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MSGVB Chapter 3

Find Him

Translator: Hua

At five o’clock in the morning, Jing Xun appeared on the street.


According to the original owner’s memory, he came all the way to the subway station, planning to take the subway to the school.


This was Jing Xun’s first subway ride.


In the past, except for the campus and the hospital, Jing Xun knew almost nothing about the outside world.


 ——He seldom went out, even if he did he was always picked up by a car.


Of course, it was still due to his physical reasons.


But fortunately, after one night had passed, he had already grasped the memory that belonged to the original owner, and also obtained some information, so that he wouldn’t be completely clueless about this world.


Now that he had already transmigrated, he decided to settle down here in this world.


Yesterday he managed to look at himself in the bathroom mirror.


 To his surprise, the original owner’s appearance was exactly the same as him, and even the tear mole at the corner of his eye was at the same place.


The difference was that this physical condition was much better than his. The body and skin color looked healthier…..he could even toss around all night, everything proved that he already had obtained a good physique.


He was undoubtedly Yan Jingxun now.


There were many people on the subway early in the morning, but it was not crowded.


Jing Xun casually found a remote place to sit down, but he still attracted a lot of attention.


 He guessed that his clothes were too messy, and his hairstyle also made him look a little embarrassed. Very much like a hangover after indulging all night, as a result he was looked at by others…..


But he really had no choice.


Last night he didn’t know when he fell asleep. In order to resolutely implement the one-night stand, when he woke up he rashly put on the two pieces of clothes on the floor, and ran away hurriedly without neatly dressed.


Jing Xun remembered that he asked that person last night, whether or not they were one night stand.


The orange light shone in the bathroom, and the man chuckled.


That was the first time Jing Xun saw him smile.


The meaning was unclear, it was not ugly or unpleasant, but it made him feel a chill down to his spine.


Immediately afterwards, he felt a little pain, so he forgot to ask about this matter, and after a long time he didn’t get a reply.


Jing Xun concluded that it was acquiescence.


 That laugh was probably because the other party thought he was naive, and had to ask that kind of question in such a sensual situation… 


When he thought of those scenes, his complexion began to flush.


This felt rather embarrassing. 


Nevertheless… He couldn’t believe that just thinking of the skin to skin contact with that person made him blush.


So in order to avoid embarrassment, he thoughtfully decided to go first.


 After all, he had heard from some seniors before that the most fearful thing about having a one night stand was to be entangled with the object of that one night stand afterward.


Jing-know-the-rules-Xun shrank into the chair subconsciously.


He restrained himself from thinking about it again.


…The one-night stand was over.


It would be really shameful if he thought about it again.


Jing Xun began to force himself to think about the future.


Because he was not allowed to do anything before, having a healthy body meant that he could do a lot of things that he could not even think of before.


Experiencing new things counted as one of them.


He had already tried one thing.


So now It was time to do more things he hadn’t done before.


But first of all, in order to avoid trouble, he should try to draw a clear line between the scum gong and his gang.


The original owner, Yan Jingxun, was that kind of traditionally weak person.


 In the novel, he was bullied everywhere, there was no golden finger, the process was also tragic, even at the end, he had a lifelong disability.


Jing Xun dared not to be sloppy about this.


After all, the seniors said that there were all kinds of plots in the black room1Being restrained and imprisoned to do that kind of thing you know. with the scum gong, even in groups!


The thought of being with the scum gong…..


That kind of situation was impossible!


Mulling over these thoughts, Jing Xun found that a girl who looked almost the same age as him was sitting across from him and quietly looking at him.


Thinking that his sloppy image was affecting the other party, Jing Xun subconsciously pulled his hair, and then smiled embarrassedly at the other party.


While continuing to plan other things, he didn’t notice that the young lady on the other side blushed instantly when seeing him smiling.


Jing Xun arrived at school a little early.


The original owner was a junior this year, and was about to enter his senior year, and was facing final exams.


 It was the busiest time of the semester.


According to the original owner’s memory, the courses before the end of the semester were particularly important, especially the attendance rate, which would involve the final exam results, so he should not be sloppy.


 After a while, he had to go back to the dormitory to pick up the books, and then go to the teaching building.


 Jing Xun had never experienced normal school life before. After graduating from the gifted class, he became an honorary professor of the university. This kind of going to school and taking final exams like ordinary students was an interesting thing to think about.


But it was still early. In order not to disturb the rest of the other roommates, he went to the cafeteria for breakfast first, and then slowly walked around the school.


 The school campus was no stranger to him. Or it should be said that he was too familiar with it. Apart from growing up in the orphanage when he was very young, he had been living on the campus since he was selected into the gifted class at the age of nine.


During those times, whenever Jing Xun was clear headed, he was either studying or doing scientific research.


If the physical condition allowed, he would go out to join competition. It seemed that he was always preoccupied with learning. 


 There had never been a time when he could walk so briskly on the school track field and breathed the fresh air in the campus to his heart’s content.


Not being able to go out was not because of someone banning him.


 He studied hard, engaged in scientific research, and participated in various competitions to win glory for the country. His deeds had always been posted in the publicity columns of the major middle and elementary schools, including colleges and universities, and he continued to encourage younger generations.


Everyone looked at him full of reverence, and there was no such thing as being restrained from going out.


It seemed that if they could, there would be many people willing to do everything possible to save him.


However, his physical condition was really bad.


Regardless of how the doctors comforted him, Jing Xun knew that he had already reached a dead end.


He lived day by day and he also dedicated everything he had to those who gave him warmth and care.


From this point of view, wouldn’t he have paid off all his kindness and arrived in heaven?

Jing Xun thought jokingly.


He saw several students with books in their arms walking towards the library, looking like they were doing self-study.


He should try that as well.


While he was thinking, Jing Xun suddenly noticed that the students were all stunned when they saw him, and then they started talking and laughing while passing by him.


Jing Xun was a little stunned, he touched his face, and thought, No way, was his current appearance that terrible?


Jing Xun didn’t know what was going on until he returned to the dormitory to charge the long-death cell phone.


It turned out that because he didn’t jump from the second floor last night, it invisibly changed not only his relationship with the scum gong, but also Yan Jingxun’s reputation.


In the original work, the scene on the rooftop was recorded and posted on the Internet by many people using their mobile phones. The original video of jumping off the building was accompanied by a malicious rhythmic title such as “College Student Suicide for Love”, so that the netizen sprayed the original owner with all kind of scolding.


Some people said that he didn’t cherish himself, and he had studied for many years all for nothing.


Some people said that college students these days were too fragile, and they had to commit suicide for such a small thing, his parents raised him for nothing. 


The topic even raised toward the homosexual community. Some people had begun to question whether same-sex marriage should be the case. The original owner had directly become the negative representative of this group and had become the target of public criticism.


But now, the situation has been reversed.


His video on the rooftop was still posted online.


And it was on the hot search last night.


However the comments of the netizens were different this time.


“Did I hear that right? Are those people are instigating others to commit suicide? Is this a cult?”


“It’s not a cult, it’s the famous rich second-generation group in Dragon City. This group of rich second-generation kids have always played with all kinds of bizarre things, so what can be fussed about.”


“Wow, the rich second-generation people are really proud, they don’t even blur their own faces?  Daring to post something like this, this blogger’s name will explode.”


“It’s too vicious to bet on the lives and deaths of others! How did their parents educate them?”


“I feel that the little brother standing on the roof is so pitiful. He must have been caught by that crowd and was bullied! Fortunately, in the end he came down. The police uncle doesn’t care about things like this in Dragon City? Can you be sure that the little brother is safe!”


“Maybe it’s just a joke? I see this classmate is quite okay when he comes down. He looked calm and relaxed.”


“Those people’s attitudes don’t seem to be joking though.”


“Oh my God, Look at 1:35 when the little brother turned his head! So does this kind of appearance really exist? He looks like he came out of a fairy tale! Please tell me where this little brother studies at ah ah ah!”


“This little brother doesn’t look like an ordinary person, does he really commit suicide for love? I don’t think it is like that.”


“It looks like he was bullied by those rich second generations. His clothes are quite ordinary, obviously not the same as them.”


“But this face, this calm look…so og2The raw is og. And I’m not sure what og means in this context either. Probably means cool or awesome.!! No one is allowed to bully my little brother!!”

Continuing to scroll down the comments, Jing Xun later learned that, in fact, the original blogger who initially uploaded the video did blow up last night.


It was just that this video caused too much social backlash, and it had long been posted in various ways, so much that the video was still available everywhere on the Internet this morning.


 But not surprisingly, these reprinted videos would also be deleted soon.


Several rich second generation kids with backgrounds would jointly strike this video, maybe before noon, this topic would completely disappear from the Internet.


But….How could he just let it disappear like this?


 Although he did not jump off, the fact that this group of people caused psychological harm to the original owner with those words did happen.


Jing Xun looked down and thought for a moment, then pulled away the chair and turned on the original owner’s computer at the same time.


He moved his fingers, and when the computer was completely turned on, he sat down and typed a bunch of programming codes on the keyboard.


“Ah Xun, you are back, huh?” The roommate poked his head out of the bathroom with wet hair, and saw Jing Xun sitting there with his back straight and his expression focused.


 He stared at the screen without blinking. The roommate didn’t know what he was tapping, he just looked calm, his slender fingers flying over the keyboard, and he seemed to be doing an extremely skilled job.


The roommate asked strangely: “What are you doing? Turning on the computer so early?”


 Jing Xun typed the code and answered casually: “I’m creating a new domain name.”


One that could store videos, and even the top hackers couldn’t hack it for a while.


“Huh? What are you doing, you’re not awake yet?” The roommate appeared very confused.


Fortunately, this semester had a course in C language programming, which would be taken soon at the end of the semester. Jing Xun’s writing program early in the morning was not strange.


 But his writing was still too advanced for juniors and undergraduates students. To avoid trouble, Jing Xun seized the time and hit the carriage return one last time before his roommate walked over, and then cleanly closed the interface.


He turned his head and showed a mysterious smile to his roommate.


Jing Xun said, “Just do something fun.”


On the other side, at six o’clock in the morning, Shen Yijin opened his eyes.


 For many years, the biological clock had allowed him to develop the habit of getting up on time at the same time. 


According to the previous practices, he should get up calmly, wash, and then go to work.


But today, something was different.


As always, there was nothing around him.


But the stack of messy clothes and messy bedding on the ground still showed that someone climbed on his bed last night.


 And it seemed that that person had already left?


While he was asleep…


Without warning, there was a sudden flash in his mind when the young man was pressed down by him last night.


 He was in a bad mood yesterday so he was unrestrained.


Every time during the thunderstorm, especially at night, was the trigger of his bipolar disorder episode.


But the young man’s voice directly drowned out the sound of rain that the usual music couldn’t.


There was also the breath of the other party, which was even more intoxicating and effective to him than liquor.


Shen Yijin pressed his sore temple with his hand.


He calmly got up, and sent a message to assistant Xiao Tang to bring a suit when coming over. Then he went to wash up. When he came out again, Jin Zheheng had already appeared in the hall.


 Jin Zheheng was Shen Yijin’s special assistant. He had been with him for three years, and he was currently the person he trusted the most.


He was also a veteran assistant. Seeing all the traces in this room, Special assistant Jin didn’t even blink his eyelids.


This nightclub was one of the Shen family’s properties and had always been run by the boss.


He knew that the boss sometimes didn’t like to go back to Shen’s house, so he would come to stay here.


This suite was purposely prepared by the boss.


 As for why there were so many properties but he chose to live at a nightclub instead…..Well, how could ordinary people understand the big boss lifestyle?


He couldn’t understand and he also didn’t dare to ask.


 Although at first, Jin Zheheng also thought that the boss occasionally came to let off steam.


But he had been with the boss for so long, and he hadn’t seen the boss have any private life.


 But…well, no matter how good a machine was, It still needed to be oiled. No matter how abstained a person was, they still had need.


They were all men, Jin Zheheng expressed his understanding.


Seeing his boss come out, Jin Zheheng began to report to him about today’s arrangements in accordance with the usual practice.


Shen Yijin listened in silence.


After reporting his work, Jin Zheheng asked him: “Boss, do you want the manager here to prepare breakfast, or…”


“Go back to the company.” Shen Yijin’s answer was the same as usual.


Jin Zheheng: “Okay.” 


After a while, another assistant, Xiao Tang, sent a new suit. After Shen Yijin changed into it, the three of them set off to the company together.


At 7:30 in the morning, Shen Yijin finished his breakfast.


In the most prosperous cbd area of ​​Dragon City, the 49th floor overlooked the entire Dragon City. According to past practices, Shen Yijin should start processing documents at this time.


But right now, he picked up his personal phone and dialed a number. Nie Yandong.


“Shen, Mr. Shen?!” Over there, President Nie was overwhelmed by such unexpected favor.


The capital winter3It refers to business management. The “capital winter” is a phenomenon,  it is difficult for start-ups to raise funds, and VCs are not willing to invest, so entrepreneurs believe that it is a capital winter (there is no more money at the capital level). had been severe in recent years, and the Nie family had not been able to get out of the predicament. As the head of the Nie family, during this period Nie Yandong was desperately pulling investment everywhere to make turnover.


But now almost every family couldn’t protect themselves. Who else had that capital besides the Shen family in the entire Dragon City?


….Or should he say, besides Shen Yijin, who had that ability?


Although the old man of the Shen family was still in power at this time, he had almost handed over 80% of the Shen family’s properties to the young master of the Shen family to take care of.


It couldn’t be said the old man was partial.


Who made Shen Yijin the most discerning and capable?


Other people’s family businesses were faltering into precarious situations.


Only the Shen family had developed better and better since Shen Yijin returned to the country!


Based on the above reasons, Nie Yandong had really taken great pains lately in order to please Shen Yijin.


Shen Yijin also knew this too well.


These days, in order to please him, Nie Yandong often sent things and people to him, but he refused one by one.


Except for the one from last night…


“The person from last night…” Shen Yijin looked at the sky, and his voice was so indifferent that no emotions could be discerned from it: “What’s his name.”


He went straight to the point.


Not only he didn’t get the answer, but in return, President Nie’s voice was full of doubts: “…a person? Who?”


Shen Yijin: “…” 


In Shen Yijin’s mind, there was a sudden reflection of the youth looking up at him.


The tear mole at the corner of his eye was particularly eye-catching, like a misty apricot kernel glowing red with dazzling light under the eye.


Not helpless, but it felt very fragile and delicate to the touch.


It would let people focus all their attention on him.


Coincidentally, even his depressed mood disappeared.




After a brief description, Nie Yandong finally understood what happened last night.


He immediately pledged to heaven and earth: “That really wasn’t my doing! I took someone there last night, but you said no! When you refused, I immediately sent the person away. It’s not like I don’t know your temper, How can I have such a gut!” 


Don’t be kidding, who in the whole circle knows didn’t know that Young Master Shen was hard headed and ruthless.


He was stubborn with a moody and eccentric temper.


As for his personality, it was even more unpredictable.


Only one thing was clear: Young master Shen always spoke the truth.


If he said he didn’t want something, then he didn’t want it. If he said not to disturb him, then he didn’t want to be disturbed. Who would dare to send people to him?!


Assuming that President Shen was angry, Nie Yandong continued to speak with righteous indignation: “So who is so courageous?! Mr. Shen, do you want me to deal with this matter? I’ll make sure to find that person out for you! I also want to see who it is…….” 


When the other party explained anxiously, Shen Yijin just listened without speaking.


 At this moment he said: “No. Thanks.” 


He politely rejected President Nie’s proposal, and stated that he did not want more people to know about it. After Shen Yijin hung up the phone, he turned to call Jin Zheheng to come in.


 He was born with a powerful appearance. At this moment, his handsome face was always tight and dignified.


After giving a brief account of the situation, Shen Yijin was still expressionless.


He just said: “Find him.”

  • 1
    Being restrained and imprisoned to do that kind of thing you know.
  • 2
    The raw is og. And I’m not sure what og means in this context either. Probably means cool or awesome.
  • 3
    It refers to business management. The “capital winter” is a phenomenon,  it is difficult for start-ups to raise funds, and VCs are not willing to invest, so entrepreneurs believe that it is a capital winter (there is no more money at the capital level).
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  1. Avatar Erza says:

    How comes when the person did attempt suicide, people sneer at him but when he didn’t jump, they remembered that there was a whole group of people taunting and betting on whether he would jump or not? I doubt the video was edited in the original trajectory. It is true that it’s a bit idiotic to take your own life for a broken heart but both that doesn’t excuse the fact that the group of bullies were there when the original shou tried to kill himself. They could have tried to stop him but they just stood there and yelled for him to jump while leisurely recording yet no one seems to have mentioned it or thought about that in the original trajectory of the novel.

    Either way, thank you for the update. Looking forward to what the idiot cannon fodders will do next and the regrets of all the bastard scums.

    1. Hua Hua says:

      I think in og owner case, since he did jump, it turned into a case of victim blaming and he became the subject of criticism. And those ppl probably use money to control the public opinion.

      For our mc, since he didn’t jump, ppl started to pay attention to the reason that force him into this situation which is the rich second generation. ?

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