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IIEWFP Chapter 56

Chapter 56

After the banquet, Raymond was officially reinstated and went to work in the military.


Jin WoWo didn’t have anything going on, so he would often go into the holographic cabin in Raymond’s room and go to the virtual mall.


Raymond placed a large sum of money into his account. Jin WoWo had already bought a lot of things the last few days. Now, his virtual character was no longer restricted to the white vest and pants.


The virtual mall is almost exactly the same as reality, except that everything is virtual. 


Thus, Jin WoWo intends to open a store in the mall first.


After all, almost everyone in this world needs to do energy dialysis at least once or twice a year.


With energy dialysis being so painful and having almost every beastman needing it, Jin WoWo plans to add some harmless materials to his snail liquid to make a medicine for sale,


With little to no cost, he would be able to earn a stable profit without any losses.


Furthermore, no one will know about his identity in the virtual mall.


After Jin WoWo finalized his shop’s idea, he bought some materials, packaging bottles and cans, and some small equipment back to the Marshal’s Mansion.


Jin WoWo told Raymond about this. And, of course, Raymond strongly supported it.


Not to mention the profitability of Jin WoWo’s idea, the “medicine” that Jin WoWo will be developing is already a huge contribution to the empire. To be able to replace energy dialysis, Jin WoWo is effectively reducing or removing the necessary pain each beastman experiences


The two (Raymond and Jin WoWo) discussed the price of the “medicine” to be slightly higher than the price of one energy dialysis session. After all, Jin WoWo’s snail liquid wasn’t endless either.


Jin WoWo looked at the different shop decoration templates available in the virtual mall and was dissatisfied.


Jin WoWo preferred the antique Chinese decoration that he was exposed to back on Earth.


Unfortunately, this kind of decoration style doesn’t exist in this world. In the end, Jin WoWo had to draw some pictures by himself and proceeded to find someone to incorporate them into a shop design.


After a few days of hustling, the shop was finally decorated and the welcome sign was officially put up.


Jin WoWo gave the shop a very Chinese name: Yiyuanfang. (益元坊 – useful money place is the literal translation)


He started operating the machine at home and made dozens of small bottles of medicine. One bottle had about 30 ml. Once it was manufactured, it was placed on the virtual store’s shelves.


Jin WoWo even placed a catchy description“The new liquid to clean your veins. Easy, painless, let the toxins go away without even noticing!” to help advertise. (​​the slogan raw: ​​洗筋新液,一分钟轻松无痛洗筋,在不知不觉中让毒素悄悄流走)


Jin WoWo named the medicine “Vein Clearing Liquid”.


As for the ad slogan… Well, he placed “Let the Pain Flow Away,” a similar slogan he saw on the earth.


Anyway, except for himself, no one would know.


After everything was ready, Raymond took a look at the shop and was amazed with the shop’s decoration style.


The style gave people a sense of grandeur and elegance, while also being calming and giving a sense of individuality.


Even though the advertising slogan didn’t match the style of the shop, Jin WoWo still liked it.


Jin WoWo is now officially a seller.  Jin WoWo set his virtual character to be completely different from his consumer virtual character.


The virtual person of the clerk could be edited as one wished. Thus, Jin WoWO created an image o a gray-haired grandfather with the character’s voice adjusted to that of an old beastman.


The clothes the clerk wore was also customized by Jin WoWo. The white gown was buttoned up, making the character look like a master.


Jin WoWo’s shop wasn’t located in the bustling area of the neighborhood with lots of traffic. Its location was a bit off. However, when the store opens, people would be attracted to the store’s odd decoration as well as a simple and crude advertisement.


Jin WoWo’s old man character would sit motionless, intending to not greet customers enthusiastically.


The beastman who came in even had to approach and ask, “Boss, what do you do with this new tendon washing liquid?”


Jin WoWo stroked his beard and slowly explained the effects of medicine.


The beastman was quite surprised when he heard about the effects. He looked at the price, curled his lips, and left.


Several groups of people also came, all asking about the effects firts, then proceeding to look at the price, curl their lips, and leave.


Jin WoWo stayed online for two hours and went offline without selling a bottle.


Everything is difficult at the beginning, so Jin WoWo was not discouraged.


Ren drinks the “medicine” every day. Now, his veins are almost fully healed.


Thus, Jin WoWo decided that it was time to help him repair his energy core as well.


Doris dismissed the guests early, leaving only the four of them in the room.


Jin WoWo said to Ren, “The repair process may be a bit painful. But, no matter what, you must not move Uncle Ren.”


Ren nodded, and there was nothing more painful than he was paralyzed in bed for twenty years.


Jin WoWo and Ren sat cross-legged, facing each other. Jin WoWo pressed a finger to Ren’s forehead, closed his eyes, and focused. Then, a trace of spiritual power plunged into Ren’s body.


Doris prayed silently on the sidelines.


Raymond watched them carefully.


As time passed by, Ren’s head began to sweat and his lips trembled.


Doris wanted to step forward anxiously, but Raymond held her back.


Raymond didn’t know if this was the same process Jin WoWo did when he saved him since he was unconscious then back in the forest 


After a few hours, even Doris felt tired. Yet, the two of them (Jin WoWwo and Ren) remained motionless in their original posture with Jin WoWo’s finger staying steady as a mountain on Ren’s forehead.


Ren’s state gradually calmed down.


However, before the mother and son pair could breathe sighs of relief, they saw Jin WoWo’s brows tightening, and fine sweat dripping down his forehead.


Raymond kept his eyes on Jin WoWo.


Suddenly, Raymond and Doris felt a wave of energy emanate from Ren’s body at the same time.


When Ren opened his eyes, there was a steady stream of energy radiating from him.


Excitement filled his eyes. When he was about to say something, Raymond hurriedly made a shushing motion.


Several people waited for a few minutes until Jin WoWo retracted his hand and slowly opened his eyes.


Raymond supported him, wiped the fine sweat that was glistening on his forehead, and looked at him worriedly: “Are you okay?”


Jin WoWo shook his head and said, “I’m okay. I just expanded Uncle Ren’s veins a while ago. He should be in Rank 8 now.”


When Ren’s energy exploded and his energy core shattered, he was only at the peak of Rank 7. Although Rank 7 and Rank 8 were only one rank apart away, many beastmen haven’t been able to reach the latter even if they worked hard their entire lives.


Ren’s eyes were glowing. He could feel the energy in his body being several times stronger than before. He couldn’t help but this recovery was merely a dream after going through years of pain and having only a shattered energy core.


But! This was not an illusion at all and he even advanced to Rank 8!

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