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MSGVB Chapter 2

By the way, sir, are we a one night stand?

Translator: Hua

When going downstairs, Jing Xun suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.


It was not the usual discomfort. In fact, Jing Xun was absolutely sure that this was not his own body, because his original body was in very poor health, and he always felt heavy as if he was carrying a thousand pieces of gold.


But in this world, the heavy feeling disappeared. For the first time, Jing Xun realized what it meant to have a light and healthy body. It was such a blessing. 


This time, although the body started to heat up inexplicably, it was not the usual feeling of almost fainting because of the pain…


As soon as he left the rooftop, Jing Xun directly pushed open the iron door next to him, and walked towards the depths of a dark corridor. 


He knew that this place was a bar.


After all, it was one of the turning points of the protagonist’s fate, and it also involved the famous scene of the protagonist being abused for the first time. Not long ago, Senior Pei told him about the novel, and the second senior told him in detail about what happened here in the novel…


The story didn’t end after the jumping off building scene.


  ——Before he went to the rooftop, the protagonist also drank a glass of water handed to him by the scum gong’s friends.


It was a glass of water with something added into it.


When he was chased by the scum gong who pretended to be poor, Yan Jingxun, the original owner, stupidly thought that they would develop their love until graduation, get married, and then spend their lives together like ordinary couples.


The original owner who pursued this kind of ordinary romance had always been a conservative person. He had never been in love before, and had never mixed in the gay circle, let alone the extravagance of the upper class.


As a result, after knowing the identity of Shen Bohan, and after some thinking, the original owner still decided to follow his heart.


Between him and the scum gong, they never crossed that line.


The reason why the scum Gong didn’t rush to do it with him was because he ate too much outside. At first, Shen Bohan even thought that such an innocent Yan Jingxun was very pleasing.


But ordinary meant boring, especially for the scum gong who was at the playful age. He quickly lost patience with Yan Jingxun, his attitude towards him began to be detached, and there was a little bit of disgust between his every speech and actions.


The scum gong’s friends all saw this, thus they didn’t put Yan Jingxun in their eyes at all. They naturally played all kind of prank with the original owner without any scrupulous.


That glass of water was drugged out of prank.


The original story was: the original owner jumped off the building, broke his arm and was sent to the hospital. After he was sent to the hospital, he was still under the effect of the drug. As the scum gong went over, he only thought about the fact that the original owner loved him so much that he committed suicide. With the spur of the moment, he naturally detoxified him in the ward. 


After the two people broke up at the nightclub, they reached their great harmony for the first time, and it marked the start of the protagonist shou suffering from various disabilities because of love.


The plot was simply boring and full of holes, after all it was just a senseless dog blood novel, the setting and details couldn’t be more broken.


Even if right now Jing Xun had become Yan Jingxun, the top priority was to think about what he should do next.


After pushing open the iron door, there was a narrow corridor in front of him.


It was dark, very short, and very cold, and somewhat inconsistent with the temperature of midsummer.


It seemed that it was about to rain outside, the thunder struck, and the sound of thunder came in, making this corridor look even gloomier.


However this place was a crowded bar, so there was nothing to be afraid of.


Jing Xun leaned against the corridor for a moment to calm down.


In order made up a valid reason to write this broken sex scene, the author in the original book specifically disclosed that the drug had been dissolved in the blood, and even if the person was sent to the hospital, it was too late for stomach pumping.


Whether this setting was true or not, Jing Xun was afraid that going to the hospital in his current situation may not be able to solve this predicament, he still had to endure it with all his might. 


So if he didn’t want to feel uncomfortable, he must either go through this by himself or find someone to detoxify it.


The first method was out of consideration.


He was well aware of the pain of illness and physical discomfort, he didn’t want to suffer as long as he could avoid it.


That second method…


Jing started to walk forward again.


But who should he find for the second method?


It was impossible to find the scum gong, and his small group was also out of consideration.


According to the follow-up story told by the senior, the story of Yan Jingxun committing suicide after jumping off the building was spread on campus. People who did not know him criticized him, the friends of the scum gong despised him, and his friends and classmates who were familiar with him all laughed at him. The teacher who used to favor him was also disappointed in him…


Previously, although the original owner did not have outstanding academic performance, he was still a bit popular.


After that incident, Yan Jingxun’s reputation was ruined, and the feeling of being isolated by everyone was horrible. It was like the end of the world.


At this time, the scum gong that was good to him during his hospitalization period became the only aliment in the heart of the original owner.


It was just like the duckweed in the water.1Life is a duck weed in the water. It was a sentence from either a poem or song lyric. Duckweed is a kind of aquatic plant without roots, which drifts with the current. The general meaning refers to people who are easily swayed by sorrow and joy.The original owner gradually ignored the disappointment he felt when he was ridiculed and bullied by scum gong’s friends and the s annoyance and boredom toward him. This was the reason why his feelings for the scum gong deepened further.


From the perspective of the scum gong, he was only a little moved by Yan Jingxun’s willingness to die for him, and felt that he was responsible.


And because he got to eat this person, he felt a fresh and novel experience again.


But after he had eaten enough, and Yan Jingxun’s injury was healed, the scum gong began to feel bored with him again.


This was a scum with no experience in relationships. Even for Jing Xun who had read very few romance novels, this was unacceptable.


Being a gong or not was another story. The main point was that this was really inhumane.


Moreover, according to the senior, the upper-class society set in this book was very much distorted. They catered to those in power while stepping on the weak and played with their emotions, their three world views were very broken.


That’s why the most popular character among readers was the villain in this book.


In this case, Jing Xun naturally wanted to stay away from everyone in this circle…


As he was thinking about it, a heat wave suddenly surged in his body. Jing Xun’s feet softened, and his forehead was already covered with sweat.


The effect of the medicine was in full swing.


But it was strange…


Jing Xun opened the iron door for the second time, and it was still dark behind the iron door, there was no sound or light.


……This was obviously a nightclub, and it should be very bustling, how can there be such a quiet place?


And just when he felt very unbearable, a male voice suddenly came not far from him: “Who?”


Jing Xun: “…”


At night, a voice suddenly appeared in the dark space where even the fingers could not be seen. The fright index was simply beyond the roof.


But that voice was deep and hoarse. Although it sounded very rough at first, it was a really sexy baritone voice…especially for Jing Xun right now. Just simply hearing these words could make him feel the electric current run through his tailbone. A cheerful and desperate desire was raised, making him want to recklessly indulge in this emotion.


As one of the most gifted youth in the whole country, Jing Xun’s sexual orientation had received very little attention.


One was because his appearance and temperament were just like an angel falling into the mortal world, coupled with his accomplishment, his whole person was covered with holy light, and no one would pay attention to whether an angel liked a man or a woman.


In addition, with Jing Xun’s previous broken body, he was destined to be pure hearted with no desire. 


He hadn’t thought about it himself.


He only occasionally saw some magazine posters and felt that men were more attractive to him than women.


That was it.


So there had never been a time when just hearing a male voice could give him a feeling of excitement that he had never had before.


This felt more like a drug, as if the senses that have been suppressed over the years were finally set free. People couldn’t help being attracted to the owner of that voice, and couldn’t wait to do something…


“Sir, I’m sorry, I…”


Yet when Jingxun opened his mouth, he suddenly didn’t know what to say.


Thinking of the matter at hand, If he really made such a request to a stranger, it would be too shameless. The sense of shame had overwhelmed him for the first time.


Just as he was tangled with his thoughts, there was the sound of footsteps on the opposite side of the corridor.


As the footsteps approached, a male voice rang out again, the meaning was really vague: “Who let you in here, Nie Yandong? You have a lot of nerve.”


Jing Xun:?


Jing Xun was at a loss.


Afterwards, several wall lamps in the room were lit up. In the light that was not too bright, Jing Xun finally knew why the room was so dark before.


Clearly, this was a suite with windows, not just one, but they were all covered tightly by thick curtains.


In addition, this room should have been equipped with a special sound insulation system because it was so quiet.


There was only one person in the whole room besides him, in addition there was also the sound of rain drops tapping the window quietly, it seemed that it was raining outside.


At the same time, Jing Xun also saw the face of the other person.


The man was wearing an ironed western-style suit. He was very tall, by visual observation he seemed to be around 1.9 meters.


Such a tall person was also blessed with handsome facial features.


The long eyebrows were stretched, showing his full handsomeness. His eyes and eyebrows were abnormally deep. He had a tall nose bridge and perfect lips. At first glance, the features were nothing out of ordinary but when paired with the sharp jaw lines, it looked like a natural sculpted work of art. It was perfect without any flaws.


The only thing that was out of place was that his facial expression was too tense, measuring him with  serious and somewhat furious gaze. Clearly this was someone that shouldn’t be provoked. 


At the moment when the two people’s eyes met in the air for a short time, Jing Xun subconsciously took a step back.


What was going on with the feeling of overcurrent in his body?


In a panic, Jing Xun tried his best to calm himself down.


But the drug made his mind become chaotic. Fortunately, his physical problems had made him accustomed to sharing his discomfort with strangers. Under the other person’s sharp eyes, Jing Xun told him about his predicament like he was facing a doctor in a hospital: “I have been drugged, can you help me?”


That person didn’t seem to expect him to say that.

Or perhaps, didn’t expect him to use this….tone.  


Jing Xun was unaware that his words contained a kind of enticing temptation, and the two red patches on his cheeks were very distinctive, revealing a seductive color.


A moment later, that man sneered: “The style was different this time.”


Jing Xun looked up at him even more puzzled. His chaotic brain had difficulty analyzing and interpreting the meaning of the other party’s words.


He only heard the other party saying in a very cold voice: “But I’m sorry, I still have to invite you out, I don’t like being disturbed.”


Jing Xun: “…oh.” 


He was rejected but he didn’t think that the party was apathetic.


After all, helping other people was not an obligation. There was nothing wrong with refusing to help a stranger you had just met.


Even if this was a nightclub and the other party did not dislike men, it was not necessarily to accept one either.


Jing Xun was not surprised by this answer, and by looking at this person’s clothes, he knew that he should also be a member of the upper class circle in this book, the type of person that he should avoid mixing with…


He knew that what happened in this kind of place were usually one-night stands, and no one took it seriously.


However he heard that in many novels, the original works had a great influence on the fate of the transmigrator.


So even for the sake of getting rid of the scum gong and his little gang, he should try to avoid having any relationships with the upper-class people in Dragon City… 


The messy thoughts flashed one after another, and his consciousness became blurred. Jing Xun wanted to leave here and find someone else.


But before leaving, the good upbringing he had cultivated since childhood made him bow to the person that he had disturbed.


“I apologize.” Jing Xun said politely.


After straightening up again, Jing Xun turned around obediently and was about to go back the same way he came in.


But the blurred vision and trembling hands made it more difficult, it took him a long time and he still couldn’t reach the doorknob. 


During this process, the whole room fell into silence again.


Even if the discomfort was about to explode, Jing Xun could still feel the cold gaze from the person behind him.


That person was still looking at him.


Jing Xun, who really didn’t want to continue to disturb the other person, became even more anxious.


But he still couldn’t quite grasp the door handle, he sweated even more.


A lightning bolt pierced through the sky, even with all the windows blocked, it was not difficult to tell by the light that came through that it was a giant lightning bolt.


Sure enough, an ear-splitting thunder sounded in the next instant, rumbling, as if the entire building was shaking.


The shock made Jing Xun shiver subconsciously.


“Stop,” the person behind him said abruptly.


“Sorry, sir.” Jing Xun lowered his head slightly, and said with guilt: “I’ll go out immediately, I’ll… go find someone…”


The room was quiet again.


This silence seemed even more terrifying than the squally rain outside the window.


Then, Jing Xun heard the man’s commanding tone: “Come here.” 

Jing Xun couldn’t remember how he got close to him.


When he came back to his senses, he could already smell cigarettes and alcohol from the man.


It was not strong nor disgusting but a very light and unique fragrance.


For Jing Xun, it was very strange because he had never gotten near cigarettes, let alone alcohol.


The unfamiliar smell and the unfamiliar feeling were intertwining, coupled with the atmosphere of this thunderous and rainy, it was like a grand symphony, making people intoxicated. 


As for the event that followed, Jing Xun couldn’t describe it.


It was not because of the influence of drugs that he lost his regular language ability.


Rather…..He was too embarrassed to talk about it.


The man took off all his clothes and took him to the bathroom.


Obviously, he had been scrubbed clean inside and out, and he should have felt ashamed that he could not lift his head, but on the contrary Jing Xun felt that his whole body was set on fire.


Later, he finally knew what a person with a healthy body could do… it was so blissful!


While enjoying this bliss, Jing Xun suddenly remembered the influence of the original book.


…… Obviously, this was a big problem.


He tried to recover his sanity and couldn’t help but confirm with the person who was holding him: “By the way, sir, are we a one-night stand?”

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    Life is a duck weed in the water. It was a sentence from either a poem or song lyric. Duckweed is a kind of aquatic plant without roots, which drifts with the current. The general meaning refers to people who are easily swayed by sorrow and joy.
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  1. Avatar ThatOneCryingInTheCorner says:

    “Sir, is this a one-night stand?”
    You’re really asking him that?! ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

    That’s just too much!

    Thanks for the chapter! (≧▽≦)

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    The last question I…. I don’t know how he got the guts to ask that lol

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    I’m actually really glad that this isn’t portrayed to look like ML rape MC without his consent. Unlike other novels….

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