didn’t really matter.


Moreover, Shen Yijin never had any desire to monopolize someone.


When he was a child, his father married someone else. Then he had a younger brother. His father was obviously more partial toward his younger brother. The rest of the family either loved him, pitied him, or mocked him…


But Shen Yijin couldn’t feel it in the least. Others said he was cold-blooded. Shen Yijin didn’t deny this either.


Except for the onset of illness and work, he had no emotions or thoughts on other people or things.


——His psychological report indeed showed this.


But now, Shen Yijin was quite sure that he was not sick. He also didn’t have any work related troubles. Yet he could clearly feel that an emotion that could be called anger was spreading in his chest.


…Maybe more than just anger.


He once didn’t mind even the slightest when his toys and books were destroyed by that younger brother. It didn’t matter even if the other party showed off in front of him that he had a mother, or even blatantly snatched his father’s affection.


It wasn’t that he liked that younger brother, nor was he condoning it.


It was just that his heart was devoid of any feelings.


But now……


“Jing Xun.”


He called out seriously, stroking the young man with his fingers slowly downwards. A few slender knuckles lingered on the other party’s long neck for a while before covering it completely, as if a force could easily snap it off.


But even so, the young man was still unguarded, only blinking his eyes and staring at him.


Seemingly tickled by the touch, the youth even laughed out loud.


In the next moment, he even held Shen Yijin’s hand casually. Two identical rings glowed under the bathroom lights. Jing Xun tilted his head and asked, “Want to wash together?”




After asking, the young man’s face quickly turned red. He was obviously drunk, but he still knew to bury his face because of shyness. Just like a little ostrich, he didn’t let people see his bashful and blushing face.


Shen Yijin took in the familiarity of it all, and his brow couldn’t help but stretch a little.


But when he thought the youth might have shown this kind of expression to others…..


His expression became colder and stern. His emotion soon became uncontrollable just like when he was sick.


At this time, the blushing youth, however, reared up his face.


With the blush still on his cheeks, Jing Xun looked at him with bright eyes, “Sir, are you sure you don’t want to wash with me? Your clothes are wet too.”


The long and thick eyelashes trembled abruptly. Shen Yijin’s hand continued to descend, holding the young man’s thin shoulder with one hand.


Shen Yijin slowly approached the young man in the bathtub, stared closely into his eyes, and asked him, “Who is Sir?”


He tried to make his voice sound calm and less intimidating.


He merely asked in a deep voice, “Xiao Xun… tell me, who is the person you think of now?”


“Mr. Shen…”


Jing Xun paused, looking at the handsome face full of coldness in front of him, he was suddenly puzzled.


Until the wind and snow that quickly coalesced under the other party’s eyes made him feel a little cold, Jing Xun shivered and spoke in a slightly questioning tone, “Mr. is …… that’s weird, aren’t you Mr.?”


If you are sir, why do you have to ask?


Jing Xun blinked vigorously, trying to see more clearly.


…The face in front of him was undoubtedly Mr’s face.


But he drank too much, and everything became blurry, so he might be mistaken.


…And Mr’s eyes…


Mr’s eyes were not like this. Mr always looked at him with a clear light in his eyes.


No way, he wasn’t taken away by the scum gong right? !


For no reason, Jing Xun suddenly struggled to push him away, trying to swim to the other side of the bathtub.


The bathtub was very big, the young man’s white and slender limbs were paddling the water, and a lot of splashes appeared in it.


His struggling movements were so obvious that Shen Yijin’s eyes became completely dark and cold.


It was as if something had fallen apart without a sound just like that rainy night with thunder.


Heaven and earth were covered. Behind the heavy curtain, endless loneliness and despair were spreading.


Shen Yijin knew that he could no longer control his emotions. He stood up in a flash and strode out of the bathroom.


But at that moment, the youth’s clear and pleasant voice rang out again with a strangely irritating emotion: “Shen Bohan, exactly how many times do you want me to say it again, I have a boyfriend ……”




The tall figure suddenly paused in his tracks. Shen Yijin looked back abruptly: “What did you just say?”

The author has something to say: 

President Shen’s mood today: ↓↓↑↓↓↓↑! ! !

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  1. Reign says:

    😂 the emotional Rollercoaster!!! He’s in bliss, gets frustrated and shot down, and then realizes the misunderstanding. Wonder what his expression will be when it’s revealed Xiao Xun and the scum gong never did the deed. Thank you for the chapter.

  2. Liusumianhua says:

    Ok whattt??? I thought SBH found out but noo 😔. Looks like we will have to wait longer. And that beautiful misunderstanding of SBH but to be fair… Jing Xun’s words were pretty misleading 😹😹. And then Shen Yijin…. lol the whole chapter was practically of him riding an emotional roller-coaster 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹. And the author’snot summed it up pretty well😹😹😹😜😜.
    Thank you for the update😻😻😻😻

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