All For the Sake of Great Harmony
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All For the Sake of Great Harmony

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AFSGH, 快穿之一切为了大和谐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: seven77 Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views

Synopsis All For the Sake of Great Harmony

Sinan Ke is a young talented writer of small, very dark *beep* novels. He is a gold medal author on a famous meat* novels website and he has a multitude of fans. However, he is still, after all, a wretched writer who puts the main character in his stories through great torment; so on this day, he got his retribution…
System: Welcome, Visitor No. 039, to the virtual punishment worlds of the Great Harmony Department. You are in scene XY0358, your current status is a student currently taking an exam—
Student Sinan Ke: What?!! (⊙?⊙)
System: Please save the various youths who have lost their way, otherwise, you will not be able to break away from the virtual punishment world.
This is the story of a small author of small *beep* novels being punished to go through various small *beep* worlds. He was tasked to save the protagonist who, because of said author, was turned into an obscene *beep* toilet.


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