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MSGVB Chapter 39

It turns out that Mr. is also shy!

Translator: Hua

The reason why he was so concerned about the red spots on his body was because Jing Xun was often bitten by mosquitoes in the orphanage when he was a child.


At that time, the environment in the compound was very poor. It was common for children to be bitten by mosquitoes in summer. Jing Xun’s blood was sweet, mosquitoes like to bite him alone, and once bitten, they could never be in just one area. The thighs were usually bitten, the upper body and calf were also unavoidable. Perhaps because his skin was tender, the bitten part would swell up the next day, and was often itchy.


Now, although the red spots were very sparse, there were quite a few at a glance, and because Jing Xun’s skin was too fair, those marks were unusually striking. It really seemed to be bitten by mosquitoes.


However, after looking at it, Jing Xun felt that there was still something different, so he touched it.


Those marks were flat, there wasn’t any swelling or itchiness. They didn’t seem to be mosquito bite…..


“Jing Xun.”


Just as he was studying it with a leg dangling, Shen Yijin’s voice finally sounded again. His voice was more hoarse than before, which made Jing Xun react instantly—because one of his legs was raised, the support of the seat handle became less, and his buttocks were bound to press more on Shen Yijin’s lap…


Besides, how could he do such an unsightly thing in front of Mr!


Jing Xun quickly put his legs down and said, “Sir, I’m sorry.”


As he said this, he wanted to take the opportunity to get down from Shen Yijin’s lap, but the other party didn’t cooperate nor make any effort.


Jing Xun had to look at the other party doubtfully and then followed Shen Yijin’s gaze to look down…Finally, he tidied up the shirt that had just been lifted.


Jing Xun was very thin. Although he was nearly 1.8 meters tall, his clothes were usually 175cm in size. But now this one was at least 190cm, which was three sizes larger than what he usually wore. The upper garment had the same effect as wearing a dress because the hem directly covered the base of his legs.


After sitting on Shen Yijin’s legs, the hem sprang up a little bit, it could barely cover the important part.


Yet he just lifted it, even if….


Even if he was wearing underwear.




The blush exploded directly on his ears, the whole study unknowingly became a lot hotter.


Jing Xun hurriedly arranged his clothes and sat down very properly. After sitting for a long time, he found that Shen Yijin still had no intention of putting him down, so he couldn’t help but remind the other party again: “Sir?”


Shen Yijin said, “It’s not a mosquito.”




He raised his eyes with even more suspicion. Jing Xun felt as if he had misheard, he always felt that Mr’s voice sounded a little depressed at this time.


But Shen Yijin’s expressions and eyes were as unfathomable as ever. He was unable to explain so he could only follow the other party’s words and continue to ask: “What is it?”




He seemed to have asked a difficult question because Shen Yijin was silent again.


His slender fingers tapped on the armrest of the chair, then he suddenly stretched his arms to pick up the young man who was half-lying on his lap, and sat him up straight.


Without the armrest to support his back, Jing Xun could only rely on Shen Yijin’s arms to stabilize his body.


Poor him, he was not short, although he didn’t have much flesh on his skeletal frame, at least he was well-proportioned. But who could have imagined that, at this moment, he abruptly turned into a thread doll!


What was even more unexpected was that just as Jing Xun felt astonished by the power of this paper man, Shen Yijin unexpectedly lowered his head and kissed his lips.


Although the kiss was not deep this time, Jing Xun felt that his lips had been gently bitten after a burst of pressing and grinding.



Shen Yijin raised his head again. The still dark gaze fell on the youth’s red and tender lips as he slowly asked him, “Understand?”


“Understand what…”


Jing Xun turned his eyes, and the cheek facing Shen Yijin turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye: “…Okay, I seem to understand.”


He had to look away, but still found it a little hard to believe.


…..Those marks were really bitten by Mr? …


Ah that’s wrong, the point is, did your Mr bit him last night? ?


For no reason, Jing Xun suddenly remembered the dream he had last night.


In fact, after waking up, many dreams would be quickly forgotten like a receding tide. Even Jing Xun’s brain followed this rule. He didn’t remember the details of his dreams anymore, but the sense and atmosphere was easy to recall.


So did Mr. bite him or… kiss him last night?


And why?


If it was a bite, Jing Xun could probably guess the reason——it must be that his drunkenness was too serious, so Mr was angry with him.


But if it was a kiss…..


They had kissed for a long time before, but it was all above the neck.


Jing Xun felt that except for the night they first met…..Mr never really had any particular desires….. Even though yesterday morning, his lips were still a little swollen.


But it was only the lips ah. So if you think about this issue further, it becomes quite profound.


Ah, of course, he wanted to declare a point. The desire was related to the mental state of Mr. Villain, it didn’t mean that the other party couldn’t do it.


But because he got the permission of the person concerned to read all of Shen Yijin’s psychological reports a few days ago, Jing Xun felt that Mr was more likely to be angry with him. To be honest, Jing Xun did not dare to ask.


After thinking about it, he was more inclined toward the fact that he was the cause. What’s more, he even suspected that… was him who took the initiative, wasn’t it?


After all… the dream he had was too… fragrant and colorful. That’s why Jing Xun decided he would not get to the bottom of this issue for the time being.


It’s better to analyze it by himself first.


Most importantly, he didn’t dare to look at Shen Yijin anymore.


Another look and his face would be thoroughly burnt!


In Shen Yijin’s line of sight, the red-faced young man turned his face away and said with difficulty: “Sir…Should we have breakfast?”


The young man strained his neck and didn’t look at him. His slender and long neck stretched outward like a beautiful swan.


Seeing that the other party was too embarrassed, Shen Yijin didn’t say anything, but just responded in a low voice.


In the end, he didn’t allow the youth to run barefoot on the ground, but took him all the way back to the bedroom and found slippers.


Jing Xun lowered his head: “Then I will wash up and change my clothes.”


Shen Yijin said, “Okay.”


He most likely went to prepare breakfast, and did not follow him into the cloakroom.


So in a room with no one around, Jing Xun quickly took a look at the traces on his body in the mirror. Those marks were mostly spreaded around his lower abdomen and upper thigh. There were only a few scattered traces on his chest, and further upwards, from the protruding collarbone all the way to his neck, there was nothing.


So Mr really did this?


Jing Xun suddenly felt that his legs had gone weak. Just the slightest thought that Shen Yijin had lingered in these parts of him would make his legs subconsciously clench.




What a shame!


He was well aware of the term growing strawberry, but he didn’t know that the strawberry being planted turned out to be like this!


There was no broken skin in the red part, but it was still very obvious in contrast to the whiteness of other parts.


It’s amazing.


Jing Xun had to find his mobile phone. He wanted to search how this actually formed.


The phone was turned off. Jing Xun thought it was out of power, so he plugged in the power in the cloakroom and started charging.


But when he turned it on again, it showed that there was still a small half grid of battery left, which was a bit strange.


Without paying attention to such a small detail, Jing Xun opened the browser and began to search for related information about growing strawberries.


Although the information that popped up was varied, some of them were a little yellow… But he read the text quickly, and summarized the information. Jing Xun soon concluded that because his skin was too tender and white, it was particularly easy to plant strawberries….




 Jing Xun put down his phone, feeling that his face was inexplicably getting hotter.


Shen Yijin’s voice suddenly sounded outside, urging him to go eat breakfast. Jing Xun hurriedly responded, quickly went to wash and eat breakfast.


After eating breakfast, Shen Yijin intended to seize the time and set off early. Except for the essential things, he didn’t need to pack up. What was missing could be bought again when they arrived at S city.


But after thinking about it, Jing Xun quickly packed two sets of clothes and pajamas, then changed into an appropriate outfit….considering that he was going to meet Shen Yijin’s grandfather in s city later on.


Since moving here, Shen Yijin has given him a lot of clothes.


It wasn’t that both of them took the time to shop together. According to Assistant Xiao Tang, sometimes when their boss passed by the CBD commercial street located below the company, he would go in and choose two pieces.


Jing Xun’s size was very standard which made it easy to buy clothes. Sometimes when Shen Yijin saw good-looking ones, he would even buy matching shoes, hats, and bags together.


And according to Mr’s word, in this way, he didn’t have to go back to the dormitory often to fetch things, which saved time.


Jing Xun had always been indifferent to what he wore. He wasn’t picky and could wear whatever as long as it was clean and tidy.


Considering that he was going to meet his elder, he chose the two most regular sets—both were standard jeans with a solid color T-shirt paired with very regular white shoes.


When Shen Yijin, who came in with him, saw this, he said, “We may have to climb the mountain over there. Choose a pair of comfortable shoes.”


“Oh okay.”


Jing Xun answered subconsciously, but he was still taken aback. He had never climbed the mountain and didn’t know what to wear…


Shen Yijin had already chosen a pair of beige outdoor shoes from the open shoe cabinet. He bent down and placed them in front of his feet, saying: “Just wear this.”


These shoes were brought back by Shen Yijin when he bought sportswear for him. The design was quite moderate.


Jing Xun had no comments, so he just put it on. Outdoor hiking shoes generally paid more attention to performance, the design was not as fashionable as other models of shoes.


But Jing Xun, who was wearing eight-quarter-length light-colored skinny jeans, looked like a genuine leggy. His thin calves and protruding ankles perfectly decorated this pair of ordinary shoes. He was surprised that this actually looked quite fashionable.


Shen Yijin seemed very satisfied, but he still said: “Xiao Xun doesn’t need to be nervous. Grandpa is a good-natured person, he won’t try to embarrass you.”


Jing Xun: “……”




Shen Yijin’s grandpa was the former richest man in Dragon City!


It wasn’t his status that made Jing Xun afraid of him, rather, how could someone who had reached this position… a simple person? 


In addition, he was an elder member of the family after all…


Although Shen Yijin didn’t often mention his family during this period of time together, both of them had discussed going back to the Shen family more than once, so Jing Xun also heard a lot of things about the Shen family. 


Old man Shen had always been very good to Shen Yijin. Even though Mr had been studying abroad for more than ten years, the old man still missed him a lot. When Shen Yijin returned to China two years ago, he pushed aside all the opinions and let Mr take over the Shen Group.


Of course, this was also inseparable from Shen Yijin’s own strength. As for Shen Yijin’s father who was supposed to inherit the family business, Jing Xun never heard of him. The other party didn’t mention him, so he didn’t ask either.


But Jing Xun remembered that when the senior told him about the original plot, he mentioned that Mr.Villain had a car accident with the scum gong father in the first few years, and he was still in a vegetative state.


“Sir, I’m not nervous.” Jing Xun said subconsciously in response to Shen Yijin’s caring gaze.


But his slightly dodging gaze still betrayed him. 


Jing Xun wasn’t good at lying at all. It was the first time he was going to meet the parents, how could he not be nervous!


He’s dying of nervousness!!!

However Shen Yijin suddenly said something which  reassured Jing Xun a lot.


He said: “Trust me, I won’t let anything shameful happen to Xiao Xun.”




This sounded very reasonable. Shen Yijin had never done anything that might embarrass him.


So Mr was trying to imply that he brought him back to see his grandpa because….he knew granda wouldn’t deliberately make things difficult for him….was that the case?


…Whether it was true or not, in any case, Jing Xun believed it.


His heart suddenly settled down just like that. He became quite relaxed for the rest of the day.


In order to save time, Shen Yijin also began to get change while Jing Xun was packing up.


Noting that Mr. was about to take off his clothes, the young man squatted aside to sort out his suitcase and slowed down intentionally. While Shen Yijin was taking off his shirt, he(jx) hurriedly raised his eyes secretly to glance over.


The explosive upper body was in very good shape. The protruding abdominal muscles and the mermaid line were very eye-catching…..he scanned the perfect body back and forth, focusing on the lower abdomen, up and down, left to right. Jing Xun didn’t find any red marks similar to the ones on his own body.


So he basically ruled out the possibility that he was the first to make a move…


Suddenly, in Jing Xun’s line of sight, Shen Yijin turned around.


He should have noticed his gaze. The other party turned his slender and tall back to face him. Shen Yijin called his name, his voice was low, and he seemed to be prompting with some helplessness: “Xiao Xun.”


Jing Xun: “Ahhhh… I’ll go, I’ll go check if the faucets in the house are all turned off.”


Realizing that he had inadvertently stared at Mr. villain for too long, Jing Xun immediately got up in a modest manner, ran out of the room like a rabbit, and disappeared.


…It turned out that Mr would also feel embarrassed when being watched ah!


When Jing Xun came out of the bedroom, he touched his face. He wasn’t the only one who felt embarrassed and ashamed when he was being watched by others.


This explained that having a thin face was normal. He wasn’t the kind of person who was particularly shy because he had never seen the world!


Jing Xun’s back straightened. He really checked the faucets in the bathroom and the kitchen, and finally watered the green plants on the shelves in the dining room.


Since Jing Xun moved in, Shen Yijin’s assistants rarely came again. But in private, when he chatted with Xiao Tang on WeChat, the other party told him the frequency and amount of watering. After such a long time, Jing Xun had completely mastered the watering skills of these potted plants.


The green plants, which were already well-maintained in the first place, seemed to have become more flourishing under Jing Xun’s precise instrument-like watering frequency and the amount of water.


Originally, today was not the day to water them, but tomorrow. However Mr said that they might have to stay in S City for one night… or longer, so just in case, let’s pour a little first.


Jing Xun hummed a cheerful song in the kitchen. On the other side, in the cloakroom, Shen Yijin without any upper garment looked down at his lower body that was covered by trousers.


In the image reflected in the full-length mirror, the sharp lips contour was tuat, and his stern face remained the same, but his expression was more helpless than usual.


Further down, even with the long pants covering it, a certain area was clearly more prominent than usual.


Shen Yijin stood there quietly for a moment. He glanced at the time again. Eventually, he lifted his steps helplessly and headed for the bathroom further inside.

Hua: What is syj doing in the bathroom? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  1. Avatar Reign says:

    I think Syj is taking a cold shower. 😆💦 Just getting started at made him like that… What’s gonna happen when they go further? Thank you for the update.

  2. Avatar Ezk says:

    Author, please remember that MC is supposed to be super smart. I think Jing Xun is now more of a dense character, and it doesn’t go with the previous things we have learned about him

    1. Avatar Ezk says:

      Oh oh, thank you for the translation!

    2. Hua Hua says:

      It’s possible that he had high IQ but not EQ. That’s why he’s always over analyzing things. 😅

      1. Avatar Leo says:

        Yeah that’s make sense 😳

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