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MSGVB Chapter 1.2

Sorry, No more love.

Translator: Hua

“There is no HE. In the end, that scum gong and his little gang were wiped out by the villain.” Senior Pei replied blankly, and then he reacted and began to chatter: “Who told you it is HE? If it can be HE, the author must be put under a blade!”


The senior 2’s momentum weakened: “I’m sorry, I forgot that this is an old book, I thought you only read Jinjiang1Jinjiang Literature city (jjwxc). Online novel platform. novel…”


Senior Pei: “The style is not the same.”


Senior 2: “…”


Jing Xun was breathing heavily at this time, but his lips still curled up slightly while the two seniors were talking. He liked such a light and cheerful atmosphere. It made him feel alive. Unconsciously, his thin cicada-winged eyelids trembled, and his consciousness began to sink.


Afterward, he fell asleep amidst the voice of the senior brother retelling the plot. Perhaps he just fell into a daze as usual. But when he opened his eyes again, everything changed.


“Look! Someone is going to jump off the building!”


Jingxun was startled because of the harsh sound that was so close to him, forcing him to lift his eyelids. When he raised his eyes, he found that he was unexpectedly standing on the second-floor rooftop.


There was a storm brewing in the sky. The wind at night was a bit cool, and Jing Xun’s thin body was swaying in the wind.


One step forward, or even if simply leaning forward, he would fall directly from here.


Jing Xun was not afraid of heights, but he was still taken aback.


Because it was impossible.


The current situation was impossible.


His broken body couldn’t withstand the wind at all, let alone be allowed to come here, he was not allowed to go to the rooftop at all.


So how was this…


“I bet a hundred yuan, he will not jump.”


Although it was the rooftop, Jing Xun’s surroundings were unexpectedly not empty.


On the contrary, there were people all around.


A few boys and girls were holding their mobile phones, happily filming him.


“Hehe you are going to lose. Who doesn’t know that Yan Jingxun loves our second young master to death, so jumping from the second floor to prove his feeling is nothing right? I bet he will jump right away! If he doesn’t jump, I will stand upside down and eat shit!”


That person said this very loudly, as if deliberately stimulating the other person to commit suicide.


Jingxun frowned, turning around to look at the few young people who were talking not far away.


He didn’t like this kind of behavior of taking someone’s life as a joke.


But at the same time, he basically understood what was going on.


  ——In the novel that the senior was telling him just now, the protagonist was called Yan Jingxun.


And because the protagonist gong was a rich second generation and the second child in his family, he was often called the second young master by others.


He had transmigrated into the book and became the protagonist shou Yan Jingxun, whose name was very similar to him.


Jing Xun didn’t understand how this kind of unscientific thing happened.


But senior Pei’s eloquent voice resonated in his mind at this moment——


“All for love” was a typical scum novel. In summary, the scum gong abused the shou for thousands of times but was still treated like a first love.


The first few chapters were still normal cookies: For some reason, the scum gong who pretended to be poor met a gorgeous senior at school. Since then, he had been love-struck and began to chase this senior wildly.


But the story began to take a turn for the worse after the senior, that was the protagonist shou, was moved by the gong. The author began to use all kinds of rich words to describe how the scum gong did not cherish the shou, as well as how the shou was stubborn and persisted in dealing with this feeling.


And the scene where Jing Xun was in now, it should be the plot in which the scum gong started to feel bored, and was too lazy to pretend to look poor in front of the shou. He shed off all his pretense and unreasonable infatuation from before——


The slag gong began to implement the emotional abuse against the shou, he either often went missing or playing around with his friends in the bar. The protagonist shou couldn’t bear this neglect, so he mustered up the courage to find the scum gong today, but the other party wanted to break up with him in front of everyone.


Then it was followed by the plot where the scum gong’s friends joined forces to humiliate him.


Previously, because the scum gong made a scene in public, in the eyes of this group of friends, Yan Jingxun was a “shameless inferior goods” and “a dog with no dignity or bottom line in front of the second young master”.


Before he met the scum gong, the protagonist shou was just a poor and honest college student who cherished his face and dignity the most, as a result how could he withstand such humiliation?


Moreover, watching the person he liked deliberately ignored the fact that his friends was humiliating him, the original owner was shocked by the changes of the scum gong. His mind was really messy so he walked directly to the rooftop.


Jing Xun remembered the following plot. The protagonist was chased by scum gong’s group of friends and they continued to ridicule him. He really couldn’t stand it so he actually jumped down.


Fortunately, the bar only had two floors. Yan Jingxun who jumped down broke his arm but his life was not in danger.


However, the rumor was spread in the rich second generation circles that someone jumped from the building for the second young master of the Shen family.


Then everyone knew that Yan Jingxun loved Shen Bohan so much that he even disregarded his own life.


Since then, Yan Jingxun has become a well-known cheap shou in Dragon City.


This was also the first step of him being manipulated by scum gong, and was tortured both physically and emotionally.


“Hey, Yan Jingxun, are you jumping or not?”


“Do you really believe that he dared to jump? He is just standing here to attract the second young master’s attention. Now you really have to give up, Yan Jingxun? Look how long you have been standing here? The second young master didn’t even come up.”


“I believe he will jump. How can our serious senior Yan just do it for show? Jumping off the building just to attract your boyfriend’s attention, this is too shameless, hahaha!”


A faintly cool wind blew across his ears, Jing Xun turned around abruptly, his eyes were directed at the few people who had just used him as a bet, and his cold expression was completely exposed.


He turned around so abruptly that the chattering young people on the opposite side were taken aback.


  ——Yan Jingxun always tried to maintain a calm and natural image in front of them in order to fit into their circle.


But these people had all grown up in the upper circle. They had seen much more of the world than ordinary college students. They could tell at a glance that Yan Jingxun was nervous and stiff when trying to get along with them.


That was why they dared to bully Yan Jingxun so blatantly.


In their eyes, Yan Jingxun was at most just a plaything that came to please the second young master. He was not at the same level as them, let alone the second young master.


But how could…


The moment Jing Xun looked back, the anxiety and embarrassment of the former owner disappeared.


He didn’t need to do anything, just the calm expression and sharp eyes was enough to suppress everyone present.


His clothes and appearance had not changed, he just simply turned around but he appeared like a real noble son.


Although these people probably didn’t realize the consequences of jumping off the building, they just wanted to humiliate the original owner, and make him embarrassed.


But for Jing Xun, who had been wandering through life and death many times since childhood, and desperately wanted to live, this kind of prank was too much.


He walked directly in front of the few people, and while everyone was stunned, he reached out to the person who just made a bet.


“You lose.”


“What?” The person couldn’t respond clearly.


Jing Xun didn’t care.


He looked down at him patiently and reminded him: “Young master Lin, you said it by yourself, if I dare to jump you will stand upside down…”


Jing Xun paused for a bit. As an elite talent cultivated by the state since childhood, he couldn’t utter such vulgar words.


“No one really thinks that I will do something stupid for someone, right?” Jing Xun’s gaze turned, and he looked at this group of people. He saw the astonishment in their eyes.


“Moreover… I’m sorry, I don’t love the second young master anymore.”


Without waiting for other people to react, Jing Xun smiled happily: “So young master Lin…Many people have recorded the evidence with their mobile phones, you can’t go back on your words.”


As soon as Jing Xun’s words fell, everyone around him burst into laughter.


In addition to Lin Li group, there were also people who just came to the nightclub to spend money and have fun. Hearing that someone wanted to jump off the building for love, they came up to watch the excitement.




Lin Li couldn’t stand this. It was hard to believe that Yan Jingxun, who always smiled politely at them in order to please Shen Er Shao, dared to… treat him like this!


Yan Jingxun didn’t even dare to look straight at them before! Not to mention being so aggressive…


Young Master Lin couldn’t help shouting: “Are you crazy?!”


“But when you perform, it’s best to go to a place where no one is there. It’s not good to be recorded. After all…”


Jing Xun ignored his anger, chuckled and said, “It’s very indecent.”


 In the box on the first floor of the bar, apart from the people who went to watch Yan Jingxun jumping off the building, there were also a few people sitting around Shen Bohan.


“Second Young Master, don’t worry, what dies for love nonsense, no one will die, nothing will happen.” Someone persuaded him.


On the other side, a coquettish young boy with makeup was clinging to Shen Bohan and mocked: “Don’t talk nonsense, how could the second young master worried him? It’s just an annoying plaything. Isn’t that right, Er Shao?”


Shen Bohan originally wanted to go up and have a look, but just like the other had said, it was nothing more than a plaything.


If he heard that Yan Jingxun was about to jump off the building and he immediately went up to check it, wouldn’t it appear too obvious…


Anyway, What could happen?


Slumping on the sofa, the second young master of the Shen family stretched his legs out, and deliberately pretended to say in an indifferent tone: “Tell him not to come to me. What’s the point of going up to the rooftop? Tsk”


“That’s right.” The charming boy at the side echoed.


“Besides, my eldest brother is coming over tonight, in case you bump into him…” Shen Bohan was unwilling to mention this, and he changed his mind: “Hu Xiaopeng, go and call them back. Let’s sit for a while and we will leave and change to another place.”


Hu Xiaopeng, the boy who was wearing light makeup, reluctantly stood up and asked: “Then what about Yan Jingxun?”


Shen Bohan hadn’t spoken yet, and the door of the box was pushed open.


The few people who went up to the rooftop had returned.


There was no Yan Jingxun among them. .


Seeing these people’s strange expressions and they all appeared a little disgraceful, Shen Bohan couldn’t help asking: “What about the others?”


Hu Xiaopeng smiled: “Did he really jump down?”


“No.” One of them said, and took out the mobile phone, handing it to Shen Bohan. It showed the last video that had just been recorded.


In the video, Yan Jingxun’s cold and pleasant voice rang out from the phone and Lin Li was still not convinced: “Er Shao, What’s wrong with your family senior brother? Isn’t he always timid and shy? Why did he….”


Why did he come down from the top of the roof so calmly, and took the opportunity to transfer the object of teasing, so that he was the one to feel embarrassed instead?


Lin Li had never been so embarrassed in this life!


Shen Bohan listened to Yan Jingxun’s calm voice in the video.


The video was shot by mobile phone so it was not clear, and it was also very shaky, but this did not affect the appearance of the young handsome man in the lens.


Yan Jingxun was good looking.


It was the kind of good looks that even Shen Bohan, who had met countless people, was amazed.


Otherwise, he wouldn’t have looked at him at first.


It was a pity that this person was too ignorant and clingy, and made him lose face in front of his friends. 


But the Yan Jingxun in the video…Ignoring the sudden change in his attitude, why did he feel that the his whole temperament was different?


Lin Li was still scolding Yan Jingxun over there.


Shen Bohan felt that his voice was too harsh, so he couldn’t help asking him: “So have you been standing upside down?”


Lin Li: “……”

Can you say that again??


The Lin family was not better than the Shen family. Although Lin Li was also a young master, in this small circle, he still had to cower in front of Shen Bohan. Naturally, he did not dare to be as arrogant as when he was on the rooftop just now.


Shen Bohan suddenly became agitated, and didn’t want to pay attention to Lin Li’s feelings. He just asked again, “Where is Yan Jingxun?”


“I don’t know, he was the first to go downstairs, and then he disappeared. When we went downstairs, we saw your eldest brother… so we dare not to look around and hurry back!” Another person said.

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  1. Avatar Meow says:

    It’s getting interesting ?. Thank you translator. ?

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Thanks for reading (❤ ω ❤)

  2. littleyen littleyen says:

    I think the part ‘ Come Again’ should be ‘No More’ or ‘Come on, again! ‘ look at the context, I might be wrong…

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Thanks, I’ll check it again ┏ (゜ω゜)=☞

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